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  2. I'm simply trying to make you aware that your "poll" isnt worth squat as long as you exclude characters based on YOUR PERSONAL OPINION.
  3. Then why aren't you in your poll?
  4. I'm still wondering who died and made you king of the universe?
  5. Why do a poll if you dont care what the respondants views are? Who are you to decide who counts and not?
  6. Bloodriders: She took their "spoils" and got away with it, she got injured Drogo maegi-help against their wishes, she escapes joining the DK (blood riders duty to bring her there). Wizards: She burned them and their home when they tried to kill her Astapor: if it doesn't count because they are stupid I see fit to ask you what LF ever did to deserve a place? Illyrio: he sold her the the Dothraki, sent boats to take her to Pentos - and she sold them and their content. Mereen: then why is she still ruling queen? why isnt slavery booming? Dany has no feeling for politics? Is this sarcasm?
  7. Yeah, like who else played themeselves an army of unsullied? Compared with Doran...
  8. Dany has played: - Khal Drogo's bloodriders - the Wizards of Qarth - the Masters of Astapor - Illyrio Mopatis - the Masters of Mereen
  9. It shouldn't be called "best ASOIAF player", but "best ASOIAF player that Tygett Greenshield thinks is good". This is a bullshit poll. He refuses to add Dany to the list since its his opinion that she isnt a good player. So Whatever the results may be: they are totally invalid!
  10. Wow I had no idea about that. Thats horrible... I try not to ever think about the author/artist/musician behind the art because imo that draws away from the art rather than improving it. Knowing this I might look for things I hadn't otherwise. It makes the mind preconceive.
  11. Assuming they strike a deal, he could well send Brienne edit: I very much like the prospect of wolfpack rock'n'roll though!
  12. Oh yeah, Jeyne is with the Blackfish, forgot about that... But he could still trade Edmure and Roslin. He sent them to CR but he could still send for them back.
  13. He has Edmure and Jeyne W to trade, which is pretty much the only way I can see Stoneheart sparing him.
  14. Its funny though. I can't decide wether us loving to read about this ass of a character is a sign of our own ass-ness - or if it means that we have great empathy. Same thing with Cersei, she is one of my faves, but I can't decide if liking her makes me a better or worse person
  15. Velaryons and Celtigars has valyrian features. Some (or all?) Houses of the Sisters has webbed fingers.