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  1. Weird in any other administration. Throw away Monday news for Trump. And I fear this phenomenon is becoming more common. People aren't political wonks and/or junkies just shrug their shoulders at a lot of this stuff. His odd behavior has been increasingly normalized.
  2. I can't believe I forgot to watch season two. I know what comes next after a rewatch of the first season of Westworld.
  3. Fun fact, if not for a clerical error I would have joined the Navy after college. I guess the life of an intelligence officer was not meant to be. That said, I doubt this will have any major impact on whether or not we start any new wars. Pompeo is a hawk, no doubt, and an aggressive one at that, but ultimately Trump’s just going to do whatever he wants.
  4. They don't play sneaky good defense. They've been one of the best defensive teams in the league for a few years now. You just have to adjust for their up tempo pace of play. That said, this won't be as easy as you think. New Orleans matches up will against Golden State, and AD is playing out of his mind right now. Considering all the injuries GS has endured, don't be shocked if NO takes it in six.
  5. And in a moment of cowardice, 73 years of history making goes out the window...
  6. Lol, your silly behind is going to get in trouble one day.
  7. Don’t they all have bombs inside of them that will go off if they try to leave the park? Anyways that was an awesome episode. I have to go back and rewatch season one because this show has soooooo many moving parts.
  8. Well that’s good to hear, but as others have pointed out, he would have looked like Sonny if he had been a brother.
  9. It sucks to say this FB, but four deaths doesn’t even register as a head line these days. The only things that are interesting about this story is the fact that he was mostly nude and how the guy disarmed him.
  10. No. AD will destroy Green. Green is the most versatile defender in the NBA, but he has one glaring weakness: he can’t guard athletic bigs. AD, KAT, Embiid etc. are nightmare matchups for him.
  12. Did you eat those Brownies Jace sent you? Abort eating, abort!
  13. During a conversation in another thread with the lovely @Mlle. Zabzie, the idea of telling a funny story came up, and she also volunteered to tell one. However, that would have derailed the thread. With a bit of thought, I decided it would be fun to create a thread where people can share their stories. While my aim is geared towards sharing funny or interesting stories, if you have a tragic story you need to tell to vent or for whatever reason(s), feel free to do so. Just make sure, as always, to stay classy Westeros. And with that, I will get the ball rolling…… Story Name: In the Drunken Jungle Date: July, 2010 Location: A little town outside of Iguazu Falls, Argentina, near the famous Devils Throat. Age: 22 This story is not the one that inspired this thread, but it’s still a good one. I’ll share the other one later from home. Doing so would probably get me fired. It’s that off the rails. But so is this one! I arrived in this small, somewhat rundown town with seven fellow students traveling abroad around 6PM or so. We had just endured a 20 hour bus ride, and the toilet was unusable about an hour into the trip so we rushed to our hostel for obvious reasons. Much to our delight the temperature was significantly higher in this part of the country. We were studying in Buenos Aires during their winter, and all our travel literature indicated it would be nice and warm. LIES! It was coldish and rainy the whole time. After taking care of business and getting settled in, some of us wanted to explore the town right away while others wanted to rest for a bit before we went out to party. We ended up splitting into two groups of four, which wasn’t uncommon as we had basically formed two cliques early on in our studies (there was a ninth person in our group, but he stayed back because his girlfriend flew down to visit him the previous week and they travelled here). The group in total had three guys and six women. I joined up with my buddy Dan and the two most attractive women in our group. We went to a nearby restaurant that came highly recommended. We each ordered a different drink because we want to try as many as possible so we decided to share (can’t remember what we ate, doesn’t matter anyways). The interior looked similar to an authentic Mexican restaurant only with Argentina’s colors (the World Cup was going on at the time, and Argentina had just been eliminated by the Germans a few days earlier in a disgraceful fashion). After about 15 minutes, the owner came over with two bottles of wine and gave them to us for free. We all suspected that attractive American women don’t come here too often, and he was trying to get an in. This became a theme for the night. After polishing off all our booze, we left to further explore the town. We met up shortly after with the rest of our group, and we proceeded to go to a large touristy bar. Shortly thereafter a group German guys (three I believe) approached us and offered to buy everyone drinks (five of the six women were very attractive). I’m sure they were playing the numbers game, given there were only two guys and six women in a group. What us young whippersnappers failed to recognize is that (i) they were about ten years older than us, (ii) that they meant more than a round and (iii) man, Germans can really drink. Like really freaking drink. We got to the bar at around 7:30-8, and probably stayed until 10:30ish. We slammed shots down the entire time, all on their dime. What college kid would turn down waves of free drinks? At this point your boy has probably had 10-12 drinks. Thank God I’m a tank. When we left, our group had grown a bit because not only had we met the Germans, but some Australians were now with us too, and they suggested we all go to a discoteca close by. This town is about the size of your average college town, for perspective. We danced for several hours, and again, shots shots shots! But still it was a blast, despite the impairment setting in. I eventually went back to the hostel with one of the women I had started the night with at around 3AM. With one exception, we were the last to leave. We were both in LTR and didn’t want to make any mistakes. However, the one who remained was single and on a dry spell, so she was determined to get some. She was a very tall, attractive black woman, and by her account the following day, those three German guys got worked. What I failed to account for, and you’ll see this is a running theme in my early years, is that we had to be on a bus by 7:30 that morning. Dan and I shared a room, and he only went back a bit before me, so we were both in rough shape. We got our wake up knock about 15 minutes before the bus was supposed to arrive. We looked like hell, and for the first and only time in my life, I showered with another man. It was back to back for about 2 minutes as we awkwardly attempted not to cross swords. I farted on him. He did not appreciate that. Anyways, we made it out in time to go to the store at the hostel and get some chips and Gatorade. We needed calories badly. The bus ride into the jungle was rough. It was like an hour long, and we were all completely hungover. And it showed. We eventually got to the park gate, and we had to do some paper work and other nonsense for a half hour. Finally, we were about to see one of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in the world! Now here’s the best part. I never throw up after a night up. It’s weird, but it’s only happened a few times. This would be one of them. I started falling back from the group while we were in a large open field. After they were 100 yards away or so, I saw a small tree and figured that would be as good a spot as any to do the deed. I can’t really describe what it looked like other than to say that there was a lot of vegetation and it was only a few feet higher than me. When I was about 7 or so feet away, my stomach made the fiercest rumble. What came next was straight out of a cartoon. I projectile vomited all over this tree. Three giant waves to be exact. Once it was done, I was knees bent, hands on them, head hung, but I felt great. I look back at my group and no one saw it. Great! I look the other way, and there was a group of about 20 Asian tourists. The kids were wide eyed and laughing, while the older members just looked at me in shock. I gave them an awkward wave, and jogged to where my group was heading. I thought I had escaped with a small amount of my dignity left. Wrong! To get into the heart of the park, you had to ride one of those old, small trains you see at some amusement parks. 4-6 people can fit in each car with two small benches facing each other. My group was already in, and there was a small line in front of me. I looked back a few minutes later, and wouldn’t you know it, the Asian group was there, right behind me. I had to ride into the park with five of them. They were staring at me the whole time, and who knows what they were saying to each other. I looked awkwardly out the window and tried my best to avoid eye contact. After that everything was fine. Iguazu Falls is amazing, and I took so many great pictures that have gone on to be framed and hanged. The only problem was the pictures of me, were, well, not so great. But who cares. We got to go on boats and went under the waterfalls. We did a jungle excursion. And at the end we went to a buffet, and I kid you not, I ate more at that place than I’ve ever eaten in my life in a single sitting. I had like 10-15 chorizo sausages, and was cut off by the cook. I also had two tenderloins, some bread, and half a dozen Cokes in those cool bottles. This is not an exaggeration. And that was it. We went back, got our stuff and got on a bus, and went back to Buenos Aires. EXCEPT I LIED!!! Because what took place next was the first and only time someone pulled a gun on me. We had specifically rented a bus that would stay in Argentina so we could leave our passports back at our homes. That was, to put it lightly, a really bad mistake. The driver took us into Paraguay over the night, and we were woken up at gun point by Argentina’s Border Security. Apparently there was a lot of terrorism in the area at the time, so they were extra diligent. Thankfully one of our group members spoke fluid Spanish, so after a bit of back and forth, and of course, the emptying of all our wallets, we were set on our way. All in all, it was a crazy 36 hours. And again, I repeat, absolutely none of this was made up or embellished. Wait until you hear how I ran afoul in Cancun during freshman year spring break
  14. Fyi, there is a weather thread somewhere, but great title FB. Anyways, there’s still snow on the ground here in Minneapolis, lots actually, but it will all melt this weekend as the warm weather roles through.