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  1. Steffon was looking for a bride in several places, one of them Volantis.
  2. The Islands have a slightly different culture than the North'. Besides, they have a history of Kings adopting the Seven (Hoares), whilst the North does not. But the sole existence of northern characters that at least have the knightly title shows for me that a northern Theodan is plausible.
  3. Wiki shows northern Wells coat of arms. Is this canon or semi canon?
  4. I wonder if it's that easy to mix a bunch of northeners of roughly the same age to people from other regions, other religion and/or half a world away. I understand that royal Houses may do it (the Baratheons, after seizing the Crown, did it). But if Rick would just hand out his children to foreigners his own vassals may be a bit bothered.
  5. May be a remniscient of an ancient past, when the freefolk lived harshly than in the books and they also ate the dead after cookin' em up.
  6. I believe the clansmen are the key here. Time and time again George points out how well accustomed they are to hard winter. I believe they could defeat any army Roose pops out of Winterfell to clash with Stannis' knights. A siege against Winterfell may prove difficult for Stannis, but I feel that it could take just a little push to make the northern lords, inside the castle walls, to revolt against Bolton and hand the victory to Stan. I do think that to bleed the castle from conflictive soldiers, as in Freys and Manderlys, is an astute move by Roose, I believe he don't have a full grasp on what is going on inside the castle. It may be infiltrated, after all.
  7. That may be, but for us readers. It isn't an established fact in the books yet. Stannis claims Joff is a bastard, but that's still a claim.
  8. Treason can be pardoned, IMO. Breaking tradition (breaking the law of hospitality, kinslaying et al) just cant go unpunished. I doubt Roose could result beheaded in a trial as the aforementioned, but he certainly could be stripped from lands or exiled, doomed to live in infamy.
  9. Probably to set a precedent and achieve the sympathy of the northerners. Most northern Houses are pro-Stark, and as the situation is in Dance, it may be difficult to maintain a Bolton wardenship or even Roose to go somehow unpunished. After a period of war, it may be better to reach agreements and good terms between former contenders and enemies.
  10. If I were empress Dany I would just pardon the man and charge him some extra tribute or something. He killed a monarch that participated in the War of the Kings, anyways. If I, as empress Dany, would go beheading traitors a lot of highborn should be judged, and I, as empress Dany, would dare not go that way. Other thing. Why would I, as empress Dany, banish the free folk again to the other side of the Wall? Jon himself was beggining to populate the far North with them. Should be a nice boost to farming in those parts.
  11. In the spanish edition they switched the Nigthsong to Nocturnia, which is an awful translation. It was formerly 'Canto Nocturno', which means literally 'Night song'.
  12. I thought that Jaqen was paying HIS debt to Rahloo. He, as a faceless assasin, wasn't supposed to cheat death via a deus ex machina Arya. I would suspect that the Faceless Men have their own protocols when confronting death, and this do not apply to regular people.
  13. This is the kind of reasoning I usually not bother responding to in this board. Aerys is a fictional character portrayed and nicknamed 'Mad'. There is plenty of evidence of his violent ways against people around him. His appearance was penned by George to enforce this impression. & why the hell are we talking about Aerys anyways.
  14. He was kicked out from the Kingsguard. He pushed his luck but he went out in a rage, and his reputation shielded him. Not sure why you are bringing this up. Choice of words. Selmy is certainly on a band that is against the Iron Throne, not Joff in particular, but he isn't really a "player". He pledged himself to Daenerys Targaryen. He is an asset, a commander and a guard, not a character that call the shots. Futhermore, considering in cold soup that he served Aerys, then the usurper Bob, then Dany 'kill all Baratheons' makes him more of a mercenary. "Might". He got kicked out of Kingsguard before we could form a precise opinion. He burned his close advisors, lotta prominent Lords and lordlings, raped his sister, planted the city with wildfire. I will go along with especulation here: where Aerys go, there's usually a Kingsguard standing around. I wouldn't claim they didn't know what he was up to, nor his cruelty to everyone around him. Sure. Further into speculation land. YOU have no reason to believe this. I do believe that he committed all kind of deeds "not worthy of a worldbook". At the end of his reign he was deranged, nails long, paranoid, violent and impulsive. You got a whole bowl of practical cruelty right there. Assuming he somehow decided not to torment someone around him after Duskendale all of a sudden is a little off, IMO.
  15. True enough, and he's petting the Kingsguard to harass her. It's my point too: why would Barry be any different. He's no young man anymore, he's fought for previous monarchs and watched Aerys slow decay into madness. Even thoufh Barry, for some chivalrous, heroic and pointless reason would not follow a direct "hit Sansa" order, that would surely make Joff angrier. But that's not really the issue: I'm sure Barry would follow slap a child's face command if a King ordered it.