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  1. This is a good order: https://www.cnet.com/pictures/watch-every-marvel-cinematic-universe-movie-in-the-right-order/17/ There are a few you don't need to bother with. Iron Man 3 comes to mind. Others can give their advice.
  2. Stat time: The population of the United States accounts for 4.4% of the global population. The United States has 42% of the worlds' privately owned guns. Makes one wonder what's so different between us and the rest of the developed world.
  3. Yup, it seems that in most instances these school shooters have the same mentality as people who aspire for a suicide via police officers. The only difference is they want to take out a few of their classmates along the way, and sometimes it's specific people and other times it's just whoever is in their path of destruction.
  4. I could be mistaken, but there seems to be three combined variables to this shooting that I don't recall seeing in others school shootings. First, people's reaction, and especially that of the victims, feels different. Normally people are sad, shocked, somber, etc., but this time the overwhelming emotion seems to be rage. Rage typically occurs with the hardcore gun owners, who immediately get mad at the prospect of having their guns taken away. But this time the lion's share of the rage seems to be coming from the survivors and the victims' families. Second, the families affected by this tragedy are very wealthy. In a better world that wouldn't matter, but we know that it does. It's similar to how the news goes crazy when a white child is abducted while usually down playing or flat out ignoring when a minority child goes missing. As @Ormond said previously, class is playing a role. Lastly, the audio is chilling. Maybe I'm forgetting previous examples, but I don't recall hearing kids live recording the shooting and their reactions to it. Some kids have posted the videos they record to say goodbye to their parents and loved ones. It's really powerful stuff. I don't think any one of these single variables would cause a unique reaction unlike previous mass shootings, but maybe the combination of all three is why the public seems to be reacting differently.
  5. Guns in schools peoples!: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/idaho-state-university-teacher-accidentally-shoots-self-in-class/ I'm sure there are more stories like this if would takes the time to sift through the Googles.
  6. I think a parent should be able to gift their kid something like a hunting rifle or shotgun, but it should have to always be in the parent's possession or under their supervision. That said, I agree with you for the most part, but I am highly skeptical that there's any way to enforce these new regulations until the kid goes and does something dumb with the gun and law enforcement is forced to take action.
  7. My goal is to watch 3-4 movies I haven't seen and finish up Westworld this weekend. Now to decide on what the movies will be.........
  8. My sports allegiances are entirely based on where I grew up, so that doesn't help. I did a study abroad in Argentina and it was during the 2010 World Cup, so I've always rooted for them when the U.S. isn't in a specific tournament, and I root for the players who were on that team, but I am unable to get La Liga and was really looking for an EPL team. Someone posted a test for me a few years back and it said I should be a fan of Chelsea, but they had just won the championship and I didn't want to be a bandwagon fan.
  9. How have you still not gotten a volcano? I feel like I told you to do that a year ago!
  10. With regards to the age of purchasing a firearm, what do we do about gifted and inherited firearms? I own three firearms, but I didn’t purchase any of them (I did buy one for my step-brother after he got a major award in the Army). I got my first gun when I was 14 or 15 from my grandpa. Are we going to regulate this too? I recall there being a school shooting a long time ago (I believe in Washington state) where a kid killed his parents and then shot up his school with the guns his dad bought him. Ironically, they bought him the guns because they thought that would lessen his interest in guns.
  11. Trump is Joffrey. A spoiled, thin skinned, narcissistic and sadistic brat who surrounds himself with sycophants who feed into his worst desires and temptations.
  12. I think Parkland is having an effect. People overwhelmingly support increased gun control, and they are noticing the mealy mouthed response from Republicans. What seems to be unique about Parkland is the response from the victims. Past responses were always a combination of shocked, sad and scared. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Parkland. The response from the victims is being pissed off and angry, and it’s being communicated in a really articulate way. And it’s causing everyone else in the country who supports gun control to be angry too.
  13. I’ve been watching soccer for a year and a half now and I still don’t know which club I should root for.
  14. One of the things I could never wrap my head around when I was writing my thesis was the 1972 election. As you said, McGovern was a decorated war hero and yet he was painted as a liberal hippy while Nixon did next to nothing in the war and was labeled a proud veteran. But what was even more shocking is that the polling data shows that people overwhelmingly supported McGovern’s policy positions, and yet Nixon won in a historical landslide.
  15. Funny that you mention Jefferies, because his rift on guns was exactly what I was thinking about when I posted that. There’s so much truth to what he said. A non-practicing one since I was nine, when in the middle of playing Moses for my temple’s Passover play I stopped and looked at the rabbi and asked if he could have seen a mirage. Obviously that didn’t go over too well with the congregation. Wouldn’t you like to know?
  16. First, you’re not second rate. Second, I’d be fine with it, but I see no reason why he’d leave NO. The situations are relatively the same, so why leave a good thing? I think the Saints should be the favorite in the NFC next year, and I also think it’s going to be Brees’ last high end season, so why hurt your legacy by going elsewhere?
  17. Bruh, Your boy already fixed basketball. See:
  18. Slow down there buddy. There is no universe in which that deal would happen. The Cavs would have to trade Love and the pick to get Kawhi, with possibly some other players being exchanged to balance the deal out (I can see the Spurs wanting Korver, for example).
  19. @Ormond It's not always that straight forward. Lot's of places have annual dues, and they can get pricey. My temple growing up required a $5,000 due per person, and then there were additional fees for Sunday and Wednesday. My cousins' temple was even more expensive, probably because they were conservative and we were reform. My high school sweetheart came from a religious family, and their church required them to pay about half of that per person plus Sunday donation trays. Some churches require you to tithe, which for those who don't know. means paying 10% of your salary to the church. I believe it's mandatory in the Mormon faith. You're right to say that some churches rely on voluntary donations, but a lot of them don't and they require that you pay to pray.
  20. Don't take this the wrong way Lany, but this is actually the worst person to arm in a school IMO. Kids, especially at that age, like to make substitute teachers' lives hell, and it's pretty easy to see one snapping after the 20th kid hit him or her with a spitball, for example.
  21. You need to travel to the third world a bit more, bud. America is flawed, and those flaws would mostly be easy to fix if the right weren't total idiots, but this is a bit hyperbolic. I only took one German class in college, but I found it hilarious how new terms could be created. German is a really fun language. I sincerely doubt that most of them believe what they're selling. Most of their slogans and pitches are marketing schemes devised to distract individuals so they can do their real job, help gun manufacturers sell as many guns as humanly possible. Once you accept that truth, their actions and statements become a lot easier to understand. As the chair of my honors thesis liked to say, "Democrats are the masters of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory."
  22. Not 100% exercise and fitness, but I went skiing for the first time this past Saturday since my nasty snowboarding accident a few years ago. I was pretty proud of myself because I was able to go for 6 hours and only fell once, on my last run, after I had hurt my foot 15 minutes earlier. I'm hoping to go again in a week or two, and I'm trying to will myself into getting back into it full time next season like I used to. It took me about an hour to get over my nerves, which is better than I expected. I figured I'd be terrified all day.
  23. Yeah I've been doing that and it helps a bit. I read online that you should actually do it for 30 seconds 5 times in a row on each side at least once a day.
  24. You mail that stuff to Tywin et al., son!
  25. I've honestly never understood the logic of "The Big Four." Murray's name doesn't belong next Fed's, Nadal's and Joker's. Fed and Nadal are the two best players of all time, and Joker is in the top 5 already and could easily finish up as the third best ever. Murray is not in their stratosphere.