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  1. How did the Stormlands and Ironborn rule the Riverlands?

    The Ironborn only ruled for a short amount of time, presumably having to work hard to put down rebellions as they came up. Same with the stormlords. Ruling the riverlands wasn't a stroll in the park. And as has already been established, it only worked because the riverlords were divided and distrusted each other. Had they united into a single rebellion, like Robar Royce II, then things might have turned out much differently.
  2. I'm curious to see where other people's ethics lie.
  3. Could Bloodraven be working on behalf of the Blackfyres

    Not a chance. Brynden did more than anyone to destroy the Blackfyres. He even broke the word of the Iron Throne just to kill one more Blackfyre.
  4. Why do Northmen fight so well?

    I thought the entire Duskendale force was killed. Otherwise where would they be? Roose left Harrenhal shortly after the battle and killed off the rest of the non-Bolton infantry at the Ruby Ford.
  5. What will be the fate of the Ironborn?

    They're pretty good at alienating themselves from everyone else in Westeros, especially since Euron became king. Plus the Others are on the move, dragons are returning, it's looking a lot like the Ironborn have bitten off way more than they can chew. The Iron Fleet is away to the east, Euron has to face the Hightower and the Redwyne fleets, and there has been a foreshadowed movement to cancel the kingsmoot which made him king in the first place. So what do we reckon will end up happening to these people and their islands? Will they be the last survivors of the Others' conquest? Will they be wiped out once and for all? Or will they just keep on going as they've always done?
  6. Which bannermen would you choose?

    Manderly and Karstark Harlaw and Codd Caron and Foote of Nightsong (it counts!) Mallister and Mooton
  7. Could the Iron Bank collapse?

    I'm sure we'll see a lot of things collapse in the face of the Others, but I'm positive that the Iron Bank won't be one of them.
  8. 1. Theon Greyjoy - Theon Stark: Imagine Theon actually getting raised by Ned Stark as his son. Granted, if Theon is going to be the third son of Ned, then that means he's younger than Bran, so we wouldn't get to see as much of Theon as we do of him in the series, but if he was a Stark all along, it would have been much better for him. 2. Jaime Lannister - Jaime Arryn: This way Jon Arryn has a perfectly healthy son and heir, and he doesn't have to marry Lysa Arryn since what would be the point? Plus Jaime has no reason to join the Kingsguard, so he becomes Jaime Arryn instead. Plus Tywin is forced to acknowledge that Tyrion is his only son and heir. 3. Joffrey Baratheon - Joffrey Greyjoy: A little psychopath like Joffrey would be better suited to being an Ironborn. He'd also be much less of a threat on the Iron Islands. Given his age, we can assume that Balon would try to raise him as his last son and heir, which means he makes an enemy out of both Euron and Asha. Either way one of them gets rid of him somewhere down the line. 4. Sandor Clegane - A knightly house in the Stormlands: I can't think of an equivalent to House Clegane in the Stormlands, but if there is one, Sandor would be way better of there than with his older brother. 5. Tyrion Lannister - Tyrion Martell: To make things confer to your standards, he would be the second son of Prince Doran Martell. And sure, Doran might not like it that his son is a hunchback whose birth resulted in his wife's death, but I think that Tyrion would be far better off in Dorne. Arianne, Quentyn, and Oberyn would all be much less likely to hate Tyrion for things he wasn't able to control.
  9. (The) North Noble House Scenario

    Never trust the Boltons. If there's a dispute, I'm assuming that they're up to something. I betrothe Ygraine to Finbar Hornwood and send Ellis to foster there. I'll gladly foster Jal's son for him; no other lords are giving him time of day so he'll be happy with that gesture as it is. I express remorse that both my boys are already promised elsewhere, but he'll be grateful just to have me take in his son. Meanwhile, I send Aram to Bear Island. He will need to know how to fight so he can earn his way in the North. Iseult clearly prefers Steapa, and it'll be good to have a branch of my family that's safe in the Northern mountains. Lolla will go to Last Hearth. She needs to learn not to judge people by their physical appearances. Gereint is making trouble, and I won't have any part in it. The Manderlys were welcomed by the Starks. I'll trust my king's judgement.
  10. Stormlands Noble House Scenario

    I'll side with Alys Durrandon. This means I can wed Stiorra to Lord Ebsenor Tarth, and also send Gillis there to be a squire. That gets two of my children safely out of the way in case war comes to the Stormlands. I make the deal with Lord Connington to marry our children together, and send his heir down to Blackhaven to aid the Dondarrions. I also write a letter to Cadfael explaining the situation, apologizing for not having enough bannermen to send personally, and give him whatever excuse sounds best. I take fifty of my best guards and ride for Storm's End, and I'll hold it in the name of Lady Alys Durrandon, knowing that my son will be a Storm King (albeit in name only).
  11. Reach Noble House Scenario

    The Wall must be supplied. And given how this is even before the Andals arrive, the Wall is still a place with some semblance of honour. Marlo can find glory while hunting wildlings and looking out for the Others.
  12. Reach Noble House Scenario

    Gotta love how deep your scenarios go into the regions where they take place. I refuse to allow a Gardener prince get away with rape. I am responsible for the safety of my smallfolk, and I'll be damned if the second son of a king can just waltz onto my lands, rape a young girl, and still call himself a knight. If Prince Gordan is half the man he's supposed to be, he'll listen to the testimony of Becca, and help in condemning Ferric as a rapist with no honour. So the first thing I do is intervene, take Ferric prisoner, and send word to Prince Gordan about what I just discovered. Next, I have Marlo roused from sleep, bound, gagged, and smuggled onto a ship to take him to the Wall. He's a dishonourable fool who is willing to walk all over his brother's reputation and life to get what he wants. He is an unworthy son and heir. I go to Lidole and explain what Marlo intended to do. I name him my heir, and encourage him to fight well and honourably against Ser Lanval. He must be as gentle as possible, as both he and Lanval must survive so that the prince can invite my son into the Order of the Green Hand. I then approach Lord Hightower and explain that Marlo proved unworthy, but maybe he'd like to marry Ira to Lidole instead? When it comes to my daughter, I want her to be happy, but I also want her to have a good life. If Ser Oscar survives the tourney, then I'll marry him to Pamela, and provide him with a sufficient dowry to build up his family's reputation. He seems to have the drive to move beyond his ancestors' treachery.
  13. Iron Islands Noble House Scenario

    Or I'm just true to the closest equivalent of the Norse Gods that Westeros has. Out of character, I should say that I'm a big fan of the North, especially the Starks and the Manderlys. Their story is fascinating, so when a previous post asked me to make up a backstory for my username, I came up with the idea of Floki from Vikings defecting to the North and adopting the Northern customs after being driven out of the Iron Islands. I fell for my backstory and decided to own it as much as possible in this scenario. The Starks didn't require a city to be built. We can assume the Manderlys must have promised something along those lines, but we ultimately don't know why the Starks allowed House Manderly into the North. Maybe the Manderlys managed to smuggle their wealth along when they fled the Reach, but I don't buy it. They were described as being hounded and driven out of their home with nobody to turn to, so I imagine they were very desperate when they knocked on the Starks' door. And it was maybe the pity of House Stark, coupled with the need for somebody to guard the White Knife from enemies? Either way, they let a strange Andal house in. I bet if an Ironborn nobleman renounced the Old Way and converted to the old gods, I think that would be enough to convince the Starks that he was trustworthy.
  14. Iron Islands Noble House Scenario

    At last! So I, Floki Vilgerdarrsen, have finally broken from my father's faith. The First Men thralls in my keeping have spoken of the Old Gods, and they have convinced me to convert to their worship. Therefore I will have no interest in either the Andal cult, or the Drowned God. Sigrud, therefore, shall become my heir so long as he converts to the Old Gods' faith, while I send Ivarr to the Wall before he causes trouble. I refuse to take any of the brides offered to me. I go amongst my folk and find out who is willing to embrace the true faith of the Old Gods. Anyone who does must swear oaths to me and to the Old Gods. I confront the Hoare envoys when they arrive, saying they are no longer welcome on this island. When they question me, I have them killed in the ambush I'd prepared for them. The men under my command will think I'm doing this for the Drowned God, and by the time they figure out they are wrong, I'll have already told the Hoare King of my deeds and denounced him as a heretic. I take all who are willing to follow me into a boat and set sail without telling anybody. Instead I shall go to the North and bend the knee to House Stark, citing the Manderly House as a precedent. As proof of my faith, I show him the heads of the drowned men who tried to take shelter in my home without my permission, and also the heads of the Hoare officials I had killed. I also say that I shall take a Northern woman of Lord Stark's choice to wife, and defend Cape Kraken from the Ironborn to my last breath. And so will begin the legacy that is House Vilgerdarssen of Cape Kraken, serving the true Kings in the North.
  15. Riverlands Noble House Scenario

    If there's one thing I hate about the Riverlands, it's that this Blackwood-Bracken feud can last as long as it has. People getting killed, land getting disputed, all this bullshit. I'll be damned if I let my family get in the middle of that. I don't know what part of my brain caused me to agree to letting my son squire with either a Blackwood or a Bracken, but now that I'm out of my metaphorical coma and aware of the situation again, I'm changing that as fast as I can without screwing my son out of a knighthood. I wait until Quentyn is knighted, then I engage him to Lord Frey's daughter. I tell Lord Blackwood that I am not going to have any grandchildren who might be murdered by some Brackens just because of a feud. I'd rather have one of them change their name to Frey and carry my blood to the Twins for generations. Candace goes to live in Riverrun. I'm going to need Tully influence more than ever once I dismiss both the Blackwoods and the Brackens. Hopefully they're too busy hating each other to be mad at me, but I won't take chances. Likewise, I send Jason out of the Riverlands as fast as he can go. If something happens to us, then at least Jason will be out of the Blackwoods' reach. Then when he comes back he'll marry the Vance girl. I give the master-at-arms' daughter a good education (part of which will be telling her that a mentally disabled person who can't even speak his own name can't always be held accountable for his actions) and promise to give her a generous dowry to encourage a good marriage.