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  1. The Drunk Thread: Just Drunk Enough to Theorize

    I'm hoisting that 3rd sheet into the wind whilst watching a documentary on The Babushkas of Chernobyl. And it's fascinating
  2. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    I picked up FFX Remastered for the PS4 the other day on a whim of nostalgia. Cranked up the game just to see the pretty graphics in HD but got sucked in for a 6 hour session the other night. I think I'll keep going.
  3. Another issue with smoking...

    I was a smoker for about 20 years before I switched to vaping 3 years ago and never looked back. I find it much preferable to smoking, and I definitely breathe better (and don't stink).
  4. Another issue with smoking...

    While we're at it, we should also prohibit illegal drug use. Those healthcare costs are up there with obesity and tobacco use as well.
  5. Another issue with smoking...

    Ace, maybe so. Doesn't change the fact that this is another example of a study that doesn't really accomplish or conclude anything useful being used in the news to drum up fear and clicks.
  6. Doing the same job that Mike/Jesse end up with in BB... picking up dead drops for Gus. iirc
  7. Another issue with smoking...

    This is a very bad study to draw any conclusions that are made in the article. Smoke is bad. Smoke residue is bad. Duh. But if you read the actual study (it's only a page long), it doesn't draw any conclusions other than children of parents who smoke have some trace nicotine residue on their hands and in their saliva. No children of non-smokers were tested. Also remember, nicotine in and of itself is fairly harmless unless consumed in massive doses. It's the other shit in the smoke that is horribly bad for you (particularly the carcinogens, of which nicotine is not). None of the actual, harmful stuff in tobacco smoke was looked for, only nicotine. The assumption being that the presence of nicotine indicates exposure to the bad substances in the smoke. But they didn't compare the levels to those of children not exposed to tobacco smoke. The study never mentions this, and the article gives no reference as to where they're getting this data from. It may be factual and accurate, but even then, you're comparing apples to oranges. Compare it to the level in children who live with smokers. Yet the study has been picked up by 70 and counting news outlets.
  8. I feel like I'm missing something too. Seems like Mike's being recruited, and ties back to the "DON'T" note left on Mike's car last season (how he figured out he was being tracked)... but beyond that I don't know why Gus settled on him. Maybe someone will fill us in. Otherwise, I thought this was one of the better episodes in the series. Really enjoyed it. Jimmy drives me nuts how every time he gets in a spot he does the one thing you pretty much shouldn't do. Chuck played him like a fiddle, because Jimmy can't help but Jimmy.
  9. How about the United States escalating things in the middle east? I'm sure there are plenty of people who would use the term in that context, and with a positive connotation.
  10. They likely did not have that right, see Scot's post above. I see it as the airline was wasting hundreds of people's time. With surely a myriad other options available to them to get their crew to Louisville, they chose to hold up a full (not overbooked) flight, and then kick 4 people off the flight to accommodate their employees on a whim. Then when not enough (boarded and confirmed) passengers volunteered to disembark, they further wasted hundred of people's time and picked some at random. One refused, so they removed him via [excessive, imo] force. YMMV
  11. College Basketball: Sweet and disappointing

    You mean to say you weren't appreciating Tubby circa 2008, during the reign of He Who Shall Not Be Named? I foresee Memphis continuing to plow through a long line of coaches until they find their next Calipari. The snapchat video posted by one of the Lawsons seems to highlight fairly well why they weren't a good fit in Tubby's style. You're getting a good one there, REG
  12. Deadpool 2: Cross Universe Casting

    Same here. Cable was my favorite character when I was into comics heavy in my younger days... I'm pretty stoked for this!
  13. What happened to Saturday Morning Cartoons

    This. And this. At least in my household. I find the youtube gaming videos to be mindless, brain-rotting stuff, but the kids eat it up. But my parents probably thought the same about the stuff I watched every Saturday. I have introduced them to all my old favorites (The Tick, original Transformers, Thundercats, 3 Stooges, Loony Toons, Flinstones, etc.) and they regularly watch those as well.
  14. Deer, angry after a century of being roadkill on roads the world over, have decided to start running us over!