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  1. From a legal perspective, considering Tommen gets his claim from being a "legal" son of Robert, after him and Myrcella, the crown should pass to Stannis, but since he's a rebel I'd say he's out of the line of succession. Now I don't remember how far back you have to go in Robert's family, but actually the next in line is Cercei. Or actually Tyrion, but you know, crossbows. All things considered though, I don't think anyone would care about blood right after Myrcella, then it'd be war of conquest.
  2. Not sure if I believe this, but if it's true, that could imply Stannis really is Azor Ahai. I have a feeling he will survive the battle at Winterfell and ride back to the Wall after he hears about the mutiny, and we all know death pays for (possibly Jon's?) life, and Shireen has King's blood...
  3. Anything starting with Ty- in the Westerlands
  4. I just stumbled upon this on a reread of AGOT, Daenerys IX The red door was so far ahead of her, and she could feel the icy breath behind, sweeping up on her. If it caught her she would die a death that was more than death, howling forever alone in the darkness. She began to run. "… don't want to wake the dragon …" I'm a believer that the red door actually is in Dorne, could this be another foreshadowing of the War for Dawn? Something like one of the dragons has been killed/wighted and Dany has to retreat to the south, hence the red door ahead of her, which means she's flying south, and the icy breath is a wighted dragon?
  5. Regarding the mummer's/mummers' dragon, I think that's GRRM using the unreliable narrator to make us question what the real meaning of the prophesy is. Whichever is correct, anyone can misunderstand it when they hear it and not read it like us.
  6. Slight crackpot, but if we build from the Palantir idea, R'hollor has his Red Priests and Weirwood is linked to the Old Gods, maybe it's so neither "side" can see through her disguise?
  7. Could the answer be a mix of what you guys mentioned above? We know Quaithe is real since Jorah saw her as well, but that doesn't mean Dany having visions not in the dreamlike sense, but Quaithe appearing and talking to her in her mind can't be true, that her mind plays tricks on her. Or, I'd say more likely, glass candles
  8. He never even mentions AAR in this video, what he say is that "He (Stannis) is given a token of his role as TPTWP by ancient prophecy, and that's the sword Lightbringer" This is easily contradicted by the fact that yes, the sword is named Lightbringer, but in reality it's a cheap trick, which in backed by Maester Aemon in AFFC - Sam IV: Also, in ADWD - Jon III we have this: This is another contradiction when we have this from ASOS - Davos IV: In conclusion, unless you have another video where GRRM even implies AAR=TPTWP, they might or they might not be. Also the quotes above makes me believe Stannis' sword is not the real Lightbringer. And to the part about Aegon, you say he's not the son of Rhaegar and Elia, please provide some evidence of this and don't just say he isn't without backing up your claim.
  9. I have to agree that Dany maybe fits better considering what you wrote here. I've also read somewhere that Lightbringer might actually be the Wall, or by extension the Night's Watch. Any thoughts on that? This is from ADWD Tyrion V: Yes he claims to be Aegon, but as far as I can tell from this quote noone on the Shy Maid has told that to Tyrion. This combined with Varys' speech to Kevan is why it seems to me that Aegon is the real Aegon.
  10. Him saying they are practically the same and him saying 100% they are the same are two different things though. Also, if that is correct and AAR/TPTWP are the same person, that might still mean that Rhaegar was the one. If you interpret the same way I do, that it is a 5000 year old prophecy, which originally said TPTWP (and AAR if we go by your logic), would forge or make Lightbringer, not literally as a sword, but as a child, and the words have been either simply changed through the years or some of it is lost in translation. And to the second part where you say "Besides which fAegon ain't no son of Rhaegar!", you might of course be right on this, but why would Varys give that speech to Kevan before he dies if Aegon is fake? Considering he has his "little birds" kill Pycelle and later Kevan, it's not likely IMO that he suspects he's being watched as he would make sure noone else would be close by. In addition, Tyrion, who is known to pay attention to detail, makes the conclusion that Young Griff is Aegon. There has to be a reason for him to do that, considering everyone "knows" Aegon was killed during the sack of King's Landing.
  11. First off, I believe like many others that The Prince that was Promised and Azor Ahai are related or is the same person, and this is my take on how that is. When Rhaegar was young, both he and Maester Aemon thought he was TPTWP, but later in life after reading a scroll, Rhaegar said "I will require a sword and armor. It seems I must be a warrior." according the Ser Barristan. The prophecy of Azor Ahai reborn: The last part of the legend of how Lightbringer was forged: According to Melisandre, the prophecy of TPTWP is 5000 years old (Storm of Swords, Davos VI), and I'd think the prophecy has changed quite a bit over the years. I think this might tie together like this: Rhaegar believed for a long time he was TPTWP, read the scroll I mentioned above and said he should be a warrior. In the legend of Azor Ahai, "A warrior shall draw from the fire a burning sword". The burning sword is, according to Melisandre, Lightbringer. What if instead of the literal forging of Lightbringer, it is the birth of a Lightbringer, the Sword or warrior, that will fight the darkness. If we say Rhaegar was indeed the TPTWP, is it too far of a strech to say that he was the prince promised to "reforge" Lightbringer/Azor Ahai in the sense that Azor Ahai would be his child, whether that child is Aegon or Jon?
  12. As KingMance mentioned, when things are described in more detail than usual they might be important. Also when things that usually are described aren't, that's also something to look closer at, like when Septa Lemore's eyecolour isn't mentioned at all by Tyrion who usually notice things like that
  13. Kind of torn of this one tbh. I agree the knight vows are more important when they serve in an army or when they act as household guards and similar, but if they join KG/Night's Watch, those vows should be the "highest" ones. I know this means Jamie really broke his vows even though he did the right thing killing Aerys, but KG/NW makes you cut all ties to your previous life and obey only the King or LC, can't have people with possible conflicting vows in any of those organizations IMO
  14. This is a recurring theme in the series, eg Stannis thinking back to RR and his decision to back his brother instead of his righful King. I'd say it all comes down to each person's morals, did the Kingslayer do the right thing when he killed Aerys? He did break his KG vows, but he also protected the smallfolk from the wildfire stashed under the city. As to which vows lord/smallfolk/septons think is the most important, I'd say the lords think the vows made to them personally is the most important, while the smallfolk and septons think the vows they say when knighted are the most important, simply because they vow to protect the weak which they swear in the name of the Seven
  15. This post made me remember my favourite crackpot, the Bolt-On theory. God I love that theory