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  1. I tend to think that this quote is a bit overrated (as far as theories on this forum go). In all of the books, it is only mentioned twice, and only in Catelyns chapters: So, Ned says it when he needs to leave for Kingslanding, and later Cat repeats that sentence to Robb. And that's it. I think that the main reason Ned said this, is because he knows (from warnings by Robert), that Kingslanding is nothing like Winterfell (Robert being surrounded by flatterers and fools. Of course there are also a lot of risks when travelling, so Ned wants to be sure that the Stark line will continue should things turn for the worse down south. That is why he left his heir and youngest son in Winterfell, while taking the girls (Sansa to be married to Joff, and to find a suitable husband for Arya) and Bran (he always dreamt of being a knight) with him. Cat mentions it to Robb, when the assassination on Bran fails. She also realises that it is too risky for Robb to go, but she thinks she still has friends in Kingslanding. It makes more sense for Cat to go, then to send Robb. Nowhere else has this quote been mentioned anywhere. During RR, Benjen was still in Winterfell, which makes sense, since he and Ned were the only remaining heirs to the Stark name. If both died in battle, then the Stark line would become extinct, ending a lineage of thousands of years. And I think that is key in this quote. The Starks are proud and bold, but also a very ancient house, probably the oldest still remaining house in the North and one of the oldest houses in all of Westeros. They want their lineage to continue, therefore, there must always be a Stark at Winterfell, if not and things go bad. Our heritage will be destroyed. It is not for some ancient agreement, not to guard some ancient dormant (ice)Dragon, but to keep the family name alive. As far as the name Winterfell, I really do not have any serious thought about that.
  2. And like I've said, these methods in current society are unacceptable, ridiculous and illegal. Thus nowadays not acceptable in any way. I agree with you on that part. But where you fail (in my perspective) is that you take our current moral and educational standards and use it as the standard to compare someone who lives in an entirely different culture, with other moral, educational and social standards as is. You cannot simply compare Westerosi standards with our current West-European standards. You should compare Westerosi standards to West-European medieval standards. And then all of a sudden, Septa Mordane isn't all that bad. And to continue on that comparison, it was a standard part of medieval military tactics. And it also is a standard part of Westerosi tactics. As despicable as it is, for the lords, this was completely normal behaviour in both your (and my) country, but also in Westeros. The best way to defeat an enemy is to remove all civilian support. How would civilians support a lord if he isn't able to protect them? Actually, the same thing is still happening in current warfare. What happened when coalition forces attacked Iraq? They bombed all major infrastructure, large industry and yes, also military basis. Removing the possibility to keep the army fed and armed (its hard to fire bullets when there's no factory that creates them, the storage facilities have been blown to bits and there are no roads between your position and your home base). Yes, there are differences, but the tactics and what they are meant to do, is the same, make sure that the enemies army can not function.
  3. That's not what I said. The entire level of education was of a complete different level compared to what we have in todays society. If you want to compare the qualities of a teacher, you need to compare them to other teachers in that same society and timeframe. It would be silly to compare a medieval priest who teaches to boys (and who never really had a proper education to teach anybody) to a modern teacher who not only needs to follow 5 years of education to even be eligible to teach, but who continuously needs to be upgrade his skills in order to comply with the increasing demand made by crazy parents who think that a teacher is here to raise their children. In modern society, bullying teachers are most definitely not acceptable, and if my children were faced with one, I would make a very clear complaint about that to the school board. But just like a modern teacher isn't a medieval teacher, I'm not a medieval lord who would raise my children the way @Traverys describes, because those methods are in todays society not only unacceptable and abusive, but also ridiculous and illegal.
  4. I too have to agree with Joffrey being the one who hired the assassin. Let's face it. If the Lannister brothers came to the same conclusion whilst not talking about it together, those are 2 very strong clues. The third clue is of course Joffreys look at Tyrion when they start talking about a Valyrian dagger with a dragonbone hilt. The George always works in 3 steps, however in this case, not necessarily mini-hint, hint and bombshell.
  5. But it doesn't make her bad either. Please get of the moral high horse and check how education was in medieval life (to try and compare it with Westerosi culture). Bodily punishment and shaming poor students was normal, left-handedness wasn't an excuse for not writing properly with your right hand. Everything that we currently take for granted as being decent education was unknown until the 1800's. Before that, education was pretty much worse then what Septa Mordane gave the Stark children.
  6. Ah, like that. Ok, that could make some sense.
  7. ?? What? Check the following post in this very thread. She categorically denies it to the one person she might have trusted with the truth if she did hire the killer.
  8. And how would he then get the message to him to kill Bran? Or do you think he was ordered to kill any random Stark as he got the chance to do so?
  9. @Snowmelter but how would LF get an assassin to Winterfell when he is in KL? The trip back was delayed because of Brans fall, but only by a few weeks (I believe less then 3 weeks). Of course a raven would've been sent to KL to explain that the King will be back later and why. However, LF would need to hire somebody that is already in (or at least near Winterfell). How will he manage to: Find somebody that wants to kill a boy Give him a Valyrian steel dagger that belong(s/ed) to a Lannister Pay him a bag of silver Stay out of it All the while LF is in KL, because the small council is running the country (when the King is absent from court). He can't just send a raven to WF or anywhere else that is less then 2 weeks travel away from Winterfell (which is simply put: he would only be able to send a raven to somewhere in the North, where he doesn't really know anybody). Not to mention that he would need to make sure that the assassin received the dagger. Logistically, it doesn't make any sense. And while I admit that GRRM sometimes drops the ball when it comes to travel (time & distance), these case of the 'Bran-murderer' is well thought out.
  10. @Lord Wraith Can you explain Mance? I've missed that theory. I know he was in Winterfell when Robert visited as a Bard, but why would he have someone attempt to kill Bran?
  11. He was an oathbreaker and betrayed the watch. The sentence for that is death, which his former Night's watch brothers performed rather poorly (a stabbing instead of a decent execution). He has paid for his crime. His watch has ended, because of his death. And yes, I do believe he will come back from the dead. He is still the key person in one of the biggest secrets and story-pushing events in the books. Like Ser Beric, he will care less about trifles. he doesn't care that the Watch and the free folk don't get along. They need to work together to have human kind get a chance at survival. The same goes for Lannister, Targaryen, Tyrell, Martell, Greyjoy, Tully, Arryn and all their bannerman. Jon's sole focus will be to end all those skirmishes between the houses of men and get them to work together to defeat the White Walkers.
  12. Blame the time gap between the books. If that fails, we can always BLAME CANADA!
  13. Sure, because that what he did to Petyr Baelish as well right? He forced him to join the NW when he impregnated his daughter Lysa. yes, Hoster forced an abortion using moon tea, but he didn't take any further actions on Petyr, who was sent back to the Fingers after having been defeated by Brandon in a duel. Hoster should've taken action right then and there and ask Jon Arryn to take appropriate action. Nothing like that happened. He didn't allow for them to be wed (which was Lysa's wish) because Petyr was too low born, but that's it. Why would he take other actions if Edmure was the one knocking up a farmers daughter?
  14. Joffrey was also like a puppy around Sansa at Winterfell. He also was sweet, gentle, kind and thoughtful during the horse ride they took when they saw Arya and Mycah. It took hem less then 10 seconds to turn from Prince Charming to the Mad Prince. He even was kind to her during the Tourney of the Hand. Joffrey never is, was of would have been a sweet, gentle, kind and thoughtful boy/man. It simply is an act by him, which he needs to perform in order to be accepted by everyone. He is/was the heir to the Throne and he knew that if he acted like a mad man all the time, he would never be accepted as a true king.
  15. Rulers rule by force, but also by making alliances (Robert excelled in that). And of course there are plenty of secret Targ loyalists, but the current state in the books is that Baratheon/Lannister/Tyrell are in a (fragile) alliance, as long as Cercei keept Tommen alive, they will stay at their side, especially if the trial is done and Margeary isn't proven guilty. I do agree with you that, as soon as Tommen dies, and Margaery is still alive, the Tyrells might even swing towards the stormlands. Marg&Aegon and Willas&Dany? That would be an odd swing.