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  1. Anybody catch Cindy's cameo on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?
  2. Just curious, what would your top five be and where would you rank Wonder Woman in there? To put this in perspective.
  3. So then this is YA...
  4. I feel like Mark Lawrence has a notebook next to his desk labeled "Things Jorg would say" full of unpolished Broken Empire throw-aways that he plucked the bolded line from.
  5. Earlier lines seem to contradict this. If they came straight out of her knuckles like Wolverine then they wouldn't have the levels of dexterity that we see. Unless they come out of the knuckles but are flexible enough to trace the shapes of her fingers when she moves them.
  6. I got the impression they were more like fractured space, which probably equates to the same thing for the purpose of this discussion. Maybe after Nona found out what they were she was able to gain more control over them, hence her using them from her fist in the end rather than her fingers.
  7. They start out coming from her fingers, but during the fight in the end she's punching them into people with her fists.
  8. They reminded me a bit of the magic blades the baddie used in the Doctor Strange movie.
  9. Yeah Idk man, it was weird. There were no guards or dogs or jars of severed penises or anything. I jist bought a ticket and walked right it. It was almost like they'd let just anyone by...
  10. Though Atomic Blond does look good, I'm not looking forward to the "Gun Fu Avengers" franchise that there definitely going to try to make after the inevitable John Whick crossover...
  11. Well, seems like this thread sure has gone off the rails. Anyway, just saw the movie. It was pretty good, though not as good as the tomato meter would have you believe. Certainly better than the last three turds that DC has squeezed out. Pretty basic superhero origin story otherwise. The feminist angle is a big part of what makes it stand out. Makes for a fantastic contrast to the hyper masculine (and ham handedly so) tone of MoS and BvS. I also think they handle the idea of supervillains being responsible for human evil very well. And yeah, there are a lot of similarities to Captain America. Right down to More thoughts to come when I've had some time to digest the film a bit.
  12. I've got a story: I didn't read a ton of superhero comics as a kid. Some, but not a lot. My first exposure to Wonder Woman was the animated Justice League TV show. I watched it with a buddy from high school, and he fucking LOATHED Wonder Woman, specifically because of what he felt was too blunt of a feminist spin to her character. So here's where things get fucking creepy. A little while after we started watching the show, he felt the need to share with me that he started watching (and I remember his exact words after all these years) "Wonder Woman Hypnosis Porn." Which, I gathered, involved Wonder Woman being hypnotized into sex by villains, essentially getting roofied. I kind of kept my distance from this individual after that, but we shared a social circle, so I'd wind up interacting with him sometimes. Over the years he and I argued a lot about feminism in particular. I don't think he's ever called himself an MRA... but he is. Anyway a few years back we were having one such argument, specifically as pertaining to social justice themes in Scifi and Fantasy (this was a few years pre-puppy), and he dropped this little gem on me. Shortly after that I reevaluated some of my choices and basically found myself out of touch with most of that crowd. Anyway I tell this story because the last I heard about this individual it was once again about Wonder Woman. He was blowing up the comment section on a local news station's Facebook article over the hypocrisy of feminism with regard to the women-only Wonder Woman screening (he lives nowhere near the theater in question), and reverse sexism, and blah blah blah. Granted, it was all reasonably worded, calmly presented, and laid out with the impression of wanting an open dialogue. But I know the guy. TLDR, no, in my experience the media is not inventing this outrage. And my own personal history has left me ill-disposed to the kind of people that perpetuate the MRA-image of feminism.
  13. I've been posting casually for a few years, lurking a few years before that, been to my first meet up last year at Worldcon. There are a few people on the board I consider myself friends with, people of people I'd like to be friends with but haven't gotten to know, and a few people that I don't want to have anything to do with. For the most part folks are super friendly in person, though I feel weird as hell approaching people without a distinct reason for doing so. The people here are great. Stick around and you'll make friends, though it can take time to do so.
  14. Does that comic actually have anything to do with Bakker, or is it just a series of plot/tone similarities? Coming from someone who has not read a single page not linked in this forum.