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  1. Wrong. Syrio was telling Arya a sword is an extension of her arm. The House of Black and White told Arya she couldn't keep her possessions. Those are two wildly different things and aren't incompatible at all.
  2. Varys totally upped the teleportation game. And why the hell did they drag the good Manderly name through the dirt like that?
  3. Thought of Barry when Davos said he likes to walk before a battle.
  4. same
  5. I'm going through another turn at of the series (audiobooks for the first time) and I noticed today that much is made of Summer's (or Bran's yet unnamed Direwolf) presence and Bran's clinging to life when he's in a coma. When they shut the window to keep out his sound Bran seems to whither, and when they leave it open and the cries are louder Bran seems stronger. And of course he wakes when he's in the room and on the bed. I'm thinking that if Ghost is present (and Jon saying Ghost at the end could be because he sees him) Jon clings to life and doesn't need a resurrection. Also, this is when the three eyed crow dreams began for Bran, so maybe Jon has something revealed to him while passed out in the form of a dream. Perhaps Bran being Jon's three eyed crow.
  6. That's awful. I'm so sorry.
  7. On another forum I post on we're doing a bracket style tournament of ASOIAF characters and we're voting on who would win in hand to hand combat. Participants may vote however they want, relying on whatever information they want (show, books, speculation, who gives you a bigger boner, etc). We're in the first round, running one match a day, and right now it's Areo Hotah vs Bronze Yohn Royce. It's a bunch of mindless fun allowing us to have geeky arguments over a fantasy series. Feel free to stop by and join in.
  8. So do you have more information on this than is currently public?
  9. Why are you talking about this like you have information the rest of us don't have?
  10. I for one think ADWD is the best of the series so far. So stop touting your opinion as fact.
  11. No one's boycotting ADOS no matter how GRRM releases his next book(s). People can say what they want on social media, but the second it's announced everyone is pre ordering it.
  12. And that's why Cat told him not to do it.
  13. Generally I think you're right, but is there anything stopping any king/lord from naming a new heir and putting that person at the head of the line? If that's a possibility, and the will says Jon is legitimized and is named as his heir, wouldn't that put him ahead of Bran? Robb could have simply legitimized him and not named him heir and then let him default to the position assuming Bran/Rickon are dead, but if he specifically named Jon his heir in his will I think it might put him first.
  14. That's fine, but if the will says "I legitimize Jon Snow as Jon Stark and name him my heir" does that put him ahead of Bran regardless of what Robb knew at the time?
  15. But what if it also becomes known that he's been legitimized by Robb?