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  1. 2016 US Election: what happened in Nevada?

    Also, at the risk of getting off topic, there is more to US politics than presidential elections. Steering the country in your preferred direction is more than pulling one lever every four years.
  2. Chernobyl - 30 years later

    put away the tinfoil solo, the RBMK-1000 was literally the first Soviet civilian powerplant model and the incident was the product of poorly-managed testing ironically aimed at improving reactor safety by overcoming incipent design flaws.
  3. Jackson, not Hamilton to be replaced on US Currency

    hahahahah oh yeah
  4. U.S. Elections: We're All Qualified To Post Here

    Yes. It's not a huge effect, but it's bigger than the other direction.
  5. Could a Coup be successful in the US?

    If Ukraine had decided to retain a nuclear arsenal in 1994, it would have been the subject of a very concerted effort on Russia's part to neutralise that arsenal, employing the full range of Russian leverage over a country that was at that point only three years separated. Between the deeply-interconnected elites, near-total economic dependence and thorough penetration and subversion of the Ukrainian intelligence services I can't see how Ukraine would have retained an independent nuclear deterrent. It wouldn't have much help from the West either - every European leader going would have preferred the Ukrainian arsenal under Russian supervision to a new nuclear state in Europe, especially one as economically and politically precarious as Ukraine. That was what the Budapest Memorandum was about, after all.
  6. Could a Coup be successful in the US?

    I don't see how keeping a nuclear arsenal would have been a net plus for Ukrainian sovereignty. Deciding to hold on to one would have meant far greater Russian involvement in Kievan affairs, not less.
  7. Could a Coup be successful in the US?

    In the Ukraine case, this was a matter of giving up a capability that Ukraine didn't want, both in terms of maintaining the existing infrastructure (and building their own nuclear command and control network) and the political ramifications of holding an operating nuclear arsenal while bordering Russia. In this case a big rich country with a large nuclear capacity is for some reason splitting into four big, rich countries, so I imagine each would hold on to the capabilities that they were left with.
  8. Could a Coup be successful in the US?

    As I understand that crude rating system was suspended in 1988 in favour of a joint 51st designation shared between all approved countries, with a rotating senior representative position with four year terms and a dedicated office facility in the sub-basement of a highly influential State Department facility in Cleveland.
  9. Could a Coup be successful in the US?

    Also, splitting that unified strategic weapons command would be a hell of a job. Sorry guys: the country that MADs together, sads together.
  10. Observation: it is way past time @HK-47 gave us its thoughts on this topic.
  11. kal is sadly incorrect, INXS are in fact all Kiwis, unlike true blue Aussie pop maestros Crowded House and Split Enz.
  12. We're putting a brave face on it, fellow humans, but a learning computer but smashing the world Go champ is game over, man. Game over.
  13. US elections: Kang vs. Kodos

    Too fair, as almost by definition such protest votes aren't effective political action. American politics is terrible, the major parties are horrible and the electoral system is a toxic dumpster fire, yet every four years people come to the conclusion that the way to deal with the terrible and the horrible is to act as if the dumpster fire isn't there.
  14. US elections: Kang vs. Kodos

    What's that, Skip? People from a country with an electoral system ruthlessly tipped in favour of a two party system are touting a third party vote as an effective means of political action? Crikey!
  15. US elections: The Trumpening

    It's the sort of stuff they should have been doing back in August, now is much too late.