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  1. Colonialism: ah, ye olde glorie!

    Sorry to burst this bubble but it was a Welshman, (and a sorcerer, natch) John Dee, who first put the words 'British Empire' to the page in the process of establishing kinda-sorta-Welshwoman Betsy Tudor's claim to the lands of New World, which according to him was rock solid on account of her being of the blood of one who Arthur Pendragon who totally, definitely ruled lands to the west of Ireland in 500 AD days.
  2. Colonialism: ah, ye olde glorie!

    Assuming, purely for the sake of argument, that you are correct, there are millions of people today who regard Stalin and Mao as national heroes. This is a good point. Empire can be truly bizarre like that. Local officials in Henan, one of the provinces worst affected by the Great Leap Forward just put up a huge gold Mao statue far too tacky for Beijing to permit. The Great Famine of 1931-1933 is regarded by many Ukrainian nationalists as genocide on Stalin's part, but this opinion is much more strongly held in the western regions that were part of Poland at the time than the eastern regions that actually suffered it.
  3. It's not worth the scammer's while to put too much effort into those scam, they're calling hundreds of people a day and they're after people who aren't likely to spot details like that or ask difficult questions.
  4. I'm reminded of Es zittern die morschen knocken  
  5. The movies came out at the end of the Mao era and the beginning of the Reform and Opening era, before the relaxation of censorship of foreign media and the emergence of the Chinese middle class. As a result there's just never been the cultural cachet that comes with a generational cohort that saw the OT on the big screen.
  6. Star Wars VII - The Spoiler Menace

    This is absurd: the author of this theory has jumped to the conclusion that there are two Luke Skywalkers of slightly varying size before considering, much less refuting alternative hypotheses. Consider: for these two Lukes to maintain the charade they would have to be in close, almost telepathic communication virtually all the time. How much less plausible than the obvious counter-hypothesis that Luke, technically not a member of the species Homo Sapiens simply exhibits slight changes in size, a trait well known to other species of the galaxy and thus utterly unremarkable?
  7. Did people forget the massive bomb that took out an opposition rally last year? Turkey has been wracked with violence for most of last year, from the breakdown of the PKK talks and from IS's clandestine network.
  8. Star Wars VII - The Spoiler Menace

    I do like the idea of a more political Star Wars with the Emperor as a Space-Hirohito being manipulated by a sinister militaristic cabal, it would make it even more Kurosawa-like, and possibly give Carrie Fisher more to sink her teeth into.
  9. Star Wars VII - The Spoiler Menace

    On that note, here's a nice little read about Star Wars canon, based on a 1979 attempt to puzzle out the SW universe using only ANH: http://www.xibalba.demon.co.uk/jbr/canon.html
  10. I think you'd have a hard time telling the survivors of a full exchange between the US and USSR that what they lived through wasn't Armageddon.
  11. Star Wars Episode VII RETURN OF THE SPOILERS

    It's mostly Poe's fault for not taking the union contract because he needed money fast. Guy needs to get his shit together.
  12. Star Wars Episode VII THE SPOILERS AWAKEN

    Yep, choreography matters but it's far from the most important thing in a duel
  13. A ceasefire would be a pretty good start to ending the horrors and going after ISIS concertedly, and it is looking more likely that there could be a diplomatic fix that would give people just enough to stop shooting each other for the moment. But this wasn't a war about realpolitik to start with, and an armistice won't be enough to resolve the issues that lead to it. For as long as governments of this region continue to operate as patronage engines and practice sectarian divide-and-rule politics there will be another conflagration just around the corner, and there are plenty of people on both sides who would rather start another fire than put out the flames for good.
  14. They weren't a branch of Al-Qaeda ever is my point. They were in touch with and received some support from them but so did dozens of other small jihadi groups all over the world. The only Iraqi branch of Al-Qaeda was Zarqawi's group.
  15. You're referring here to Ansar al-Islam, which a jihadist group that siezed a few villages in eastern Kurdistan in 2001. It was a mix of Kurdish and Arab fighters and had some support from al-Qaeda but it wasn't an al-Qaeda branch. That designation was given in 2004 to a group that formed out of Zarqawi's Tawhid al-Jihad following the latter's swearing an oath of loyalty to Osama Bin Laden. There is a Kurdish Islamist movement, whose disaffected members have joined groups like Ansar al-Islam and its sucessors but on the whole Kurdish politics is far more secular than in surrounding states.