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  1. I think that the showrunners are going for this "implementation" of the Azor Ahai profecy: Jon is Azor Ahai, Dany Nissa Nissa, Drogon is lightbringer. Dany will get pregnant hence will not be able to ride Drogon any more. At that time both Viserion and Rhaegal will be goners. Also at a certain point they will find that the NK is immune to both obsidian and valyrian steel and dragon breath might be the only way to kill him. So Jon will try and succeed in riding Drogon. Dany will also die of childbirth to completely fulfill her destiny as Nissa Nissa. Jon then will kill the NK using Drogon in a sort of "Kamikaze" action which will be pretty much the end of all three.
  2. This. And I expect worse to come. But I mean - now I get it - we got a great book adaptation until season 5, then the material ended. Now we get something to fill the wait for the next books, a fanfic at a good professional level with amazing CGI. We should be almost grateful. Please continue to elaborates memes and theories. Keep in mind to be as detailed as possible. D&D are reading everything and they might choose here material for the end game. Thanks in advance.
  3. Dragonstone is really near King's Landing, just a couple of days. Eastwatch on the other end is around 2000 miles away. In medieval times a boat that's wouldn't need to stop at every port would cover the distance in roughly 1 month (60 miles per day). I think three months for all the travels could be fair.
  4. I can't stop..thinking of stupid things. Why Tormund reacts that way toward Jorah? Did Jon hide to him the fact that he fought the battle of Bastard with the Mormonts? Was he paying attention during the war or the northern councils? Did he understand who the little badass girl was? I recall her nominating her family name a couple of I would expected him to stand up and say what he said to Jorah at the time...
  5. Shame they couldn't pass to winterfell where they probably left the snow cannon, since Eastwatch had no snow at all on the ground. Apparently winter yet has to come.
  6. Ok why there is no snow on Eastwatch land....I mean the whole north is covered in snow, winter has arrived a season ago, it is probably even starting to snow on the vale and riverlands, but then they arrive at the wall and it is not snowing and the land is unconvered...just the castle and the wall. Meh.
  7. Not only this. I am starting to think D&D will not have Jon ride Rhaegal at all. I think they are going in a direction that I'll put in spoiler bracket even if is a season 8 speculation, but based on some next episodes leaks:
  8. That it's not definitive. Let's say that now she is just 1-2 month pregnant...even if in episode 7 three months have passed she would be 4-5 month pregnant which, depending on the woman, can be hardly seen.
  9. Most stupid part is the Jamie rescue, even more stupid than having Bronn shoot the scorpion twice in field full of Dothrakis that apparently don't care about their queen. 1) Bronn pushes Jamie in the lake by at most a meter and he already fall in what seems the westerosy edition of Mariana Trench. 2) Dany has been attacked by the enemy general and apparently she doesn't care to get him captured but just let them swim away. Even if she cared more for Drogon to bother she would at least mention him later. 3) Jamie is apparently going down just for the sake of episode cliffhanger. Then after not even getting rid of his armor and golden hand is able to swim for what...a mile? Probably that is not gold but an inflatable plastic yellow hand-shapen life vest. 4) But swimming away is not unrealistic enough, so actually to make it dumber (probably they are trying to win some prize that I am not aware of here), it is hinted that Bronn just rescued Jamie underwater and then teleported him on the shore a mile away. The teleporting devices are becoming more and more common in Westeros and also more versatile in use since now they work also underwater...I don't understand why they don't teleport themselves all in Naath to spend life on the beaches fucking Missandei-alike-womans and just leave the shitty westeros to the NK to make his own ice bar.
  10. All this Season is fan service. GRRM gave them the point of arrival and they decided to get there by fanfic. About this episode is 6/10 because I am rating the level of fan service and with Gendry return and Jon petting Drogon it was ok.
  11. One has not to be Nostradamus to predict that Ghost will be killed the first battle against the dead we get in Season 8.
  12. At least it is poisonous for Dothraki eyes. I still find no reasonable explanation on why they let Bronn shot twice. If you look carefully you can even see Dothrakis going around the scorpion battling and they don't give a f*** about the weapon that may cost them their queen's life.
  13. Sounds more like a spoiler...
  14. Drogon scene is the best, I can't wait to see the whole scene.
  15. I think we can start trying to figure out pieces of the end game not just theorizing but using hints that S7 is giving us. One firs piece is the end of all the westerosi houses legitimate heirs or name in general (so not counting the bastards): Martells are gone, Tyrells are gone, Baratheons are gone and all others have a pretty fucked up situations by know. For instance Starks seems to be recovering but still: Sansa and Arya will not pass the name, Bran will not likely procreate, Jon not sure about his fertility coming back from the dead and anyway is not a Stark. Robert Arryn doesn't seem will have a long life, so does the Tully guy brother of Catelyn (sorry I don't remember the name). I could continue with Lannisters, Greyjoys, etc. but I will not go long on that; for different reasons I think that all of them will not produce heirs. So I am starting imagining a country with a different power system: no lords, no big houses, no 7 kingdoms. Probably new westeros will be more similar to essos free cities system, but still with a capital that will coordinate the "common wealth" :-) No king, no Iron throne, just a Mayor and a council. This I think is also an hint of what characters will make to the end game. Specifically the character that will suit best this new world: Tyrion, Sansa, Sam, Davos. All the character that are linked with either the throne scheming o the magical part of the story will die including Dany and Jon. This is necessary for the birth of the new world.