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  1. Nothing much to add... other than before I start on the new books, I'm doing a re-read of the original trilogy (been a couple decades since I've read them). About halfway through The Dragonbone Chair at this point...
  2. Am I the only one thinking maybe she should just take a vacation and let the armies do their thing?
  3. Thanks for the boon, Kansas! I just couldn't have lived with another game of Grayson Allen. Good luck in the D-League!! As repayment, I reckon I'm pulling for Kansas the rest of the way.
  4. Dang I turned off Xavier-FSU and went to bed last night thinking it was over! Will this year's tourney ever settle down?
  5. It's happening.
  6. Up 16 with 12 minutes to go!!! They look like a JV squad playing against men. I don't even know what UMBC stands for, but go for it boys!
  7. So far I've only lost 2 sweet 16 teams and no elite 8's... so I'm still alive!
  8. WTG Marshall!
  9. I didn't do well the first day, but all my final 4 teams are still alive so no major harm done. Congrats @Fez
  10. They must reset the data every year... it was still there last week when I set it up but now seems like it's gone. I thought Davidson was going to take it down to the wire, but UK pulled it out!
  11. UNC-Greensboro is trying to bust a lot of brackets! Love these first 4 days! ETA: The 'Zags gonna hang on
  12. Let the games begin!!
  13. @Rhom I added my sons' bracket as well. This is my 9 year old's 2nd year, but he and his younger brother picked these together. They actually made reasonable picks, other than having Lipscomb in the sweet 16...
  14. Bumping to latest page
  15. Yeah I saw this morning that they were playing tonight. I had only caught the headline that the players had voted to turn it down, so my bad there.