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  1. In-story house Frey is deeply misogynic. What little we see is Walder acting like a fundamentalist mormon cult leader. None of the women has any say (that we have seen or heard of) - so we cannot fault them as much as those who did. There is surely guilt of enabling the massacre, but that goes for a lot of others too (maester, musicians, soldiers) and nobody is howling for any of their blood either. And they aren't women so...
  2. Hah, I came to the exact opposite conclusion from the same parts of text. Roose is rattled, meaning this wasn't an everyday-mundane-kind of conversation, meaning he'd remember it. But he then tells her that he will leave her, meaning he doesn't realise then and there who she might be. This shows that he maybe re-evaluated his former cupbearer in hindsight.
  3. I don't think Stoneheart would spare Roslin post-partum. If she is still carrying she has a window to sway Stoneheart's motherly sympathies. They baby can out-Tully the Freys from the Twins once winter had its way with them. I'm more curious to what Stoneheart would do about Edmure. They were on crappy terms before the RW and now he is travelling with his new cute family to live with the Lannisters after he gave away Riverrun? It aint cool.
  4. In the WOIAF-app it says that Boltons was set to take over Harrenhall but that Arya set up the overthrowing before he made it there. Under Robett Glover it literally says:
  5. But there is a problem with this: dragons are magical and we don't know how they work - except some weird lines like "death does not come in that way" (about dragons mouths), Knight of the Mirror Shield, and something about Balerions fire burning super hot during the Field of Fire because reasons. I'm dying for Tyrion to straighten shit out.
  6. "Eurons gifts are poisoned"
  7. True but I assume they are big enough for arrows not to matter. So long as its not in the eye ofc. (Drogon survived spears in Daznak.) The greatest psychological effect of war dragon would be massive dessertions from the opponents side and I expect most of those will run long before anyone has actually seen the dragon. Many will run when they realise that they are in fact facing a dragon fo real. The rest will run when they are burning and host has broken. Dragon size might play some small part somewhere up there but its not a deciding factor for anything as long as they arent facing other dragons or if they are bird sized. Which isnt the case. Its the same for ”larger flame” argument. So long as they arent facing equal foes or are tiny flame size is moot.
  8. The dragons sizes doesnt matter so long as they arent facing other dragons.
  9. Valyria's expansion wars against the Rhoynar and Ghiscari would be my choice.
  10. Dear god I hope you are right. It would be sooooo cool.
  11. Its doubtful. I would love it if it happens but I dont think it will, since asoiaf magic theme seems to be "the last breath of magic". Valyria had its doom. Giants, the cotf and direwolves are going extinct.
  12. Sure do. Dunk has a rigid sense of knightly honour and thus worldly wealth carries less weight. Like when the Red Widow offered him a fancy horse and he declined it in TSS.
  13. "Ear"! You really think Dunk would condone anyone being stripped of their sword? I don't read him like that, but hey this forum is good proof people don't read stuff the same.
  14. Well I don't believe Egg would have stripped BR of his sword, I expect Dunk would give him a good clout in the head if he ever did suggest it. But if something bad would happen to Jojen, I'd fully join the Meera-is-the-dark-sister-train. I see, gotcha. I was scratching my head for a while there!
  15. Jon and Sam already have Longclaw to test, dont they? But if anyone is gonna find Dark Sister it will likely be someone close to the person who had it last. Im personally hoping that Arya gets Dark Sister in the end though. It somehow has her name all over it...