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  1. It wouldn't be impossible for Castle Black to have nobody there that can read or write. There weren't that many knights or nobles at the wall when the story started, some of them were killed by WW's, others by a rebellion, others again by an invading wildling army. But it would be quite strange to have absolutely nobody there that could send a letter and/or take care of the ravens.
  2. Exactly this! Jaime has seen 1 king going completely mad. He doesn't want to witness his sister following the same path. However, he does not want to kill her, because (somewhere deep inside) he still loves her, and he doesn't want to be known as a king/queen/kin-slayer. He will leave Cersei and lead the Lannister armies to the Field Of Fire #2.
  3. You are correct, my good Ser. Dragon bones are black. Source: The WIKI
  4. Hmm, that's quite a long march, highly organized medieval armies marched 15 to 18 miles per day. From Duskendale to Casterly Rock is probably 600+ miles, so it would take an army at least 33 days to travel to Casterly rock over land. And that would be without any interruption or skirmishes along the way. The route over water might be longer (since you have to pass under Dorne) and is possibly up to 2400 miles. A ship travels at about 6 Mph, but can do this 24/7. So a ship would take half the time a march over land would take. Not to mention that an army that has marched for 600+ miles would be exhausted, while an army going by ship should be properly rested (except for some who get seasick) (distances are guestimated, based on a 300 mile long wall)
  5. Actually, I think that "The Queens Justice" will be Jaime's trigger to leave Cersei. The Queens Justice being the way that Cersei will kill the remaining Sandsnake and have Ellaria watch while that happens. Someone else mentioned that she would act the same way Aegon did with Brandon and Rickard. If she would indeed do that, Jaime will be sure that 'his Queen' is as mad as Aegon ever was....
  6. poll

    Actually, in book 1, when Sansa goes on a short roadtrip with Joffrey, she also says to him that she's only allowed 1 cup of wine at a dinner. Joffrey of course replies that she is his fiancée and that she can drink as much as she likes. Arya is younger then Sansa, so the question is not all that weird. Apparently, even in Westeros, people couldn't appreciate drunken kids and understood that alcohol and small children don't mix that well. Also, Jon may not be pleased that he isn't sitting with his siblings, this is compensated by the fact that he can now drink as much as he likes, because Ned and Cat cannot keep an eye on him.
  7. poll

    It could, it they weren't discussing Vary's loyalty to the wrong king about 20 seconds earlier.
  8. No. Grey worm's private parts have been removed, root and stem. As explained in AWOIAF.
  9. He isn't a prisoner in the Citadel. He went there voluntarily, to see if they could cure greyscale. As is explained in the letter he wanted to send to Daenerys. If I'm in a hospital, they will also allow me to keep my personal belongings.
  10. poll

    Hmm, to me, it appears they want to take the rock, to make sure that no more support (read: gold) is sent from Casterly Rock/Lannisport to Kingslanding. No money, no way to buy food. Also it does make quite a solid point to take the Rock, since it is the only real Lannister stronghold apart from Kingslanding. If Lannisters aren't able to hold the (virtually untakeable) Rock, it will show the other kingdoms that supporting the Lannisters is a lost cause.
  11. YES!! Finally, I was faster then another person on this forum
  12. "Give your uncle a kiss!"
  13. As many people have already stated in this topic, Theon hasn't returned to Reek, but his experience as Reek made sure he didn't want to be captured and tortured again. This made him to jump ship. The aftermath will be interesting though. He is currently adrift somewhere in the ocean. I'm pretty sure he will survive. However, the question is, will he drown and be baptised by the Drowned God, return stronger and harder and finally become a true Ironborn?
  14. Of course Dragonstone is hard to take. It is a fortified island in the ocean. If we look at the last 5 minutes of EP1, we can see that Daenarys landed at a site where there used to be some form of docks (the remnants are visible in the beach and the water). The first part of an invading force would be to navigate the tricky waters around the island, and to find a proper place to land. Possibly, the only decent landing site is the spot where Daenarys landed. From there they move between the steep rocks to a huge gate (basically the movie 300, but then with a gate as extra fortification), followed by a extremely long and narrow bridge/pathway leading up to the castle itself. The layout of the landing site, the gate, and the bridge simply screams easy to defend/hard to take. In the books, Cercei sends Ser Loras with a small invading force to take the castle/island from the remnents of Stannis' army. They are successful, but Loras is reported to be badly injured and not able to return to Kingslanding. The show omitted this (unfortunately).
  15. But he doesn't know that (yet)