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  1. Nah, he traded a top 5 player who is the reigning MVP to a team with a very deep farm system for a bag of peanuts. And they've dumped other good players too for nothing. And wait, it gets better! Jeter's financial plan is to increase attendance by 50% while the fan base is planning on boycotting the team. If he cannot achieve the increase in attendance, they'll have to slash the roster salary even more! This team is going to be awful for years and the financial plan guarantees it all while making sure that Jeter still turns a personal profit.
  2. Depends I guess, that's why I said I'd take it case by case. Who did you have in mind?
  3. This might help: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/15/sports/vikings-saints-stefon-diggs-marcus-williams.html
  4. This guy won't last long on the inside. Prison politics will take care of him quickly.
  5. I mostly agree, but with a caveat. You have to get the sense of feeling that the joke is not coming from a place of hate. A bunch of my buddies and I can rip one another for our ethnic and religious backgrounds because we know there's no hate involved. I think Chapelle failed this qualifier from the beginning. @Dr. Pepper, you're being really unfair here. Can't you understand that people can compartmentalize their beliefs on the advancement of civil rights and their enjoyment of dark humor? I, as a really liberal guy, can work on a campaign that's goal is to advance civil rights and liberal causes and still enjoy an insult comic who lays waste to every sub group in the country. Some jokes will work and some won't, but comedians have to be allowed a bit of additional space for many of the reasons others have laid out. Anyways, your absolutism is likely to do your cause more damage than good. Pushing likely allies away because they're not perfect is a great way to shrink your movement and diminish the chances of achieving your goals.
  6. I think it matters whether it's a grey area or if it's black and white. If the accused artist is clearly guilty of the transgression then I think it's wrong to appreciate the art while despising the artist. If the accusations go unproven and there's a giant grey area around the situation then I think it's fine if someone wants to appreciate the art while despising the artist, albeit on a case by case situation.
  7. I still think the explanation I laid out is valid, and I've heard some analysts say as much. The ball placement helped Diggs avoid Williams. Williams was playing the pass to the outside shoulder where he thought the ball would be.
  8. Good. Force them to put the CHIP language back in to get Dem support and send it over to the senate. It will get 60 votes. Then force the clown to sign it or risk vetoing and taking all the blame.
  9. Republicans: Working with our allies to achieve a stronger coalition and attempting to right some of America's wrongs are what wimpy liberals do. Real leaders threaten and attack other nations to show the world how big our junk is!
  10. I still prefer picturing Teddy in a squirrel suit. Imagine that glorious mustache soaring through the sky!
  11. It also helped him with his depression and some of the other issues he was dealing with throughout his life. Interestingly, I was listening to a NPR podcast a few weeks ago and they were discussing geniuses and what makes them successful, and one of the things that they said was common is a childhood trauma, usually being a medical issue(s) and/or the death of a parent(s).
  12. I found some stuff that indicated he wanted to hunt for sport at a young age, but nothing that would lead you to believe that he was torturing animals. Unrelated to what we were discussing about TR, I was doing some research about him last night and man was he an adrenal junkie. I can totally picture him jumping off of a cliff in one of those squirrel suits if he was alive today. That only applies to Christians, silly. Though once in a while us Jews get grandfathered in.
  13. Yup. Trump has always said that he’s 6’2 until that quack of a doctor of his released his report during the campaign. This is what I was getting at in the last thread about Trump and dominance. He’s exerting his ownership over these people by forcing them to go out in public and tell obvious lies. It’s an old Cosa Nostra technique. You make people complicit with your crimes so they’re forced to defend them and you.
  14. Normally I’d agree that you shouldn’t fat shame someone, but Trump has such a long history of fat shaming women so it feels a bit like karma for him. That’s kind of the point though. You want to reinforce that they’re hypocrites to everyone who isn’t a social conservative.
  15. Interesting, and perhaps you're right. One thing I'd changed though is that he didn't gain dominance, he consolidated it, which he needed to do for his own protection. I'm sure there was some quid pro quo in which Trump got protect from the Russia investigation in exchange for differing to Congressional Republicans on most pieces of legislation.