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  1. AHHHHH! Finance flashbacks. Make them stop! This was the class that made 80% of my graduate school MBAs become Marketing specialists. Seriously, this is fundamental info that it is really important for people in this market - hell anyone in any market including the labor market - to understand. It is especially important to understand the informational aspect of this equation, It is the ability of those in power to manipulate the flow of information that causes you to incorrectly price an asset - even while you were being completely rational. The other thing to understand in market distortion is kinda related to rational pricing, but not exactly. Coercive market power by one party over another may mean that you can't follow rational pricing.
  2. Rick and Morty has two hyper abusive relationships that it constantly absolves. I am not saying I don't like the show for other reasons, but that part of the show really makes me uncomfortable. And the part that gets me? The MRAs who defend this show (not saying that's anyone here, so don't wad up your tighty-whiteys Mr. hypothetical keyboard warrior) don't see that the two really abusive relationships are ones where men (or a man and a boy) are on the receiving end. Oh irony.......
  3. On the denial of birth control. From an actuarial standpoint, isn't pregnancy a significantly riskier option to birth control. So an insurance company will have to charge more for a plan that that does not cover birth control. Therefore - and this is purely a $$ analysis, mind you* - any employer who forces that option onto their employees is basically asking that their employees pay more because of the employer's "sincerely held religious beliefs". Just one more way this move is way fucked up. I can not see how that doesn't end up in court. *I have other objections, believe me. But this is the one I am playing out right now.
  4. Yup - Ye ole Bayesian analysis. Gotta take into account them priors.
  5. Man I reeeeeahahaheeeaaallyyyy hope so.
  6. Christian Sharia law. Sweet bayt Alabama!
  7. He never made generalizations about all Americans. You are a liar. And not a very good one. With really transparent motives.
  8. That song is a nasty glorious righteous screed at privatization and it's effect on the environment; and how it's not just the right who does it.
  9. But there will always be a moon over Marin.
  10. I hear you. Still, in one case it was one man who did that weaselly dance. In the other case it has become an entire political party & movement's mantra. Also - who got impeached and who didn't? And which one affects national security, and which one doesn't?
  11. Because Jebus will spank him eternally.
  12. The modern Crusade of the "Religion of the Prince of Peace" doesn't need you stinking Constitution anymore.
  13. God damn. Has anyone even read the 1st amendment? There is more there than Freeze Peach.
  14. Did I accidently link to someone's post?
  15. And they are also very quick to fuck over establishment of a religion, freedom of assembly, petition for redress, & a free press.