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  1. It's Bill Maher. I would hope atheist protesters would shut down his appearance.
  2. As is "harm" as is "toxicity" as is "safe", and yet we have so many people whose job it is to make sense of those terms in countless situations.
  3. The first is one of the big questions that societies need to answer. And we already regulate speech that kills, in advertisements, in medical situations, in food, in water quality, in air quality. It is a matter of determining and discussing limits.
  4. A basic problem is that the US interpretation of free speech ignores the non aggression principle, and allows violent speech. Furthermore it ignores that speech from the far-right, from the reactionary right, is inherently backed by the power of status quo and the authorities. Which makes it very difficult to tell where self-defence ends and aggressive violence begins when people actually act against 'speech'.
  5. I got the gist some time earlier today through twitter, so I lacked links. Thanks.
  6. He wasn't bumped, that would have prevented all of this mess. He was removed, with excessive force when offering cash would probably have solved the issue easily. The deep problem is companies happily using force when clear paths to convince people otherwise are available. The problem is even more clear when competition (Delta apparently) has been using a monetary solution to get out of their own messes recently.
  7. Yes! They are nice when fresh and crunchy, But might even be better when brought for lunch and the butter and moisture from the bread has time to soften up the cookie.
  8. Oh dear oh dear oh dear, so many heretics in this thread Mayo, proper Belgian or knock-off Dutch, is great with fries; it is the one starting condiment. Black salty liquorice is a basic food group. Or at least the Dutch and their Nordic cousins. But sandwiches, there really needs to be some indoctrination education there. Basic sandwiches don't need all those fancy ingredients just one or two will do. Generally butter and anything else, and the butter can be easily left of for all ingredients that don't fall of the sandwich without it. Since people do seem to accept the savoury options we need to get into the sweet-ish ones. Basic toppings are: honey, treacle, apple butter (and other fruit butters), jams, jellies, peanutbutters (not really sweet), hazelnut spreads (eg Nutella), chocolate spreads, speculoos spreads, caramel spreads, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate flakes, fruit sprinkles, aniseed flavoured sprinkles, sugar coated aniseed, aniseed flavoured sugar, coconut bread (a loose translation since everyone else seems sane enough to keep away from this Dutch delight), speculaas (as in the cookie itself). And there are some weird interlopers from abroad such as spreadable marshmallow, and oreo flavoured spread. Any and all chocolate products in that list will be available in al least in white, milk and dark chocolate versions as well as mixtures of them. TLDR: many of the people in this thread would not be happy with Dutch food traditions
  9. As long as a mainstream movie where a man keeps stalking a woman until she gives in is considered a romantic comedy it is safe to say our culture is fine with minimizing rape. Or in other words is a rape culture. ETA: and of course the glee even respectable people tend to use for prison rape as added punishment...
  10. In the category tempting, perhaps. One current humble bundle offers what seems to be most of the Warcraft 40k "The Horus Legacy" series. And going by my wishlist there seem to be sales on: Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey, A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan The Power by Naomi Alderman
  11. What is the end-goal of destroying the NHS? Destroying an independent BBC? Driving people to poverty and food banks? Forcing dying people to look for work? How can I possibly relate to all that? And still Tories are still merely humans.
  12. It did pass the sniff-test for the neutral national news here in the Netherlands to report on it. Not good news for the USA with their trade partners and allies regardless.
  13. "Winning was easy, young man. Governing's harder" Nope
  14. No. At least not in a system where insurance companies are incentivized to keep lifetime cost of care down. Now, in an immature market or in a situation where parasitic companies get away with externalizing costs you are right. Which is the reason to regulate a health insurance market to the hilt.