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  1. Ramsay Snow was a bastard, so why would he be in charge? And the Boltons hadn’t rebelled for generations. Rodrik had no reason to suspect foul play.
  2. Stannis isn’t elderly, he’s not even 40.
  3. Based on how things could turn out in the new book, Stannis could be taken alive and placed in the grips of Ramsay Bolton. After what we’ve seen him do to Jeyne Poole and Theon Greyjoy, would Ramsay be able to reduce Stannis to such a state? Like him or not, Stannis is one of the toughest characters in the series. He lost his parents in front of his own eyes as a kid, endured a year of slow starvation, has proven himself on the battlefield several times, he’s no Theon or Jeyne. But then again, torture is torture, and Ramsay is a virtuoso of that craft. How would such a situation turn out?
  4. Forget the main storyline. Let’s say GRRM finishes the main books and reveals that he’s also worked on a spinoff book set during one of the big wars of Westeros. Which war would you want it to be? For my part, I’d want a book set during the First Blackfyre Rebellion. Daemon and Bittersteel are two of the most fascinating characters that aren’t in any of the books or novellas.
  5. Barbrey has been ruler of House Dustin ever since Robert’s Rebellion. She only married into it, and she’s been a widow since Willam died. There is no mention of any other Dustins being alive in the main story, so we can assume that she is the last person with the Dustin name. How has that not been resolved in almost twenty years? She was just allowed to rule without wedding or producing Dustin heirs? When the Hornwoods died, leaving Donella, the whole North treated it like a crisis, with almost every major house offering to marry her and assume the Hornwood name. Where was all that for the Dustin situation? And it’s not like they’re a less significant house. They’re in charge of the North’s biggest winter town. I’m all for women ruling, but it doesn’t seem like Barbrey has made any kind of plan regarding heirs, and she’s not going to live forever.
  6. He had six kingdoms’ worth of armies versus one. Not to mention veteran commanders from the Dance in his war camp. I’d hardly call him an underdog like Robb was.
  7. Too vague of a comparison. History is filled with promising young prodigies whose lives were tragically cut short. And we don’t know if Daeron won every battle he fought. Nor did they have the same goals or motivations, nor was Daeron the underdog.
  8. To be fair, having Stanna Baratheon channel the spirit of great great great grandmother Argella and holding Storm’s End against Mace Tyrell would be a hell of a story. Only problem is it would take away from Browne and Arya’s plots.
  9. Okay, I’m not a huge fan of Stannis, but Cersei offering to sleep with him is hands down the perfect setup for one of his put-downs. People underestimate how quick Stannis is with his insults, and he is super uncomfortable around women. Sex is not enjoyable to him, and he would take far greater satisfaction through breaking Cersei down verbally then arresting her.
  10. Arya is ten at the start of the story, so before that, Roose wouldn’t have had any reason to look at her as possible marriage for his son until she was at least close to flowering. And even then, Sansa was right there as the older, more dignified daughter of Eddard Stark. I get the feeling that most of Ned’s bannermen would be fighting each other to get Sansa as a daughter in law as opposed to Arya, who is not only less attractive, she is incredibly wild and wilful.
  11. If he did that, it would put Eddard and Robert in the uncomfortable position of crowning themselves Kings too. So then who takes command? And what would everyone else say? The Andals have been ruled by the Targaryens for generations, and no Jon and maybe two other men will call themselves king? That’s a level of treason unseen since the Laughing Storm. If the vassals were divided before, they’d surely be even more divided if rival kingship is in question. And what happens if they win? Certainly the Iron islands would gleefully support independence but they can’t be relied on as allies since they’d raid the North at the drop of a hat. Dorne would normally be fine with it but they have personal ties to the Targaryens now. Tywin might be interested in being king of the Rock, but I doubt it. I think he’s spent too much time dealing with keeping the Seven Kingdoms together to watch them fall apart into chaos. He would actively try to stop them from succeeding, either before or after the Targaryens die. The lords of the Riverlands and the Reach owe everything to the Targaryens and if they decide to become kings that will open a very nasty can of worms amongst their bannermen. Frankly I think that Jon declaring himself king would only hinder the rebellion from succeeding.
  12. Sorry, I answered in haste. I was trying to think of a way that Tyrion wouldn’t be the obvious suspect, and that means he was indisposed and absent. Though I suppose Cersei would always have suspected him no matter what.
  13. Okay well what if Tyrion was ill or something.
  14. At one point, Oberyn thanks Tyrion for drawing suspicions away from him by being the chief suspect in Joffrey’s murder. And the reasons he gives are pretty solid evidence that Oberyn should have been the main suspect by all rights. He is a Martell with a serious grudge, he is a master of poisons, he’s plotted against the Lannisters for years, and he was present at the wedding. Obviously the evidence is flimsy, but so was Tyrion’s. And Mace Tyrell would easily believe Oberyn to be guilty and would have no qualms about executing him. Tywin has no love for him either and considers him half mad, but on the other hand, Myrcella is in Dorne. I wonder who the third judge would be, but part of me suspects it could be Tyrion. And I have no idea how he would behave in that scenario. Nor do I fully know how Oberyn’s trial would play out.
  15. It would have made all the difference if the North had a navy. No deal with House Frey, just send a small garrison to Moat Cailin, sail down to Maidenpool and go west to Riverrun from there. Admittedly it means that Tywin and Jaime will be harder to fool, but I think Robb could manage it.