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  1. That's not an uncommon reaction, though I disagree about the cycle of buildup then death. I think people get that impression because of just how long the wait between books is. The most recent book ended with a character supposedly being killed while in the process of doing something that a lot of readers really wanted to see happen. I actually chucked my book across the room after reading it, then had hissy fit about it on reddit. The thing is, most people believe that this storyline is still eventually going to play out, but the book still leaves you with that feeling of empty dissatisfaction while you're waiting. I think ASoIaF will read a lot better once all the books are out. it's clearly a series that was written to be re-read. No, not really. There's only one that I can think of off the top of my head who is actively seeking vengeance when he dies. Most of the real gut punches come from good but (sometimes) naive characters who are trying to do what they see as the right thing, the honorable thing, etc. Although, if you're willing to play with the order of the Seeking Vengeance -> Death formula, there is one other person...
  2. They're paying for the brand essentially. They could easily have crafted their own generic fantasy world filled with elves and dwarves and a dark lord that needs to find a chalice or a helmet or something to gain ultimate power, and told the same stories about a ranger dodging orcs and goblins in the wild. Amazon paid 250 million dollars for the name, not the stories. Because they know people are going to tune in for Lord of the Rings no matter what that name is stamped on. Lord of the Rings is a globally recognized brand that people like. They want to appeal to a non-discerning mass audience who will tune in just because they love Tolkien's books or Peter Jackson's movies. It was a business decision, not an artistic one. And that's where the majority of the issues with artistic dating TSA come from. It's not just about whether or nor TSA will make a good series. It's about the fiscal realities of the entertainment industry and the comodification of art.
  3. I think Ned was more like a traditional protagonist than anyone in TSA. I believe that's also what GRRM was going for. Ned was the father figure, the one who knew what to do, and his POV was right at the center of that first books narrative. Martin wanted us to consider Ned the protagonist, which is why it was such a shock when he died. Same reason Bran going out the window and being crippled by the fall was such a shock. Since he was the first POV after the prologue, many readers assumed he was "the" protagonist and that nothing permenant was going to happen to him that early in the story.
  4. Now call him a "dirty birdie".
  5. I beg to differ. If American Gods is fantasy, then so is Stranger Things and the utter stupidity of the statement calling Shannara the best fantasy show on TV still holds.
  6. Man, don't remind me how fucking good Game of Thrones used to be...
  7. You're starting to give off kind of an Annie Wilkes vibe, you know that? That being said, I agree it's very unlikely that Bakker will be unable to get the next series published.
  8. There's this book called Name of the Wind... *ducks chair*
  9. You realize that the 250 mil that Amazon paid to acquire the rights to make a Lord of the Rings adaptation is not going to be the project's budget, right?
  10. Well, unless you have the budget and audience to do the blockbuster thing, I'd argue that smaller-scale stories that focus on character are easier to adapt than those emphasizing massive battles or spectacular displays of magic. Most fantasy that gets a lot of attention these days is too robust to really put in a movie without breaking it up (which can lead to structural issues), so in Hobb's case it would almost certainly have to be a series.
  11. There are plenty of ways to depict the telepathic communication aspects of it. There's actually potential to do some really interesting stuff on camera there. There are certainly introspective portions of the story, particularly in Assassin's Quest, but I don't think they would be particularly difficult to externalize.
  12. Robin Hobb's stuff.
  13. Honestly, I don't think an adaptation necessarily needs political intrigue and likable characters. Trying to do the Game of Thrones thing would be a mistake, IMO. Game of Thrones already did the Game of Thrones thing, and audiences are going to be sick of it by the time any hypothetical adaptation of TPoN would be ready to air. Remember how many fantasy movies tried to imitate Lord of the Rings in the early and mid-2000s? Because I don't. They were all as forgettable as they were interchangeable, but I know that none of them recaptured any of what made Jackson's trilogy what it was. If you're going to adapt TPoN, then let it be TPoN. Change what needs to be changed to make it work, but don't try to make it into something that it's not. I think introspective nihilism would actually play pretty well with audiences these days anyway. It doesn't have to be Game of Thrones, and if it tries to be, it will suffer for the comparison. EDIT: Really? We're bringing up Lord of the Rings as having a comparable financial risk with The Second Apocalypse now?
  14. @Callan S. @Triskele At the top of page 360 in the U.S. Hardcover.
  15. I doubt it. Remember Mimara saw Serwa as a Ciphrang too.
  16. I don't think becoming a ciphrang (or a god?) is just about being super-damned, though that does appear to be part of it. It could be that Aurang's soul wasn't significant enough to become a ciphrang.
  17. But do we want legislators thinking that liberal voters are patient and polite, or that they're pitchfork-angry and politically active, and will withdraw their support the second anyone they elect betrays their platform? Patient and polite lost in 2016. And btw, this was a victory party the same way that putting on shorts and stepping into a gym is a victory for fitness. Yeah, we took that first step, but the important part is ahead and it's only going to get more difficult. This is not the time to give Washington breathing room, it's the time to double down.
  18. Let's take off the Trump-tinted glasses for a moment and remember that it's the responsibility of constituents to inform their elected representatives of their interests and the conditions of their support, not to avoid embarrassing them.
  19. I agree about the animation, though I don't think the anti-religious overtones would be an issue.
  20. New thread up.
  21. So some folks in here made some really nice and supportive comments about my weight loss a month or so ago, and I was too busy pissing about a foot issue I had and I never said anything. But thank you @Iskaral Pust @Leap and @baxus for the comments, honestly, I really did and do appreciate the support So a general question I guess for anybody who might have had this issue. It's a little embarrassing to post about, but uh... has anybody had issues with severe nipple-chafing from prolonged jogging? And,uh, what do y'all do about it? I'm asking for a friend whose become sick of hearing me ask about this.
  22. What a monster.