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  1. This is just fantastic.
  2. I believe so. The one in TGO specifically refers to Cnaiur as having died.
  3. Didn't Lazerous Long marry his ship? Anyway, I trust gamergaters to accurately judge the status of women in video games about as much as I trust that Westboro Baptist Church to explain the nuances of contemporary lgbt culture. EDIT: Wtf, are we really aging about whether anime characters are Asian? Unless it blatantly takes place in a western setting like Attack on Titan or Berserk I kind of just assume they're Japanese. Arguing that they "look" European is fucking stupid when referring to a genre that routinely depicts people with super exaggerated features (blue hair, giant eyes, etc.).
  5. @Dr. Pepper In principle, I do agree with what you're saying. Though Dick has gained a lot of psychological, financial, and physical control over Jane, she still has more autonomy than her son, who should be the priority. But there are some things about this situation that make me feel calling in child services would be a bad idea. The first thing that you have to understand, is just how impotent DCF will be to act in this situation. First, because technically Dick hasn't actually made any physical threats against Jane (recently), or any threats at all against their son. And the threats that he has made against Jane, were not in writing. I have chat transcripts from her telling me about them, but she could easily excuse those away to the authorities. When I asked her what she thought he meant by "taking her down with him", she seemed to think that he was "only" threatening to ruin her career. The other factor is that they share a district with one of the most dangerous and impoverished cities in the northeast. The already underfunded agency that would be investigating their situation is also trying to allocate it's very limited resources to dealing with kids getting involved in gangs and prostitution, kids being molested or pimped out by their families, parents who are strung out on drugs, parents who can't afford heat and food, etc. Without some kind of threat on Dick's part, or the baby sustaining some kind of documented injury, there is just no way DCF will involve itself in a way that would limit Dick's access to either of them. I do have some chat transcripts from last year where Dick admits to me that he physically restrained Jane from leaving the house during their fight (to the point where he tackled her to the ground), and then smashed her phone when she tried to call the police. I also have a picture that a mutual friend took of Dick holding an open beer can up to the baby's lips. These might get the authorities involved, but the picture could be explained away, and Jane would need to press charges for Dick to ever be brought up on destruction of property, assault, false imprisonment, etc. Or at least cooperate with the police, which she has made abundantly clear that she will not do. Police or DCF showing up at the door will only alienate Jane, drive her closer to Dick, and possibly set Dick off to do something stupid. Another red flag with him is that he's extremely fearful about his behavior getting out.
  6. Mimara granting him forgiveness that the reader doesn't believe he deserves plays on perspective in the same way. The issue that I have with your interpretation, with regards to the feminist critique, is that it puts the onus of the consequences of Galian's act on Mimara, his victim, rather than on Galian himself.
  7. I have this idea for a novel that I'm extremely excited about, but sitting down and writing it feels like banging my head against a brick wall. I wanted to take a break and work on something else that I felt wouldn't demand as much mental energy, so for the first time I tried writing some fanfiction as a sort of late birthday present for my SO. Fanfiction isn't something I've ever read, or written, or really shown any interest in at all, but this actually might be the most fun I've ever had writing fiction.
  8. Random question: I realize it's not super popular around here, but have any of you guys ever written any fanfiction?
  9. I meant the phrase "Bakker-bait".
  10. Can you expound on this a little bit?
  11. And then he made you guys sit through over a hundred pages before Achamian's first chapter lol.
  12. Most likely he had read accounts of past "scaldings".
  13. I read it in Tim Curry's...
  14. Not as much as her "consenting" to Galian's rape just to keep the cherry off some Ciphrang's soul-sundae... It would surprise me if that was what the scene meant.
  15. Is there confirmation that Mimara can expunge damnation by forgiving someone?