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  1. Yes. Rhaegar dwarfs Jaime in everything. In the end, I don't think Cersei is moved by love but for fascination. Jaime is like a mirror for her own beauty and that is what fascinates her. Rhaegar is inhumanly beautiful, so it is some "thing" for her to admire. If I recall correctly, she was fascinated a little bit by Aurane enough to give him command of her fleet. Whatever fascinates her the most has her attention or "devotion".
  2. I read theories linking the inverted 'essosi weirwoods' to the Undying Ones and the rotting heart deep in their lair. Maybe the weirwoods finally start to rot once that heart is destroyed. A 'heart' where all westerosi weirwoods are connected to is a nice typical George fashion weird sci-fi idea. The terrible face in Harrenhal may be just Harren the Black, an odious man.
  3. I remember that conversation he held with Stephen King, at that point when they discussed how was their writing output on a regular basis. King said he, on a normal day, would have 6 pages ready just a step from publish material, which is impressive. Martin said that he usually got stuck and couldn't go on for a month. I read several King's books, some I enjoyed, some not, but I wish George could have a slice of King's work method. He just sounds too disperse. I still have faith that he has the two last books figured out, as in a board with plots and subplots drawn and that he'll publish the two and then just get on into growing what he apparently wants to do: small asoiaf stories. Alas, faith gets dimmer every year.
  4. I picture him nearing his 30's. Dude just sounds too mature for all his contemporaries, who are mostly younglings.
  5. So which was Balon's plan? I've read one too many interpretations of it.
  6. I take this is Preston Jacob's imaginery about what will happen. Not sure if Dany will make it back to Meereen in time, since she is somewhere not disclosed with severe diarrhea and apparently spotted by wandering dothrakis. If I see it correctly, the 'battle of fire' will be fought between Vic vs the slavers vs Barry's forces. May be a free for all if Dany don't make it back before Vic notices she's not there and the dragons that were promised are not delivered. The battle of ice assumes Stan will defeat the Freys. I'd just rather read the damn thing before imagining a clash between Stannis & Ramsay. Euron & the battle of blood seems to me the most interesting. I take it Euron has to win that battle, because his arc is just developing forward, and I think he will set in the horror factor that might be prevalent in Winds.
  7. The Company of the Rose, after 300 years, coming back to Westeros to help their fellow northeners in times of need sounds very romantic. After 300 years one could claim they are assimilated into essosi culture already. If we haven't heard from them, neither one of them approaching a POV, a character linked to a POV, and no news whatsoever... Well, one could always say "it may happen - they might return to Westeros", sure, but there are just no clues for that in any place. It's just an incidental mention in the worldbook. Besides, having them coming back to their original homeland while winter is nearing... Would be kinda dumb. One thing you don't need is a military company that would eat its way through an already food-scarce region. My assumption is that George planted them there, in this wide picture of a world. Maybe he'll have an use for them sometime, maybe he won't. When I read the worldbook I saw a lot of potential short stories based on asoiaf. The Rose Company might be one of them.
  8. It saddens me somewhat when we forget about northern people. It is quite hard to get a southron army up north and to keep its supply lines well fed and enough to fight an army of undead and walkers of the white. Mighty Stan is up there and his knights can hardly keep the pace on their clansmen companions. If we want to save the North, which is the primary fighting ground, I think we need a northern commander who could summon the men of the clans, who for me are the best warriors to fight any being or entity that comes from beyond the Wall in northern terrain. Well, I propose Hugo Wull.
  9. North. House Bolton. They were the last to surrender and join Stark, they command respect, they have a history of being fierce as warriors (we don't know any other House -beside the Greyjoys in the saga- that managed to take and burn the ancient Stark castle... 3 times). They have a history of royalty (Red Kings). The Dreadfort is nicely layed not far from the center of the North. So it's good as a regional capital. I would have named the Umbers, but they are just too far North. Iron Islands. Even though I like Harlaw, they have too many branches which can in turn dispute the lordship over the Islands. Gonna stay with House Drumm, they seem well centered. Westerlands. Lannister bannermen just seem to opaque to me to name a ruling House. Don't think they were drawn enough for one of them to stand above the others, so I'm going to go blank here. Dorne. Pretty logical to me here. Yronwoods. They need to fill those gazillion titles with real dominion over the lands. Riverlands. Kinda difficult. I'd separate this region and settle the other adjacent regions to have a portion of it, to govern them and establish a neuralgic point of commerce and agriculture between all people living there, but no more as an independent region. Stormlands. Happens something as in the Westerlands. The stormlords seems to me too opaque. I'd pick the Tarths, but I can't trust an island when all the rest of the territory is inland. When you got no planes to travel through. The Vale. Easier here to pick one. Of course, the one and only House Borrell!!!!111 Long live the sistermen!!!11 Back to being kings as in times of old!!
  10. 'cause we, after years of delving into the most bizarre details of Planetos, won't take such a simple and clean explanation whatsoever. Never. Ever. In the world.
  11. I do think King's blood exist in ancient First Men's dynastic lines that were at some point gifted by the children of the forest. Magic exist in asoiaf's world. The very first chapter introduces us to magical beings. So I believe in King's blood. Up to this point I think there exist some bloodlines that are still magical: the Baratheons (via their Durrandon ancestry) and the Starks. Using their blood in magical rituals is an effective way of doing whatever magic is involved in.
  12. I would give or take classes of asoiaf, but I'd wait the series to be finished, I would offer an entire course of philosphy based on GOT, if it was finished. Out of respect for alumni.
  13. I fancy the Bulwer banner.
  14. Who was that woman? Trying to bust my memory but failing.
  15. Harlaw seems to me rising up to power again, against the Greyjoy. There is plenty of information about that family for me to fav it. A literate lord, a large castle, a reknowned warrior on a cadet branch (Harras), and a scythe on the sigil. What more can I ask? Harlaws are my first preference. On a close second, the Greyjoys. Because Cthulhu. Hoare on third. They seem to be a 'progressive' family, trying to merge constantly inland westerosi culture with the ironborn. Harren was a tyrant, but his project of building a large ironborn castle (probably the ironborn capital) in the middle of a First Men traditional location had an interesting syncretic future.