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  1. That's not nearly as bad as naming your kid after Kahlan. At least Kihmari didn't talk much and seemed like a decent person.... er Ronso
  2. HAPPY 2018 HUMANS! Had a great, successful New Years Eve in which while a bit sloppily buzzed... no children, adults, or properties were harmed in the excessive use of fireworks.
  3. In roughly 3 weeks, Kentucky travels to WVU Coliseum for an epic road test. I'm thinking there is time yet to devise some sort of friendly wager including @Rhom, @Michael Seswatha Jordan, @S John, and myself.
  4. I could roll with that
  5. Agreed on the 8-teams... but they'll need some stipulations if teams like UCF are to get in... I mean this year they were ranked like 12th or so in the final standings, so theoretically still wouldn't have gotten in if it was just the top-8. (And I certainly believe they should have been in the top 8)
  6. I don't think too many are excited about SEC Championship v2.0
  7. I fear the mystery of the tablespoons in the bag will be lost forever in the mists fog of time bourbon. I've hardly had more than a drink or two over the past couple weeks, so I reckon my tolerance will be nice and low for tonight... at which point all that will be remedied. I've got all my leftover fireworks from the 4th of July ready to annoy the neighborhood come midnight! See ya'll this evening
  8. Surely it has to be Hurley. If not I'd take him as Cal's replacement here upon retirement.
  9. I play Elite Dangerous on PS4 and have no problems using the gamepad, although it did take a few hours of gameplay and some re-arranging of button bindings for it to feel natural. Flight stick with throttle would definitely be the best setup though.
  10. Other than the outlier of the VT game, I've still not seen anything that convinces me this team at least isn't tied with the 2013 team at bottom of the totem pole. We'll be lucky to finish in the top 3 in the SEC
  11. Earned my Sol permit a couple weeks back and took the pilgrimage... was pretty neat but I didn't stick around too long as I've joined a Wing working towards minor faction status and our objectives were gnawing at me to get back home to Kolaga.... visited all the planets while I was there and said hi to the Voyagers, then zipped back towards my objectives... there's plenty more to see and do there in the motherland if you want though. Currently Petty Officer working towards Ensign (with Chief Petty Officer rank in-between still) so I can get that Federal Gunship I've had my eye on for some time.... along with the Wing objectives.
  12. I've often wondered why the D-league... er G-League, whatever, affiliates didn't go the route of "B-Team" high school athletics... and do a G-League game before the NBA game. Arena's already in play on those dates, gives the fans that show up early something to watch, gives the arenas more revenue from concessions and whatnot. The fans get to watch their development players before the big boys play, if they so choose. I'm sure the lawyers, marketers, and accountants have worked out that having a completely separate minor league brings in more money... but I don't get it. I'm also an engineer so I have very little knowledge of the inner workings of such things.
  13. Hah yeah. Good idea, entirely wrong person to be involved it.
  14. (if it includes Horizons)? ETA: eh, still a pretty good deal