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  1. Targaryen Morality

    So that's not opposing polygamy? If no I won't argue further.
  2. Targaryen Morality

    Then what's all the fuss about Maegor?
  3. Targaryen Morality

    So polygamy was never illegal or Targs never stopped practicing it because that might be the only way Jon Snow will have a claim? Expert level fact twisting.
  4. Targaryen Morality

    Who cares about sins? The Faith stopped caring itself. Targs built them their greatest sept and the Faith is the crown religion. That is not deceit when the Faith itself conceded it for the Targs. Still Targs gave up polygamy.
  5. Targaryen Morality

    No excuse for madness but his contribution to the Faith is very very large. The Faith gained a lot from the Targs even though they're not very religious. They kept the power balance between the crown and Faith very well after Maegor.
  6. Targaryen Morality

    Yeah but he became befuddled with piety.
  7. Targaryen Morality

    Tell that to Baelor.
  8. As much chance as Daenerys becoming evil.
  9. If Aegon hadn't...

    Did anyone argue that they did all that? They placed themselves at the top of feudal hierarchy and that was the thing they did best.There are definitely some achievements by them. 300 years is a relatively short time for technological advancement in Westeros where there was only one university which too was founded on one kingdom thousands of years before. I would really question the citadel's achievements more than any of the kings. An institute of learning for thousands of years yet no significant achievements in different fields?
  10. If Aegon hadn't...

    Free cities did and do fight with each other. Like how Lys, Myr and Tyrosh fight with each other. If relatively peaceful merchant states fight with each other a lot then what about militaristic feudal kingdoms? Currently Braavos and Volantis seems to have influence over lesser free cities at least Pentos is influenced by Braavos. So there is a greater co-ordination between them than 7 kings of 7 seperate kingdoms. I can't speak for other countries but my country India(though not perfect today) is in a much much better state than how it was divided. India once consisted of thousands of feudal kingdoms but arts and science flourished during the reigns of greater empires like the Mauryan or the Mughal empire when there was a relative peace. Industrial advancement or the lack of it is an anomaly in
  11. Targaryen Morality

    Even then they had a valid reason to practice incest. To protect the unique trait they had. That is much better than real world nobles who committed incest because they thought they are too superior to mingle with common men. People often make a connection between those to make Targaryens look pompous and arrogant. But the truth is Targs intermarried with a lot of diverse families for a 300 year old house.
  12. Unique perspective

    For most of the people a bittersweet ending is their favorite character getting a relatively better ending then the other characters could die to balance the sweetness. That is a very selfish take on the bittersweet ending. They also believe Martin has to kill a lot of characters at the end to make it bittersweet because of his reputation. I don't think that is the meaning of bittersweet. IMO the meaning of bittersweet is sweetness with a bitter aftertaste. This means our heroes would all win and survive but with huge personal losses. The original draft had all the 5 main characters survive the books. I still believe that is going to happen. People who expect a bleak ending except for their favorite character are going to be disappointed for sure.
  13. If Aegon hadn't...

    More and more wars would have happened. As every kingdom will be seperate there will be no meaningful long lasting alliances. Any expansionist king will throw the regions into chaos.
  14. Anyone else see Dany as becoming evil?

    If the story goes that way I will puke.
  15. Anyone else dislike Valyrians/Targaryens?

    He pillaged Westerlands the same way Lannisters did in the riverlands. That makes him the same kind of self righteous nobility as others in your list.