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  1. What would be interesting would be a series following Luke etc between ANH and ESB. Maybe even have Ezra train Luke?
  2. Ironic that about a year after the Asgard mass-suicided after failing to cure the cloning degeneration, SGA encounters the rogue Asgard who solved that problem
  3. Thanks Yes its Resurrection Men, and your feedback 18 months ago no doubt helped improve it. Ironically an agent I sent it to months ago sent a rejection email yesterday. Samples of my fantasy novel Thorns of a Black Rose is currently sitting with x2 publishers doing open subs, and an agent. Fingers crossed I can find a buyer for it too. Meanwhile time to finish Res Men's sequel plan and start writing it.
  4. Got an email this morning from Elsewhen Press offering to publish my first novel
  5. Started Peaky Blinders on netflix, just finished season 1 - can't believeI didnt watch this when it first showed.
  6. One of the female Brit curlers (not Captain Eve Muirhead) used to work in a Glasgow wine bar I frequented several years ago, prior to and briefly after the previous wibter games when the team won a medal. They're a young team so can expect to compete for a while yet.
  7. Salvatore doesnt own any character rights to those characters
  8. David Davies reassures the British public that Brexit won't be like Mad Max. Not exactly ringing with optimism. I don't remember them using that as a slogan on the campaign bus.
  9. I've been playing them in chronological order, ie 4, 3's Haytham stuff, Rogue, then rest of 3 so a lot of 3 felt a bit dated.
  10. Recently finished Assassins Creed Unity and started Syndicate. Good game. My favourites are probably Brotherhood, Black Flag and Syndicate so far. Elite Dangerous: Launched my Asp Explorer from Sol and set off on my big exploration mission. It's got no weappns and very little shields (only have any for planet landings). I've found a number of planets including an Earth-like one that should be worth a good bit. Currently en route to Colonia where I'll fully repair, unequip my buggy and shields, and set off for the galactic centre, Sag A. From there, maybe Beagle's Point on the edge of the rim on the far side of the galaxy.
  11. What's great is unlike most cross-platform mmo's, ffxiv lets you use your characters on both PC and console. I rarely play my pc now, but I can play my account on my PS4 (so long as the game is bought).
  12. They were there to help the people, nit exploit them. Also not sure the people who donate to them (including every taxpayer as they get government money) will be impressed that this money is potentially being misspent.
  13. Not sure how that applies. GOT is a seperate entity from thr books. The SW books were meant to be part of the film continuity.
  14. The personal insults against BFC in this thread are disgraceful, and the poster concerned should be ashamed imho. As a Brit, the eagerness some US cops seem to have for blasting away is outrageous to me. that said, in this case it may have been justified if the cop was being attacked and on the ground. Without further evidence either way, I'm perplexed why some posters are so eager to shout murder. I hope there's video evidence from inside the courtroom. Given the close-quarters nature of the fight, cross-contamination would make pepper spray as much a liability as help, as it could take out the cop; potentially it could be even worse as some people are unaffected. Tazers. If someone is making physical contact with you, shooting them with electricity is not going to end well for you. US police really need to learn communication skills. I spent 8 years as a volunteer cop in Glasgow, working occasional Saturday nights in the city centre and mostly in some of the worst southside areas, and I never had to draw a baton or CS spray in anger.
  15. Off work tomorrow and my wife is nightshift, so I think I'll light candles, open a bottle of red wine, turn the lights off and watch the first episode. If I really like it I'll binge a few, if not I'm ready to start season 3 in my GOT rewatch.