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  1. Lol that's one way of going about it. Or always make your team the 1 pointer so you don't lose twice. We'll call that "The Colts Way."
  2. It was on the fly reporting, but they said a lot of representatives of socialist governments openly laughed at him when he said that Venezuela is prime example of why socialism is a complete failure (paraphrasing).
  3. Do you think an impeachment is even possible with a Republican Congress short of hard evidence that Trump committed a heinous crime? And I'm not just talking about Russiagate. I feel like they've already signaled that they'll give him a pass on it if there's no hard evidence that Trump himself was behind everything even if everyone around him is caught red handed.
  4. Lost in the context of his comments is that the President of the United States, the so called leader of the free world, just threatened to kill 25,000,000 people, just to as you say, show how he measures up.
  5. We also should look into extensive retraining for veterans who served in an occupying force role in Iraq and Afghanistan. That type of training is not going to be conducive to creating an effective LEO.
  6. Lol that's funny. That said, Twins have to win the games in which they hold their opponents to two runs or less, because we're not going to get many of those.
  7. Bad week for me. Went 1-3, got blown out in two games, lost one in final few minutes of the last game that mattered and almost lost again last night. Overall I'm 3-5 on the year, but at least I'm 2-0 in W-C and 1-1 in W-B, but man, my high picks are not paying off so far.
  8. Yeah this got me last year too. Pick your games and rank them in order of most confident to least confident. So for example, put the highest number on either the Pats or the team playing the Colts and vice versa with the lowest.
  9. Say with me:
  10. I'm not sure who I beat, but boy was that a nail biter. I was up 12 going into last night's game and he had the only active player. His player got 9 of those 12 points on first drive and I spent the rest of the night watching the game like a teenage girl watches a horror movie. Thankfully his dude did nothing the rest of the game. 2-0
  11. Don’t worry, it will be changed before the draft.
  12. Yous just wait yous. You’ll get your learnings tonight! (I think I just guaranteed that I’ll be the first one eliminated)
  13. I’m listening to NPR and they’re reporting that at one point members in the audience were laughing at Trump. Sorry world, our bad.
  14. I could do that so long as I get a couple glasses of scotch and a pack of smokes for each show. Not surprised at all that WJ is a lawyer, but Jaime being an accountant is a world class upset.