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  1. Maybe the fact Dunk fought the crown prince for a nobody puppeteer and had to fight in a trial of 7 over it.... It is not that far of a stretch for a female needing help to go to Dunk. Not for or against, but I think this solves your question.
  2. My mistake. I took it as you refering to me. Either way, I was joking with my gender comment.
  3. Who is mocking the mods? I cannot stand those that post GOT stuff here. i am supporting the mods and the rules. BTW, Thanks for the new gender assignment.
  4. I am a book only, no cable. T'north posted GOT points earlier today and had issue with me not wanting to see GOT stuff. His post was removed by the mods I guess.
  5. For instance, why do the book only followers of ASOIAF not want the GOT contents mentioned in the book only forum? Is it that hard to figure out t'North?
  6. I believe it to be a powerful threat, but Never thought about how big a WINTER army could on OP!
  7. HEAR, HEAR to 39 and a couple others!
  8. It is known....the unsullied follow their master....Dany even confirms she is the master before she gives the order to attack. Maybe the OP should look up the definition of naive vs. stupid. Joff had the best support staff money could buy, ie teachers. Dany had a crazy older brother and moved around alot with no formal teaching or training. After all those that protected them saw V as the heir to the Iron Throne. Dany is the definition of naive. Joff is a dumb fuq, or stupid to relate it back to the OP.
  9. This was too easy. Who was the man in the cave or CH.... so many questions that are not obvious. (Not a shot at the op or GRRM) Hopefully we will get the next Dunk and Egg book after the release of Winds. It would be nice to have more of the back story going into Spring. GRRM has stated he has ideas for about a dozen Dunk and Egg novellas and I believe it was said he is releasing them as groups of three/four at a time (Like Kinght of the 7).
  10. HBO owns the rights to Westeros, so if they don't do D&E and someone else picks it up it will have to take place in another world. GRRM says it would be possible.