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  1. The Tower of Joy probably smoked with dust and maybe fire when it was taken down by Ned after the Rebellion. From there Jon was born, who is a Dragon, and the stone could be a metaphor for his un-deadness, ala Lady Stoneheart. And maybe the shadow he breathes is the news of the army of the dead. So, maybe the Lie she slays is that Jon is Ned's bastard.
  2. I like your points, and would add one major one to this strategic thinking: He still has Dragonstone to be a Naval protector for Blackwater Bay. And that makes the idea of attacking from the sea seem even more formidable. Also, the idea to be closer to actual farmland, and to not have depend on boats to feed his main garrison and the Government that he would want to establish could be factored into such a decision. However, my gut reaction is also that a person with a dragon, two sisters with dragons, and an army wouldn't have even entertained the idea that he could be conquered, so his reasoning could easily be sheer whimsy, or more room to grow and maybe create a new Freehold.
  3. I have always thought Wynafryd Manderly would have been a good match. Appease the Northerners and reinforce ties to the most important city in the North, especially considering it has the only real war fleet.
  4. The show is stupid. I'm a book homer. I enjoy watching the show while I'm watching the show. just wanted to type that out loud. whew.
  5. I loved and still love it. When It came out, I re-read everything else so I could flow right into it. What I mainly love is the change of pace and the very large view it takes. The frenetic pace of Acok and ASOS is great, but AFFC is exactly what happens after a major war. Things slow down, people start to pick up the pieces, and the survivors survey where they stand. Plus, finally there are POV's in some cool places I had only indirectly read about: Dorne, Braavos and a more thorough view of The Iron Islands. And personally, I love Brienne's entire quasi Don Quixote story, I love everything to do with Samwell, and Arya in the house of the many faced god is good reading to me. Finally, when I first read it, and when Instill re-read it now, I am not hung up on how everythig will end. Great stories like these, IMO, are just passing stories in a larger history; Fictional or not. I read it for the writing, not the reveals or to root for who I identify with most.
  6. I just have a few things to say to the original question of Stalin. No. Stalin was a malcontent,dissident and a revolutionary looking for trouble and thrills. He was the editor of a major journal leading up to both the failed revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution and published many pamphlets. He supported Lenin early on, and then turned on him when Lenin arrived from exile after the February revoltion in '17. Then reconciled when the October Revolution looked like it would succeed. He supported Lenninism and Social Democracy in the beginning as a way to get involved with the revolutionaries, but he was mainly used as an organizer and a bully. Even his intellectual side was crass bullying with ideas he didn't fully grasp, which is why Trotsky and others discounted his ability to rise through the ranks. He was first and foremost an opportunist. He played the winds and changed sides in Soviet meetings as fast as the crowd would change. But he always found himself on the winning side. I won't bother analyzing his actual political economics, because they are just a hodgepodge of autocratic edicts with very loose ties to the actual economics being debated by real economists. And from there he became a typical General/Dictator. Just my thoughts as a "buff" of Russian History, but primarily a student of Russian Literature.
  7. Awesome. thanks for the tag. I thoroughly enjoyed reading that. Your essays have been so enjoyable that they have made the wait for TWOW more bearable.
  8. This could be the meat of it IMO. Mormont is as Northern as a man gets. I wouldn't be surprised if they kept these ideas closely because of Southern Lords in The Watch may take them for crackpot and Snarky and start questioning their judgment. And Mormont's wastes no time once a dead wight shows up. Maybe Benjen could have headed west to check on the passage of the Nightfort due to clues from the three eyed Raven.
  9. odd question. who would Tywin want? Jamie. only Jamie. I think it's very clear that Jamie is the only person in the world he wanted to rule Casterly Rock. so do you mean "after Jamie's refusal"? because to that, we know his wants are no longer relevant. Now it's a fight. pure and simple. And Hugor Hill will be aiming to rule the rock if I had my guess.
  10. people watch those. there are 5 awesome books. go read them if one hasn't. who cares about some lame bts interviews. puke. then things will make even more sense..... hahahahah, I kid, I kid, they will make much less sense.
  11. honestly, the only tension I can imagine on Sansa's part is wether Jon will or is capable of protecting her from Littlefinger. not listening about Ramsay has her nervous I think it was made painfully clear all season that Sansa felt sorry for treating Jon like a Bastard his whole life instead of a brother like the the rest of the siblings. But Winter is here and they have plenty of time to talk it out. If I had to guess, Petyr's evil eye look was a warning to Sansa: your brother has Winterfell taken care of, so you might as well come with me, mmmkay.
  12. honestly, I would like to see a story from the POV of some real small lord and his sons and their subject farmer's sons who all work the fields together and are buddies and they share everything and all love each other. Then, they are suddenly called up to fight for their ledge lord, who has never even passed within 20 miles of their home in two generations; so they are all geared up, about to leave and the knight sent to get them turns and says "oh yeah, and the folks we are fighting have three dragons. you know what those are don't you?" other than that, I would love to see Citadel getting itself up and running.
  13. no. Jon is not going to play the game, he is going to BREAK the game. heh. mayhaps.
  14. hey now. I kind of like this. and it could be a good reason for why a Stark must always be in Winterfell. Because if the Others come knocking and they all get reanimated, if there isn't a Stark around, they won't obey and so fight for the Night King, who the show says was a Stark. cool idea, and I don't see why it would be any less plausible than dead armies and dragons. so, if the books don't end satisfactorily for The Starks, I'll just pretend this how it really goes down. thanks.
  15. It wasn't intentional, but the great fire of London was huge.