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  1. That's why things like military might, the power to influence and the ability to hold the kingdoms together must be considered. There are no house traits like the Lannisters are evil and the Starks are honourable.
  2. Arryn, Baratheon, Lannister and Tyrell are equally better choices other than Targaryen. But it would be much easier for them if the North, the Iron Islands and Dorne are independent.
  3. Dragon eggs hatching is not unexpected though. There are multiple attempts to hatch dragons in history and even it has involved fire like summerhall. The point is everyone had failed and Dany's attempt had succeeded. Dany clearly expected it before she walked into the pyre and that's the huge problem in your argument. That's a huge gamble on her part and few may even question her sanity for it. But she walked into the pyre clearly expecting it and was even confident that she will come back. The readers were purposely kept in black so that the event looks surprising. But if you look at the clues for it, it is meant to happen. Dragon eggs are already Chekhov's guns. You don't introduce them if they aren't going to get hatched. It becomes obvious later. Also that's why it is not godly intervention(where it is really the author's way to solve a plot problem) because DEM are often poorly connected to the plot and poorly explained. Dragon birth is itself a plot. It depends on the fact that Dany has hatched the dragons, a task many failed at and she gained it because she did the deed herself. Proper DEM would be something like the eggs hatching themselves suddenly without any effort from the character and the author uses the plot device to affect the character. Here she knew what would happen if she walked in to the fire and knew death pays for life. Your argument is faulty where you said Dany would have died if not for the dragons. No she wouldn't have. She was still alive with followers after all other Dothraki left. She could have escaped with Jorah or joined the Dosh khaleen. Both are not bad fates. There are far worser fates she could have had. But it is she herself who chose the fate she had. She was not left under the mercy of the author to introduce a plot device to save her. It is not abrupt too as DEM has to be. There are literally dreams about waking dragons throughout AGOT and the birth of the dragons is the culmination of that. If you think getting the Unsullied is DEM then you clearly have a poor understanding of the term. You clearly don't give credit to the character there. Because it is Dany who plans it. You are trivializing whatever Dany did there because clearly there it was her who was moving the plot not her dragons. There were previous mentions of storms but if the author moves her entire army through the sea and uses the storm as a plot device to affect her and then it is DEM. Because it's an abrupt plot device and the characters could not have expected or affected it.
  4. The very definition of Deus Ex Machina disagrees with you. Not going to argue further if you disagree with that notion itself. Deus ex machina's are plot devices that exists that suddenly change the tide that looks like divine intervention. Dragons are huge part of the plot. They don't exist just to solve a plot problem. They move the plot themselves. That is not DEM. If you still can't agree then agree to disagree.
  5. It has to be an unexpected event for Dany and co. for it to happen. But with that fact already established, Dany's naval advisers advising her to take her whole army in ships despite the risk of storms and it happens anyway to abruptly change the plot makes it that. If it is expected then Dany has to use both land and sea. I am not against some loss at sea but it has to be organic rather than poetic.
  6. I love Tyrion's Rhoynish chapters. They are very atmospheric and Tyrion trying to play the game again is interesting. I also like Theon's escape from Winterfell. Scratch that all of Theon's Dance chapters. I love Dany's Vaes Tolorro chapter in Clash. It has a nice setting and Jorah talks about Westeros and they finally meet the three wise men from Qarth. I love Victarion's Reaver chapter. Inside Victarion's mind in the middle of a battle is very interesting. Another one is the Arya chapter where she meets with the Northman.
  7. That's not the definition of a deus ex machina. Wikipedia says "the term has evolved to mean a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly and abruptly resolved by the inspired and unexpected intervention of some new event, character, ability or object." Unlike what you said Martin himself has said Dany herself had figured out she would indeed wake the dragons before walking into the pyre. There are a lot of foreshadowing for the event. A deus ex machina needs to be an unexpected event which is not in the case of the birth of the dragons. It is the author purposefully keeping the nature of the birth of the dragons vague because he will reveal it later especially when Rhaegar's motivations, the Summerhall tragedy and Citadel conspiracies depend on that information. A deus ex machina will never be explained properly and it has to be abrupt. Slave soldiers joining her will not happen without battles. Let's say she would have already lost some of her elite Unsullied in the Battle of Meereen and few of her other forces because of the trip. I think Volantis will fall from the Inside which is massive slave revolts but this time those slave soldiers will not follow her instead stay there itself under the rule of the widow. For ships I don't think Volantene fleet will be enough. Maybe that's where Braavos will come to play.
  8. I don't really understand when you say you don't like whitewashing but you aren't commenting about people who try to do the opposite. Her mistakes are over-exaggerated by haters which annoy me. I don't believe in heroes and villains. I see people as who I could root for and who I could not. You could make a narrative where Dany is the villain already from the existing story. I would rather prefer conflicts where both sides has their reasons than one sided hero villain conflicts. Dany is a grey shaded character and anyone who deny it is a liar. I want her to continue to be rootable and have serious internal conflicts and be her own character instead of turning into a foil for some other character. I know there are annoying people both from her fans and her haters. I loathe some of them too especially those who twist facts.
  9. A Metafictionist perhaps(I tried OK..seriously can't come up with something better). But doesn't this describe you better. You make fiction instead of theories.
  10. You are a next level theorist. You even include the grrm in your theory. Really Dany do invoke really strong emotions and I can't stop loving her because of this.
  11. I would rather wish she would end up with Dolourous Edd than with Jon.
  12. How is the birth of dragons a deus ex machina? Care to explain? Where is the divine intervention that solves a problem with vague explanation part? Birth of dragons is a major part of the plot and dragons are very well explained which makes it obviously not deus ex machina. Never knew Volantene population is full of notorious fighters?
  13. This is a hate thread. Isn't the point of the thread is asking people who luv Dany why they love her? The thread starting with two sarcastic comments back to back is exactly why this will devolve into a typical Dany thread.
  14. Also it is deus ex machina. I prefer more loss of troops in battles on Volantis, Pentos and the narrow sea.
  15. Ad hominems are more worthy arguments than actual discussion about characters.