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  1. Kameron Hurley's essay collection* The Geek Feminist Revolution is currently on sale for around $2.50. eg *(Locus Award Winning)
  2. Well, they are well known for the way they treat their warehouse employees. The way they change the rules for authors selling directly through them. The tricks they use to avoid paying taxes. So the bad news about them is out there.
  3. Also a system that makes someone more or less human depending where one lives. A conservative in Europe will seem to be more liberal after moving to the US
  4. Oh, I'd pigeonhole you for a thread like that for sure. Even if I try to give people some benefit of doubt.
  5. One issue is the feedback loop. The reputation of STEM companies - their work culture, biases, diversity etc - itself prevents people choosing the subjects. Which limits the pipeline, which propagates the existing cultural issues.
  6. Keep in mind this is a thread asking if a specific, conspiracy theory like, indoctrination has been observed. A thing that is supposed to be present in a setting that is conservative by nature, it is a while before one meets the cutting edge, most things we are taught are old ideas, interpretations and facts.
  7. Well, it has been a few decades. But I was taught that slavery was bad, and that the worker protection laws of the 19th century were a good start.
  8. Malcom Gladwell's Revisionist History podcast is back for another season.
  9. The Wee Free Men is probably a good option, and a great book.
  10. Yes, that is part of the problem. That and the fact we have been supporting our ally the USA in fucking over many Islamic nations in the past decades. And a history of colonialism and supporting oppressive regimes. And protectionist trade systems. Do think back a few decades, and realize that the IRA, ETA, and other similar organizations were also rooted in oppressed minorities. And historically a lot of those ghettos resulted in ethnically homogeneous groups of violent young men reaping havoc, often lasting for decades. Of course we call that organized crime, not terrorism, but it seems the same process.
  11. In this context, why should we count the USA as one of the most influential countries? At this point the most important countries seem to be those that can avoid reaching the per capita emissions of the USA while still increasing quality of life for their inhabitants. Say China, India, Nigeria, Brazil, Indonesia etc.
  12. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting.
  13. Oh fuck. Rest in peace, you will be missed.
  14. This is an example why one should always do a complete analysis and don't jump to conclusions. We need to consider cost of preparation, cost of storage, time available, etc etc etc.
  15. Because the money spent is protecting a proportion of its population that lacks certain freedoms against circumstances outside their control. Children don't influence where their parents (can afford to) live, children can't vote out local government that ignores them, children don't make the curriculum, children don't decide what is available for them in libraries.