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  1. Just reading the title of the thread, the first name that popped into my head was Big Walder. Forgot about Missandei, she's got to be extremely gifted but she's much less interesting than the future Lord of the Crossing.
  2. Certainly one of the storylines I'm looking forward to in Winds... what is this guy's deal?
  3. Haha thanks. I've actually been a lurking member since 2014. The Daario comment was sarcasm, but then again you really can't assume anything on these boards. I guess my phrasing was weird in the OP regarding warging and skin changing...I know warging applies to all wolves but I find it bizarre that there wouldn't be ANY wargs with direwolves (besides Stark) mentioned when both warging and direwolves are associated with the North and the supernatural. In addition, I was under the impression that skinchangers are more rare than wargs, yet we see multiple skinchangers, only one of whom is a warg. I suppose that's a separate topic but it strikes me as odd nonetheless.
  4. Maybe THIS is why Doran regards him as the most dangerous man in Dorne?
  5. Fair enough. And yes, that prologue is where we learn about the gatherings that Haggon brought Varamyr to meet his "own kind." I'm on my 5th re-read of Dance and read that chapter not too long ago. Sixskins also mentions that he should've taken Ghost when he had the chance- that that would be a "second life worthy of a king"...
  6. Thank you for finding some textual evidence that there are [theoretically] other direwolves roaming beyond the Wall. I'm assuming a direwolf howl is easily distinguishable from a regular wolf's howl? Or maybe Benjen has special Stark ears? Or maybe he's Daario.
  7. We've had Jon and Varamyr POVs north of the Wall so far. I guess that's not much but it just kind of stands out as either an oversight or a deliberate decision on GRRM's part to keep the Stark wolves unique (as noted by Canon Claude).
  8. I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't seem to find anything about it... Why haven't we seen ANY other direwolves in the series besides the Stark wolves? We've been Beyond the Wall plenty of times- we've seen Giants and Mammoths and Children of the Forest, all of which are widely believed to be extinct (like the Direwolf) but we have yet to come across any wild direwolves. In addition, the term "warging" is exclusively reserved for wolves, which leads me to believe we should have come across at LEAST one other warg with a direwolf rather than a few other skinchangers (which, correct me if I'm wrong, are rarer than wargs). The only thing I can think of is because GRRM needed it to be that way. Is there a simple, obvious answer to this that I'm just missing?
  9. May I ask if you're a Christian? I agree with your assertions regarding moral ambiguity and I believe that there exists a distinction between "good" and "evil." However, I'm looking at this through a Christian lens, which tends to favor moral absolutism rather than moral relativism. On the other hand, this is a fictional novel and I think one of its strengths is that it challenges our notions of what is considered moral or not in universe. This adds a complexity that creates truly fascinating characters and ultimately a richer reading experience. Stannis is my favorite character and I do not consider him to be evil. That said, he's made some extremely questionable decisions throughout the series that are, at the very least, morally ambiguous. Without that aspect of his character, I would find him to be rather one-dimensional (albeit still hilarious)...