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  1. Almost a year has passed, and Prime Robert is still in a class of his own... no asoiaf human knight is going to win agaisnt a warhammer user with legendary prowess and stupidily genetic advantages for armoured duels, and more renowned kills than everyone aside selmy who fought 40+ years more
  2. Dayne is one of the "best ever" swordsman with the likes of barry, daemon bf, and jaime...he wins against a great morningstar user knight like Cole in a great duel imo There's no comparison between Cole and prime Robert though... Bob was a genetic machine with "legendary warhammer prowess" (grrm words)... a weapon superior to any sword in armoured duels... not to mention he would destroy cole or arthur in h2h aswell
  3. Donal Noye
  4. Right now, i want some icecream... in 2018 i'll start thinking about WOW, i prefer a great book in a couple of years than being sorry for the rest of my life
  5. Sandor is onde of the best prime robert's in the story... Sorry i meant fighters... It's not just swordsmanship in a duel, folks have to think about that, Jaime dayne and barri are the top 3 swords and none of them is a better fighter/warrior than prime Robert, and sandor can dispute a spot in his best day maybe, pretty close to legendary level
  6. As important? maybe not... As or more interesting? Heck yeah
  7. lol that's funny, to be fair there are a ton of british, french, italian, etc historians who know more about the age of discovery than i so... you're not obligated to be an expert in democracy, the olimpics, the iliad... and i do not sweat myself by not knowing every freaking fort from america, africa, asia and oceania my folk build... they went everywhere in a wooden boat i would be afraid to travel in to cross a river... All hail Zeus
  8. Rhaegar managed to injure Robert because it was a horseback duel, and he was a good jouster, that being said it's not "he injured him badly" because robert sent his personal maester to barristan, it wasn´t mortally serious, at least in the canon books... A minor cut is suficient for any person not to be on a horse for a while, everytime the horse galops your cut (small as it can be) will burn, and a trident to KL ride is not a manhattan-new jersey trip... you can list an amount of stuff rhaegar did better but Robert is by far the superior warrior and commander, that's hammered in the books
  9. At least i never heard him say Achilles was a strong inspiration for any character, the iliad sure, but the leader of the myrmidons? not that i've heard of... But, i'm not all ears on grrm everytime so...
  10. You're a myth fangirl? Or a greek? That would be funny
  11. We do agree on a ton of stuff JQC, not a surprise the achilles comparison is just a fan associastion of both tales that i love, grrm never said achilles was a close inspiration for any asoiaf character, Robert if anyone, is based on Edward IV, then some aspects make me remember achilles, yeah like said above other asoiaf warriors have that too because achilles was THE WARRIOR in western literature (i'm portuguese, we have viriatus, our first king henry, albuquerque the mars of the sea, tons of others in the age of discovery, etc) but achilles is the basis for every warrior, even the more famous demigods like hercules who storywise are older but in reality were invented later... Robert just reminds me more of him, not only because of the demigod durrandon blood (because stannis has too, and renly) but because he screams war even more than jaime or barristan, in both feats and human behaviour, sometimes people think achilles is like the benioff travesty brad pitt crap, cool and colected most of the time, THE GUY WAS EMOTION 100% of the iliad
  12. If anyone is a demi-god in asoiaf is a durrandon blooded person...
  13. Robert is the kind of human force of nature that is born one in a century, a tornado of a personality, if you're close to him you better keep him pleased, if not get away and he won´t hunt you forever, tornados fade away with time... To be honest, at that time post sack and lyanna's death news, the news about a possible r+l=j might be enogh for robert´s heart to give up and go on a suicidal war hunt in essos, and instead of jon being in danger of him, he would be of tywin
  14. Heart tree marriages are null to the seven, not even talking about how crap the story would get... Viserys was the targ Heir, a line surpassed (Rhaegar) is a line erased in med europe (unless dany dies as the las true targ and Heir to the targ crowned king) that would be Viserys crowned by rhaella in dragonstone, the "beggar" KING...
  15. Stannis... Yeah i said it