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  1. And the best damn Cock jokes that $100 million can buy!
  2. d$d do not dumb down Emilias lines, they just write dumbass lines that she struggles to deliver. Meryl Streep would struggle to deliver the shithouse lines d$d force them to utter!
  3. Duh, everything important happens off screen, that's where lies the real story, the d$s are way too radical and before their time to resort to telling the story on the show, in front of the camera. That's what Amateurs do!
  4. Welcome to Weisseroff, if the food doesn't kill you the Ridiculous plot Will! Bwahahaah
  5. Well said mate, I have said similar things in other posts myself, but you put it all together nicely, especially with Cersei, it's pointless getting her onside, logically she should not have any power, it was all just contrived to get the Nights King a dragon. Perhaps he is actually skin changing Tyrion and other characters all along to get what he wants when he wants it!
  6. Well spotted, I too noticed that, perhaps some Zombies are scared of or below other Zombies, sort of like a class system based on who their creator is, Night King is way more badass than qyburn and Gregor feels it!
  7. Preparing for one of the spin off shows Entourage:GoT style!
  8. Exactly, agreed on all points, it all makes no real sense. This entire season was about showing off Lena Headeys acting powerful with no real power (the Donald?) and apparently being loved by a populace and army that used to hate her and should still, so d$d spent seven episodes manufacturing a way to give Viserion to the Night King to destroy the wall. The only true death this season was GoT's reputation of having main characters suddenly die. The whole season was just contrived filler, and the Tele porting armies and Heroes mean that the show is not even the same genre it started out as. It started as adult fantasy and now resembles teenage video games and cartoons. I admit freely that I watched it all, and found it thoroughly entertaining, but as a fan fiction interpretation of asoiaf not an adaptation of GRRMs work, well not to me, anyway.
  9. Duh, because Tyrion the master strategist and military genius says not to! Everything else springs from that Tyrion has been PROTECTING Cersei since Daeneys landed in Westeros. Actually, how long since anybody called he Khaleesi, even Jorah has not uttered Khalleesi and he used to scream it out continuously. Cersei and her continued support and luck and plot are non-sensical and totally implausible. It appears the Night King has been waiting for Tyrion to send him a dragon for at least 300 years and Cersei appears to be his ally in this case. I mean, come on d$d, the whole plot revolves around Cersei, perhaps the only thing the Night King really want is to get to Kings Landing to Claim his bride, Cersei!
  10. Just think what that means for the "ENTIRE" story if the Nights King actually set a trap for that dragon to be GoT?? He must have all Brans powers and more!,! Bye bye free will Bye Bye all the reasons for all the decisions ever made by both the Nights King and the Nights Watch. These plots and scenes are heart breakingly dumb and inconsistent logically, d$d have a lot to answer for IMO. Did you see what I just did mate?
  11. He never asked if its his, he assumed it was but asked what they would tell people because of the incest angle and the people not accepting a bastard born of incest and Cersei replied to hell with them we are past that nowadays. Jaime may however be incorrect when he assumed he is the father because it was made clear in this episode that Cersei has been quite capable of meeting Euron in secret without Jaime knowing.
  12. We still have no idea whatsoever what the Nights King actually wants. What are his motivations, it seems he has no free will at all as he seems to see the future and then just act out his part in it. He does not need to feed his army so why does he need to go SOUTH, what is his endgame? I actually pondered for a minute whether Cersei or Tyrion somehow end up being The Knight King, because he is tall I could see Tyrion choosing him and Cersei would love to be him or it, I mean the Night King may actually be the Nights Queen. I am not presenting this as a theory, I'm saying that the show has devolved into such a Jump the Shark Deus eX Machina show that anything is possible. Cersei even having power or being Queen is not plausible because the people of Kings Landing hate her and what BannerMan would reall still support her. Why does her so called Army stay loyal to her when every other Army seems to be duplicitous, but not Cerseis. The bloody Nothern Lords change with the wind, but the Lannister soldiers are always totally solid for her, even after seeing the Dragons, Dothraki and Unsullied in this episode. The show is now a cartoon, with dialogue aimed at prepubescent males!,
  13. Sansa's direwolf Lady begs to differ!
  14. You have to wonder what the hell the GoldenCompany are doing in Essos at the moment, who is paying them, what is keeping them together all trained and ready for war FFS. Cersei should not be queen, that Gold from HighGarden should be the only thing Euron wants from her, unless he is really the father of whatever Abomination she is currently carrying! And the Nights King has been waiting for a Viserion all along! Does he see the future and if he does why is he bothering to invade Westeros if he is going to be defeated and if he is going to win then he has certainly been patient waiting all that time just for Viserion. FFS if nobody ever went North of the wall to stop him he would not even have an army, the job of the Nights Watch should have been to bring Wildlings south all along not stop them! The Nights Watch has been aiding and abetting the Nights king all along!