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  1. Just think, this time next year we could all be reading about how some teacher in South Kansabama popped one of their students for pulling a suspicious looking stapler out of a backpack.
  2. If you happen to need a beta reader...
  3. That's the thing, I'm such a bumpkin about scotch I feel like it would be wasted on me.
  4. So I've been petulantly avoiding this thread out of pure pique over not being allowed to make a weed thread, but now I find myself in need of counsel. What does one who does not drink do with a $250 bottle of scotch that they got for a birthday present?
  5. I was commenting on partisan loyalty with regard to voting trends, not on lifestyle/beliefs. Sorry for not making that more clear.
  6. Pedophiles are attracted to prebuescent children, so in that case it would be a young child. If it were a teenager that could be described as a "young woman" then I think you're right, many would try to spin it ala Roy Moore. Though I would hardly use Alabama as an accurate sample of the entire country.
  7. Oh I agree, that would never happen. At least, barring some significant bombshell that changes the odds like a pee tape surfacing (making it more likely) or another major terrorist attack happening on U.S. soil (making it much, much less likely). They would have to run as a Libertarian (which I could see Flake doing), or pull a Teddy Roosevelt and start a new party just for the purpose of challenging Trump.
  8. Fair enough, a little bit of hyperbole on my part. But a Republican candidate walking away with only 60% of the Mormon vote is pretty significant, especially when the margins were as close as they were in 2016, and especially when there was a Supreme Court vacancy on the table. And the Mormons look at Mitt Romney and his father the way that Catholics looked at JFK. There's a lot of distrust of the government and this sense that they really won't be accepted in this country until one of their own is President. Probably yeah, but I think Romney would be more likely to run.
  9. If Romney pulled a Teddy Roosevelt I think he'd have the best chance of siphoning off a significant portion of the Republican base. Now that the Supreme Court seat has been filled I think a lot of evangelicals would jump ship for a nice, boring, pro-life robot like Mitt Romney. Centrists and middle-left people might kinda sorta like Kasich, but 2020 is not going to be a centrist fight. If you're a Republican and you wanna break Trump's base, IMO you need to go after evangelicals. And remember, say what you want about Mormons, they were the one evangelical group that dropped Trump like the radioactive hot potato that he is on election day.
  10. They don't have to win. If one of them runs chances are good it will split the base and pave the way for the Democrat.
  11. Mitt Romney running for Senate, Ben Sasse visiting Iowa, Jeff Flake branding himself #RepublicanClassic. Long odds, I know, but what do we think the chances are one of these guys actually challenges Trump in 2020? It has happened before, and Mitt Romney really wants to be President...
  12. "When they go low, we go local." I like the sound of that.
  13. Seven save us, when Fox News stoops to honesty (or an approximation thereof) you know things are getting bad.
  14. I'm not gonna argue in circles with you about how we should treat Republicans anymore, but you need to stop miscontextualizing the things that I say. I was very specific in the post that you quoted in that I was referring to a post-Trump America in which Democrats have gained control, but still have tens of millions of angry Trump voters to deal with. It's obviously got to be a very different strategy while we're still campaigning.
  15. Drugs.