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  1. Hmmm. I like this idea myself. It works with the idea that BR was looking at “Brandon” Starks in particular. Might explain why BR chose Bran as opposed to Rickon despite the color of their wolves eyes. Also helps to explain the Night’s King imagery and parallels in Bran’s story. It does make me wonder about Ned’s brother Brandon, his untimely death, his tomb statue, and its missing sword...
  2. Yay! Congratulations!!! Hopefully it all comes together soon for you and with as little additional stress as possible.
  3. I was thinking that exact same thing. According to Cersei's prophesy he has a lot more than the handful that we have met. Besides. GRRM isn't all that great at eyes, is he? What color are Renly's eyes again?
  4. Not to mention that I believe there is no mention of "broken promises" until Ned is in the black cells. Why all of a sudden is the promise broken? What else happened that could have done that other than Robert dying?
  5. You never know... He has already slated a ww and slept with Craster's daughter. Not many men can brag of those exploits. You mean other than Jon?
  6. Hmm.... Maybe. But then how would you explain Sam. Seems to me that he might be the quintessential "Pig Boy."
  7. And don't forget.... When Bran wakes up from his coma dream the 3EC turns into what? A serving LADY with long dark hair bent over him. It just seems like that piece should mean something...
  8. There's actually a section in ACoK that makes me think that the attack on Elia and the Kingswood Brotherhood in general, instead of being meant to be the primary attack was just something put in place to distract from the whatever the real goal is. In the chapter where Theon first attacks the North and is met by Benfred? Tallhart and his band of young hares there is a lot that brings to mind certain members of the Brotherhood. In particular in the description of Dagmer Cleftjaw. In it Theon sends Dagmer off to Torrhen's Square, not to actually capture it, but rather as a diversion for his true plan of taking Winterfell. Were the Kingswood Brotherhood and the attack on Elia meant to actually be a diversion? Great! I'm looking forward to it! I agree that there is a lot of parallels/echoes/mirroring what ever you want to call it in Ned's tourney, both of the tourney at Harrenhall, and I'm pretty sure echoing the history of Westeros and the Long Night. It's been quite a while since I've looked at it, though, so I really need to find the time to read back through in order to remember exactly what it was that I saw. Hopefully I should get some time to do so before the next essay. I agree with adding Sansa into that. I also wonder if we might not almost be mistaken to not include both Arya and Tyrion in as well, as both of them were either rescued or taken away as well. For Arya she was rescued by Yoren and with Tyrion he was taken by Cat. And yep. I'm pretty sure that I get exactly what you're talking about without even going that far. You're exactly right, they are all different variations on a single theme. And I bet we could find even more examples if we think about it. As a matter of fact I think I just did. I'm betting both Gilly and Val would fit to a certain extent as well. I don't know about you, but I feel like I'm right back at looking at all of the different variations of women in a tower. Some jump. Some are pushed. Some are just there. But every single time it seems theres something to do with a child involved. Either that or somehow I've just progressed to making up my own set of patterns.
  9. Quite possibly. But... Just her attempting to protect him either from being taken away or from some sort of intended harm (unknown ritual) could account for a lot of the symbolism that is shown. Not to mention fit whatever it was that killed her. Another possibility is that if his was Dany and NOT Jon.
  10. I think that what you're saying here is very possible if not even probable as far as Lyanna receiving an injury from and possibly dying as a result of an injury. I guess either way that you look at it the cause is just a different type of sword. I would also have agreed with you at one point about Myrcella and Lyanna being a mirror. I do tend to wonder if you've ever considered that she might be a mirror to Elia instead? Myrcella leaving King's Landing for her betrothal to Trystane seems awfully similar to Elia arriving there for her betrothal to Rhaegar, just in reverse. I really think that we need to be looking to either Sansa or maybe even Tyrion for Lyanna.
  11. Can I just say that the more thought that I put into this idea, the more that I like it. It truly does make a lot of sense. Due to some parallels that I've found between the tale of the NK and his Queen and Bran's coma dream, I've been holding onto the idea that the NQ was at the very least a skinchanger, if not that time period's version of the 3EC. Not to mention the parallels between Bran and Symeon Star Eyes. And if Bran at times parallels both of them, wouldn't it, in fact make sense for both of them to be parallels of each other? It would make a lot of sense for a guy with "Star Eyes" to be gazing at the heavens. I just wonder if you have put any thought into the idea that even if the NK originally spotted his Queen in Ice Dragon form, that there was already a woman that was skinchanging said dragon? Because, yes, Corpse Queen, really does tell you everything. Yes, it would be a second life fit for royalty, but in this case the gender seems to have previously been specified, and it doesn't match that of a king. That leads me to believe that SHE was the one that was bonded with the dragon. Now that's not to say that she never taught him the secret of how she did it, or at some point he didn't in fact learn to bond with either his own ice dragon or simply another creature, because honestly, I suspect that he might have. Possible into the body of one of the popsicles if I let my imagination run away from me for a moment. As to the bolded, I suspect that you might be completely correct on this one. I think the NK did exactly that. I think that each of those abominations are another way to amass a certain type of power. And I've long wondered if they might be the route needed to "make" a Greenseer or the equivalent. Varamyr's abilities seemes to increase with every abomination that he committed. Eat human flesh, go from warg to skinchanger. Mate in his animals, gain control over the animals when he isn't directly skinchanging each one. Attempt to skin change a human, but not quite make it, then you travel through the earth and the trees, but don't quite become a greenseer. And this last one even happened after Melisandre purified him with fire. What happened then? He lost control of all of his animals with the exception of his wolves, who he could naturally warg. And if you look at Bran, you see the same thing happening. He's committing all of the abominations as well and it's only serving to increase his abilities. Did the NK's Corpse Queen teach him the value behind these acts?
  12. Hi there. Just a brief interruption in programming to provide you with the below service. You are JNR. Today is Sunday, April 30, 2017. The next holiday is Mother's Day. The season is Spring. The weather outside is warm and sunny. (Well, where I am, at least.) You have been posting/having discussions in Heresy. Have you met any of the rest of us before or do we need to reintroduce ourselves? (JIC. Hi, I'm Lady Di, I pointless arguments, crazy ideas and Heresy. I do not like sudden rainstorms and RLJ.) Cuz, really, I'm thinking, how would it be possible for at least one person NOT to read it that way. You might not have noticed but there does tend to be a bit of over analyzing around here at times.
  13. Welcome back! And Hmm. I never thought about that part of it, but it is awfully intriguing if you think about it. Which makes me wonder.... Was it something that Martin just didn't think about? There's no real reason that was when Mormont was woken when he was, it just was when it was convenient? Or was it intentional? And if it was intentional... Was it due to some motivation of the crow or the entity that might be controlling it? Or was it set up that way to maintain a pattern in the storytelling? Does that make any sense?
  14. Here is the whole long quote...
  15. Well... Prophecy will bite your prick off every time... I think that I'm still having a "duh" moment over this one. I need to go back and look, but I'm fairly certain that as @wolfmaid7, I believe, points out in her "R"+L=J essay there is a fair amount of symbolism present equating Jon with a horned lord or a green man. Actually, I think that @LmL has also found the same to be true in his research, only instead of equating Jon to Robert via the symbolism, he related some of it back to Rhaegar as a horned lord. Either way that you want to look at it the symbolism is there. This actually makes a lot of sense to me. This whole interpretation is just awesome! Have you by chance looked at the Jon chapter that is either right before or after this when he is locked up in his cell in the LC's tower and ends up fighting Othor, the wight? It seems to me that Jon escaping his cell to the tune of a creaking hinge, with the weirwood colored Ghost who has just finished gouging the wooden door by raking it with his claws is symbolic of some sort of escape. That whole passage drives me nuts because I'm certain there's something important hidden in it, but I can't figure out exactly what it is. Ugh.