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  1. Rangers? Zahadum sounding like khazadum? elder races? lorien?!? Going 'beyond the rim'/sailing west? yeah a lot of nods to LOTR.
  2. Interesting that Broadchurch season 1 now features three Doctors - 10, 1.3 and 13. and Rory. I'm open minded about the choice. I think Eva Green would have een excellent, but pretty sure Dr Who is below her pay grade. i don't buy the whinging about a female choice; saying "oh theyre being forced into it by sjw, so best stick to white guys" is a cop out.
  3. Liked it. My main complaint is the sloppy timeline. Eight years between Avengers and Civil War (and thus Spiderman) my arse! Avengers is set md 2012, Civil War/Spiderman is 2016. That's four years. I did like how inconstant Stark is. Peter is told not to investigste the vulture and does so anyway, and loses his suit. He still goes after the vilture, and Stark hails this as a sign of his growing maturity and offers to make him an avenger! For doing the exact same thing that made Stark chew him out!
  4. I'm not sure the anger of someone on an internet forum is sufficient to cause him alarm - maybe hold off on the empty threats?
  5. Not until he re-lives it, or he'd know how the whole thing played out, and that the cell door was unlocked.
  6. Lol Zathras was my first thought too on seeing him. Saxon was PM for a day or so, it was events just after he killed the US president that never happened. Pretty sure Bill would remember his campaign and brief tenure as PM.
  7. Smith doesnt remembet the interaction until he lives it as Smith.
  8. I think Ukip will become a hobby for Farage - something he potters around with in his shed on rainy weekends. There was an amusing article in a spoof news site describing May as Margaret Thatcher's last horcrux. good to see Salmond getting put to the sword. The tory surge in Scotlan seems to be a reaction against indyref2 - if labour's chances hadnt been so rubbished in the media, i wonder if scotland would have voted more for them to stave off another referendum. i also wonder what would have happens if Miliband had clung on in 2015?
  9. Yay! Really enjoyed Sailor to a Siren, and glad there's a follow-up
  10. Got a rejection from ana agent, I need ti find some more agents specialising in my type of novel. Stillwaiting to hear from Tor regarding my novella submitted to their open submissikn window in January. just started second draft of my supernatural detective novel.
  11. I rewatched Sharpe's Waterloo last night (currently re-reading books). It's not aged well, but is still enjoyable. Seems more tongue in cheek than I remember, especially with Paul Bettany galloping around screaming at his fleeing cavalry before wiping out battalion after battalion of his own men through incompetence.
  12. Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition is now out! I got it on Steam, nice to be able to zoom in and out. Not had a chance to play much, but looks good. Not sure if worth getting if you've modded out the original, but good for those who haven't. It also has the option to play the original version.
  13. Cadbury's should assure everyone they remain totally committed to exploiting religious belief in the promotikn of chocolate. Perhaps sell Pontius Pilate-themed mini-eggs: they're shelled, so no nee to wash your hands afterwards!
  14. My two Jura are Prophecy and Superstition.
  15. In what will be a surprise to no one, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has decided she will call for a second referendum for Scotttish Independence. Because apparently 'once in a generation' means 'until we get the result we want'. not looking forward to more months of divisive bullshit. The polls have shown little if any increase in support for independence, so this might backfire horribly. Not to mention, theres no indication from the EU that they would accept an independat Scotland, and no chance we could be grandfathered in.