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  1. Having a heir would bash Jaime's potential return to the Rock as a Lord. I believe that, more than his "perennial love" for Joanna, he expected Jaime to take his role as head of the family sometime during his life. Besides, in the moment of the series, having a kid at his 70 years old would mean he can't oversee his growth (he would die of age let's say at 80 years old) and could not groom him or her as Lady / Lord of the Rock. My guess is that all his bet was on Jaime and, maybe, if all else fails, Tyrion.
  2. There's also the factor of privilege. Not everyone is allowed to be near a dragon with time and resources to tame it. When they made the dragon riding thing an open call, things went badly (Ulf and Hugh).
  3. Plot, is my answer. The scene feels pretty TV friendly, I suspect George was thinking on how would it look on the screen. You can make a musical out of it. Logically, the exchange is dumb and forced, but it has a dreamy feel to it.
  4. I heard one about that he told big brother and dad about it, but they already knew it wasn't a kidnap but wanted a reason to start a war, so Brandon rode to King's Landing to publicly state it was a kidnap while challenging Rhaegar, although Aerys backfired on his plan. But while the plot twists are acceptable, I can't recall any textual evidence for any Benjen share on the story.
  5. Nicely built up tin. Gratz.
  6. My guess is that he need to flesh out the arcs in Westeros after that amusing mess that was Dance.
  7. /thread
  8. Ugh. Bane this. We're not reddit yet.
  9. The two great inmediate threats for the Targs could have been the Lannisters and the Gardeners, both kingdoms not known historically to take offensive actions against invaders but prefering diplomacy. On the other hand, the stormlands was a fading kingdom, the riverlands were held by Hoare and people were apparently sick of him and the future crownlanders were minor lords waiting for a leader. Oh, and the Arryn were so easily vulnerable to dragons I guess they didn't even bother with them until it was necessary to make a point. My guess is that Aegon knew it was time. He was young and had the element of surprise. Plus dragons.
  10. I guess it's for narrative issues. Having your POV contemplating his own inevitable poop chapter after chapter could get boring after a little while. "Day 177. I woke up over a pool of sh*t. Oh, and there be zombies".
  11. The main family protagonists being dead, injured, displaced or fled are reasonable facts to support the OPs claim. Daven's "all evidence points to this" is not. As for the topic, I can't recall any House that may want to rival for supremacy in the region. There may be none. I can be wrong, though.
  12. You are putting as a fact for your theory that these two "will die". Care to explain more?
  13. I like brutish but somewhat gentle secondary characters. So the choice is kinda obvious: Jon Umber. I also liked Small Paul. Not saying anything about me, though: I'm not brutish nor gentle.
  14. Infidel!
  15. Being that it was an obscure event in the aftermath of a victorious rebellion and all who were involved died or are dead now, it's no wonder there's little concern nor knowledge of Lyanna's death in the continent or even among the high nobility. If Bob thinks Lyanna died because of wounds inflicted by Rhaegar, maybe Barry can extend his version? He seems like the guy with who Bob would vent.