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  1. Becca, You can remove #277 from the for sale. Thanks!!
  2. Is everyone selling their sets cause the last few seasons have been pretty bad or is the reason being the new season is out? Ebay Seller is trying to get top top dollar for the lettered set. When the Lettered sets come back down to 12k after the series is over I will get one:)
  3. In case anyone has not yet seen this. http://subterraneanpress.com/slider-tabs/just-announced/book-of-swords
  4. I have a Clash of Kings Lettered Y PM me if interested.
  5. I am looking for a SubPress Lettered edition of Ready Player One and/or The Martian. I would be willing to workout a trade for my limited edition ASOIAF.  I have ADOD, COK, GOT & Knight of Seven.  I also have the Lettered edition of Knight.  If you or someone you know has these books preordered and is interested let me know.   Thank you
  6. Those are lovely. I have the same books in limitedand some Iron Ore I would be willing to trade.
  7. So your saying there is a chance!
  8. Becca69 I recently purchased #277 DWD, CoK and GOT from Ned's Head I am looking for the other matching books. Thanks for your help!!
  9. Hi All I am looking for Subterranean Press #277 ASoS, AFFC.