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  1. to be honest, it's quite depressing. I'm far from being a good writer myself - could never keep my deadlines. but: in May 2015 he thought, he could finish by Halloween. in August 2015, he thought, he could finish by the end of the year - in 4 months. he claims that he put much effort into the work on TWOW since - and I certainly believe him. HOW can he still be months away from finishing the book? how can he not be sure that the is done in 2018 - that's one and a half years. from 4-5 months 2 years ago. how can he be so bad at measureing his progress? I simply cannot unterstand it
  2. hm... Sauron was a maiar following Aule (just like Saruman) before he supported Morgoth. But IIRC we know nothing about Saurons motives for supporting Morgoth. When we first see him in the story (in Tol Sirion), I would say he certainly had no "good" motives and wishes left.
  3. I save a copy of the file on my computer for this occasion. Should amazon for some reason really delete the e-book on my kindle, I would crack the file, so I could still read the book.
  4. but ASOIAF is not about "technicalities" - it is about a story that makes sense, and about "the human heart in conflict with itself". and, many forget this, the story is not about shocking us - the readers. GRRM never introduced shock moments for the shock's sake. they have to make sense - and the valonqar being anyone but Jaime (or Tyrion) would not make sense, because it wouldn't add anything to Cersei's story. the Valonqar-prophecy is about Cersei getting it wrong, fuelling her hatred on Tyrion and turning a blind eye to Jaime. and about Jaime who will finally kill his sister whom he loved since childhood. and it is about the "legacy" of Tywin crushing down, because his children tear themselves apart, while Ned Stark's children standing together when Winter finally comes. maybe that's too obvious for some. but it's also an emotionally satisfying end to Cersei's story. and that would certainly not be the case if anyone but Jaime finally kills her. and I truely believe that GRRM wants to write stories that make sense, and not make twists for the twists' sake.
  5. where would be the point of Aeron being the Valonqar? he and Cersei have no connection at all. For Cersei it would be like "oh, some Greyjoy is now killing me" - does not make any sense.
  6. surely you all have already read this comment on his blog? http://grrm.livejournal.com/527454.html?thread=25877342#t25877342 he really seems to work hard, but a 1000 page book seems to take more time than he has.
  7. First, I will buy the e-book version as soon as it is released. I started reading ASOIAF a few years ago (post-ADWD) and only have e-books so far. when the series is completed (hopefully soon), I will buy a complete set of books for my bookshelf - hardback, hopefully a leather-version (like my 50th-anniversary-LOTR-book )
  8. at the end of ASOS Dany stated that she would stay in Meereen - we know this statement was made with the 5-years-gap in mind. and indeed GRRM planned to make her leave Meereen in her first chapter after the gap. but since the gap didn't work, Dany had to stay in Meereen on screen for some time. Nevertheless, it seems to be GRRM's intention to make Dany's story as logical as possible, but also to bring her to Westeros as soon as possible. So I don't think that she will make journeys which only distract her from this destination. But I think we will not find a solution here - only TWOW can give us an answer on this. hm... I think George more than once stated that after the FeastDance he now intends to bring his characters together once more. I think the time for ever more storylines is now over and the geographical scope will now contract. but we don't know where Dragonstone lies exactly. it could be closer to Vaes Dothrak than we think (George often uses such uncertainties to his advantage) - and I also think that her last chapter in ADWD happens weeks before the battle of fire. so her arrival in Vaes Dothrak and the battle of fire could happen at around the same time. of course, I don't know how it will happen exactly, but I am very confident that it will be Tyrion who brings Dany the news of Aegon. He is the only one who interacted with him and it is very likely that he saw through the deception. he will turn her against Illyrio, Varys and their "perfect prince". and I am also very confident that she will want to strike against them immediately. he is the "mummer's dragon" which she has to slay ("to give the heroes something to fight"). and here I disagree. it would be very unwise to let Aegon consolidate. meanwhile, it will give him legitimacy (which he does not have as a Blackfyre), and he can form alliances and bind the great houses to his rule. and IMO it is not at all guaranteed that Dany could win against a united Westeros. therefore, Tyrion will surely urge her to strike swiftly - and he is quite right to do so. I think Aegon will take KL either around half of the book - or quite at the end. but nevertheless, in either scenario I strongly believe that Dany will have reached the Narrow Sea by the end of TWOW. of course she could do all this, but as you said with Lorath: I think it would be irrelevant to conquer all Free Cities and Qarth. She will take Volantis, because it is a necessary stop for provisions (and because it is highly anticipated in ADWD that this will be the climax of her anti-slavery cruisade). then she might pass-by Tyrosh, Lys and Myr - they will certainly not fight, they know they cannot win. maybe they deliberately provide her with provisions. and then comes Pentos. maybe she also leaves this city aside, but I think she will conquer Pentos, because of Illyrio and because it is the price for the Tattered Prince. and it is a good base for a strike against Dragonstone and KL.
  9. that's true - they will not meet "early", because she will first encounter the Dothraki, and Tyrion will stay in Meereen and deal with the Ironborn and the sellsword companies. but then they will meet and he will be the one to tell her about Aegon and this will manifestly accelerate her drive toward Westeros. I strongly disagree here. read the Griffin Reborn chapter. JonCon does not have the time to delay. he will want to rush towards KL to sit Aegon on the IT. look at the disgust he has for the cautious nature of Harry Strickland. Aegon himself is a youth without fear - he also won't delay the course of action. same goes with Arianne. I strongly lean towards the theory of BryndenBFish in how they will take KL - and IMO this will not take more than 2-3 months after they took Storm's End. well, some say that it is necessary for Dany to conquer all slave cities in the world in order to finish her anti-slavery campaign and to be truely satisfied. but I agree with you that this will not be the case. otherwise, she would also have to take Qohor, Norvos, Lys, Tyrosh, Myr, Gogossos, New Ghis, and go as far as Asshai. Until she truely abolished slavery in all the world, the Others would already have taken Sunspear. So I'm quite sure that this is not the story George wants to tell.
  10. Tyrion will bring the news about Aegon to Dany - IMO this will push her towards Westeros. I think that the Dothraki will follow Dany because she rides Drogon - the stallion who mounts the world. we saw the effect of the hatching of the dragons on the remnants of her khalasar in AGOT - a grown Drogon, on which she can ride, will have an even greater effect - IMO this will be enough to bind them to her will. AFAIK the Dothraki have no experience in siegecraft - so I highly doubt that they could "storm the city" with its triple walls. IIRC only 12 or so ships are currently in Slaver's Bay - I think that's only a small part of the Qartheen fleet. and when Dany sends her khalasar to Qarth, she also needs a fleet to block the way by sea - otherwise a siege would be completely pointless. I think the climax of her anti-slavery campaign will be in Volantis - this is highly anticipated in ADWD - we saw this city from 3 POVs. and every one of them pointed out the slave situation. plus: we have the Widow of the Waterfront, who also hinted an upcoming slave revolt. all this points to Volantis. Qarth is too remote. and I think that it would also be possible to fit in into the timeline. Dany's trip to Vaes Dothrak might happen at the same time as the Battle of Fire. on her way to Meereen she gets news about it --> she immediately sends the khalasar to Volantis by land and flys to Meereen and takes her army to Volantis by sea. I think Dany could get 8 or so chapters - this should suffice to bring her to the Narrow Sea. (EDIT: maybe she has even less, because then we will have Tyrion as a second POV on her side - Victarion and Barristan are of course dead by then) In the 2nd half of TWOW Aegon will get the Throne and marry Arianne - so they might have 1-2 chapters in peace before the receive news that Dany is on her way. And: I don't see a reason why Illyrio would go to Westeros immediately.
  11. TBH, I also don't think that Dany will conquer Qarth. First, it is not of strategic value on her way to Westeros. Second, Qarth would be quite difficult to defeat: even if she can besiege the city from land and by sea (placing her forces around the city will take months) - it will also cost her months, maybe longer, before the city falls. and: I don't think that she could possibly maintain a siege for so long - she wouldn't have the supplies. but she has to besiege it, because she cannot destroy such a vast city like Qarth from dragonback alone. and we don't have any clues that there would be the possibility of a slave revolt (other than in Volantis - later more on that). Her alleged aim to end the slave trade completely IMO does not weigh up these two points. Furthermore, in her last chapter in ADWD she turns to "fire and blood" and rejects her peaceful side - and maybe also her determination concerning the slave trade. So I think that her aim to finally conquer Westeros is much stronger now and she will not be distracted by a long mission to Qarth, which would also lead to heavy losses. my thoughts on Dany's TWOW-plot: She will get the support of several khalasars in Vaes Dothrak (this fulfils the "to go forward you have to go back"-prophesy). Then, depending on the information she has on the battle for Meereen, she either takes them to Meereen and then turns to Volantis, or she sends her khalasar directly to Volantis, flys on dragonback to Meereen and then sails to Volants with her remaining strength - using the Volantene fleet after an upraising of the oar slaves (mark the words of the Widow on the Waterfront). so she takes Volantis - and then Pentos. there she kills Illyrio (Tyrion informed her on "Aegon" and Illyrio's and Varys' plotting) and hands the city over to the Tattered Prince. Then she sets sail towards Dragonstone. and that's the end of TWOW. IMO that's quite enough for one book - even without a trip to Qarth.
  12. PS. since Euros is the God of the (dangerous) East Wind. do you think that GRRM named Euron as a reference to this?
  13. does anyone know whom Sherlock sends this text in the last sequence? ("You know where to find me. SH") The Woman? Molly? or his parents (they listen to him and Euron playing at the end)?
  14. I am not a writer myself, but I know that you cannot simply change your writing style. The way you write is not a deliberate choice. at least if you want to achieve the best outcome possible. @mormont is absolutely right there. but my point was: it is not for us to demant apologies etc from George. of course, I am also disappointed, frustrated and sometimes angry that the book is not yet in my shelf - I've wanted it for years. but it is not for me (and us) to demand that another shall work to make me happy. it is not for me to demand apologies when George has difficulties to bring this story to paper. because that is what I really want - and what we all are here for: we know that George can write extraordinary tales, rich in detail, with many persons we care for and whose arces and plots perfectly fit together. and we want the same also for Winds. but this takes time. and we have to give him this time.
  15. might be. so what?