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  1. Bombers fans of the board - What do you think of Drury's chances of starting the season at the hot corner or possibly second? I have to admit, this move came out of nowhere for me, but I'm excited to see how he slots into our lineup. Dbacks getting Souza sorta helps the production hole that JD left, and Tampa looks like they're taking $$ off the books to possibly apply for a new stadium. It's unfortunate that they won't be competitive this year but who knows, it's baseball
  2. I'm in for the league @Whiskeyjack and whatever other league pops up as well. I look forward to prying Mr. Arenado from your iron grip
  3. ^jeez man, spoiler tag your post. Just got back from seeing Black Panther, was impressed with the fluidity of the film. Coogler definitely delivered a fine addition to the MCU. One thing that stood out for me, in addition to what others have said above, was the score. Fucking superb, sets the mood for the scenes. @Liffguard #4.... that kiss though
  4. Knicks haven't won since '73, but talent... not so much.
  5. Yeah nothing teasy about the trailer at all. Still gonna wait for a proper one though.
  6. I like falling down Wikipedia holes in my boredom
  7. That slo-mo they did was great, just watching Brock's face when he connected made the match for me. Did anyone else think that Stratus looks like she went under the knife? Not complaining but she looks 5 times better than she did a decade ago
  8. I would be farming/gardening, raising livestock, getting water from well, and threatening my neighbors. But mostly reading.
  9. I hope another one arises and hits directly so I don't have to talk to any of you degenerates and am free to loot all the remaining book stores
  10. I was in a Yahoo public league this year, one of the teams was a guy by the name of Burtdog, and his whole team was Eagles with a few ex-players (Shady, Maclin) sprinkled throughout. I hope he's getting hammered right now, in two weeks he's gonna be real sad.
  11. RIP Cranberries lead singer Dolores O'Riordan
  12. Especially me. I'm the whiniest whiner. In fact, sometimes i get sick of whining but then I whine again and it's all better. Just trying out my corresponding vernacular for the Westeros Experts Insider gig that has opened up.
  13. Being a Yanks fan, I would've been OK with giving up Frazier. I mean, it's nice to have some OF depth for unforeseen injuries and what not, but we still have Ellsbury on the books. Plus Cole is only 27 and Yanks would've had control for 2 yrs. The dude can hit 95-96 on the gun, but the heater doesn't move. Still would've liked to see how he would slot in the rotation, which I think is our biggest concern.
  14. Sort of related, recently heard of a new "trend" called Sober Curious. In NYC they are holding sober social events for people who would like to have fun without alcohol. Here's the lowdown from Time Health.
  15. Saw this a few days ago, plus a write up about the CEO. They recently bought $4.2 million worth of hardware to mine cryptocurrencies from an "unnamed" vendor. Said vendor is getting a $2.9 million kickback as well as 260,000 shares of Long Blockchain stock. The mining equipment will be installed in a data center in an "unnamed Nordic" country.