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  1. I think Tywin fondness for women is something he have in common with his father and that is why he hide it. Tytos was a very weak man, he was insecure, indecisive and openly mocked, he also was fond of women and after the death of his wife took a wetnurse as lover and later took other lowborn woman and let her dominate him and even give orders in the Rock. It is clear that Tywin despise his father image and wants to move away from it as much as possible, that is why he is so ruthless and obsessed with being respected and that is why he always kept his whoring a secret and went far into building a tunnel to go into a whorehouse in secret. I think Tywin was much more like his father he would ever admit.
  2. Speaking of rumors, there is a rumor that the Winds of Winter's ISBN was registered by Penguin Random House. The register is ISBN: 9780553801538
  3. I think Wylla entered in that story in the same way you are pointing above.
  4. Well. Edric is a much smaller character, he just appeared very briefly in A Storm of Swords and his function was to give some exposition to Arya (and us) about Jon's parentage and the relationship between Eddard Stark and Ashara (and House Dayne). Probably, in George original plans, he would become the new Sword of the Morning after the five years gap. Now, it is unclear what his role will be and his whereabouts is a mystery. We only know that he is no more with the Brotherhood Without Banners, some believe he funded other group of outlaws after the BWB became twisted by Lady Stone Heart. But, he can went south to deliver Beric's bones to Blackhaven and tell his aunt about his death. May be he is back in Starfall right now. About the information he gave to us, it is just another puzzle piece, not one hundred percent accurate, but that carry some truth or can give us a scenario that led people believe in that story. He said that (1) Jon's mother is Wylla and (2) Eddard and Ashara and the pain of the separation led her to suicide. 1) We also know that Robert thinks that, Eddard Stark himself told him. Wylla is a lowborn woman from Dorne. We know that Ned is not likely to sleep around and betray his wife and he is more likely to be Jon's mother, so why Edric and Robert think she is Jon's mother (and Ned tell it) is unknown. 2) We know Ashara killed herself, but if she was in love with Eddard and the end of the romance was the cause we don't know. Edrid and Allyria believe in that, Barristan also mention she fell in love with a Stark, the servants of Winterfell also heard the rumor and both danced in Harrenhal, if they really had a romance we have to wait to discover, the reasons she commit suicide are unclear and it can have happened for a series of reasons.
  5. It is difficult to comment this kind of stuff in the show, there is no internal consistence and clear timeline anymore. In Season 5, Sansa was raped during months and was locked in the bedroom, the only possible way she had some access to moon tea was the servant, but if it happened the writers didn't bothered to show us. After her escape to the battle it passed months, but we can't say it was time enough (nine mounts at least) to say that she would be giving birth to a kid and exclude the possibility of a pregnancy. Walda was pregnant in S5 and gave birth in S6, but it also doesn't gave us a precise estimation, the birth could be rushed by the show-runners just to show Ramsay feeding the dogs with his baby brother in the middle of the season. Or Sansa happens to have the longest pregnancy a woman ever had. I would not be surprised if in the beginning of season 7 it is reveled Sansa is actually pregnant, for the sack of the shock value.
  6. It is possible to do more series or movies with the backstory material we have. Dunk and Egg is the most promising. It have a story, well developed characters and good amount of material and can be adapted well to a TV series. The only problem is the all story would happen through out many years and they would need to recast thee actors along the way. The Dance of Dragons would be a interesting story, but it would require a lot of special effects and a really big budget and may be the most indicated media for it would be cinema. May be a trilogy would tell this story with the appropriate screen time and budget. Robert Rebellion. It would be a direct prequel of Game of Thrones and it would have all sort of pros and cons. When the series is over, most of the backstory would have being revealed and some of the most important events and the plot would be known so making it engaging for part of the audience would be difficult, but the ASOIAF have a very interesting backstory and plenty engaging characters: Lyanna, Brandon, Rhaegar, Elia, Eddard, the Mad King. So, even it being a prequel it could work. I don't think it would work as a movie for the same reason GoT would not, there is too much characters and a movie would not give the necessary amount of time for them. Other thing is, we have just a lousy description of the story, but we don't have an actual source as Game of Thrones with dialogues and some detailed description of the story (like Dance of Dragons), so it would require writers that understands very well the characters and the story. George's help would be very welcome here. Other think is where the story would begins. It would be necessary to present and develop the characters and their relationships. In my opinion I would start with the Defiance of Duskendale, showing Aerys becoming mad, Rhaegar and Elia wedding (all compressed, of course) until the end of the Robert Revolution. Also adding something about a RR prequel series: Some characters were very difficult (if not impossible) to adapt here due to changes in GoT. Stannis, for example, in the prequel he would be a leader that endured a harsh siege almost starving to death, the same guy that in GoT burned his daughter alive for much less. In the backstory, Varys fed Aerys paranoia and caused a rift between him and Rhaegar, the same guy that in the main series have no plan at all and was turned in a Targaryen loyalist. Some mindless changes in the backstory made in GoT would drive comparisons with the prequel. If the series changes something (through out exposition or flashbacks) and it just don;t work in the prequel and decide to make it more faithful to the source or just different anyway, part of the media and fans that notes that differences would criticize them for that, even if the change improves the story. They would be in a no win situation. If they kept faithful to the show change it would cause a bad story and if they change (even the change is for a good reason) they would receive flak from the critics and GoT fans.
  7. Fire is the most likely option. May be a extreme method like a trebuchet or a war elephant could kill him. It may not kill hiim, but may be it can stop him.
  8. Believe me, we would not want progress reports. I already followed writers and game producers that gave progress reports of the upcoming works and following it is stressful. One day you check and it is, lets say, 70% and weeks later it is now 71%, some days later it is 77%, great, and some weeks it remains 77%! Just some weeks later it advances too...78%. We would face something like that, the progress is not uniform, we would gain some little progress, a lot of time without news, so a big progress just to fool ourselves that the next update will be as big, just to get a long wait to get little advance. It would just create bigger expectations and crushed them soon after, It would be awful for George and for us.
  9. I see non- book readers fans having expectation about some revelations, theories and character introductions because they create that expectation through ad sites, podcasts and Youtube videos that bring some book information. If you see only for the show you don't have build up, no dramatic foreshadowing, no set up. Nothing. Nada. If you see, the show alone is too hollow. The rewatching value of the show is very low, because they don't create tension and don't set up the plot twists (and when they do, it is atrocious). The best plot twists in cinema or tv series are the ones that gives you the pieces through out the story, even you don't figuring out, and gives the revelation. When you watch a second time you pick everything together and make it an enjoyable experience. GoT don't have it, may be because no one makes Youtube reaction videos of fans watching a second time and saying "eh, that is really shit"
  10. And talking about the Tower of Joy scene. What disappointment Dawn was, it was so blend, so meh. The show made some good swords in past seasons. Swords like Widow's Wail and Oathkeeper were much more beautiful than Dawn. that is supposed to be a important sword. Heartsbane was more well done than this. I know it is almost impossible to do a sword with a white blade, but still, Show!Dawn is really ordinary.
  11. I want to read this, just to see the unsullied commentaries. And yes, it shows how bad written the show is.
  12. Just for you see how insane the "Strong Woman" pattern became in the show: Imperator Furiosa of Mad Max Fury Road, the best female protagonist in action movies in recent years would not be considered a "Strong Female Character" in Game of Thrones and forone reason: she have compassion! She lives in a much worst universe than Game of Thrones. There is no rules and the strong prey the weak without restrain. There women are trade goods and war spoil. Women with child send their sons to become child soldiers and become milk provider just to gain water and food. And we have the brides, they are sex slaves and are repeatedly raped by Immortan Joe, but in the pos-apocalyptic world of Mad Max they are seeing as the best position a woman could want; they have water and food, they have protection and even have servants, they don't have to fight or work hard for food. But Furiosa was capable to sympathize with them and had compassion, even her being from a very different background, and try to flee with them. Her compassion and desire for redemption (as well the moment she crumble in tiers when she realized she failed) would be seeing as weakness.
  13. Well, I think it is because the majority of the feminist movement (including the most vocal part) is so hungry for representation that will embrace everything that seems to support them, no matter how cheap and badly done, like the characters with "bad ass moments" and "empowered speech". They don't realize that the problem with women characters in movies, books and tv is the lack of effort. The majority of the writers are men and write female characters is not the most easy thing for them, so they create fewer female characters and, in general, don't invest so much in them. And is too easy to do what D&D did, a loud superficial and amateurish attempt of "girl powers", that demand so little energy that they mass-produced it in the show. Just look to the books and the show. George gave us a great diversity of female characters: Catelyn, Cersei, Sansa, Arya, Brienne, Asha, Daenerys; each one with their own flavor. In the show, all these women are basically the same character.
  14. I wonder how your parameter to determine what would not be interesting or not for the audience. The show added some twists like it before (Drogo declaring he would attack Westeros, Renly and his big army against the impaired King's Landing) and the audience was engaged. Aegon plot could develop slowly, but he would land in Westeros and fight the Lannisters just in time (and spare us from the sluggish KL plot in S6), we also would gain a better Dornish plot that includes Arianne. Just a little effort and they could give us a much better plot we had in the last two seasons.
  15. I agree. Cutting Aegon was a mistake. It left a huge hole in the overall story. Varys was ruined. All he did in Season 1 (The plot against Dany's life and the meeting with Illyrio in the dungeons) become nonsensical. Why he latter reveal he is a Targaryen supporter if he told Daenerys was pregnant and organized the life attempt against her? Now, he is just a boring character with no ulterior motivations and have a anachronistic agenda "for the realm". Cutting him also affected Dorne. Without him, there is no reason for include Dorne, but inexplicably the showrunners did it and that sucked! Aegon plot would be interesting, it would a huge plot twist that would add something interesting in the boring first half of season 5 and could add more layers in the now predictable season 7. We would have the mystery if he is a true Targaryen. We would have Jon Connington and Jorah would have his story arc. The name of Rhaegar would be more present in the series.