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  1. If you're new to chicken rearing then I would highly suggest Orpingtons. They are docile, friendly and fairly easy to raise. Also find that they are good with children and your household pets. Also great layers and good little mothers if you go that route. They come in many colors but would suggest starting with the Buffs, they seem to be more hardy.
  2. Been watching The Killing on Netflix, and The Fall as well, pretty good Crime/Suspense series. Peaky Blinders was a nice surprise.
  3. Little House on the Prairie collection, took a sharp turn and began my Elfquest obsession
  4. 1. Jon Snow 2. Davos 3. Stannis 4. Jeor Mormont 5. The Hound
  5. I love crime fiction and this series is one of my favorites. Cabinet of Curiosities Is probably my favorite of the series. If you're interested after reading Relic, they also wrote a great book called Dinosaurs in the Attic about The Natural History Museum. I highly recommend them
  6. OP wants opinions on Theon so here's mine. You've made me despise him and everything about him OP. I don't care about his ego crisis, oops meant identity crisis, don't care about his daddy issues, oops hostage situation, don't care that he was picked on, oops bullied. I don't sympathize with him or wish to emphasize with him. I don't need to, but I am pretty certain I understand his character without doing either. I don't post in the forums hardly ever, but this has been nagging at me for some time. You've taken a great character and analysed him and excused him to the point that he's unrecognizable as the character that Martin has written. Don't bother to reply to this because I have nothing to argue about, my mind is pretty much made up about Theon, I don't like his character and you can't impart any vast knowledge that will change it. I do agree with you on many other things and enjoy your posts on almost every other topic just not Theon.
  7. Yes, I agree and am very flattered. Sorry, I couldn't resist