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  1. So I just lost my second friend since Trump's inauguration in January over political shit. I also had somebody try to dox me for something I said on twitter... so that was fun. I don't even know how to deal with this shit anymore. I insult conservatives and Trump supporters to get some kind of catharsis from my distress at the hate and fear-mongering of the alt right, but I'm starting to think that doing so is just adding to the general vitriol. The thing is I'm at a loss on how to approach this shit anymore. Nobody's minds are changing. The more combative things get, the more entrenched people become in their original ideologies, and what alternative is there? Not fight when you see the KKK (American ISIS) trying to make a comeback? Everywhere I look I feel like I see morons saying and doing moronic shit, and I don't know how to not call it out. Then I think maybe I'm just cloaking myself in my leftist bubble to take comfort in my own perception of having the greater intelligence/integrity/whatever than the people that I feel are ruining the country, the planet, etc. This should have been a fantastic year for me. I moved into a new place, lost almost a hundred lbs, started getting some health shit taken care of, been writing almost every day. But all I feel lately is sad and angry, and more and more scared as the days go by. I'm so tired of feeling nothing but hate and contempt for this country, for my community, for Republicans... for my family. I am honestly just so goddamn tired.
  2. Too late, the thread has become self-aware.
  3. I'm sure there will be an explanation, but the actual mechanics of how the magic works is almost certainly going to be immaterial.
  4. They ripped off Heinlein too... sort of. That episode, as I recall, was kind of All You Zombies meets Time Enough for Love.
  5. I know, it's almost like it really doesn't matter or pertain to the story that he's trying to tell
  6. Man, i really need to read me some Chuck Tingle... But as somebody whose read a good bit of Heinlein, let me ask this: If you travel back in time to cuckold your father by fucking your own mother... I actually didn't have a question. I finished Time Enough for Love recently and just wanted to bring that up. There, now it's in all of your heads too.
  7. I'll fully admit I don't know nearly enough about orbit mechanics, seasons, or celestial bodies to engage in this argument. But why does magic have to abide by the laws of physics? EDIT: did not notice that DRII literally said the exact same thing right above me. Carry on.
  8. Oh, NOW I wanna watch it Alright, Imma get this over with. I picked a hell of a month to take a break from weed... EDIT: Talkin' 'bout Iron Fist. I'm still psyched for The Defenders.
  9. Folks who've seen it. How much do I need to finish Luke Cage and watch Iron Fist before starting The Defenders?
  10. I expect to be there
  11. To be fair, GRRM himself has gone on multiple tangents about how he specifically made his dragons serpentine with two legs and wings, rather than in the more traditional fantasy form of four limbs + wings, because no creature in nature exists that way and he wanted them to be as realistic as possible.
  12. You're describing Dune.
  13. To me, the thing that's the most unique to ASoIaF is the community. Ice and Fire fans are some of the coolest, smartest, and most enjoyable people in the spec-fic community that it's been my privilege to meet. The way that the series lends itself so well to theorizing and discussion really makes places like this and the subreddit some of the best nerd watering holes around.
  14. Have you changed things up much between books? Writing in different genres, styles, etc.
  15. So, I've had a few of you fine folks add me on social media since joining the Facebook group, and it occurs to me that I don't who these people are on the board. I thought i came across a page a while back that listed everyone's board monograms next to their RL names/faces. Does anyone know if that's still around?