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  1. Theyre important to the plot. Also its really the only time you see Geralt actually being a witcher. Sword of Destiby seems to grt mistaken as a prequel due to the English language publisher bizarwly skipping it for the first three novels.
  2. Next book, with a twist
  3. Finally finished Dragon age 2 last night, after almost three years starting with Dragon Age Origins. It was ok, liked the engine and combat, but there was a lot of repetition. Given that Hawke has apparently ventured deeper into the underground wilds than anyone else, I never really got that impression from the game. Still, brevity was a virtue given my eagerness to get to Inquisition. I've also been playing through the Assassins Creed series since autumn 2014 (or 2015, I forget). I was approx. 2/3 through both AC and AC2, finished them both, and then started playing through the remaining games. I enjoyed Brotherhood more than I expected, finding it one of my favourites. Revelations felt repetitive, but was still enjoyable. The mini-film wrapping up Ezio's story was interesting, expecially the hint that he was while already dying, he was assassinated by a Templar. I played through in roughly chronoligcal order so played Black Flag and Rogue before 3. Black Flag is another favourite. 3 felt a bit basic compared to Black Flag and Rogue, but was still a good story. I'm currently playing Unity which looks gorgeous. I'll probably skip most of the non-story stuff so I can get to Syndicate before the next game. Also playing Final Fantasy 14 a bit, liking how I can play my PC character on my PS4.
  4. Inspired Quill requested the full manuscript of my novel, Thorns of a Black Rose. They rejected my first novel, a supernatural mystery/steampunk/urban fantasy novel last year and the year before, so hoping third time lucky. Thorns of a Black Rose is a fantasy inspired more by Howard than Tolkein, set in a fantasy North Africa. The two protagonists are a thirteen year old thief-girl native to the city, and a magicker hailing from the southern half of the continent. She's spent two years travelling from the south. The third and lesser protagonist is a ranger from a desert tribe who escorts caravans across a vast desert inspired by the Sahara. In a sense, it's an African Hobbit with a brown Bilbo recruited from the streets rather than a middle-class life, a black female Gandalf, and a black Aragorn ranging through the desert rather than the wilds of northern Europe.
  5. If Affleck drops out, who should replace? I wonder if Clooney would be willing to bulk up and wipe away the stain of Batman and Robin?
  6. Or her magic was stronger than the hammer's.
  7. How can anything with Hannibal and Stringfellow Hawke be godawful??
  8. I liked his sherlock films, even if Game of Shadows was a remake of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Same plot, same villain.
  9. I liked RE4 on the Wii.
  10. The irony with Braveheart is pf the three main fighters (wallace, Hamish and the mad Irish dude) is that the two Scotsmen are played by an Australian/American and an Irishman, and the Irishman is played by a Scotsman.
  11. Rangers? Zahadum sounding like khazadum? elder races? lorien?!? Going 'beyond the rim'/sailing west? yeah a lot of nods to LOTR.
  12. Interesting that Broadchurch season 1 now features three Doctors - 10, 1.3 and 13. and Rory. I'm open minded about the choice. I think Eva Green would have een excellent, but pretty sure Dr Who is below her pay grade. i don't buy the whinging about a female choice; saying "oh theyre being forced into it by sjw, so best stick to white guys" is a cop out.
  13. Liked it. My main complaint is the sloppy timeline. Eight years between Avengers and Civil War (and thus Spiderman) my arse! Avengers is set md 2012, Civil War/Spiderman is 2016. That's four years. I did like how inconstant Stark is. Peter is told not to investigste the vulture and does so anyway, and loses his suit. He still goes after the vilture, and Stark hails this as a sign of his growing maturity and offers to make him an avenger! For doing the exact same thing that made Stark chew him out!
  14. I'm not sure the anger of someone on an internet forum is sufficient to cause him alarm - maybe hold off on the empty threats?
  15. Not until he re-lives it, or he'd know how the whole thing played out, and that the cell door was unlocked.