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  1. I always think about Innsmouth folk whenever a Codd comes around in the books.
  2. What is summer fever? Some characters are reported to have died of it. Is it like heavy party?
  3. I'm a bit serious. This forum isn't a chalkboard for your theories, as interesting as they may be. Some of us come here for nicely estructured juicy tinfoil, not disperse wanderings.
  4. Sounds to me that you want to force a connection.
  5. So what's the tie between the andals, rhoynar and the Others? I agree that there are common cultural background between, say, the andals and the rhoynar, but how do they exactly tie with the Others?
  6. I was under, too, the notion that Lil' Bob just tried to suck on Sansa's. Would be a stretch to say Tyrion was cucked. Come on, ghuyz... This cucking needs to be well established before we go any further!
  7. Beaut
  8. I like the Darry. George seem to have put an effort in painting them friendly to the reader. Even if they don't really have any decisive character, all of them have some dignity that is appealing.
  9. So many mushrooms around here. Sandman, you're really good at prestonite fiction. No offense intended. It takes talent to mix it up and come out with something neat and new.
  10. So... Why do you find her boring?
  11. Dragons were the face of what the Faith abhorred. To fight against the beasts was more the verification of faith than an obstacle to overcome. So to form a militarized movement that went against a royalty that possessed dragons was evidence of a strong Faith. But that was the Faith during Maegor's reign. I feel that the current Faith, while it gathers a lot of believers, it is managed by interests beyond a dogmatic cause.
  12. Made no difference to me. It was messy all the same.
  13. Always thought it was just a title based on a loose theme harbored by George. Would be cool that there be some backstory he kept to himself though.
  14. I think he broke the 'Winter', with a capital W. If I remember correctly, after Brandon the Breaker, Stark Kings are stated as 'Kings in the North'. Well, at least that's what I thought on my very first read. Facts during those times felt deliberatly confusing to me. My first thought was that Brandon the Breaker was the Last Hero and, in consequence, he ruled Winterfell during the Long Night, hence the 'King of Winter'. Things were a lot more complex, I learned after reading forums...
  15. Nobility may have done that in the past, at least from what we see in Tyrion's experience, and this is a southron visiting the Wall as it was the Niagara falls. I do believe that those highborn who joined the Watch voluntarily (more as Jeor Mormont than Jaremy Rykker, mind you) had some knowledge of its hardships and culture before packing up and leaving for Castle Black.