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  1. Asked if Luna Lovegood was the inspiration for Auri.
  2. I know I've been the one lecturing everybody about this turning into a Rothfuss spite thread, but I am getting a bit of a kick out of how much this tweet must have pissed him off
  3. IIRC what Bakker found so intriguing about the Baby Kellhus theory is that it somewhat mirrored Alia Atreides.
  4. What is this, 4chan? I agree the intro to TSRoST is almost pathologically self-aggrandizing in the way that it explains to the reader why the book is supposed to be good, but are we really attacking the author now for having anxiety? Really?
  5. I generally prefer to think of Trump as a nonsexual entity, because contemplating what turns him on feels kind of like staring into the oozing pustules of the abyss. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a highly sexual component to his infatuation with power, control, and authoritarianism. And I'm sure any attraction he might have to women of color, especially one who worked for him, would probably play into that. Somebody should really point out to Trump's base, btw, that of the last two presidents, the one with six children from four different women is the white guy. Well...white-ish.
  6. His base? Depends... Was the housekeeper white?
  7. Fair enough. Obama also said he believed marriage was between a man and a woman when he was running in 2008. But it feels different now. The GOP has so thoroughly capitulated to Trumpism that I don't think there is room in the party anymore for people like pre-2015 Rand Paul. The party needs a complete, ground-up rebuild. Remember the last Speaker of the House literally sang Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah as he announced his retirement? I can only imagine Paul Ryan cartwheeling out of the room when it's his time to go.
  8. This is the man who started his presidential campaign in front of an aircraft carrier suggesting that we up the defense budget by almost two-hundred billion dollars, yes?
  9. IMO, Obama should hop on twitter and take credit for putting up some of those Confederate statues. Trump will have the National Guard tearing them down by the weekend.
  10. Not my personal favorite story per se, but they are very well written and IMO represent some of the best prose in the genre atm. There are two-hundred pages or so of TWMF that are a bit tedious, but even those portions can be pretty entertaining on your first read through. The protagonist is a Mary Sue, and there's some debate on how deliberate that is on the part of the author. I would say they are worth reading, especially if you already own them, but tbh I have never understood the reluctance people have at starting an unfinished series. If that kind of thing bothers you then you should be aware, it really gets on people's nerves that the third book is taking so long, so expect it to be an issue.
  11. Rick and Morty is a show that takes insightful, deep science fiction concepts with rich characters, then mixes them with poop jokes, and still manages to come off as a little pretentious. Am I the only one who thinks Rothfuss may be uniquely qualified to write one?
  12. Ditto.
  13. I think his proximity certainly hurt Hillary Clinton in the last election.
  14. Hardly to the same degree. Al Franken is gone, Anthony Weiner is in jail, Bill Clinton is a ghost these days. I think Republicans (that is to say, elected Republicans or those running for office) probably dislike Trump's behavior for the reaction he's producing in liberal/moderate voters far more than for the actions themselves. It's not just the number of people that hate him, so much as the degree of sheer animosity that he elicits from those who do. Republicans read their Machiavelli, and one thing they have always understood very well is that fear and anger will get people out to the polls like little else. Now a lot of that is being turned against them. Of course, you'll never hear them admit it. Because pissing off liberals is exactly what a large portion of his base loves so much about him. It all comes around though. We'll see how much applause his trolling gets after November.
  15. Ok, I think I figured it out. The metatextual nature of the series, the six installments broken up into seven, the crash space of meaning, everything going black. I've definitely got it. R. Scott Bakker doesn't actually exist. It's a pen name for David Chase, and the entire series has been the secret seventh season of The Sopranos. I know, sounds crazy, right? Well, that's only R. Scott Chase's genius-level, eighth dimension chess moves meant to weed out the unenlightened. If you read/watch closely, the evidence is all there. You see the No-God, AKA "Mog Pharuu," AKA "M.O.G." AKA "Members Only Guy" was the man in the Members Only Jacket from the final episode. The entire Second Apocalypse takes place in the split second before the screen goes black, ala An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. It was all one of Tony's lucid dreams, albeit a very complex and intricate one. It was the "Second" Apocalypse, as the first came when he was shot by Junior at the beginning of season 6 and almost died. The disturbing sexual violence and troubling depictions of women are the result of the entire world being built in a split second within the psyche of a sociopath with some serious mommy issues. Still not convinced? Well, think about this... Look at a full-body picture of Steve Buscemi, and tell me what it is he most resembles. A head on a pole, right? Well, that's because the head on the pole was first portrayed by Buscemi. You see, the HOP in the Outside was in fact Tony Blundetto, waiting outside the House of the Damned that we see Tony S. "building" for himself throughout his dreams in seasons 4-6. The Heron Spear? Well, as we know, waterfowl is symbolic of Tony's feelings toward his family throughout the series. And the opening of the final season describes Meadow as "Khu" the third part of the soul that leaves the body after death, and as his guardian angel. Meadow would have been sitting next to Tony in the final scene, blocking MOG's approach, had it not been for her delay in parking. Meadow is the Heron Spear, the weapon that could have stopped the No-God, had it been present. I could go on, but why rob you of the journey. Reread, rewatch, and see for yourself. It's all there. Hint, Melfi is totally Mimara. TLDR: Kelmomas whacked Tony Soprano.