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  1. I think it was a Thomas Harris joke.
  2. No... No it's begun! The Feminist Hivemind...it's TAKEN WE! TELL WE... WHAT DO YOU SEE?
  3. Because up until then the Consult gave off such a slut-shaming vibe?
  4. I didn't mind the GamerGate dragon tbh. The big phallic dragon fighting a burnt up witch while shrieking MRA rhetoric, I get it. Didn't mind that it was obsessed with human, uh, let's say sexuality either. Doesn't make any less sense than dragons obsessing over gold. The dialogue was distracting, but it didn't ruin the scene for me that much. But yes, using the word cunny so much was very distracting.
  5. Well, if there's one thing that the news has recently brought to the public eye, it's that societies which teach men to be predatory about sex (see Esmenet's thought about recognizing the sranc as something she's known all her life), also create an environment in which women have to be on guard all the time. Maybe a Dunyain woman would have sensed Ajokli's invasion for what it was?
  6. Very true, thank you for pointing that out. That's what frustrates me, I don't know how much of it is actually him trying to control or isolate her. Take the thing with her phone. Now, she shut her old phone off and got a new number/phone the day that she moved in with this guy, and his house is two hours out of state. Oh and something else I didn't mention earlier, she does not have a car and does not know how to drive. So as you can imagine, this is pretty concerning. At the same time, knowing her family and the place she was leaving, I can kind of see a reason why moving and changing her number so abruptly like that may have been necessary. She actually snuck her stuff out of her room a bag at a time for weeks, like Andy Dufresne digging his escape tunnel. At the same time it bothers me how much of the situation looks bad, but also has a convenient explanation. That's what I think I was getting at earlier when I mentioned my impression that he might have seen her situation as ideal for his own ends. She's somebody that has a good reason to cut off their past and start over, and somebody that would be kind of dependent on him for a lot of things. Not everything. She has her own money, she has a job, grad classes, and she still stays in touch with friends. But she's also pretty much dependent on his good will for a lot of things, and sometimes she says things that make me think she doesn't fully appreciate the situation.
  7. I have. My SO and I have both also told her that if she ever feels uncomfortable in the relationship or decides that she wants out, she's welcome to crash with us for as long as necessary. My concern was that she might stay in that situation even if it starts to feel wrong because she wouldn't want to have to go back to her family. That kind of touches on what makes me uneasy about the whole student/professor thing in general. As many others have mentioned, the problem is the power imbalance. If she depends on him for a place to live, her academic standing, or career stability, then she might feel uncomfortable speaking up or leaving if the relationship did take a turn. I don't know if abusive is necessarily the word I'd use. Tbh it's hard for me to tell because the situation that she came from was really quite bad, so a lot of these things can come off as either controlling and isolating, or as efforts to keep a bunch of abusive lunatics from physically dragging her home, ruining her career, etc.
  8. IIRC Bakker said in the AMA that he was surprised that people assume Serwa is dead, but also went out of his way to say that this doesn't necessarily mean she's alive.
  9. There's a difference between "a case to be made" and "clear as day." I was responding to the bold part. I don't think anything from that scene is so clear as to be obvious. Side question I'll throw out to anyone. Is there any kind of consensus as to what happened with the heart at the end? Do we ever find out what the deal was there?
  10. Really?
  11. It's kind of hard to describe. Mostly little things. He puts her down a lot in front of people, which I don't like. From what I understand he did propose a post-graduation liaison while she was still his student, and I guess he also made insinuations that he could use his connections to get her into a grad program that she was really interested in. Then she moved into his house, in another state, a few weeks after they started dating (which also was apparently an idea floated when she was still a student), changed her cell phone number, and cut off contact with her family and many friends for a little while. Part of it is also has to do with my friend's mental state. She was raised in an environment that could be described as a miniature cult, was home-schooled from the time that she was a child until she went off to college, and only really socialized with members of a very tight-knit religious community. She's super smart, but also kind of has the mentality of a teenager. I don't know if you've seen that show The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but she reminds me a lot of the protagonist. Sometimes I get the impression that he saw a vulnerable person who was unhappy with their situation, and he played off that to get her into a place where he has vastly disproportionate control. That all being said, I may just be paranoid. I had another friend get wrapped up in an extremely abusive relationship about two years ago (which IIRC I also posted on for advice) and that was on my mind a lot when this was all happening. I don't even want to make this too much about the people that I know. Rather, I was hoping to use that as a general jumping off point for a discussion about the ethics of the student/professor relationship dynamic.
  12. Oh, I see. Yeah I hadn't noticed the switch in the quote.
  13. Something I've been thinking a lot about lately. My 22 year old friend started dating her 49 year old college professor (who I'm also close with) a little over a year ago, shortly after she graduated. To be honest, I'm pretty uncomfortable being around them, and some of his behavior does come off as just a little bit predatory. On the other hand the situation she's now in is a lot healthier than the household she was living in beforehand, so there's that. It got me thinking about this though. What do you folks think about the ethics of such relationships? Is it ever alright? If so, under what circumstances is it not okay? And when it is, do such relationships ever "work"?
  14. Sorry, what does? Not sure what you mean.
  15. I imagine if Logen did get Ferro pregnant their child would be, like, really good at making dead people.