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  1. what if Karstark was in on the murder because he knew they had to get Roose out of the way so the Umbers could introduce a Fake Rickon, since Roose was likely to have seen the real Rickon many more times than Ramsey and so would be must more likely to spot a fake, so if he were a fake that would mean the Umbers were planning a betrayal and who would you rather scheme and plan to move against, the sly and cunning Roose Bolton or psychotic, hot head and rushed Ramsey
  2. Well yes thronecast does have that advantage and I didn't realise after the thrones would not have common guest appearances, also a lot of people I have talked to love the set up for thronecast so I'm not surprised they decided to keep it the same.
  3. It's good to hear that thronecast will still go ahead but I just feel like it will be in the shadow of after the thrones so it's quality may dwindle in terms of guest appearances and the like. I always felt like she was more interested in gawking at the actors than the actually story of the show
  4. I never knew there was no after show on HBO, massivly over due as British viewers have had an after show since the beginning of season one on Sky Atlantic called Thronecast
  5. Yeah that makes sense now I have reread it hahah
  6. Did rickard stark remarry/ going to remarry, The wiki page for Brandon says he joined his fathers wedding party after leaving Riverrun before both of their executions, I didn't recall any record of a second marriage but I think I may have overlooked something, can anyone help?