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  1. Aussies LXV - what choices have we?!

    Cos @karaddin asked: Sometimes your hand is so far up someone's arse that stabbing them in the back isn't really neccessary.
  2. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    Hugely recommend Perlstein's Goldwater to Reagan eventual quadrilogy, especially Before the Storm and Invisible Bridge
  3. US Elections 16- The Scowl & The Pussy-Crat.

    Someone should tell yonder Prince of Denmark he got poisoned eight months ago. The show's over.
  4. US Elections 2016: The END IS NEAR

    Ah, but don't you see that they were driven to select Cheeto Caligula as their nominee because of Obama and his haughty nuance?
  5. US Elections 2016: The END IS NEAR

    I think we can all learn a lot from the way the party of personal responsibility is handling this.
  6. US Elections 2016: The END IS NEAR

    I don't see this working out for him at all. Not only is he too compromised to turn the tables, but the format is a terrible one for the sustained demolition job he's likely to attempt, and precedent suggests attacking Clinton on her personal life is likely to backfire. But that's almost certainly what he is going to try, and it's going to be insane and gross. If anything Walker is the more charismatic of the two.
  7. US Elections 2016: The END IS NEAR

    I dunno if it will matter, but Trump is going to try and get out of this by turning the focus around onto Clinton and he's already hinted that he'll raise Juanita Broaddrick, and he'll likely try and relitigate the Kathy Shelton case. Get ready, America.
  8. US Elections 2016: The END IS NEAR

    So that Paul Ryan party unity thing went well: I like how these people still haven't worked out that no one in their gives a shit about conservative orthodoxy any more: You'd think the bit where an orange reality tv star steamrolled your star bench of talented young Reaganoids while somehow totally ignoring the pressing issues of health care re-privatisation and mandatory fetus funeral charges might have provided a clue. How odd that a candidate that runs on white nationalism and only pays lip service to "true conservative" ideals was such a hit with the Republican base - where did all those true conservative rank and file voters go?
  9. Clowns to the left of us, jokers to the right of us

    I can't believe people are making light of this given the well-documented threat these creatures pose to human life.
  10. US Elections 2016: The END IS NEAR

    That was the joke. But that this is the apparent final straw for a lot of these people speaks volumes. This guy has been preaching herrenvolk democracy and slinging horrendous insults at women this whole campaign. He still hasn't apologised for calling Mexicans rapists back in November last July. He's also Donald fucking Trump, a man with more (and grosser) skeletons in his closet than Sam Raimi could dream of. That these nitwits somehow thought they could ride out his toxic politics, sordid career, and pathological narcissism is genuinely astonishing. The worst thing is, the lesson so many on the right are going to take is "ok, there's a constituency out there for rampant ethnonationalism if we just clean up the act".
  11. US Elections 2016: The END IS NEAR

    Who would have thought that nominating Donald Trump would turn out to be such a bad idea?
  12. US Politics: Sioux suing suits

    Wrong thread, chimpo. Here we talk about the full panoply of pathologies afflicting the Republic.
  13. US Politics: Sioux suing suits

    It's murky: For whatever its worth, Bandar Bin Sultan has a very long and close relationship with the highest levels of US politics and famously got on very well with the Bush family. W nicknamed him "Bandar Bush". The declassified stuff has apparently been investigated by the FBI, but despite this there are still ongoing investigations into Saudi complicity in 9/11: It's worth keeping in mind that the Kingdom is largely a family business that happens to run a state, and that family lives in fear of its religious leadership going all theocrat on them. Its government is both heavily compartmentalised (so these AQ-huggers could easily have operated alone) and personalised, and it uses that to its advantage where possible (so maybe they weren't operating alone).
  14. US Politics: Sioux suing suits

    What do you expect from a class of people who hardly read legislation and most of whom get re-elected on safe margins every few years and spend most of their time chasing donors because their only worry is being out-crazied in the primary?