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  1. Off work tomorrow and my wofe is nightshift, so I think I'll light candles, open a bottle of red wine, turn the lights off and watch the first episode. If I really like it I'll binge a few, if not I'm ready to start season 3 in my GOT rewatch.
  2. Finally got promoted to Petty Officer in Elite Dangerous' Federal Navy (and got permit for Sol system), and outfitted my Asp Explorer for deep-range exploration. I can jump just over 33 ly, got a 6C class fuel scoop which is very fast, and no weapons. I launched from one of Earth's orbital statio s and am currently sitting in a system approx 800 ly to the 'north' with undiscovered planets. My plan is to go north a few thousand ly, then west to Colonia near the core where theres a station. From there I'll unfit my srv, shields and some heatsinks to increase jump range, and head to Beagle Point on the far edge of the galaxy.
  3. The UKIP fiasco continues. Another looming leadership contest?
  4. Wert, to be fair i dont think theyve actually fired police officers, theyve just failed to replace those who've quit/retired. They have made thousands of police staff redundant, which means increasingly depleted, overworked, underfunded police forces have to backfill office jobs with cops who cost more. The Tories can be blamed for England & Wales. SNP deserve the blame for the continuing Police Scotland fiasco.
  5. A lot of hype surrounded Obama, and perhaps unrealistic expectations as to what he would accomplish. Even a lot of people voting for Labour are cautious of Corbyn.
  6. I don't really buy why havibg taken out Vader, Yoda didn't rematch Sidious with Obi-Wan by his side. Barring of course continuity with the OT.
  7. I trust you euthanised the patieent? Brain death was clearly a given.
  8. Elsewhen Press are also accepting submissikns at this time. I've two novels I wish to submit. They dont specifiy any limit which some publishers and most agents do ie one at a time. Some publishers just ask thet thr novels are submitted separately which I think I'll do.
  9. Trump has decided to quell fears of his mental state by calling himself a "very stable genius". Yeah that should do the trick.
  10. Sorry no link as on my phone but Unsung Stories are also doing open submissions from 29 Jan. Nothing on their site yet but i got an email.
  11. I sometimes wonder how things would have played out had Milliband stayed in place.
  12. I really liked the opening joke. It was Poe manipulating some pompous tit who likely grew up watching Imperial propaganda being told how awesome the empire was by bitter exiles, dreaming of being Tarkin.
  13. We all hate the GOT covers?? Do we? The UK GOT covers are my favourites (not that I own copies of them) since the original three covers. I've found many of the in-between covera rather bland. Whether the game plots are followed in any way at all will largely depend on the show's popularity. If it's doing really well by the time they're adapting the last book, they may well draw on them. If the show's struggling, we'll be lucky to see all the books adapted.
  14. Darth Nihilis didn't smash his mask in a temper tantrum My swotor Sith Warrior has his Mask
  15. Angry Robot are accepting unagented submissions until the end of today. I'm busy giving Thorns of a Black Rose one last polish.