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  1. To be fair, what would that really accomplish? Sure, Robb doesn't have a crown to defend, but he seemed to have a great strategy in mind when it was him in the driver's seat. If he's only equal to Edmure, and they're both putting themselves under Stannis' control, wouldn't that mean they're stuck waiting for orders? Tywin would be able to make the first move on them while they're sitting on their hands waiting for Stan's say-so. And you'd still have the Tyrells, with or without Renly. Stannis would probably still go to the Stormlands to confront his brother (and given that he'd have two regions of Westeros supporting him, he'd have a slightly higher bargaining chip) but things would just play out the same as before, far as I can see. Stannis and Renly face off, Stannis's shadowbaby offs Renly and then Ser Penrose, Stannis plans to take King's Landing, the only thing that changes is Tywin maybe doesn't get the chance to ride south, but that wouldn't stop Littlefinger from negotiating with the Tyrells to ambush Stannis at Blackwater without Tywin. Only difference is maybe the Lannisters get a more severe mauling in the Riverlands while Stannis maybe retreats North immediately rather than sit helplessly on Dragonstone.
  2. Yes! The last one is always the best, and you also made it my favourite region! Thanks! Okay, first of all, King Barclay Stark needs to do a lot of learning, but he's still a Stark. I'm going to throw my lot in with them, even if it means breaking my agreement with House Dustin. I'll send Ivor to House Stark as a hostage to ensure my good behaviour and I make Ivor swear to testify against the Dustins. I might get some land from them as a result (which won't fall under my agreement with House Manderly, spoiler alert). Ailsa marries Erskyne Slate. If I can help the Slates out of their downward spiral, it'll secure their friendship and loyalty far longer than any ordinary marriage will do. Plus Erskyne is a proven good man. Edain will get a simple choice: either he marries the Lightfoot girl or he goes to the wall in chains. I won't have my bannermen insulted by my stupid son. As for my sick children, I've clearly buried too many people already, so I won't lose any more if I can help it. I swallow my pride and put myself into Lord Manderly's debt. I leave Keir at home, maybe take Edain with me to win some glory to make up for his mistake, and we annihilate House Cambell for their crimes against House Stark. Even if I die, my house emerges stronger, with proven loyalty to House Stark, no matter what this boy king would otherwise think.
  3. Personally I think it'd be far more fitting if those exiles with traitors' names really are all descendants of those people. I've always liked the idea of House Blackfyre finally succeeding after so many failures, and having their numbers made up of the descendants of exiles makes it more impactful, plus it brings the main series tied in with the Dunk & Egg series.
  4. What is the life of my cousin against the good of the realm? I pretend to agree with Reynol, but when the plans are underway, I send Falia to her fiancee in King Morden's court (after I secretly arrange for said betrothal to occur) with a message for the king. I arrange for Reynol's plot to fail, and if I can, I personally present his head to King Morden. And since I had already stepped down from my lordship and given it to my brother's daughter, I am perfectly free to either fight in the tourney for Alynne's hand, or even request it as a boon from a grateful king. With all that done, I go to Tarth and have him executed for the murder of my cousin.
  5. I never really thought about this, but after King Aegon I Targaryen, the name 'Aegon' seems to be cursed. Every Targaryen and every person who bears that name after the Conqueror comes to a very bad end one way or another. First there's all the Aegons who died young, like the sons of Aenys and Jaehaerys and (arguably) Rhaegar. Then we also have Aegon II, who tore the realm apart with the Dance of the Dragons, and after rendered nearly incapacitated by injuries, he was poisoned. Then Aegon III is a walking poster child for PTSD and depression after all he went through. He also dies young, as do his sons. Then there's Aegon VI, and we don't have to go into that train wreck. Aegon V had it slightly better but his reign seems to have been unhappy due to his children and subjects undoing all he dreamed to accomplish, only for it all to end in complete disaster at Summerhall. And even outside of House Targaryen, the name Aegon is associated with ill fortune. Daemon Blackfyre's eldest son was killed at Redgrass. Two Freys have that name, one of them becomes an outlaw and the other is a lackwit whose throat is cut by Catelyn Stark. This makes me wonder what terrible fate is in store for (f)Aegon in the rest of this series. He's obviously not in for an easy ride, but I think the fact that is named Aegon is a clear indication that he will lose. Unless the point is that he will lift the curse, so to speak, and redeem his name.
  6. I fully agree with these choices, especially Stannis. He would have been an epic Warden of the North if he'd been a Stark. But saying Cersei would have been better off in Dorne is kind of obvious. Any woman in Westeros would be better off in Dorne. And it's not like Cersei's issues were caused by environment as much as her own issues and the people around her. Putting her anywhere other than the Westerlands eliminates her troubles because of the people in her life. She could have been born to any family other than the Lannisters for that effect. She doesn't need to be in Dorne for that.
  7. Frankly, I think I'll go with House Costayne too. The blind girl will need to be treated gently, but that's not a problem. Also, the whole thing with the tourney isn't as black-and-white as it seems. If it's only just been announced, then it will be quite some time before they are prepared to actually put it on. They'd generally want to let people know at least a month in advance, given how big the Reach is and how everyone seems to have been invited. So I should have a decent amount of time to get married and ideally get my wife pregnant before the tourney. Just in case, though, I won't participate, but I'll take my sister to the tourney with me so she might attract better marriage proposals rather than the ones that are currently being offered. None of them are very appealing. Plus I won't make my mother remarry just for a more elevated status.
  8. First thing's first. I'm clearly a man who follows the Old Way, and the Andal Hoare King is having a terrible time in a place which we've never meant to settle and rule. We do not sow. But while the Hoares rule the Iron Islands, we shall not rebel. And my uncle and nephew must be avenged. I will send my son, Sigvard, with a part of my forces to find the killers of my kin and sacrifice their loved ones to the Drowned God while they watch. This will no doubt be a difficult campaign, and I do not expect my son to survive. In fact, I will send my most trusted lieutenant with a special order that the seas could be stormy, and even the most experience fisherman could be washed overboard. My daughter will stay behind to manage my lands and prove her worth as my heir. Lord Blacktyde will also marry his younger son to her if he has any sense of honour. After that, he and I will join Lord Thorhall and go raiding, as we Ironborn were meant to do. And no weak king, false gods, or anything will ever stop us from being what we are.
  9. All this political intrigue. How fitting that this squabbling belongs to the Riverlands scenario. When it comes to the two kings, it's rank madness to supplant the legitimized king with his bastard brother. I'll stick with King Matthos, which means that Lord Mooton can buzz off. When it comes to the boon that Axehound wants of me, it's a high price to pay. Though if he really did save my sons' lives, and lost an eye doing it, and if I really did promise to repay him, I need to keep my word. Sayna marries Ser Tytos, and I make him one of my bannermen. As for Lord Tully, I explain the situation with Ser Tytos (plus maybe I'll say that Sayna is also pregnant, to make Lord Tully less upset), and I offer Celandine in Sayna's place. That way Purwyn still becomes his page, and one of my daughters still marries into House Tully. When it comes to my son, he needs to learn about honour too. I marry him to Ser Urgan Fyre's daughter. As to Lady Smallwood, I tell her that I will renounce my title as Lord of my House, and allow my son, Cedric, to take on the duties of lordship. I then marry her and become Lord Smallwood instead. This way I will be there to guide my son as he assumes control of our House while I ensure that Lady Smallwood keeps her position. I also get to pass on my genes to a second lordship with a pretty young woman.
  10. Justmans invading our eastern front, Ironborn on our northern front, my smallfolk struggling, and my wife and daughter ill? Interesting. In any case, my first loyalty is to the Lannisters of Casterly Rock. And unlike the Ironborn, if the Justmans invade, they will be here to stay, which the Queen understands. I decline the Hooded Lord's bribery and regretfully inform him that my duty comes first. I beg forgiveness to my sister, and offer the same reason. I try to explain that the Justmans are the more dangerous threat right now, but she is always welcome to flee inland to my keep. In case I die in battle, I wrap up the negotiations with Ser Marc, and insist on an upfront payment of the dowry. Before I leave, I immediately distribute said dowry to my smallfolk so that their families are financially assured without bankrupting me in the process. I send Branwen to live on the Lumba estates, while Belgar and my steward rule in my absence. I also accept Lord Marbrand's offer, provided that he pay for a doctor to oversee my wife and daughter's recovery. Finally, I marshal my surviving forces and march for the Golden Tooth, with Kurk beside me (I leave him at Ashemark as I pass by). Hopefully the Golden Tooth is still standing, so that I'll join in the defence of the Westerlands.
  11. If Stannis dies on the Blackwater, the wildlings overrun the North and Mance tries to rally everyone to defend the Wall. But he won't ever command the loyalties of the Northern houses, and the Boltons will be able to rally the North against Mance. The Wall is neglected, and the White Walkers invade.
  12. What would most likely happen if the Trident was still a victory for the rebels, but Robert dies of his wounds a day after the battle. Word would not reach anyone in time to stop Aerys from getting killed or Ned from arriving to find Tywin sacking King's Landing while Jaime sits the Iron Throne. Aerys, Elia, and her children are all dead. Now word comes that Robert is dead. What happens now?
  13. Haha, about time you showed up again.
  14. First things first. Alix could be the next Sword of the Morning, but he'd have to keep his name. Plus I'm not interested in a jealous alpha male. I want to rule my house as the Lady, so I'll take the Martell bastard. His half sister has no quarrel with me, I'll just make sure he stays home when I go to Sunspear. This means I also welcome Rhuarc Yronwood into my employ, as well as my bed. As for the guards, one thing I have to consider is the plague which has caused many of my family to die. But it's also caused my smallfolk to die by the hundreds as well. Therefore, I'm not going to have much income at first. Meanwhile, Dedric is a simpleton who will be content with room and board, plus he only needs to look intimidating as he guards one of the less important parts of my home. Alongside him I'll also take Gallus, as that's another good example of PR concerning my smallfolk. My new master at arms and my new captain Curol to train both as best they can. In the meantime, I'll need a steward who's in touch with the smallfolk and their plight. I'll take Timolan and just make sure I'm directly involved whenever his family comes up. I can be impartial even if he can't.
  15. Hm... be an honourable man and lose my reputation and power, or be a kinslayer and lose my family. That's a really good conflict. And the best part is that there is no black-and-white answer to solve all the problems. So here's what I do. I find Ser Walter Whorehound and tell him that he's welcome to marry Myrelle to Dobraine if he can go save her. I say that I must be with my King, as ordered, but with a lure like that, I imagine Ser Walter can go lead the Templeton knights to their rescue. This way he earns the respect of my family by saving them, I get credit for sending help back without abandoning the big fight, and a new bond is forged. In the meantime, I leave Jeral alone. He might die of his wounds, he might not. that means Turak will inherit, or if he's dead, my sons will inherit. But I won't be a kinslayer. Plus, if he did die by foul play, I'd be the first suspect. Best to be innocent of the matter with an alibi. Since my family will be saved, and Jeral will inherit the titles, I might as well ride to glory and make my name with Lord Royce. I'm assuming I'll get to die charging into a horde of Ironborn while screaming "DEATH" with Howard Shore's music ringing in my ears. I die a hero to my family, and a noble warrior to the last.