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  1. In principle you can pay with tiny fractions of a bitcoin. So a very high (stable) value for a single coin is not an issue. The practical implementation with the energy-intensive incentive for people to process all payments (the mining), is a wee bit more impractical. Of course bitcoin is likely the myspace or AltaVista of cryptocurrencies. An early implementation that will be surpassed by better developments.
  2. There is a hard maximum of (nearly) 21 million bitcoin. So a stable exchange rate of $2000 that would give a market of 42 billion only. Which would be too niche to matter for most retailers I imagine. For comparison, in 2001 just before the euro there was approximately €10 billion worth of paper money circulating in the Netherlands for 16 million people.
  3. Thank you. It is really a really weird feeling that you keep checking around for attention or scritches. Such a huge space that such a small animal occupies.
  4. Depends. The markets are different. And the stuff they choose to write might be different. For Neil Gaiman it might work, perhaps. But for Paul Cornell, Dan Abnett, William Gibson, Saladin Ahmed, Genevieve Valentine, Richard Morgan... to name just a few of the multi-platform writers probably less so. The same reason, basically, that tie-in publishers don't publish the other works of their authors as well.
  5. Even better, Ethereum has been slowed down immensely because people are using it to play a game. Yes it is only one implementation, but it shows the fragility of (some of the) currently major blockchain implementations.
  6. Is it that robust though? Bitcoin has shown that, as a any digital format, it is sensitive to proper data management and archiving. No-one knows what percentage of mined coins have been lost because of hardware failures or people forgetting passwords. And of course Ethereum has showcased the normal sensitivity to bugs and exploits of any software program. Probably that does not compare horribly to current best practice, but I'd expect a new solution to be better.
  7. Orbit have their debuting authors for this year on sale. US: UK: Only one I have read of them is Strange Practice, which I liked.
  8. Thanks.
  9. I just said goodbye to my cat, it is so weird. If feels both like a betrayal and a final good gift. He had been in decline for a while, thinking back. But things went rapidly in the last few months. First pneumonia, some weird growth in his abdomen, and some weight loss. The pneumonia got to a very heavy intensive care worthy case despite anti-biotics, but a very aggressive treatment seemed to help a bit. He did not stop losing weight though. And the growth in his abdomen was increasing in size. He did have some more nice months, of treats, whipped cream, nice food. But kept losing even more weight, some coordination, and it seemed more and more himself and his comfort. But fuck. It still hurts.
  10. When I was growing up one day we heard a cat meowing in the garden. Which on the one hand was fine since we had a cat, but this was not his voice. So I went to have a look, and the meowing came not from a cat, but from a couple of (Eurasian) jays. They were sitting on the roof on the garage, glaring and making sounds at our cat who was hiding under the garden furniture. I assume he had been after their nest of fledglings, served him right.
  11. No idea. But undocumented migrants are a net positive to the US economy, while keeping foreign profits abroad is likely a net negative. I don't see how you can compare them.
  12. And if someone wants a light gender-bended version of the three musketeers. The one by Tansy Rayner Roberts is still free until tomorrow
  13. Part of it might be strategy though. They know this plan will cause a deficit, and will use that in the future to attack medicare, social security and the like. Of course that only works when they manage to hang onto power.
  14. Cassandra Khaw's Food of the Gods is on sale for (around) 0.99, it collects her two Rupert Wong novellas. Highly recommended for people who love food descriptions, and can cope with cannibalism and gods walking in our world.