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  1. Now you're being unfair. Craster gives his sons to the Others out of a long established ritual but you pose that he can't communicate somehow with them but he might have a son in hiding. You're just quashing my arguments in the most crude manner.
  2. Interesting. So you slip the idea that Craster knows what happened to Benjen? Was Craster informing, somehow, the Others about the Night's Watch movement in the region?
  3. My guess is that Benjen's party was taken slowly. Jafer appeared hacked by an axe; Othor (his fellow corpse companion) is known to carry an axe, so apparently Jafer was killed by a living or dead Othor. Most of all, Benjen hasn't showed up yet. A reasonable Benjen would have turned back to the Wall. If he was attacked by wights there's no reason for him to linger and not go back to warn his fellow brothers. So my assumption is that he was killed and wighted (but for some reason retained in the far north) or just killed, OR, he fled and was captured by an unknown clan of wildlings. Since the wildlings haven't spoke about Benjen (a reknowned ranger and Stark, above all) when a bunch of them were employed by the Night's Watch, I've reason to think he's just dead or wighted. No Night's King at all. I don't buy the super Night's Watch team plotting in the far north. That's just silly.
  4. I see you're bent on making Robb a 'brigadier'. Well, good luck.
  5. Strikes when the enemy is unprepared (Oxcross), captures a key enemy commander (Jaime Lannister), uses the terrain to defeat enemy armies, steals enemy resources... And oh, he also wins battles. Sounds like a pretty good war leader to me. He isn't a good politician, though. But "not that great of a general"? For me, he is right up there with the best.
  6. I do think Tyrion will interact with Dany long enough to betray her. I've come to believe his dark path involves a chain of betrayals. He already promised a lot of gold to the Second Sons, who will be smoked by Tyrion's treason, IMO. The gold treason Dany dreams about is Tyrion's. I'm in for that.
  7. From the saga: Euron seems to be setting up to be THE supervillain. In the past, there has been some villains: Daemon Targaryen, for example. On the low level of villains, the ones who takes every chance to damage people but goes no further than that: Gregor Clegane. Mindless, focused evil.
  8. I think he made a public challenge thinking paranoid and fear-fueled Aerys would not do something stupid against him. He was riding with prominent heirs of the realm after all. I do think Brandon was hot headed for the most part but not on this issue. He went to King's Landing because he was demanding Aerys for an inmediate explanation; and at the same time, he was posing a duel to Rhaegar. Having nobles from powerful Houses by his sides, he must have thought, put him on a position of advantage before this mad King. Groomed to lead Brandon was bound to be a more active lord than his father, after all. He may have just miscalculated Aerys' reaction.
  9. Who in seven hells is Jagen?
  10. Go Euron / Vic team go. Daario / Jorah team got old already.
  11. Has there been any case of this between highborns in the books? My last read was years ago. Can't remember.
  12. Would probably had less trouble feeding them in the desert, after Mirri gave her the pups.