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  1. The Dutch managed to get a surprise gold in short-track (after failing as is mostly traditional in the team pursuit on the long track). We are slowly dropping on the medals rankings.
  2. Your wording is a bit strange. But The Netherlands, yes our head of government leads a coalition that has a majority in parliament. But none of the government members keep their seats in parliament (which is easier with the party-system that the country runs on in practice). Another slight but I feel there is another huge difference between the USA and many other countries, the political nature of the executive bureaucracy. I think (but am not sure) that in most of the western world the executive is balanced by long-serving bureaucrats, which act as an additional counterbalance against radical change. A process which seems weaker in the USA, with its political appointments every new government makes.
  3. Wouldn't that destroy part of the importance and appeal of the movie? Because that seems to mean looking at Wakanda through an outsider perspective rather than from the inside.
  4. Short tracker, not speed skater. Different disciplines, whatever English language colloquialisms say.
  5. And UK police and lawmakers seem to move to limit it. I assume the rise might be related to the crack-down on knives? Data up to 2016, I belief 2017 was worse.
  6. 1 Make very sure nations actually use comparable definitions for things like 'violent crime' when you make claims like these. 2 To a very large extent hunting weapons if I remember correctly, and far stricter regulation of the incredibly disruptive handguns.
  7. Full registration, and make (last known) owners accountable financially for any misuse of their weapons. Allow stores and other sellers to be held accountable. No bans needed. edit: extend accountability to gun ranges and other groups where people shoot.
  8. Tilly is great! Elsewhere I have seen her compared to Kirk (who is at a similar point of his career at this point in time). Smart, nerdy, ambitious.
  9. So far it seems it is not for me. I don't use the voice options on either my phone or my laptop. Part of it is the voice control, which goes against my preferred tactile interaction and visual feedback. But it isn't only the voice operated speakers. I can only look on the whole current interest in smart homes, with the automation of everything (lights, curtains, temperature control, etc) with some bemused interest. It is not for me (yet?).
  10. On the one hand brutal, on the other the first Norwegian skating medal for men in ages. So well done for him regardless. edit: not quite as long ago as I thought, I missed one.
  11. Dutch women speed skaters surpassed expectations, getting al three medals on 3000 m on the full oval. The person with the least amount of expectations weighing them down won that one.
  12. One of the current storybundles is interesting. With some works by Nalo Hopkinson, Nnedi Okorafor, Karen Lord and some other writers I am less familiar with. It works similarly to the Humble Bundles with pay as much as you want, but with only 2 tiers ($5, $15).
  13. Only at episode 3 so far, it is fine so far. Slightly weird that this is the 3rd series where Michael Eklund shows up with basically the same hairstyle/acting tics (Wynonna Earp, Dirk Gently, and now this).
  14. An issue with Mongols conquering Europe is the 'why would they' factor. It is not like there was much to get there at that point in time.
  15. Which reminds me that ages ago I read a book exploring the propaganda behind the myths and stories of early Rome that have survived. Shame I can't remember which one it was.
  16. I assume it is too sneaky to get in Bull Elephants due to a horrible error in proper precision in the question?
  17. The advantage of the rats is that there are plenty to throw them at the eagles as well. As in physically picking them up and using them as projectiles. A miniature fastball special.
  18. Lily, I don't have many birds to report myself at the moment, but I am enjoying your enthusiasm. I did see a couple of storks flying last week, but that isn't as special as it was a decade ago.
  19. That is enough rats to cover a circle with a diameter of 8 meters (if my approximations hold up). I'd need them on my side for the singe reason none of the others can stop them quickly enough. Changing the golden eagles for cliff racers would seal the deal. The shotgun won't help against most of the larger animals. Probably the Bulls are the best bet. As meat-shields while the rats do their thing. That leaves the eagles though. Which remain difficult to deal with.
  20. I made a soy-sauce based sweet and sour sauce yesterday, while having a cold. I realized how much I rely on smells while cooking, I had to trust proportions because besides the basic sweet/sour/salty balance hardly anything of the flavours came through.
  21. I can't remember much about it, I don't think you had any in your introduction that is about it. So a good level for me if you go for something in the background.
  22. Thanks for the heads-up, I did listen to the second episode this Weekend . I liked it a lot. I read a translation back when I was sampling a lot of mythologies and sagas. And it appears this branch isn't one I remembered a lot about. Looking forward to the other episodes. What was the translation you liked again?
  23. I am surprised how much this hurts. I loved what I read by her, but feel I haven't read enough by far. I did read the Earthsea books early in my fantasy reading, and they have always shaped my expectations (in addition to eg the Riddlemaster books by Patricia A McKillip).
  24. I like the twists in Discovery because they are not necessarily the twists that keep the audience surprised, but rather twists that throw the characters of their tracks in the ways they need to react to changed knowledge of their environment. This seems to be a perfect time for the Vulcan training of Michael to come to the forefront again. Harnessing emotions and use a logical approach to take control.
  25. (Re)started watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, light and lovely and genuinely funny at times. I've seen the first few episodes some years ago, but it is still a good experience starting at the beginning.