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  1. Once again, the rich grey hairs can't bother themselves to fill more than a third of the lower arena at Rupp. Or sell their tickets to someone at face value who would kill to have their seats for one game. Or even give them away. The student section is half empty again since they doubled the student price (they are now offering them to the general public to save face). I picture a room full of old rich dudes watching the game on the big screen drinking Pappy Van Winkle comparing their seats from home. And BBN wonders why I'm a football-first-fan. GO ETSU!
  2. Still on Elite: Dangerous. I've got 25mil in the bank but have ran out of desired upgrades for my Cobra MK III... she's been a good ship, and I'm not gonna sell her for now. I originally had my eye on a Federal Dropship and earned the midshipman rank to purchase it... but have decided instead to go with a decked out Asp Explorer and probably step up to the federal assault ship once I have enough rank... or I might change my mind again before I get the dough to move up further. I've got some time before I'm at that point. I've got myself allied status in a few systems now and earning some big bucks for some really fun missions. On the road for work this week so once I get home tomorrow I'm gonna get the Asp and see how I like it. I haven't done much exploration (battle/recon missions is where I've found the most enjoyment so far), but I might give it a go.
  3. Nice win REG... was really closer that I expected. @Rhom probably disagrees, but I'm just glad we didn't get embarrassed at this point in the season.
  4. I've never understood why it's a foul when a player shoots a shot, the ball is already in the air, and the defender grazes his hand while the ball is in the air. The shot was not affected. The defender gains no advantage, which is supposed to be the definition of a foul.
  5. Reality can be a real bitch sometimes
  6. Kansas is only a 2.5 point favorite. If I were a betting man, I know who my money would be on.
  7. I'm reminding you, that you assured us this wasn't going to be a repeat of 2013. I'm holding you to that. I'm not sure the team I saw tonight was even NIT-worthy.
  8. Believing a thing doesn't make it true.
  9. it took me 39 years on this fine planet to master the art of the grilled cheese sammich... but now that I have, I find I'm acutely aware that I certainly have a grilled cheese "problem". The evening is not quite the same without a grilled cheese. If you can, why would you not?
  10. YES! Great minds think alike. Plus the kiddos actually go to sleep at about 8pm for a week or two until they catch on to my ruse and figure out I didn't change the wall clocks on purpose. ETA: Albeit... I don't really see the sun during the work week until March... but we catch up on weekends and the holidays and a few minutes during the morning and evening commutes once in awhile. By the spring I'm usually glad to lose that hour of sleep to spend some time together.
  11. @Ser Scot A Ellison is mysteriously silent about Daylight Savings during his extra hour of sleep this fall. Inquiring minds want to know!
  12. Speaking of a game with no defense to speak of... bah! Nice road win for your wayward boys, FA
  13. "The thing about quotes on the internet... it's really hard to distinguish which ones are real and which ones aren't." -Abraham Lincoln
  14. I'm just glad there was no social media and camera phones during my teens and 20's. Swept most of that right under the rug where it has remained.
  15. I had that happen earlier on in the game... but after I just stayed away from the system until the bounty expired. That stinks about the rep though