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  1. Yeah - the ultimate age gap and power disparity.
  2. Why would Mry and Joseph not have sex? Wouldnt that mean they werent actually married? Utter stupidity.
  3. Insane. Will anythjbg actually happen the first few episodes apart from Bilbo leaving andFrodo becoming middle-aged?
  4. There is no obligation, or tv shows wouldnt be prematurely cancelled
  5. I donated a lot of creds for rep points,got a follow up courier message worth a lot of creds and while enroute got attacked. Bring it on, I thought. Barely won the fight but accidently fired at a security ship. Lost my rep with that faction, got blown up, and got hit with a bounty - and failed the mission. oh well - took another mission to deliver more cargo to that system - and got scanned seconds from docking. Because of the bounty I got blown up again, failong yrt another mission
  6. You can use whatever you want. Its fully customisable.
  7. Currently re-reading JV Jones Sword of Shadows series as well as Zoe Sumra's (a poster here) Wages of Sin, book 2 of her Underside sci-fi series which so far is as good as book 1 (Sailor to a Siren).
  8. Decided to go exploring in my cobra. Headed 'south' and found some undiscovered planets about 840 light years from my starting point (Avalon system in thr Empire). At that point I headed back, the return trip lasting 90 jumps. On selling my exploration data I made most 4 million credits and was credited with discovering about 2 dozen new planets, which now have my name marked against them as the discoverer Next goal is to increase Imperial rank, then Federation rank, and save up for my Asp Explorer.
  9. Min - from memory isnt this the guy who moved near his ex gf because he wasnt quite over her? re his cv - is he serious about a new job or is it another manipulation to try and get you to beg him not to leave the conpany? either way youre better off cutting ties, as better articulated above.
  10. I never played the original Elite, but I did play Frontier: Elite 2. The wiki is slightly wrong; it says that if you keep zooming out, you see other galaxies surrounding the Milky Way (albeit identical to it) but there's no way of getting to any of them. There was a cheat in the UK version of the game called the Wormhole bug that let you jump massive distances (every 655 ly) in one hyperspace jump due to a maths error in the code. I used this bug to travel to one of the adjacent galaxies, but it was identical to the Milky Way. I like to think of it as a parallel galaxy. Fronter also came with a book containing short stories, one of which was about an android who owned a space station in an Imperial system who planned to fit it with hyperspace engines and go exploring circa 3250. I hung about the system in that year in the hope something would change, but nothing did. However - in Elite: Dangerous they remembered that story, and that space station is now sitting thousands of light years away near the galactic core, and was found by players. Search out Colonia. The station is called Jacques. When I get my Asp I plan to travel there and then head off exploring further out. Meanwhile I'm about 460 ly 'south' from the Imperial heart in my Cobra hunting for previously unexplored systems, heading for the rim. Not found any yet, but I should make money from 'dinging' the systems already discovered. I should have lightened my ship by unloading its weapons and defensive systems, but oh well. Refuelling is a chore, so I try ad refuel a little in each system with a suitable star rather than get bored filling the whole tank.
  11. Re Elite, make sure you've enough credits to cover insurance costs.
  12. It's quite a common ship, surprised yoi cant find one. Google shoild be able to help you
  13. Did the 10k Great Scottish Run the other week in 51 mins. Was quite happy, wasnt pushing myself hard.
  14. In Elite, navy missions are offered by thr usual contacts rather than a specific navy contact, which is odd. But finally got offered an Imperial navy mission which was also my first assassination mission. Blew it, couldnt find the target Took another imp navy assassination mission few hours later, foubd target no prpbs and killed him, and got my first navy and Elite rank An imp navy courier mission and a a spot of bounty hunting saw me promoted. Now aiming to save up to refit my cobra for exploration, maybe go 'south' to aim for the outer rim. When I get my Asp Exlorer I'll head for the core. Some of the npc names are amusing - came across someone who's name ended with 'the moist', and also saw a 'Good Batiatus', a nod to Spartacus Blood & Sand. Also seen a Jayne Cobb. Donation missions are an excellent if costly way to raise your rep with factions and its asscoiated superpower.
  15. Save up - bigger cargo holds make more missions available. Or you can fit in some cabins and ferry passengers. Some good missions taking tourists on long haul trips. Cobra iii is a good all-rounder ship.