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  1. Last time we saw Edmure Tully, he was back in chains at the Twins, but now with Walder Frey and his most prominent sons dead, will things change for Edmure? Do you think we'll ever see him show up again? Maybe Arya breaks him out?
  2. Beric is probably still around because the show has cut Lady Stoneheart and the Brotherhood needs a leader.
  3. Out of curiosity, if you were to give your dream casting for the characters who have been cut (Jon Connington, Aegon, Strong Belwas, etc.) and the characters who have yet to appear or be casted (Sarella, Marwyn, Victarion, etc.), who would you cast? Here are some of my picks: Jon Connington: Tony Curran Aegon Targaryen: Logan Lerman Victarion Greyjoy: Ray Stevenson Sarella Sand: Tatiana Maslany Archmaestar Marwyn: Jim Broadbent
  4. Littlefinger HAS to have something up his sleeve. If he does not, then the show runners have ruined the character. My theory is that he'll realize that he made a mistake by declaring his army for Jon and Sansa, so he'll leave, join forces with Euron (simply because he is the only one left) and after the battle between Cersei and Dany, come in with his forces and surprise attack whoever wins. And then... he sits on the Iron Throne.
  5. Season 7 will most likely focus on Cersei against Dany. Cersei will obviously lose, but what happens leading up to that great battle is the interesting part. Jaime will probably betray Cersei. Euron will join her, otherwise she doesn't stand a chance. Big battle in KL. In the North, Jon and Sansa will have conflict between them. Bran will cross the Wall (Meet Edd) and go to Winterfell, Littlefinger HAS TO HAVE SOMETHING UP HIS SLEEVE, otherwise they'll have ruined the character. Other than that, Jorah will probably go to some mystical place (Ashaii?) to cure his greyscale and reintroduce the whole prophecy aspect. And Samwell and the Citadel will be a huge part. We will probably get to see at least Marwyn and maybe Sarella Sand. And Jaqen will probably show up in Oldtown as well. And I would love if Gendry came back. And Arya broke Edmure free and rallied the Tully forces.
  6. We won't get much, considering there are only 13 episodes left. I am just hoping for Marwyn and maybe Sarella Sand. If they do cast them, then I hope they get awesome actors for the parts.
  7. What the hell are they doing? I was on board with this season 100% until this episode. First, I really thought they would redeem Dorne this episode by having Doran reveal his true colors, but no, they've made Dorne completely useless. The Arya stuff could have been handled much better and was just awkward. Stannis burning Shireen, what the hell? After their wonderful scene earlier this season that pretty much symbolized the opposite of what just happened. And the Fighting Pits scene just didn't feel right to me, maybe because of the burning scene right before it. I have probably given 10s to all episodes this season so far, but this one was just awful...