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  1. Thanks for my new favourite tinpot theory Makes sense that the wildlings would be expecially anti- incest.
  2. While hating myself for being pedantic, I can't help pointing out that there's a strong celtic presence in Spain.
  3. I haven't gone back to check the text but nowhere in the quotes in this thread does Varys say 'Aegon Targaryen' or 'Aegon, son of Rhaegar'. He also doesn't say he's the rightful heir, just that he has been raised to be king.
  4. If R+L=J then Bran and Jon aren't brothers.
  5. Has anyone mentioned Dany's shoes? They looked really odd.
  6. I wouldn't take anything that Craster says to the Night's watch as anything other than posturing. He's not revealing great secrets, just trying to make himself look good (literally godly).
  7. I'm left wondering what part The Twins will play in the end-game. It doesn't seem like it could be that significant but both GRRM and D+D want to wipe out the Freys for some reason.
  8. While I think 3 possibilities are fairly obvious - Robert's Rebellion, Dunk and Egg, and The Princess and the Queen - I think a show dealing with Aegon IV's reign and death would really work in terms of scope for multiple seasons. I would absolutely love to see more of the North, maybe an origin story of the Night's Watch.
  9. Definitely Oldtown/Hightowers for me. But then I'm sort of obsessed with the Hightowers.
  10. Lady Stoneheart self-immolating surrounded by dead Freys in the Twins' great hall The return of Gerion Lannister Tormund killing Littlefinger and marrying Sansa The ice lake trap coming to fruition Lord Manderley surviving None of the leaks from season 7 of the show
  11. Er, the passage is pretty clear. They opened two things: 1 - Maesters Ballabar and Frenken opened the second day of trial. 2 - They had opened King Joffrey's noble corpse as well
  12. Isn't there mention in TWOIAF of other-like creatures in other countries like Yi Ti? Or is it simply of similarities to The Long Night?
  13. Sam, I think there's enough in Oldtown for a whole book.
  14. Roose Bolton may still have been made second in command in an attempt to keep him on side and as acknowledgement of his obvious skill in battle/war.
  15. I like this idea a lot. How likely do you think it is that this will be cleared up in the actual text? There just seems to be so much else to get through!