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  1. Ok I got one how would an introduction of a minimum price per unit of alcohol by Aegon the Conqueror affect the Reach, would the Arbor diversify into leisure to supplement their economy?
  2. Lol this has made my day
  3. How would this move the story forward? The Tyrell/Lannisters are already fighting the Iron Born & Aegon. Dorne and the Vale are not going to back her. Dany at some point is going to have an army strong enough to smash everyone. What benefit is there for the Lannisters to go into civil war and Tyrells jump ship? Reach civil war maybe but since they are all related even that is a long shot.
  4. Besides if he confessed to be a product of incest there is even more reason to claim the letter as a fake and find a scape goat. Or do you suggest the Lannisters and Tyrells accept the truth and bow to Stannis the true heir LOL
  5. They find the king dead with a note claiming he has killed himself. Could it be suicide or could it be foul play. "I thought the crossbow fitting. You shared so much with Lord Tywin, why not that? Your niece will think the Tyrells had you murdered, mayhaps with the connivance of the Imp. The Tyrells will suspect her. Someone somewhere will find a way to blame the Dornishmen. Doubt, division, and mistrust will eat the very ground beneath your boy king, whilst Aegon raises his banner above Storm's End and the lords of the realm gather round him." Epilogue Dance Just because he killed himself does not mean people won't make their own minds up and no doubt someone somewhere will find a way to blame the Dornishmen, but Cersei will blame Tyrion, a bit of torture and no doubt some of his wildmen would confess to the crime. Shae would confess again.
  6. Tyrion would get the blame anyway and
  7. By rights it should be Aegon in most regions apart from Iron Isles, Dorne and maybe the north. But it would be hard for the reader to keep track of all the Aegons if that was the case
  8. Why give anyone a dagger in the first place, not like it's a hard weapon to come by. "Hi can you kill a Lord paramount son in his own castle, a castle you are unfamiliar with?" "Sure I kill people all the time but I need a knife" Not a likley scenario. Finding the cat's paw is the hard part, giving him the knife is just a show of power/showing off. Not Roberts style.
  9. Think you might mean hokey rather than comic relief
  10. Everything would be different, he would be a good candidate for LC though
  11. Benjen not Mance is King beyond the wall but how does Jon become King of the 7 kingdoms?
  12. Having been disappointed with Tyrion the Martels here about another dwarf down the road, curiosity gets the better of them and visit the keep where they find a huge new born. They take the hound on as a page once he comes of age and despite being a squire at the time of the Rebelion Sandor defends the royal family giving Ned the time to reach the Red Keep and claims Aegon as a Ward and ships him north. On Roberts death Robb and Theon declare for their brother Aegon. Tyrell join Aegon after Renlys death Aegon wins
  13. King Robert would claim her, Jon would still be claimed as Neds
  14. 1 is closer than 20k, he would need his father to call that many men, by the time they mustered Robert would be dead, and Renly would do what he did in the first book. But anyway you propose that Loras takes command of 20k reach men I presume, joins with the North (who also take weeks to reach the west) and Riverlands to pin Tywin in the West and declare for Stannis. In the mean time his father declares for Renly. A bit of a strange situation
  15. Who knows I am assuming Dany is also out of the picture, bring down the Barathron/Lannister dynasty and invade with the gold company anyway