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  1. How often in general do you believe the apologies of celebrities? Of course there's a lot of CYA in it. What matters more is what he does going forward.
  2. That horrible moment, after congratulating yourself for having Brown in W-C, when you realize a certain drunk lion has him in your match up in W-B. That's where I'm at. We're the top two seeds in W-B......
  3. I used that line on so many people today at work. Not a single person got it. I miss politically astute working environments.
  4. Hahahaha. That was great. I especially loved this little bit: Well played.
  5. I wouldn't expect it to be common at church, and the only person I'd expect to hear it from would be the pastor/priest/etc. I'm not going to BS you and say that I've attended a ton of church services because I was raised in a Jewish household, but in the handful of experiences I've had going to church (maybe 40-50 times) I've seen it happen a number of times, albeit in a less ham-fisted way (such as saying various forms of Jesus is the only path to heaven). I can only go off of what I've experienced, but yes I have seen it before on numerous occasions. However, you're right in that my perception, especially from what I've seen on T.V., has been skewed by the loudest voices, including multiple conservative presidential candidates. I do have to push back though on the notion that I'm attempting to stereotype Christians or Christianity. All I said was that I think there are more people who take a fundamentalist approach than there are people who are agnostic. Per Pew, 70% of U.S. citizens are Christians of various denominations while only 23% are nonbelievers (and only 4% are agnostic). I've looked unsuccessfully for some hard data to identify the percentages of Christians who believe that people will experience eternal damnation if they don't believe in Jesus, so I can't say for sure, but I absolutely suspect that it's more than 4% (and I certainly hope it's not higher than 23%). I feel like it was a week or so ago where we were talking about the dynamics of being an in verse out member of a group. I'm curious if you think that affects an individual's perception, at least in the sense that it might be more noticeable to someone who is in the out group?
  6. There are so many changes, both in text and practice, that it seems rather unnecessary for me to list them because it would take forever and more exist than I know of. But if you'll allow me to zig a little when you want me to zag I'll provide an example that I've always found bizarre. There was a change made during the early days of the LDS church that moved to ban African American males from the priesthood. This ban was in effect for over 135 years until there was a revelation by President Kimball and after speaking with God, as he claims, he decided to remove all restrictions relating to race restrictions in the church. That is the church's official story. Many people outside of the church who followed the issue believed it was because BYU's football team was being boycotted, and the latter's claims appear to be true. I know that's not exactly what you were looking for, but it's an example of how religious teachings and practices can change over time for a great many reasons. Haven't had time to go back and look. I'll fix that in time. I stated my beliefs, not yours. And if you find them disturbing it might be because you don't like to get of your comfort zone on this issue, which is all well and fine. http://www.pewforum.org/2010/09/28/u-s-religious-knowledge-survey/
  7. It should also be noted that there was a well respected former Senator in the race who ran as an Independent. He ended up with 15% of the vote and it's entirely possible that people would have voted for him over Franken if this broke at the beginning of November, 2008.
  8. That’s nothing. I almost called her Madame Binks.
  9. I’m shocked you didn’t make yourself Rey, considering your numerous power grabs. But at the end of the day you’re Captain Phasma. You may look cool and menacing, but you’re easy to defeat. By the tune of 100 points no less.
  10. So in effect you’re saying you’d like some banana with your republic, Kal?
  11. DP, In the big picture you’re absolutely correct, but not with Franken’s 08 campaign. Again, he won by 300 votes.
  12. Both of you are forgetting how close the 08 MN senate race was. Franken won by just over 300 votes, and one of the major attack lines against him was his crude humor, especially a rape joke. It’s entirely possible that this could have cost him the election. Also, FB, I see your humble brag.
  13. Up next, known heel and crab legs thief Jameis Winston: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/11/17/report-nfl-investigating-jameis-winston-for-allegedly-groping-an-uber-driver/