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  1. ASoIaF cliche about siblings

    Maybe he didn't know the manner of his death before but he certainly knew Renly would die the night before the battle. He showed belief in Mel's words that he would win even with a massive numerical disadvantage and he had ritual sex with Mel. It's not too hard to assume he knew Mel will cause Renly's death. His guilt reinforces this idea again. Baratheon vassal lords and other vassal lords supported a person who had no claim to the throne over an elder Baratheon brother. He is really charismatic enough to do that. I disagree that making people like you doesn't make a good king. That quality is very important for a king. In fact that quality is what kept Robert's realm stable till he ruined his reputation as a whoremonger. Charisma and likeability will bring stability on the other hand coldness and mercilessness will bring unrest and instability. If Renly could act as a respectable figurehead and even if his advisors did everything for him then he would be considered as a good king. He didn't burn a few septs doesn't mean anything. He still encourages burning of people and religious figureheads. He still endorses Red religion. He still has a flaming heart in his banner. This along with his unlikable personality would cause much stronger people's movement against him. Compared to Stannis, Renly auto wins the better king argument by not being Stannis. The arguments made for why Renly would make a bad king are usually less supported speculative arguments than the arguments made for why Stannis would make a bad king. Stannis might make a good benevolent dictator(which I don't believe) based on some arguments made by people but he will not make a good monarch.
  2. Why there is not Baratheon POV chapter in asoiaf

    He has the worst case of Messiah complex that drives him to R'hllor and turn him blind to the crimes his supporters commit in the name of religion. Melisandre did a great job stroking his ego to god level that he almost becomes a puppet to her.
  3. ASoIaF cliche about siblings

    People who thinks Stannis is unfit to rule vastly outnumbers people who thought Renly was unfit to rule. Even Baratheon vassal lords supported him over Stannis. It seems you are reducing Renly to make Stannis seem acceptable. I feel uncomfortable having him as a king because of the religious fanaticism he encourages. Even in the wall he burns weirwoods and forces people to give up their beliefs. If he had won the throne somehow during Blackwater imagine the Faith resistance he would get now. He would be toppled by his own people if he did anything against their Faith. Stannis will be a disaster for the realm. He defended the realm thanks to Davos and I am glad he is the moral compass which Stannis doesn't have within himself. He is a just man but also merciless who would kill anyone who he feels traitorous. Even his sense of justice is flawed. For example people who burn people in the name of religion is acceptable to him but people who don't agree to accept him as king deserves death. He is interesting because he is a broken man who is breaking further and getting corrupted and I can't wait to see what he descends into. But one thing is sure he would make a terrible terrible ruler.
  4. Most intriguing place to you outside of Westeros

    Old Valyria is an interesting place. Is it really demon infested or is it just sailor's tales? Is it cursed? Is there any clue what really happened during the doom? Do dragons still live there? Then there are the Five forts, the Wall of the East. I am curious to know what made people build that huge walls in the east. And whatever land the sea wargs Farwynds saw in the west. Actually a lot of places intrigue me and almost all are outside Westeros.
  5. Why there is not Baratheon POV chapter in asoiaf

    Yes but he is a Lannister Bastard though not Baratheon. Personally I would love Stannis POV to know the true Stannis but it is fun to speculate too so no worries. Him and Euron are two kings where I feel their own POV will ruin them.
  6. Why there is not Baratheon POV chapter in asoiaf

    Baratheons are not that important. Stags are the victims of the fight between the lion and the wolf not players as much as them. And they are interesting because they aren't POVs. My feeling is Stannis wouldn't have half as much fanboys if he had a POV and there was no Davos POV to cause a filtering effect. But his thoughts would be comedic gold though.
  7. I hate how (F)Aegon is assumed to die in almost every theory. Him being alive is a scenario nobody thinks. GRRM as a character killer is way overrated. I think the fandom will throw a fit if he doesn't kill as many characters as they believe he will kill.
  8. Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    But what if it is a daughter? What happens if Ned didn't find them and the Targaryens dead? How would they have proceeded? How would they prove they were indeed protecting the heir of the kingdoms? Why would they risk it? Simple explanation they were ordered by a prince and they can't flee from their commitment. KG doesn't need a convincing reason to obey the royal prince. They must obey. I don't think polygamy is even needed for the story. If George wants to make Jon the end game King he could by a number of ways other than taking the polygamy route. Even if Jon was the real hidden king Martin made it useless by having another dynasty depose them and only other Targaryens would retake it. Maybe Jon would effortlessly become a king because luckily he had a claim all along and luckily the other Targaryens would have taken the throne for him.
  9. Truly good characters

    Tyrion? You meant "I wanna rape my sister" Tyrion? He is basically good natured compared to a lot but he has done terrible things. Starks except the kids and Jon doesn't belong in the list too. We are talking about truly good not mostly good.
  10. Truly good characters

    Brienne supported her liege against two other kings with shaky claims from her perspective. She was right for wanting to kill a guy who murders with black magic.
  11. Truly good characters

    Brienne is the only one who comes to my mind.
  12. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Do you really think Dany and Jon romantic love is possible in the books within the span of the books? I could see a marriage alliance happening if somehow Jon had the North and Dany has to face Aegon in the South. I don't think there would be conflict between Jon and Dany regarding the North in the books either. Jon would want Dany's army to fight the Others more than an independent North. I am pretty sure they will ally but doubt there will be any romance.
  13. What 'needed to be done'?

    Killing a child Hitler is evil because there is no way to know what he could do because circumstances decide what a person would become. That is not even pragmatism. Anyway Robert's isn't pragmatism. If Pragmatism violated ethics then there will be repercussions. In fact Aerys did the same what Robert attempted to do and that costed him everything he had. It is ironic that Robert did the same in this case to a pregnant woman and her unborn child which makes the act worse.
  14. What 'needed to be done'?

    Are you believing that those Northern lords love Stannis? My Sweet summer child. They are all using Stannis for their own ends. I won't bet any money on Stannis. It seems our argument is getting nowhere and points are getting repeated. Let's agree to disagree. Good Luck.
  15. What 'needed to be done'?

    Marsh's was a desperate attempt to uphold what the Watch stands for. His obvious wildlings bias was his big flaw which prevented him from being committed to the true idea of the watch. Jon on the other hand did too radical reforms without taking the watch with him. A compromise between them would have been the best thing for the watch but not anymore. I agree on the point that the Watch is dying and would have died even if Jon wasn't stabbed.