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  1. What a bizarre list of applicants!! But alright. Samwell becomes my Grand Maester. Barbrey Dustin will be my Master of Laws. Brienne is my Lord Commander. Victarion Greyjoy is my Master of Ships Bronn of the Blackwater is my Master of Whisperers. Bowen Marsh is my Master of Coin. As for my Hand of the King, I choose Benjen Stark.
  2. Ramsay: Your name is Reek!!! Theon: My name is Theon. (Just before Theon grabs Reek and pulls him into the icy lake) Arya (while lying in the snow, freezing to death): Needle. Cersei: The wrong little brother. All this time, it was the wrong little brother... (Just before being killed by Jaime)
  3. I'd like to see the Third Blackfyre Rebellion, assuming that Dunk was there to take part.
  4. Honestly, this is something I've thought of for a long time. So many people bring up the missed opportunities of the series. Character match-ups that never were, characters who had the chance to show up at certain events but couldn't, all those missed opportunities get talked about to death on this site. But nobody ever talks about the amazing storyline which would have been Sandor Clegane joining the Stark cause under King Robb. If the Red Wedding hadn't happened, imagine Sandor Clegane riding alongside Smalljon Umber, Wendel Manderly, Dacey Mormont, and the rest. What makes it fascinating for me is the fact that he would not be welcome, nor would he seek friendship. Honour and desperation alone would prompt Robb to take the Hound into his service, neither liking or trusting him, but that would be fine for Sandor because he's a killer, and if Robb treats him better than Joffrey, then of course he'll kill for the Stark banner. It would be a great conflict for Robb given what he's probably heard from his dad about Tywin using the Mountain to do his dirty work, while he's now forced to do the same with the Mountain's brother. And then the logical thing for him to assuage his conscience would be to send Sandor against the Mountain himself. And of course, we'd get the long-desired Clegane showdown. By this point, Sandor might or might not have softened to the Stark cause, or maybe he just wants revenge on his brother. Maybe Sandor gets killed by his brother, maybe he triumphs and delivers his brother's head to an ecstatic Robb and won-over Arya, or maybe he kills Gregor but dies of his wounds as Arya gives him a last drink of wine. Regardless of the outcome, it would have been a hell of a storyline with a climax that would have most ASOIAF fans riveted.
  5. I'm talking about all of the Great Houses that we've had so far in the books: Stark, Lannister, Tully, Tyrell, Martell, Baratheon, Arryn, Targaryen, Greyjoy, Hightower, Bolton, Frey (they hold Riverrun, so I count them), and Baelish. Which of these houses will be extinguished and which shall endure to the end of the series?
  6. Eddard would be a dutiful brother to Brandon, presumably. He'd lie and say that Jon Snow was his son. He'd probably stay single, serving as a steward or captain of Brandon's household guard.
  7. It's not as simple as you think. I'd say the black brothers left behind at Castle Black are all pretty much in line with Marsh's thinking. Jon sent most of his loyal followers to other forts along the wall, as you said. On the one hand, it's smart because it means the men at the other forts will most likely stay loyal, but it also means that Jon is left with the men he has to keep a closer eye on. Also Jon just declared that he's going to send men of the Nights Watch to save wildlings at Hardhome, and they're to be commanded by Tormund Giantsbane of all people. Not only that, he's going to leave Castle Black and avenge King Stannis by marching on Winterfell. That's a violation of his vows in the worst way possible. That will alienate pretty much all of the Night's Watch from him. Sure, they're outnumbered by the wildlings by far, but it's still going to be a fierce battle raging inside Castle Black. Stannis' men will be too busy keeping Selyse and Shireen safe, never mind them taking part in a battle like that. I'm sure we'll pretty much see the Nights' Watch at Castle Black exterminated by vengeful wildlings, and then utter chaos will spread elsewhere until the Others arrive to a Wall that is completely in disarray.
  8. The Ironborn only ruled for a short amount of time, presumably having to work hard to put down rebellions as they came up. Same with the stormlords. Ruling the riverlands wasn't a stroll in the park. And as has already been established, it only worked because the riverlords were divided and distrusted each other. Had they united into a single rebellion, like Robar Royce II, then things might have turned out much differently.
  9. I'm curious to see where other people's ethics lie.
  10. Not a chance. Brynden did more than anyone to destroy the Blackfyres. He even broke the word of the Iron Throne just to kill one more Blackfyre.
  11. I thought the entire Duskendale force was killed. Otherwise where would they be? Roose left Harrenhal shortly after the battle and killed off the rest of the non-Bolton infantry at the Ruby Ford.
  12. They're pretty good at alienating themselves from everyone else in Westeros, especially since Euron became king. Plus the Others are on the move, dragons are returning, it's looking a lot like the Ironborn have bitten off way more than they can chew. The Iron Fleet is away to the east, Euron has to face the Hightower and the Redwyne fleets, and there has been a foreshadowed movement to cancel the kingsmoot which made him king in the first place. So what do we reckon will end up happening to these people and their islands? Will they be the last survivors of the Others' conquest? Will they be wiped out once and for all? Or will they just keep on going as they've always done?
  13. Manderly and Karstark Harlaw and Codd Caron and Foote of Nightsong (it counts!) Mallister and Mooton
  14. I'm sure we'll see a lot of things collapse in the face of the Others, but I'm positive that the Iron Bank won't be one of them.
  15. 1. Theon Greyjoy - Theon Stark: Imagine Theon actually getting raised by Ned Stark as his son. Granted, if Theon is going to be the third son of Ned, then that means he's younger than Bran, so we wouldn't get to see as much of Theon as we do of him in the series, but if he was a Stark all along, it would have been much better for him. 2. Jaime Lannister - Jaime Arryn: This way Jon Arryn has a perfectly healthy son and heir, and he doesn't have to marry Lysa Arryn since what would be the point? Plus Jaime has no reason to join the Kingsguard, so he becomes Jaime Arryn instead. Plus Tywin is forced to acknowledge that Tyrion is his only son and heir. 3. Joffrey Baratheon - Joffrey Greyjoy: A little psychopath like Joffrey would be better suited to being an Ironborn. He'd also be much less of a threat on the Iron Islands. Given his age, we can assume that Balon would try to raise him as his last son and heir, which means he makes an enemy out of both Euron and Asha. Either way one of them gets rid of him somewhere down the line. 4. Sandor Clegane - A knightly house in the Stormlands: I can't think of an equivalent to House Clegane in the Stormlands, but if there is one, Sandor would be way better of there than with his older brother. 5. Tyrion Lannister - Tyrion Martell: To make things confer to your standards, he would be the second son of Prince Doran Martell. And sure, Doran might not like it that his son is a hunchback whose birth resulted in his wife's death, but I think that Tyrion would be far better off in Dorne. Arianne, Quentyn, and Oberyn would all be much less likely to hate Tyrion for things he wasn't able to control.