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  1. Any early guesses at the quote? There's this one from Alice Walker: "A little hatred, keenly directed, is a useful thing." It's from an essay about writing, which seems like something Joe would have read.
  2. I think that Kelmomas had just arrived in the Golden Room when Malowebi spotted him. I mean, he had to have been the one that salted Serwa, right? She counts 99 Chore, but then gets hit by one that was hidden until the moment before it grazes her. I assume this must have been the Chore concealed in Yatwer's pouch, which Kelmomas saw Sorweel drop when he killed him. I believe he actually mentions this to either Kellhus or Esmenet. What I figure happened was that Kelmomas escapes with the file that Esmenet leaves him, then sneaks into camp and finds the pouch and the chore. Then the Skinspy "captures" him, and since Golg is surrounded by the Ordeal, sneaks him inside with the rest of the army. They find their way to the room where Serwa is fighting the GamerGate dragon, and Kel uses the Chore to either kill or main his sister. Then they reach the Golden Room just in time to fuck up Ajokli's plan, and for Kelmomas to be shoved into the No-God.
  3. Is that a Chuck Tingle thing?
  4. I don't think it does.
  5. Ah, pre-2016 America. How I miss Thee...
  6. The language of the Second Amendment is honestly vague enough that you could enact almost any sort of gun regulation without the law necessarily being unconstitutional. Repealing the Second Amendment would be meaningless as anything other than a symbolic blow struck against "gun culture" in America. Not that this in and of itself doesn't make it a worthy goal, but any attempt in this political environment would do more harm than good for the cause of gun regulation.
  7. In the short term? Treat it like a driver's license. Pass a test in order to get the LTC, and impose a requirement that this license be renewed every few years. Institute psychological screenings for PTSD or violent mood disorders. Repeal the Dickey Amendment and allow the CDC to properly research gun violence. Start working on a plan to phase out assault rifles and some of the more deadly attachments. Long term? We need to subvert and overturn the fetishization of guns in American culture. Gun ownership needs to stop being synonymous with patriotism, and we need to do away with the absurd fantasy that owning AK-47s or AR-15s does anything to protect our freedom or our democracy. The Waco Siege should have been the end of that, and the gap between the kind of firepower the government can bring to bear and that of even the most well-armed citizen has only grown over the last quarter century. You wanna be a badass, anti-government patriot? Move to Silicon Valley and learn how to hack, because the future foil to unchecked government power is cyber-insurgency.
  8. The situations don't have to be entirely analogous to point out the inconsistent logic of a common thread. That being said, they are still analogous even regarding the citizenship issue. There are plenty of U.S. citizens who would be hurt by more restricted immigration. There are those with families in other countries, those who need to travel for business or personal reasons that may have difficulty reentering the country, landowners along the southern border whose rights are being threatened by Trump's Wall, businesses that rely on migrant workers or on free trade with Mexico, Muslim families who face increased persecution by the federal government linking their culture to terrorism, etc.
  9. Okay, if you're only hitting your target with one or two bullets for every six times you fire the weapon, you are probably more of a liability to your neighbors or family than the attacker is to you. I'd suggest getting an alarm system. Now if you are going to approach home defense from the "Spray and Pray" perspective, I would hope that you'd at least have the foresight to use hollow points over FMJ rounds, as the former is less likely to punch through your wall and kill your neighbor. Although bear in mind JHP ammunition is more expensive, so that may also be encouragement to actually stop and aim rather than firing indiscriminately into the darkness at random noises. I don't know what action movie you're living in, but I cannot imagine there are many home defense situations where you'd find yourself needing a speedloader. Yes, magazine-loaded guns can reload faster and hold more bullets, but they also require more maintenance. You can leave a revolver sitting in a lockbox for two years without touching it, then pick it up and it will be ready to go. You don't have to worry about spring-tension degradation, and if it jams or misfires all that you have to do to clear the chamber is pull the trigger again.
  10. I feel very similar. I dropped out of high school and had no meaningful education or work experience until my early/mid-twenties when I finally did go to college. I often feel stunted because of all those years I sunk into my depression, both professionally and in terms of meaningful skills. I get a lot of enjoyment doing creative things like writing, but most of the people I know who are also into these things have been refining their skills since they were teenagers. I also feel sometimes like I missed out on a lot of the stupid bullshit that people do when they're younger. That all being said, I also feel a lot better trying to move forward with these things now than I did before. And I don't really want children, so I also feel like I have a bit of breathing room to really figure things out. You're still young, and there's still plenty of time to do what you want, depending on what your goals are. One thing I can say is that if you're able to do it, college is a great place to figure things out. You won't be anywhere near the oldest person in most of your classes. The youngest in any of my college classes was 17 and the oldest was in her 70s. You'll find plenty of other people in your situation, in their late 20s and early 30s. In my experience, students who go to college after taking a few years off do a lot better than the K-Bachelors kids who start their first year after graduating high school. Just be wary of taking on debt to go. If you're going to be owing a lot of money when you graduate, it's a good idea to pick a career path with decent job prospects. As I said though, it depends what your goals are.
  11. Still strawmanning I see. Except the comment that he responded to was not refuting the legality of banning guns vs banning immigrants. It was pointing out the selective logic used by conservatives to defend one issue, while condemning another. Given that the Conservative stances on immigration and gun control both seem to be rooted in sheer terror, I actually find it to be a pretty appropriate analogy.
  12. Well the other Decapitant was growing four horns right before Kellhus's head burst into flames. IIRC that was when Malowebi realized that Ajokli was there. I assumed Kellhus's head burned away, then he replaced it with Ajokli's.
  13. @Mother Cocanuts Ah looks like we got a tough guy here. Okay motherfucker, why not back that shit up. Gurubashi Arena, noon (server time). No potions, no trinkets. Let's see what you got...
  14. I hate to say it, but that was one thing Trump was right about, (that was harder to say than I thought) when asked before the election about Putin being a killer, and he responded with something like "You think we're so innocent?"
  15. Didn't Kellhus's head burn up before Ajolki took over? The book describes it dissolving into a torch before the scene changed. I assumed Kellhus's head burned away and he replaced it with the other Decapitant.