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  1. Yeah I don't get how you fumble it out of the end zone when the receiver hit the ground with control, but the ball was moving on the way down. Crazy call.
  2. I hear you. In Keepers I had Glennon riding the pine and he outscored Cousins, Palmer and Flacco. Go figure.
  3. I see you fixed mine. Couldn't add New England's D this afternoon, and I also started Hogan, currently have an empty WR spot open. Groz, could you adjust my roster so Hogan can take the open spot?
  4. Granted I spent a fair amount on Kelce, I just don't trust his health. I know it's hit or miss with injuries, and Kelce should get more targets with Maclin gone, but i think KC will be more run oriented coming out of the gate. Lots of buzz with Hunt and his handcuff is a somewhat proven back, and Hill gets more run plays as well. The Allen/Benjamin swap, in my eyes, just a WR1 exchange. Rivers has the slight edge with accuracy I think, but again I weighed the injury proneness of Allen. Call me crazy but I'm more interested in the production that can come from the relationship of the Panthers duo. Now, Kittle. Didn't see that hammy being an issue, but I'm comfortable with my TE group. We'll see that turns out.
  5. Is there still room in pick em?
  6. since no warpups, any room left in the pick em??

    [email protected]


  7. Castro needs to start raking like he was before he went on the DL. Sale hasn't beaten the Yanks yet this season. This upcoming road trip needs to be .500+ baseball if we got a shot to challenge the Sawks, but their homestand is against terrible teams.
  8. i love that feeling when you put on underwear straight from the dryer! toasty balls!
  9. Here are the Greywater Watchers: QB - Aaron Rodgers, Tyrod Taylor (Deshaun Watson) WR - Davante Adams, Tyrell Williams, Cole Beasley, Ted Ginn Jr (Breshad Perriman, Corey Davis, Kenny Golladay, Marquise Goodwin) RB - LeVeon Bell, Kareem Hunt, CJ Anderson (Theo Riddick, Dion Lewis, Jamaal Williams) TE - Julius Thomas (Evan Engram) K - Adam Vinatieri DEF - NY Giants, Tampa Bay I honestly don't know what to think of this team. Went balls to the wall the Bell ($57) and got the QB I wanted. Outside these two, just a crapshoot. Beasley should have more D coordinators look to have him covered this yr, Ginn is hit or miss (hopefully more of the former with Brees arm), and my WR bench is really suspect. Hunt I hear good things about, hands and YAC+. Williams hopefully vultures some red zone TDs, but has competition from Martellus and Rodgers himself. TE I'm ok with. Open to trades with anybody but WJ
  10. So I take it this league has been shuttered? No longer available on my Yahoo fantasy site... what's the word on the street Pony Queen?? NEVER MIND I CAN'T READ FOR SHIT
  11. I should be able to make that time, I will have a more concrete schedule for tomorrow in a few hrs. Will post here if I can or can't make it
  12. Gimme some milk mama!
  13. I have a draft Monday as well at 6pm Pacific, so any time before that would work. Any style draft, doesn't matter.
  14. I'm East Coast and I approve this message
  15. And dammit Week SIGN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!