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  1. Not quite, there was however a Valyrian belief that the "Doom of Man" would come from Westeros.
  2. I have two objections to this. Firstly the loose thread in Barristan thinking that Dany looks like Asharas daughter which, if true, mucks your theory up. Secondly I think that Barristan means that he should have crowned Ashara and thus preventing her from turning to Stark and thus preventing her from being dishonoured. Its ambiguously written to be sure but I still think its there for a reason, kind of like an untrustworthy clue. (The Daynes have so much going on, with Dawn, Ashara, Gerold, Darkstar, Allyria and Ned, purple eyes originating not from Valyria and not from the Targs. Other than Dany's conquest and Nymerias wolf-army, finding out what the hell is up with the Daynes is my main interest right now. Really hope GRRM won't sit on all of it until Spring though. )
  3. 1 No. Maybe the pseudo-lesbian trysts and Arianne don't ring completely true to me but what do I know. Tyrion defiling his chamberpot isn't tasteful either, so. 2 Yes. 3 No clue. Although Jaime's memories/dreams of Joanna is brilliant writing imo. 4 The whores and the raping are consistent throughout but still quite unbearable, especially considering that isn't exclusively medieval occurrences. Utterly depressing. But also: Dany lives a pretty swag life on top of her pyramid. 5 Not really. Maybe Arya or Cersei because they are most like me. 6 The thing that sold me to the series was that a girl got the dragons. No way in hell I'd ever read fantasy otherwise. I personally have this wishful thinking theory that GRRM is setting the anti-Dany-people up so that we all get to mock them when Dany turns out to be the ultimate hero. Might not qualify as progress, though
  4. No you said that military strength was important for the claimant and I argued against it. Did I misunderstand you? No, right now Tommen/Stannis does. Targs will have to take it back first and the one who does that will make up a new line anyways.
  5. Nope, not really. If we are talking a great council (which I figure it would be) no lord paramount could hope to go against all the rest in practicality. The Queen who never was had the Velaryon fleet and more gold than any lord (greatest naval power and the richer than the Lannisters back then) and she was a dragon rider too. And they passed her over. Maybe a bit... I'm hoping GRRM will make it elegant enough if that is where he wants it to go, though. Yeah I'm not saying Viserys has no claim. Just that Rhaenys/Aegon/legit Jon has a better one.
  6. As I said before, being a dragonrider makes people scared of you and fear changes a lot. Not sure even that is a proven thing. Doesnt the histories have non-valyrian dragon riders? Im far from certain. Im not sure about that either. Happiness for Dany is a house with a red door, not the Red Keep. In Dance she seems pretty sick of ruling, if she marries someone competent I wouldnt rule it out for her to focus on motherhood or cute charities. Call it a drop of blood of the dragon and Im with you.
  7. Exactly, people might not dare call you stuff to your face but they might still cut your throat when you sleep - if you give them enough reason to. A smart conqeress tries to win all nobility she can on the other hand. Since Dany had the sense to marry Hizdar, her not doing the same move in Westeros would be weird. Sorry I must have confused them with the dragonseed-turned-heir-Velaryon dude ("Laenor's" bastard). But I reason exactly the same on the rest. I have a loose theory on which characters will be dragon riders and its a very short list. Tyrion, Vic and Euron aren't on it. And personally I think that Aegon won't live long enough to ride one either.
  8. Being a dragonrider makes other people scared of you, so of course it curbs criticism some. If Dany takes Westeros by conquest it won't matter - her husband will be the king (not Hizdar! ) The two betrayers was never called Targs iirc. Ulf the White and Hugh Hammer was their names after legitimisation, right?
  9. No, maternity is rarely an issue. My point was that being a dragonrider doesnt prove anything, really.
  10. Bastards is at the end of the line, it would take extreme circumstances for their claim to even be considered. Being legit heir of Aerys firsborn son means first in line. Military only plays a part in conquest/rebellion and in those cases line of succsession isnt in effect. Im not saying it would be easy, but difficulty isnt ground to dismiss something. Three? Are you counting Aegon? Id like to point out that Viserys was crowned after Rhaegars children had died too. He and his mom thought they were the last ones alive. Also being crowned on Dragonstone by his mom in a panic isnt a proper crowning. Partly in exile and all.
  11. 1 Agree, until we got text-on-page in hand everything is speculation. 2 If Elia was barren due to earlier problems it might change matters though, royal succsession and all. 3 Consider Aerys dying in a time with no major rebellions: would the realm favor its dragon prince or fathers-son Viserys? Rhaegars legit heirs comes before Viserys and Daenarys. Still though, the heir would have to prove ancestry to claim his place which is nigh impossible. Dragonriding isnt an absolute in the matter. In DoD Rhaenyras sons by Laenor Velaryon where dragonriders and openly mocked as bastards. 4 Your watch end when you die. 5 He has proven a great leader, though as all his family he has been a bit naive. 6 Being the heir is not really a problem, but proving it certainly is. Im not sure they'd become bastards. Pretty sure you cant 'make' someone a bastard in retrospect, unless paternity is proven or admitted to be fraudulent. All agree they were born on the right side of the blanket. For example queen Elizabeth the Virgin Queen's ascent: her father had first married and had his first daughter, then changed religion of England in order to anull his marriage, rendering frist daughter a bastard. Then he marries Elizabeths mother, they have her and he gets disapointed it wasnt a boy and beheads her, then he marries again fathering a son. When the king dies Elizabeths brother ascends the throne and dies shortly and very young so without heirs the throne goes to her declared bastard older sister. Which means if you slap it on someone at a later point, it wont stick.
  12. Rhaenyra's two oldest sons were mocked as bastards in spite of being dragonriders in tPatQ.
  13. There too many unknowns to be sure, but the chain: maesters trying to kill off dragons > citadel closely linked to house Hightower do come to mind. Also lots of things could happen to piss Starry Sept off. (like D marrying J or (f)A, dragonfire putting some hostile Sparrows in place, D consorting with Mel or Qaithe and D growing too close to the Ironborn might not go down great with any western populas) Hoghtowers have a history of not faring well in the game so that would argue for them joining fA
  14. Well, since the rainbow is a real world symbol of gay-pride, I think it's a real world sighting within the books. Unintentional maybe, but still there.
  15. I'm sort of annoyed that its Renly who gets himself a rainbow-guard...