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  1. There is a nice thing about living in a European constitutional monarchy, you get to look at a royal family that has a clear history of foreign influence and still know they are properly British/Dutch/Swedish/Spanish/etc.
  2. The scary thing is that that bar is apparently still to high for the religious evangelical advice council.
  3. Apparently, I assume surprising no-one, he was also quite active in the MRA/red pill movement.
  4. Everyone marching was fine with joining open nazis, and as such are indistinguishable from nazis. Trump in saying there were good people there is condoning nazis, and as such very very wrong.
  5. And luckily the FBI still manages to stop actions by right wing terrorists.
  6. We mostly agree on that. The conflicts boil down to what we can and must do before they start exterminating openly again.
  7. That was an unclear reference to the large proportion of black men in the US prison system. It made sense in my head.
  8. How messed up is the USA when people can seriously equate prosecuting a tiny violent minority with a civil war? Are people so convinced that all conservatives are so full of hate? Do people have so little faith in their country? It is one of the few that has shown it can function fine with putting significant fractions of certain demographics in prison.
  9. Nothing would be happening, GOP would still control congress and many states.
  10. No-one is advocating against free speech, people are advocating against violence. I am disappointed by how many people don't realize that inducing genocide and murder is violence. It is fucking scary how many people are fine with it, especially from groups that are ideologically aligned with the groups that have governed their country for centuries.
  11. Yes, that is the problem the USA faces, but to be fair that has been true since its founding.
  12. Rule of law. Arrest them, show that they are actively threatening other people in the USA in the courts and lock them up. Clean up the people in power who have protected them for so long, you have elections for that or the courts.
  13. As a point of interest. "Seasons of Glass and Iron" by Amal El-Mohtar has now won Nebula, Locus and Hugo awards, and is still on the ballot for the World Fantasy Award.
  14. A nice set of winners (from a nice overview with the nominees on amongst others As always the voting and nomination information is interesting as well, which are available as pdf
  15. There is an interesting underlying issue. The whole argument not only hinges on biological issues, but also on the assumption that the current way (software) engineers, managers* etc work is optimal and natural. The argument ignores the way job requirements and expectations have been shaped to conform to cultural gender roles. *but of course also nurses, teachers in more general society