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  1. Agree, book-wise would makes no sense. Only this is the show.
  2. Dany going to Dragonstone with the whole army is plain illogic, so compliments for guessing it. I still hope they will put some sense in this choice having the fleet stop by Dorne first to provision themselves with winter robes and other needed stuff. Also I hope she will leave the Dothraki in Dorne, it also already difficult to fit 8000 unsullied on that tiny island.
  3. They are filming in Italica (dragonpit set) soon, as it will be closed until 12 November. Isn't that a little bit early for the last episode? Right now everything hinted they are filming episode 1 and 2.
  4. The point is, there is no room for speculation on the show, it's all already pretty much set and near conclusion. But the books will play it differently especially because they will go much more on detail and I hope they will also explain in detail the involvement of Ashara. Ashara is a piece of the puzzle, whatever theory doesn't find a place for her story will never tell us 100% of the truth.
  5. He is more than keen to kneel for Dany, probably the same way he already knelt for Ygritte.
  6. It seems that a lot of people thinks that bittersweet end means some important characters dying and that's all. But if it was for that the whole story is bittersweet, so I think that would be pointless for GRRM to say. My first guess would be for Jon&Dany dying not without an heir, and Tyrion on the throne ultimately as the guardian of the little child. My second guess are some lasting changes to westeros that may go from separating the land in two at the neck, to some sort of political separation or even the birth of some form of republic. This would involve all the know character to die leaving only their legacy behind.
  7. Ok spoiler alert
  8. Title and Director of Episode 4
  9. Here is a collection of the some GOT Inspired Songs and Themes.
  10. Are there any news on Lyanna Mormont casting? Will she be in season 7? In imdb she isn't there Could Megan Parkinson be a more mature recast of her?
  11. 1 Dragon will die taken down by the other two because Euron has taken control of it using the dragon horn. A second Dragon will die trying to protect Jon hence starting to give general credit in Westeros that something about his lineage is different from what everyone thinks. Last Dragon will also die but in S8 during the battle against the undead.
  12. It is clear that the final scene is various months after every other scene in the sixth season, that much is fine with me. The only problem I have is about Dorne and Tyrell fleets (which are quite big to go unnoticed) to be sent to Slavers bay without having someone else fleet tailing them (Lannisters or Euron). Maybe there was already a naval battle and it was discarded as a minor detail, but still I find this ships teleporting more disturbing than supposed Varys teleporting or any other problem that was highlighted. Anyway S7EP01 may clarify a lot of this. My guess is that it will be completely centered on events that are between Cersei/Jon coronations and Dany sailing to westeros. The last scene of S6 was just a temporal leap for the sake of the finale and now the hole needs to be filled.
  13. Why GRRM put so much contact points between Brynder Rivers and Jon Snow? Have all the similarities no meaning at all? Some samples: Both Brynden and Jon are part valyrian part first man bastards (ok for Jon in the book is still unconfirmed, yet likely). Both served in black and raised to Lord Commander position (and it is very likely that Jon will later leave the position like Brynden did) Jon Direwolf Ghost is an albino with red eyes just like Brynden, but there is even more looking at the first chapter of GoT His eyes opened while the others are blind may represent Brynden greenseer powers, while Jon Snow notably "Knows Nothing". Actually looking back, leaving aside the first two bullets that may hold no meaning at all, the third bullet may lead to a completely different question: Was really Ghost meant for Jon or was it actually meant for Bran? More generally what are your interpretations of the bold part in the quote?
  14. Some of the list are too different from Kit. You can't expect to have a real father-son resemblance, but at least some common points. Only number 2 is acceptable IMO.