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  1. I think tragic romance is a "theme" in TSA the same way that inkeeping being an unfortunate vocation is a theme in ASoIaF.
  2. Well, tbf his struggle is one we're all familiar with on some level. We've all been in love. We've all been dumped. We've all spent the next twenty years obsessively nursing that grudge. Okay, that may have went off the rails a bit at the end there...
  3. I kind of liked Akka and Esme in the first trilogy. I wouldn't say I felt for them on the level of characters in ASoIaF or, say, Robin Hobb's work. I think people have a tendency to confuse complexity with depth, and while I'll admit they had plenty of the former, they were sorely lacking in the latter. But they were both sympathetic and, for Earwa, comparatively decent. By the end of TJE, however, I'd lost all sympathy for both of them.
  4. I liked her because of that scene. Dodging Chorae arrows while fighting a dragon, and still takes the time to literally mock it for being a virgin.
  5. I found Cnaiur very interesting, but I think that was more due to the position that he occupied in the narrative than to anything intrinsically deep within his own character. Characters that I actually liked? Mimara is the only one I can say with no reservations. I liked Malowebi too, though more so after his head was separated from his body. And for some reason Theliopa.
  6. Pat's father is dying :(
  7. Well "Richard", they might have more dicks, but ours is most certainly the biggest Couldn't resist.
  8. Isn't that like a third of Bakker's readers?
  9. Way to ignore the main point of my initial post about an adaptation, which, to reiterate, was: And I'll say the same thing to you I said to redeagle, if you honestly think that of all the things Bakker is saying with TSA, that his gender depiction is the one thing so integral to the plot that changing it would reduce the series to "the latest Die Hard movie", then I just don't think we're going to be on the same page. Your argument, btw, has a lot of generalities that could be applied to almost any changes in the story, and nothing whatsoever about why the gender dynamic itself is so important. And you're not the only one doing that.
  10. Currently reading Gemma by Meg Tilly as part of the annual retraining hours I have to complete for some volunteer work I do. This is the first time I've actually had genuine rage-tears over a book.
  11. I've heard of it, haven't seen it though. Heard it was a big influence on... uh... Dark Souls... I watched Pasolini's Salo for a class last year, and I don't think any movie can shock me after that. I've heard of that movie A Serbian Film that might be a little bit worse, but there are some things I just won't watch. Even for academic purposes.
  12. Well, in the case of Confederate I think that Dumbass and Dipshit saw a trailer for The Man in the High Castle and tried to cash in on contemporary racial tensions under the guise of challenging Confederate imagery, and were rightfully called on it. In either case, it doesn't matter. A television pilot is far more difficult to sell than a novel. It's a much more competitive field, and it goes out to a much larger audience which, as a rule, does not put as much analytical thought into the material as book readers do. There's more pressure on a script/pilot to appeal to a wide audience than there is for a novel. And it's not like Bakker's novels are flying off the shelves... It's not about whether or not Bakker's gender depiction is the better way of telling the story, it's about telling the story that actually has a prayer of being turned into a show. It's also worth pointing out that novels and television are two entirely different artistic mediums, and they use different tools to make their points. What's effective in one is not necessarily going to be effective for the other. And if you think Bakker's gender description is so integral to the story that changing it would constitute "selling out"... I really don't know what else to say.
  13. I don't wanna become like, the obligatory Berserk fanboy of this thread, but the anime kind of did exactly that (though at the end) and I think it worked pretty well for what they had.
  14. Was the glowing reception to Confederate's premise not some indication that portraying deliberately problematic or regressive worlds to highlight modern social failings is something that will be poorly received by contemporary audiences?
  15. You're making a lot of assumptions here. Do you think that American women don't do that same kind of shit? I worked on a CASA case last year involving a woman pimping out her autistic daughter to a man that specialized in creating 6 years and under child porn. Poverty creates shitty situations that sometimes turn otherwise good people into monsters. It's a global problem, and it has little to do with why Earwa is so terrible. As it so happens, my SO is from the Czech Republic, and I've spent more time in and around the eastern EU and it's culture than you might think. Yes, life is different there, but not so much as the stereotype that you're trying to push. And it is nowhere near the worst place in the world to live. 1) Not it's not. 2) Culturally speaking, Eastern Europe is part of the West. Most of your argument seems more applicable to Martin or Lawrence or Abercrombie than to Bakker.
  16. That's what every book purist says about every adaptation, but yes, there do. To list just a few things that range from problematic to impossible for a TV adaptation: Armies are way too big for anything other than an animation. Kellhus's internal thought processes and philosophical monologues. The women being spiritually inferior thing will get torn apart on TV and get the show cancelled. It needs to go. The names. HBO pushed to change a couple names on Game of Thrones, and most of those were fairly Eurocentric. Sranc raping people in their stab wounds. Nobody wants to see that. Many of the internal conflicts will need to be externalized. Half the rape scenes have to go. The formatting of the first book needs to be drastically overhauled so that we spend a bit of time with each storyline as they all move together in synchronicity. Half of the magic and fantastical elements are going to have to go unless they either animate it, or pull a blockbuster budget out of their asses (the latter will never happen for something like this). A lot of the deliberate ambiguity needs to go. I don't think anybody suggested that Kellhus should seduce her. So... basically just Mimara getting pregnant then? Have her impregnated by somebody else. Given Bakker's treatment of "meaning" in the series I really don't think it ultimately matters.
  17. Actually that makes even less sense. How would having less sexism than medieval Europe make it less authentic, or "internally consistent" than having more?
  18. Well, I think most of us are expecting Democrats so make gains in 2018. But I honestly think that dropping Trump is the smart move for Republicans long-term. I think they have a much better chance of keeping the White House in 2020 with Pence or Ryan at the helm than with Trump. And they might actually get some legislation passed that way...
  19. I actually liked something I saw Ran suggest when perusing some of the old threads circa 2009 or so. Make Akka female. I mean, if they're going to adapt Bakker, we should probably all just accept right now that they are going to have to change huge portions of the story to make it work for TV. EDIT: Whoop, Cithrin's Ale ninjaed me Or better yet, jettison Bakker's whole gender dynamic and go for the ASoIaF type historical realism instead. Back in the 90s, he was in this really famous TV show...
  20. I completely disagree with the Sherlock thing. I feel like that would come off so cartoonish and out of tone with the character. I'd say do the Daredevil thing (Netflix not Affleck). Let the audience know what Kellhus can do, and trust them what to know when he's using the Dunyain mojo through contextual clues.
  21. @Kalbear Where is the confirmation that Shae is now inhabiting the Dunsult?
  22. Okay, I'll do that other thing that might ameliorate the situation.
  23. Imma be honest, I have multiple conversations open right now, and up until the bolded part I thought you were talking about Bojack Horseman.