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  1. Best episode of the series. Though, the series as a whole I would rate a 5 or 6. I'd rate this a 7, and could have been an 8. It was better filmed, better acted with some exceptions. It seemed more within the scope of what the directors were able to accommodate, given their six person CGI team. It didn't have as much momentum and impact as it could have been, if they had been able to give the climatic battles of the season and book a decent treatment in the episode before. As it happens, we haven't really seen Robb lead men in battle, or fight and die alongside them, like a king. There was less focus on Dany, and the cheap-ass looking 'horde' of some forty odd wretches and a couple dudes from the tanning salon. Her storyline will get better when her khalasar is actually reduced to about forty some odd wretches in actuality, and they're all ragged and dying. The Roz/Pycelle scene killed me. ENOUGH already with this particular style of exposition. It's so unbelievably silly and stupid. The Varys/Littlefinger scene was unfortunate. Peter Dinklage's enunciation continues to be grating. But I'm only really going to dock them for the Roz scene. So, 7/10. Just compared against the series itself, and not other shows who have done more and better with a lesser budget and worse source material, then it's a 10/10.