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  1. If he's legitimized by Jon, then he'd be the next in line after Robert Baratheon. But since Robert took the throne by conquest from the line where Jon is legitimately a king, this produces a paradoxical situation.
  2. That could be interesting!
  3. I've had this idea since a long time (books). As unlikely and ridiculous as it maybe is, this idea keeps hovering around my head. Tickling at the edges.
  4. Beric wielded a flaming sword in the books as well.
  5. Dany lives and wants to rule the 7 kingdoms south of the wall, why would she burn the wall down to let the WW through?
  6. True. Didn't think about that!
  7. Yeah. I guess the prophesy can't be interpreted one on one. I guess the clue here is, third time's a charm.
  8. Good point. But I imagine Jon thinks because most of the castles at the wall are in ruins there's no time to convince the houses to send their people to train, repair the castles, supply them with food and man them. So he probably assumes the wall will be overrun at some point anyways. So better train and prepare in the comfort of their own homes I suppose? I'm not sure he knows about the magic, since he hasn't talked to Bran yet. I'm curious too.
  9. I love that theory. But what does the water and lion forging mean then? Rhaegar banged a Lannister before and a..?
  10. I was wondering why my little finger fun death speculation thread got locked down, probably because people revealed something similar to leaks maybe?
  11. Oh like that. Oops I didn't realize. I agree. I was looking for some intricate clues in Season 1. I don't think this is a spoiler, since Lightbringer was never even addressed in the show. So fun speculation
  12. still lost
  13. I hope so too but unfortunately the show seems to be going in a different direction with Varys, given Mel's prediction. I also think LF will go down before the end of the story.
  14. She's been hanging around Qyburn and Ser Gregor a lot...Just saying.
  15. I'm lost. What are you guys referring to? :/