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  1. Also, whenever my kids are watching TV and Bob the Builder comes on, I get altered version of the theme song stuck in my head. "Bran the Builder, Bran the Builder, Can we build it? Yes we can!"
  2. Okay, I'm still processing the first part (I have no immediate objections), but as for the Daynes. They might have come to site of the pale stone a thousand years after it landed (I think it says somewhere that they followed the falling start,but I would have to look that up.) It still stands that if they forged Dawn from its heart and Dawn is the sword in Deanery's dream that several thousand years pass between the forging of Dawn and the Long Night/Azor Ahai. The person who found the stone still stands to be the God Emperor who returned to Essos and founded the Golden Empire of the Dawn.
  3. So, there is a thing that has always bothered me about the time line of the Dawn Era leading up to the Long Night. Deanery's vision of the Emperors of the Dawn has each of them holding a sword with pale flames. I think many of us agree that, to the extent that any of these are literal swords, that this isn't the same sword as Azor Ahai's Lightbringer, because Lightbringer was forged later by Azor Ahai, plus it's the Red Sword of Heroes not the Pale Sword of Heroes. But if this sword she sees is actually Dawn,and it was carved from the heart of a fallen star that fell at Star Fall, the this star falling is an event that is separated from the Long Night and the conjectured destruction of the second moon by thousands of years. It happened before the first men ever came to Westeros. It's seriously like the first historical event in the story. It could be that the God on Earth born of the Lion of Night and the Maiden made of Light is actually the same story as the star that fell at Star Fall. The Daynes then are not simply the descendants of a descendant of the Golden Emperors, they Golden Emperors are the descendants of a human who traveled to Start Fall to find the fallen star. Presumably, after forging the sword this ancestor returned to Essos to found the Golden Empire of the Dawn. Later, a descendant of the Golden Emperors (Amethyst Empress loyalists, perhaps) may have returned to this site, with the Dawn to found house Dayne.
  4. @hiemal This might be a good place to bring forward a crack pot we were joking about on one of LML's threads. It was based on a passage that described the upturned roots of a tree as looking like tentacles reaching up. So the crackpot is that the Sea Stone Chair is the petrified stump and roots of one of the inverted Weirwood trees we see outside of the House of the Undying.(We need a name for those things. ) Euron is drinking the Shade of the Evening, made from their blue leaves, to activate its power. This turns over the classic crackpot of the Seas Stone Chair is actually fallen black stone of the Bloodstone Emperor. If one imagines the black tree as seeded from space however, it could be both. (This is all totally in spitball mode.)
  5. Spitballing, the only place we have been told a pale star has fallen is Starfall. The Pale Stone Tower is actually a petrified weirwood tree, the original weirwood tree.
  6. Yeah, I'm definetly thinking more along the lines of magical space trees.
  7. l love rereading my comments and seeing how auto-correct has mangled my writing.
  8. There is actually a really good Radio Lab episode on this concept. I think the episode was called From Tree to Shining Tree.
  9. Nah, it just hit me in an intuitive flash while listening to one of your podcasts. We have black oily stones and a purported pale stone. We also have pale trees and black trees, both of which produce a psychoactive substance, which enhances extrasensory powers. I would assume they spread through the root system, or their own seed pods. I'm just spit balling here. I'm not married to the idea.
  10. @hiemal for the sake of being complete we should provably the God-Emperor on earth,son of the Lion of Night and the Maiden Made of Light, descended from three heavens to found the Golden Empire of the Dawn, because it kind of has an alien vibe. I'm increasingly becoming a fan of the trees being seeded as well.
  11. @sweetsunray, I really appreciate your thoroughness. This has been entertaining and educational.
  12. F) I should add that there is parallel derangement syndrome where the scientific communities demand that there should be evidence for stuff, is taken as conspiracy to cover up the truth,
  13. A) Encke and the Taurids is the name of my new band. Nah, I don't play anything, but that is still my band name. B ) Anything from the Daily Mail is best researched elsewhere. http://www.ed.ac.uk/news/2017/ancient-stone-confirms-date-of-comet-strike, http://maajournal.com/Issues/2017/Vol17-1/Sweatman and Tsikritsis 17(1).pdf. You're welcome. C ) Not including the title of the original paper "Decoding Göbekli Tepe with Archaeoastronomy: What Does the Fox Say?", is really a tragedy. D) I haven't read the full article in the journal yet, but . . . the problem with and any lost, more advanced civilization, hypothesis is the body of wackadoodle hypotheses out their that surround them. The idea has really been hampered by silly people that insist that aliens taught ancient civilizations to build basic stuff like pyramids, 19th century theosophical crackpots looking for the a matriarchy with psychic powers from the lost continent of Mu, and the notion that an earlier advanced civilization might mean anything other more than an earlier than thought development of agriculture and masonry. I know I get irrationally angry when anyone suggests that aliens directed ancient people to build architectural structures with corbel vaults. Seriously, why would any prick hole of an alien do that to people. "Hey, should we teach them how to make a proper arch? Nah, it's fun watching them haul way the crap more stone than necessary." It's like people suggesting the citing the Sex Pistols as evidence the punk rock originated in England. It's just a shocking lack of knowledge. The result is a sort of derangement syndrome, like the way I just really don't want to to listen to anyone who wants to tell me their "Game of Thrones" theory when they start the conversation by referring to Daenerys as Khaleesi. E) That said it is hard to get people to listen to evidence that maybe Native Americans may have arrived prior to the last ice age or maybe agriculture was developed a few thousand years earlier than we through, when it comes from outsiders to academic archeology.
  14. Martinian genetics are a bit sketchy, but yes, he is clearly concerned with bloodlines. The Valerian are descended from the Golden Emperors of the Dawn, who are descended from the the Lion of Night and the Maiden Made of Light, so if you want to take the technology approach I guess they are aliens or a different line of space faring humans. I don't think that is what Martin is doing that, through. I think we will never have a clear answer, and he may deliberately leaving room for the technology interpretation. However, I think he is largely setting as a magical analog to a technological collapse.
  15. Okay, I grok your Zen explanation on how this qualifies as bitter sweet, It's a legit philosophical argument. I still disagree about the second moon being destroyed as a cause of Long Night 2.0 It's pretty well established that Long Night 2.0 is already beginning at the start of the story, without the second moon being destroyed. Yes, I get all the symbolic arguments. I just don't think it matches the evidence we see in the story.