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  1. I loved the voice, let's see how I put up with the jokes. Disappointed to hear there isn't a compelling dilemma. And when do we get more murderous fairies? Been waiting...
  2. sniff
  3. How does this go down in conversation: "So, Peadar, what do you do with yourself?" "I write about the utter destruction of Ireland and the hunting and murder of its young folk by crazed wee folk"? Warmly received?
  4. I hated that the translator was wasted as a secondary character in a meaningless duology about tea. Loved book one. Loved both translators (although Dlique only really got, what, a page on-screen?). I've already pre-ordered the new book which isn't about Breq or Tea. I hope there's a lot of translator in it but I'm pretty sure that won't happen.
  5. More angry fae?
  6. So you're suggesting that "shucks" comes from the Norman French expression "Salut connard", which through a process of onomasiology became "o sconnarks", and then "aw shucks"?
  7. Nice discussion here:
  8. Sheepfarmer's Daughter. If you haven't read the trilogy, it's worth it.
  9. The Coin and Dagger series (5 books) meets your qualifications pretty much. I don't think it's as good but I think it's quite good. Like GoT, I think it does good villain. Stormlight Archives misses on point 4 and is weak on point 5 and very good on 1 but is a very strong series overall. I won't bring up Kingkiller because the concluding Book 3 is never going to be finished and the main character is contra 2 and weak on 5.
  10. My paperback fell apart. (I always skipped the Halloween chapter though.)
  11. I think I need to re-read it. AGAIN. Because you brought it up in conversation and now I'm thinking about how much I love this book. (This, Deviants, Anubis all tie for my fave.)
  12. A nice long Oathbringer and the promise of Rith2 makes me very happy indeed
  13. Re-read Jumper (the tech has aged badly, as has all the psychotherapy stuff -- letters and phone booths oh my) and the first two Earthsea (still like Atuan way better than #1, not sure I'll bother with the Farthest Shore).
  14. Isn't it amazing how much he's gotten better? And Warbreaker is a must-read-once simply because its tie to later books.