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  1. I take it for the most obvious explanation I can think of: Foreshadowing a Dragon emerging from a destroyed Winterfell (reborn) in Jon Snow. Who will engulf the stars (an army with peircing blue eyes in the night) in flames. But I'm an optimist Edit: I believe the dragon riders will be Dany, Arya and Jon; hence him having the flames
  2. Is Theon too obvious an answer? As long as he's not too far broken to recover. Pycell if (f)Aegon takes KL (not by choice and may not survive the trip) Maybe Euron sends Rodrik the Reader to find more in the old books. But that doesn't seem Euron's style to live and let live
  3. It goes Dawn Age (CotF/Giants) then coming of First Men. The pact starts the Age of Heroes followed by the Long Night. The world book says Valyria forms as Westeros is recovering. So the children were a smaller population from the beginning of Valyria To the OP, I think of Tyrion's quote to apply to Valyrians in their prime, not to Targs. The first Targs on Dragonstone looked to Essos to regain Valyrian power. Just like everyone else, so it was called the Century of Blood. As for why the Targs never invaded, I am now curious if they did learn the hard way that the remaining CotF knew how to stop them. Ughhh... Trying to quote from a phone sucks so sorry about that. but I am referring to Hoare's quote. If dragon riders suffered a set back at Oldtown, perhaps that knowledge is still there. And the person who would know it is on his way to see three dragons right meow...
  4. Yes, Tom himself comfirms it However, I don't think Edmure reacts that way because he knows. I think he is clueless (surprise...), but is just afraid because he realizes it's a singer about to play the song played when his sister and king (and others) were slaughtered I admit the wording "Not him" doesn't help my case. I just can't understand how Edmure could know Tom was in the BWB, and if so why he would care. He has been captive the entire time Cat took charge (if he was acting) and I don't recall the BWB ever fighting Tully's. Additionally, if Tom was recognizable to Edmure, telling Jaime his real name is a huge risk since there are Tully banner men on the other side now Also, Benjen. WTF happened to Benjen...
  5. And it makes sense there would be none since Dorne has no navy. Since the Ironmen fight best on the water, they would expose themselves at their weakest on land without the reward of taking on a retaliation fight (and gain ships). Seems a long way to go just for saltwives when the North is right there
  6. I got the sense that Theon did recognize him but was surprised he was alive. Which is why Hallis would make sense. Hallis may have been in Theon's dead supper dream depending on how you interpret the last fragment: "... Hullen the master of horse, and all the others who had ridden south to Kings Landing to never return." And the name of the chapter is the Ghost in Winterfell. So I think Theon thought Hallis died in KL or in search of the Mountain if he knew about that
  7. And it wouldn't be the first time he had a POV misremember when Sansa remembered the kiss that wasn't. Combining two words seems a much easier mental mistake to make
  8. Well considering it was Cersei's memory that gives us the quote the spelling is what I would expect even if it were the case And not necessarily true if you consider the Mountain an Other. I don't really know how he could be considered beautiful now but since we have no description maybe something is there. Or maybe Qyburn will Mountainize someone else. PS I don't consider the Mountain an Other but more like a white walker, I am just saying... To the OP: I wouldn't say I have much expectations this is the case, but a very nice crackpot and fun to think about
  9. GRRM. But seriously, I'm right with you here. None of the theories really seem to make perfect sense to me
  10. Whoops. I was thinking of Bittersteel vs Bloodraven and got it confused with Daeron vs Daemon. So that was just a fail. Whoops
  11. I would have to agree with Dorian here. None of Aegon Vs heirs hatched a dragon until Dany and you could throw in more houses than that by then. And when it comes to dreaming, there are two Targ* charecters who have the gift during Dunk and Egg stories but one comes from Blackwood descent in Daeron the Drunken and Bracken descent in John the Fiddler. So the common thread here just appears to be Targ blood To the OP, yea I agree the words will spoil something but I don't know if it will necessarily spoil the future. I think it will just say something like Dawn = Old Ice and elaborate on history
  12. What better for the singers to sing about than for the dance of the dragons to end with the most beautiful dragon ever commuting an act of kinslaying? And there are plenty of examples in the world book where the histories appear to be influenced by singers (at the very least Yandel tells the story but qualifies it with the fact it came from songs)
  13. I took it as he did cross swords but with whites not an Other. He says it while overlooking the destruction the whites did to the NW. Remember the Old Bear survived that attack and made it all the way to Crasters. Mance may well have experienced the same (probably would have beven fewer whites in the Others' army then too)
  14. I agree with the first part. But I assumed the first time I read it that Rhaenys was severely and or mortally wounded by Meraxes being brought down. However, the Dornish saved her (possibly from an infuriated/wounded Meraxes) and had already sent her on a ship to Dragonstone. It would make sense that Aegon would not want to advertise this, since at this point they are viewed like gods by everyone north of the boneway. And I could see what the war did to Rhaenys taking away Aegons thirst for conguest
  15. I could see that for basilisks, not magic just something we don't have. But the WoIaF describes wyverns as smaller more aggressive dragons. Are you saying you think that's an overblown comparison? In total I agree with you. I don't think the dragons cause all of planetos' magic. It just increased when they returned. Also, correlation does not mean causation