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  1. Indeed. Isn't it mind boggling? I'm curious what you've been reading or what peaked your interest in these subjects...
  2. Back on topic, has anyone seen any new info about the new data they've been collecting on Boyajian's star? I haven't found anything
  3. I wasn't specifically responding to your post, Scot. Apologies. Anyway, while I have a degree in Physics, it's not my day job (and I struggled mightily with the quantum classes during my studies). Altherion seems to have a better understanding of the subatomic/quantum world than I, but in general terms, you can't take things that are true in the quantum scale (such as entanglement) and extrapolate them to the galactic (or everyday) scale. This has been the holy grail of physics for some time now, finding the Unified Theory that holds true for both quantum and classical fields of study.
  4. All the SoT stuff is gone now, with the old interviews and such. Used to be an occasional go-to for some entertainment on slow days at work.
  5. What has happened to Tairy's website? It's all about Nest, which came out last year (according to the website). Didn't this new Nicci & co. book come out earlier this year? Something is afoot...
  6. No. Theoretically possible, but well beyond current capabilities. (I'll note you wouldn't need a pole a light year long for this hypothetical experiment. If your pole was .25light years long, and the signal traveled from one end to the other in less that .25years, there's your signal FLT. With current technology we could perform this experiment using a pole 1km long (or shorter). The problem is the next question. In short, yes, they do state this. It's not about perfection of form. It's about the interaction of the fundamental forces (in this case electromagnetism). Force is carried by a particle (boson), which also adheres to the laws of physics, and thus can't travel faster than the speed of light. When one object of matter pushes another, the electromagnetic interaction between individual atoms (i.e. the bosons) carries the force of the push. You're getting into deep physics here, but your question has been asked before, so maybe this link will help with the explanation.
  7. It seems to only do the orange-red end of the visible spectrum onward into infrafred, not the entire visible spectrum. From my amateur understanding, this would not be particularly useful in this case because infrared light doesn't get absorbed by cosmic dust and debris (making it useful for many other areas of study beyond our current capabilities, however).
  8. Plus, if it's something blocking the light (and not the star itself dimming), the spectrum data can potentially help narrow down the possibilites of what is blocking the light (or identify it, depending on composition). Really looking forward to the results.
  9. Oh shit I should be recording this! I had no clue the premiere was upon us! Thanks!
  10. And now there's going to be a spinoff? Young Sheldon. Ugh
  11. I don't often mix myself a tasty cosmopolitan to enjoy while taking a hard-earned shower, but today is one such day.
  12. Some of them are made of fiberglass and sit in the ground but are transportable? Similar to this Yesterday I received a notice from the USPS that I had a package waiting for me at the post office with POSTAGE DUE. It's a new tablet I ordered online with "free shipping". What lovely service.
  13. In person? Sweet!