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  1. Yawn the Starks are the exception blackfyre and dance all regions where divided. I was thinking more along the lines of living relatives not ancestors. I quoted one instance as that is the scenario given in the OP, I accept that their claim was tenuous once soon a time, I accept should a greater power (Dany) arrive they may loose some of their banner men. But at Roberts death What we know is the Tyrells did rebell and declare for Renly, they then withdrew from the field with all their strength less Florents. At this point they are rebells from the Throne have no alliances and keep hold of ALL their banner men. How do you not see that is exactly the scenario the OP described except Loras would be dead giving them a legitimate reason to rebell.
  2. You seem to have got it in your head that the Tyrell banner men are itching to overthrow them. You state that they only keep their power due to being aligned to the iron throne, or a pretender to the throne. If IF their banner men hated them as much as you imagine they have had 3 chances to stab them in their back and stayed true to their overlords. The Tyrells are now the throne, it will be interesting to see how loyal their men will be when a stronger army lands i.e. Dany. I imagine a few will see the tide turning and jump ship, this despite the having the backing of the Iron throne. So no Tyrell banner men have not revolted and shown no sign of doing so. If they decided to take on the whole of the 7 kingdoms then yes Florents would probably be the first to jump ship but Poor spelling or not the Tyrells have blood ties with most of the power in the Reach.
  3. . ” Stannis clenched his jaw, his face taut. “I swore I would never treat with you while you wore your traitor’s crown. Would that I had kept to that vow.” , and I have no wish to slay you. So if it is Storm’s End you want, take it … as a brother’s gift. As Robert once gave it to me, I give to you.” “It is not yours to give. It is mine by rights.” Sighing, half turned in the saddle Surrendered his birth right
  4. “Davos, I have missed you sorely,” the king said. “Aye, I have a tail of traitors, your nose does not deceive you. My bannermen are inconstant even in their treasons. I need them, but you should know how it sickens me to pardon such as these when I have punished better men for lesser crimes. You have every right to reproach me, Ser Davos.” Surrendered his principles
  5. He still had Bronn’s hirelings, near eight hundred of them now, but sellswords were notoriously fickle. Tyrion had done what he could to buy their continued loyalty, promising Bronn and a dozen of his best men lands and knighthoods when the battle was won. They’d drunk his wine, laughed at his jests, and called each other ser until they were all staggering … all but Bronn himself, who’d only smiled that insolent dark smile of his and afterwards said, “They’ll kill for that knighthood, but don’t ever think they’ll die for it.” "The gold cloaks were almost as uncertain a weapon. Six thousand men in the City Watch, thanks to Cersei, but only a quarter of them could be relied upon. “There’s few out-and-out traitors, though there’s some, even your spider hasn’t found them all,” Bywater had warned him. “But there’s hundreds greener than spring grass, men who joined for bread and ale and safety. No man likes to look craven in the sight of his fellows, so they’ll fight brave enough at the start, when it’s all warhorns and blowing banners. But if the battle looks to be going sour they’ll break, and they’ll break bad. The first man to throw down his spear and run will have a thousand more treading on his heels.” To be sure, there were seasoned men in the City Watch, the core of two thousand who’d gotten their gold cloaks from Robert, not Cersei. Yet even those … a watchman was not truly a soldier, Lord Tywin Lannister had been fond of saying. Of knights and squires and men-at-arms, Tyrion had no more than three hundred. Soon enough, he must test the truth of another of his father’s sayings: that one man on a wall was worth ten beneath it. So 2000 gold cloaks, 800 fickle sell swords, a few knights and levyes and worse still out and out traitors. As for the large fleet Stannis superior fleet effectively smashed the Lannister 1 with his first 2 rows. So agian wildfire was the only trick up KL sleeve
  6. "I thank you, my good lady, but I see no need to trouble Lord Robert," Tyrion said politely. "The gods know the truth of my innocence. I will have their verdict, not the judgment of men. I demandtrial by combat." "Lady Lysa had no honorable way to deny him, even if she'd wished to," Lord Hunter intoned ponderously." "Beric Dondarrion turned back to the Hound. “You stand accused of murder, but no one here knows the truth or falsehood of the charge, so it is not for us to judge you. Only the Lord of Light may do that now. I sentence you to trial by battle.” The Mad Huntsman spat. “I say we take him back to Stoney Sept and put him in a crow cage.” “Yes,” Arya said. “He murdered Mycah. He did.” “Such an angry squirrel,” murmured Greenbeard. Harwin sighed. “R’hllor has judged him innocent.” So the answer seems to be honor and gods. There is an agreed custom where the gods favour the righteous and it is dishonerable to deny that right "There were trials. Of a sort. Lord Rickard demanded trial by combat, and the king granted the request. Stark armored himself as for battle, thinking to duel one of the Kingsguard. Me, perhaps. Instead they took him to the throne room and suspended him from the rafters while two of Aerys's pyromancers kindled a blaze beneath him. The king told him that fire was the champion of House Targaryen. So all Lord Rickard needed to do to prove himself innocent of treason was . . . well, not burn." Not honourable especially as he had the best KG ever on hand but the Mad King could not give a fuck
  7. He surrendered the Blackwater and field, 10 mins late though John so 1 point to See Tristan
  8. This is a bit of fun; inspired by the Stannis enthusiasts that state Stannis never surrenders, we know the quote "The armorer considered that a moment. "Robert was the true steel. Stannis is pure iron, black and hard and strong, yes, but brittle, the way iron gets. He'll break before he bends. And Renly, that one, he's copper, bright and shiny, pretty to look at but not worth all that much at the end of the day" So give examples of when Stannis has surrendered bonus points if your example does not get shot down within 30 mins of posting.
  9. Think you will find Renly was not sitting on the Iron throne just one of several pretenders, when Stannis to over Renlys host the Tyrells kept their bannermen, and kept them again when they backed the Lannisters. Tyrells are smart the have married and intermarriage with their strongest bannermen
  10. The size of the host is irrelevant they did not assault the castle, at a young age he showed strenght of character but nothing to suggest hit and run tactics OP is looking for. His greatest achievement but that makes him a great admiral probably the best but again not what the OP asked for. You need to read those chapters again KL was very poorly defended sellswords and city watch conscripts. Tyrion had one trick and that was wildfire, still not small group hit and run + he failed. Sounds impressive but mounted knights against unarmoured troops never ends well Mormont fancies his chances with 300 nights watch who where not to the stanndard of battle hardend troops Stannis had. Deepwood motte is hardly one of the hardest places to take and he had vastly superior numbers.
  11. I suspect it was Connington it is implied that he wanted the glory for himself, from there it is a small step to imagine he sent Mace and Tarlly to siege Stormsend while he chased Robert. The fact that nobody commanded the Tyrell army to split and join the battle for the Trident, or worse yet immediately march for KL double time once the battle was lost and fuck the seige is a slight oversight
  12. If Jon had killed Robert before the battle of the bells I would say he becomes the new LP, at least until he gets burnt alive that is
  13. Things can change quickly Connington might have been a rival to the Baratheons had they not lost all their land. Went should be a lot stronger with large fertile land but Harrenhall is ruinous to run and maybe can't afford enough men at arms. Plum might be one for the west they managed to bag a Targ bride so should be higher than many of their piers
  14. Stark kids and their wolves Historically hard to better Jonquill & Florian, plenty of Targs have had true love. Problem is not many people have the opportunity to fall in love and marry, often people are betrothed for political reasons sometimes before they even come of age. Would 'Arya' and Ramsey hook up together under normal circumstances? Lysa and Jon, Lancel and Amerei, Tyrek and Eemesande, Stannis and Selyse? At some point somebody will get lucky Roose seems happy with his Frey bride but is he capable of putting love above all else probably not.
  15. What story have you been reading Tyrells team up with Renly have full backing of the Reach, but in this new version their banner men rise up against them because they are going it alone? Ned dead or not the north is already marching south, Lannisters already engaged in the Riverlands, Stannis will still declare himself king. @UFT reason ppl keep ripping your fan fic apart is because they don't make any sense, you change 1 part of a sequence of events ignore surrounding and consequential actions to develop a new narrative that is inferior to what Martin has written.