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  1. I gotta agree with this. the use of "Song of" instead of "Dance of" may simply be because it sounds better. Additionally Dance is usually used for living beings or at least personifications, rather than elemental descriptions. I still think its very possible that GRRM intends to make Fire (dany and her dragons) and Ice (the others) as the main antagonists of the series
  2. Gendry is Baratheon by blood and it would be in stannis' interest to name him heir if his daughter dies to allow for the Baratheon dynasty to maintain power. With Jon though its no one's (none of the current major factions) interest to have him legitimized so I can't see why he would be.
  3. It would be funny if Gendry or Edric becomes king at the end of the series and the show has to make all sorts of contrived plot twists to make it happen in the show, all the while in the books the plot takes a very believable and natural path to get to that point because Stannis is alive for a lot longer and he actually has a base of support and alliances that eventually transfers to Gendry/Edric.
  4. Important in what sense? to who will sit on the throne at the end? or to the overall story? fAegon is unlikely to be the person on the throne at the end, but his importance to the overall plot and themes GRRM is working with will be undeniable. GOT removed him from their series, because they couldn't handle an additional storyline and they also want the story to be as simplistic as can be to appeal to the biggest pool of audiences. In short make the series entirely about Dany, Jon and Tyrion and sideline the rest of the characters.
  5. Just cause fAegon isn't king at the end of the series doesn't mean he isn't very important.
  6. Robert was probably sent to the Vale to strengthen ties between Stormlands and the vale, Same with Ned. I guess there was no need to send Stannis away Cressen was going to take care of him. I have always had the impression that the death of his parents affected Stannis more than Robert. He might have wanted to Stay at home, while Robert was ready for adventure, and women.
  7. I don't think there will be a real war between the Starks but I am 90% little finger will dupe Sansa into giving him more power then he will kill her. D&D have a hard on for little finger and they really want to kill of another stark so Sansa will die in S7
  8. The show has become exactly what GRRM meant to avoid with the series, very predictable and Mary sue-esque storylines with contrived events meant to force a plot point. They should have left the northern campaign with Stannis instead of forcing Jon into this position, the same for Barristan and Tyrion. They should have also given Sansa season 5 off and instead introduced Jeyne Poole and ended her plot by the end of season 5 when stannis sends her off.
  9. The only problem I have With Jon Snow is how he is seemingly destined to be King. If Jon had stayed with the watch instead I would have appreciated his arc much more. For a series that so realistic in its narrative, Jon becoming King doesn't mesh with the rest of the story. Its like the story is rewarding this guy for being good, while the same hasn't happened for everyone else.
  10. I don't think GRRM ever said the whole series was about the war against the others/White walkers. I only remember him saying that the others are the the biggest threat to westeros, but that doesn't mean they will be the focus of the series. anyway with the pace of the show this season I could totally see the show finishing in 5 episodes, because the war with the Others will boil down to one full episode of battle and then they will be done with it similar to the winterfell battle. I personally think the story (ASOIAF that is, GOT is whatever D&D make it) is mainly about the dysfunctional feudal system of the seven kingdoms and how it affects individuals. In the series Others are mainly a means to explore the effects of dire situations on the said feudal system, similar to how the plague transformed medieval society. I understand many show watchers and even book readers might be fascinated with the supernatural aspects of the series (dragons &the others), but I m personally mostly interested in the social exploration of the series and the supernatural only serves to create interesting situations, much like good science fiction. This is also why I have come to dislike GOT. At this point D&D don't give a shit about the politics and sociological aspect of the series, for them its all about championing their protagonists, showing "bad ass scenes" and fan service.
  11. I so agree with the OP. On the show Dany has everything she needs win even before arriving westeros. In the books though Dany can't even count on Dorne since they are likely siding with Aegon and may end up fighting Dany. Tyrells also for the most part may remain with the Lannisters though a part of the reach might side with Aegon. Where the show currently stands there is barely anything left to the story. They don't really need two more seasons, they could finish everything in five episodes. But we will end up with tons of filler episodes no doubt to give the series another 2 seasons.
  12. This was definitely the worst season so far. It made the extremely disappointing S5 look good in comparison. Its obvious to me D&D are tired of the show and just want to end it asap. Fortunately for them with the last episode they could actually finish the show in less than 10 episodes.
  13. Last I knew Davos wasn't actually omniscient. He didn't know Shireen was going to be burned. Plus D&D forced the situation, they have already done tons of contrived situation merely to hit a certain plot point they wanted.
  14. You are saying Melisandre wasn't pushing for that either?
  15. I agree. I think having a show with such a large fanbase become so dumbed down is a great disservice to the general public. As a small kid I would have found GOT much more entertaining than a more nuanced show because I only wanted to see spectacular images and I cared nothing for good story telling. But that's when I was a small boy, seeing the mass appeal the show among the adult population in spite of how dumb its become is really troubling, it suggests troubling things about much of the population .