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  1. Does anyone think he is up to anything? So you are saying by calling his banners and moving them to defend Dorne and poised to march, but not rushing to take a side he got Myrcella and a seat in the council with a large slice of good fortune. Or are you saying the Lannisters are his enemys and thought he was plotting against them so gave up a hostage? Might help me get my head round this if you clarify which enemys specifically or generally you are referring to. The bit about teaching his kids the reality of Dornes position within the 7k; and the importance for Dorne to project an image of strength I get.
  2. I'm a little lost everybody thinks Doran has no plan and is sitting in his hands. But his master plan is to make everyone or just his kids? Think he has a master plan but in fact the master plan is to make people think he has one when infact there is no plan?
  3. I am sure the golden company would be interested in joining the war, they are the original Targ usurpers and are keen to come home. Give them enough gold they might brake their current contract, who knows once they do they might stay loyal to the mad king. They are usurpers those who would fight them have done so and been beaten, the rest are loyal or smart enough to know you do not start a war with your LP after he has called his banners, it's suicidal. What are you doing with your navy? Might work might not Tywin has ignored all summons so far a 2nd son may tempt him or he could just sit it out.
  4. The quote is LF people "Stannis had given her their lives. Yet she sensed no true mercy in the man. He was determined, beyond a doubt. Nor did he lack for courage. Men said he was just … and if his was a harsh, hard-handed sort of justice, well, life on the Iron Islands had accustomed Asha Greyjoy to that. All the same, she could not like this king. Those deep-set blue eyes of his seemed always slitted in suspicion, cold fury boiling just below their surface. Her life meant little and less to him. She was only his hostage, a prize to show the north that he could vanquish the ironborn." Kings prize Dance. It does not sound like Stannis has changed his nature. OP argues Stannis would make good king if not for his religion, I would add to that his personality. Robert inspires loyalty not fear, Robert was a bad king and the kingdom prospered, Stannis would be a good king and the kingdom would bleed.
  5. I imagine the gorge itself is the barrier and not the water at its base
  6. “Davos, I have missed you sorely,” the king said. “Aye, I have a tail of traitors, your nose does not deceive you. My bannermen are inconstant even in their treasons. I need them, but you should know how it sickens me to pardon such as these when I have punished better men for lesser crimes. You have every right to reproach me, Ser Davos.” clash Stannis instinct is to punish (kill)? Them all, but he needs them to take power, Robert and Renly would have won them over and mayhaps the Tyrells too. Clearly the Tyrell do not relish him as king and neither does LF who speaks the warning to Ned above. I agree with the sentiment that Stannis and his religion is a barrier to him being a great king but so is Stannis the man just as great a barrier for many of the nobles. I imagine that many of them could not tell the differences between him and the mad king should he start killing them on mass justifiably or otherwise.
  7. Every man who fought beneath the dragon banner or rose with Balon Greyjoy will have good cause to fear. Seat Stannis on the Iron Throne and I promise you, the realm will bleed. GoT Ned 13 This has nothing to do with religion and simply Stannis being Stannis
  8. Ramsey and Theon, the relentless nature of it and for what reason? He hated his smile and his entitled attitude/birth and no other reason. It's premeditated torture with no and in sight.
  9. Walder I do not hate him I do not love him I do not admire him, but I am rooting for him. He did what was best for himself time and time again, he is fitting in this world, and a fitting end would be "In my own bed, with a belly full of wine and a maiden's mouth around my cock, at the age of eighty," or 100 as the case may be. It's not a fairy story the good guys should not always win go Walder.
  10. Right I missed that, maester conspiracy I am aware of but the link with the faith is new to me. Aegon used the faith to cement his authority, the Targs suppressed its military arm and moved the faith to Kings Landing, subsequent High Septons appear to be in the pocket of the throne. Before Aegon I am not sure how different things might have been, the faith had its defenders/army but I am guessing the reason for that was they kept getting fucked over by various kings raiding each others lands. This ment people probably turned to the faith and increased its power, but a real possibility of Iron Born taking over much of westrose could have happend if not for the Targs. Won't go into the north as the lines between avatar and power/influence is a blur to me, either the gods intervene or they have no influence as far as I can see.
  11. If you want to go down the avatar root, Mel Euron and BR would be a good place to start. They have effected who sits the iron throne at some point (I don't believe Mel and her leaches worked) BR has confirmed power how far that power has continued into tree form is yet to be discovered, but he ensured no Blackfyre sat the Iron throne. Mel is smoke and mirrors for the most part but has prevented the Baratheons regaining the seat after Roberts death Euron is new to the game so we will have to wait and see. BR is on team old gods for sure, Mel is being moved by the flames so probably R'hllor, Euron is anybody's guess but probably team undying ones
  12. Not sure about your champions, a champion should defend the faith. Theon is a better fit for The Drowned god and he will probably champion the old ways against Euron. Mel would be a good example on how to manipulate religious following into believing you have power beyond this world.
  13. I don't understand is everyone in NATO part of the EU? is the UK not part of NATO? How did Brexit happen? Did we get special permission form the US to separate from the EU? If you want to argue the US won the war or that much of Europe would looked to Russia if not for US intervention fine, Brexit was an existential threat to the EU, the concern in Europe was if the EU collapsed what would stop the continent falling into war as we have done since the dawn of time. At no point during this threat did I hear anyone mention that should the EU disintegrate that it would all be fine because we are all allies with the US. US often leads the EU economically and culturally but do not mistake this for dependence. If you substituted Germany for the US in your original statment I would probably agree with you, they are the heart of the EU and many states do depend on them.
  14. Almost right they don't need to spend as much on military because pretty much everyone in Europe is allied with each other. The free Cities would not have been allowed to develop strong anything independently of Valyria, once Valyria is gone there should have been an arms race as each city tried to gain the upper hand. Slaver Bay is probably close to a Europe they are rivals and partners it is better to work together than fight no need to waste money on needless wars.
  15. US is dominant but analogy is poor, if US did blow up Europe would still have the tech, if not numbers or economy. Europe is more than capable of holding its own it's just we have had enough of wars in the recent past, look at NATO GDP spend we are where the US was a century ago