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  1. seemed to be pretty important to end the first long night
  2. Beric makes an obvious gesture towards the bottom of the steel that seems to cause it to ignite when he runs his hand upwards. I had hopes, in the show world, Beric was being used as a vessel to deliver LB to Jon and Jon would then turn Longclaw over to Jorah.
  3. you are confusing Lightbringer with Dawn...
  4. Safe to assume it is heading back to Starfall with Edric after the BwB split? surprisingly very little on this topic out there...
  5. its kinda like around Feast, GRRM was like, "oh shit, I forgot some characters" then he blended them all into the current version of Euron, and his power and presence increases in each book. he's just so random in the context of the story.
  6. flashback of Dany's birth on DS in a dreamlike sequence to have her open her eyes on a ship, looking at the shoreline and castle.
  7. they are probably laying in wait to see what Stoneheart does next, before riding out with Robbs will. i am sure they have heard the whispers, what they have is too important to risk being caught, especially by someone as vengeful as her.
  8. i always assumed he was a former "little bird"...but maybe i am confusing him with Wex?
  9. POVs Sansa Bran Samwell Melisandre
  10. #savage...but true. they wrote a terrible unfunny and just terrible in general, "Always Sunny In Philadelphia" episode, which is as close to impossible as you can get in the world of TV, IMO, and crazy enough, have not been asked to write another.
  11. i assume that piece of sh*t Jon Arryn was the one whispering in Roberts ear that she was kidnapped. he is 1 of 2, maybe 3 people Robert would listen to.
  12. giving me a hint of hope, however slight, Areys' madness was not his own doing...
  13. easy, they don't... he floods it. looping it all back to "Rains of Castamere"
  14. the Daynes, for all purposes, should LOATH Ned. he killed the SoM. did not even attempt to court Ashara, and then after returning Dawn, she jumps off a cliff as a result of all those factors, per the story. but rather than put out a bounty, they (we don't who, exactly) name their only son and heir to Starfall after Ned Stark. the whole situation is very confusing. I take Ned's account of the events with a grain of salt. he was f*cked up on milk of poppy, and Howland obviously used some sort of magic to cloud his memory, the dude can move his castle at will, after all.
  15. Each and every one of Tywin's "extreme" actions are the direct result of the embarrassment that was his father... House Lannister would NEVER be laughed at under Tywins rule, they were to be feared.