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  1. What happened to the Hound's cloak that he left with Sansa? Last mention was that she kept it hidden under her chest under her summer silks. But I would think Cersei or someone would have searched every inch of Sansa's and Tyrion's living quarters and would have had some reaction to finding it.
  2. According to Arianne I in the Winds sample chapters, Tarth may have fallen to Connington & co.
  3. Yay! Too bad I'm stuck at work. 3 1/2 more hours until I can fangasm over this.
  4. Hey, that's right! He did say that both battles were cut. That could be as few as 4 chapters (so 1 year to completion) and as many as 8 (6-8 months to completion). That brings slightly more optimism to my crackpot calculations. ((Repeat of disclaimer to those who hadn't read my comment further up thread: These are NOT serious estimates. I'm just playing with GRRM's "3 chapters in 6 months" remark for the sake of levity as there was clearly exaggeration with his statement of Stephen King's writing progress. In fact, I pray that as George overstated King's output, he understated his own.)) On another note, damn it, I WANT to see the video of that interview. Two of my heroes in one room!
  5. Yes, I was counting the 13 sample chapters as those left over from ADWD in his hypothetical 43. I should have shown my work, lol.
  6. Although I think that's partially exaggeration, as King has established that it takes him 3 months to finish a rough draft most of the time, so that would be 2 books in 6 months, George's remark may be close. 3 chapters per six months, after 5 years and 3 months gives us between 30 & 43 chapters, depending on how many of the 13 sample chapters out were held back from ADWD. If he does have closer to 43, and Dance had 54 chapters, then he's closer to finishing.... 1 year and seven months. ((disclaimer, this is not a dead serious speculation. I'm well aware of the foolish madness in trying to predict his progress))
  7. Well, Varys is on his way back to Westeros, so...
  8. From today's Not a Blog: " New York City was mostly business, as it usually is: meetings with my agents, publishers, editors, and of course HBO. "
  9. I like that it's growing, but him saying "one day" rather than "soon" is what is disheartening. Still he's been really quiet on his blog and has been travelling less, so I'm pleased to have confirmation that he's at least working on it.
  10. OMFG, I would LOVE that.
  11. Not willingly. But he could be captured and taken there, tried by the faith (since they hold the power now) and then recruited like Lancel. ...However, I really hope that doesn't happen. I'd rather see him up north. The Hound likes running with the wolves.
  12. Oh crap. I just realized that Bronn is in the Riverlands. In the show, he and Sandor did NOT get along. ...I don't think they ever interacted in the books.
  13. Reaaaallllly? That's interesting. I wonder if Sandor noticed.
  14. These were all also my suppositions except I hadn't thought of Nym and the wolf pack. That would be awesome, but I don't think it's likely due to budget. And yeah, if they just shrug off the "wanted for desertion" think if he goes back to KL, I'll be so irritated.