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  1. I would change the series they say it is based on! Instead of saying that it is an adaptation of the series A Song Of Ice and Fire and instead I would say that the story is derived from characters and stories imagined in A world of Ice and Fire. I would definitely admit it was inspired by AsoiaF but as the series is only half completed it is really just a take on it that was well portrayed when they had proper source material but unfortunately evolved into a dystopian impressionist attempt at sort of honouring the author by way of an homage to the themes the showrunners ascribed to the Author.
  2. That's as good a summation of Joff and his abominable behaviour as I have seen.
  3. The show comes out each year around about the time it is supposed to (deadline time), I most certainly wish the books were like this!
  4. I think that not only can they not write but they do not care anymore and if you Combine with this with the arrogance that they frequently exhibit then you have the perfect storm that has destroyed everything that was good about the show and washed away the debris!
  5. The scene in season 6with Sansa discussing herself being sold to the Boltons by LF with Littlefinger himself was so pathetic, awkward, senseless, illogical and badly written, acted and with such pointless, bland dialogue that I found myself feeling the urge to hide under a table to avoid it! Possibly the best 4th wall example of television in television history (really meta)! 2 Characters revisiting a momentously bad decision that caused untold butterfly effect problems a year after they made the decision together and they still had no idea why they sold Sansa to the murderers and usurpers of her family to be used as a womb and a sex slave and they still had no idea why they did it or how they possibly hoped to beneffit from it (I AM STARING RIGHT AT YOU D&D). It was so ridiculous that I have to cover my eyes and yell nonsense if it ever manages to appear on a screen near me again! Blah blah bla blah
  6. EXACTLY!!!. I strongly agree with all of this, unfortunately not only are D$D hacks they are smartarses with little conscience and less respect for the audience than they have for the source material that made their career. The source material that every time they move away from makes them look like clueless amateurs that things make sense too creatively if they want it to happen! I really resent the fact that of all the possible showrunners in the world that may have found themselves in the position to adapt AsoiaF to television it fell to these 2 immature frat boys. It could have been wondrous, as it was in seasons 1-3 when they appeared to use the books as a guide, but no they had to let their Ids and their Egos take over and present us with such unforgettable characters as Talisa and Olly and super cartoon Ramsay villain and even illogical High Sparrow, aaghhh the horror, the horror!
  7. I find the White Dragon concept absolutely stupid and illogical, and I seriously hope it does not come to pass, which means it's likely a certainty
  8. Hey I just listened to the podcast that you provided the link to and I thought it was excellent as it covers a lot of what we talk about in this thread! Actually some of it was so damn relevant I started to wonder if a regular contributor to this thread is one of the presenters, Will sounds a lot like a regular Ranter.
  9. I would appreciate season 7 premiering the week after The winds of Winter is released for sale as I might be too busy reading to worry about it. Failing that I would love it if the characters started acting rationally for their situations and if their actions and reactions started to make sense considering they supposedly exist in a fantasy world similar in some ways to Earths Middle Ages where they live in a feudal like society that happens to contain magical elements such as living dragons and Priests and Wizards have powers. You know, like the characters acted in Seasons 1 and 2 that I refer to as "the golden years" of Game of Thrones. Aarghhh, themes were the days, aye!
  10. But we needed screen time for Olly, and Tyrions cock jokes that he "drinks and knows" and the finger anal rape scene and we needed the hounds new friends slaughtered by the people that protect the small folk in the books. When D$D pack 40 mins of show into 60 min weekly allotments then we obviously have no time for politics or true feudal inheritance practices FFS!
  11. That was actually a real good Summation of the recent history of the watch!
  12. Just wondering how you are, have not seen you post or Rant lately?

  13. I would welcome it with open arms, the LoTR animated version was groundbreaking, I remember seeing it about 30 years ago.
  14. If GoT was fair Dinkum then season 7 would open with Cersei in the black Cells awaiting trial for blowing up Baelors Sept and the Tyrell and Lannister armies would be at war for control of KL, but alas D$D have destroyed any semblance of the politics, or primogeniture or Kinslaying or basically anything that originally attratcted me to the show so apparently Cersei gets to be queen with 1 week old hairdo that the faith gave her" its Weisserhoff for gods sake so anything goes!
  15. Nonsense, it would seem really obvious that the Kings of Winter were the King that emerged from the dreadful winter victorious, hence they are not interchangeable as one begets the other, with the Kings of Winter being vastly superior kings.