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  1. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    Welcome back! And Hmm. I never thought about that part of it, but it is awfully intriguing if you think about it. Which makes me wonder.... Was it something that Martin just didn't think about? There's no real reason that was when Mormont was woken when he was, it just was when it was convenient? Or was it intentional? And if it was intentional... Was it due to some motivation of the crow or the entity that might be controlling it? Or was it set up that way to maintain a pattern in the storytelling? Does that make any sense?
  2. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    Here is the whole long quote...
  3. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    Well... Prophecy will bite your prick off every time... I think that I'm still having a "duh" moment over this one. I need to go back and look, but I'm fairly certain that as @wolfmaid7, I believe, points out in her "R"+L=J essay there is a fair amount of symbolism present equating Jon with a horned lord or a green man. Actually, I think that @LmL has also found the same to be true in his research, only instead of equating Jon to Robert via the symbolism, he related some of it back to Rhaegar as a horned lord. Either way that you want to look at it the symbolism is there. This actually makes a lot of sense to me. This whole interpretation is just awesome! Have you by chance looked at the Jon chapter that is either right before or after this when he is locked up in his cell in the LC's tower and ends up fighting Othor, the wight? It seems to me that Jon escaping his cell to the tune of a creaking hinge, with the weirwood colored Ghost who has just finished gouging the wooden door by raking it with his claws is symbolic of some sort of escape. That whole passage drives me nuts because I'm certain there's something important hidden in it, but I can't figure out exactly what it is. Ugh.
  4. Yep. My mind keeps going to the Vale, but I can't seem to make it fit. Although the pink marble of the Water Gardens is oddly reminiscent of the white and blue marble in the throne room in the Eyrie. The strange thing with that, is that when @Sly Wren and I were going through the Sansa Chapter where Lysa gets pushed out of the Moon Door, there was something to it that was oddly reminiscent of Starfall. I feel like their descriptions and their apparel should be giving us a clue, but each of them sends me to people who I wouldn't necessarily think of as being related. Nymeria calls to mind Ashara for me with the purple and cream, and Tyene Lyanna with the blue. The embroidery also calls Sansa to mind for me. I'm not getting much of a handle on Obara at all though. Although the more I think on it, maybe Cersei? Especially when it talks of her chasing something that she can never seem to catch. It's almost as if she is showing Cersei's personality outwardly in her appearance. Or maybe I just need to read through it again...
  5. Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    I think I'm more inclined to go along with your alternative interpretation as well. It seems that there are a lot of dualities and equal but opposites in our story. The Shadowlands beyond Asshai and the Curtain of Light. The Land of Always Summer and the Land of Always Winter, Valyria and Hardhome. Makes me wonder.... It seems pretty clear that the Shadowlands are lands poisoned by magic. So are the Sorrows. Does that mean that's what happened with Valyria, with Hardhome, with the area beyond the Curtain of Light? And what was the purpose of using enough magic that it poisoned the environment? Immortality?
  6. @Feather Crystal I'm really having a hard time getting a grip on this one. It feels like there's something there in the descriptions of the Sand Snakes that should be giving me something, but I can't seem to put my finger on it. The only thing that really jumped out at me was the description of Maester Caleotte being "bald as an egg." Well, that and all of the bird imagery. Doran needing to fly to get to the throne room. Nym uttering the Fowler's words about soaring.
  7. Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    Which then leads to the opposing idea. If the Valyrians are now transformed into immortal demons of fire, just like Mel is flesh turning fire, then are the Others humans transformed into immortal demons of ice? Was Valyria the end result of that transformation? Are we looking at an equal but opposite cataclysm in the North?
  8. Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    Well, yes, that's somewhat my point. The other elements are equal but opposite, but they also appear to be representative of different types of known magic.We know that the CotF practiced earth magic. We know that the Rhoynar practiced water magic. The Valyrians practiced fire magic. We suspect the Others have something to do with ice magic. It seems rather exclusionary, when looking at that oath to conclude that four of the six have something to do with magic, but to not consider that the other two might as well.
  9. Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    At least that the importance of Iron as a ward can't be dismissed. Not only do we have the iron swords guarding the Stark tombs, the tunnels through the Wall are also gated with iron bars. Seems to me that iron might have the capacity to block any spirit from roaming and quite possibly protect against it's use or sacrifice in working magic. As an opposing equivalent, I think that bronze is a ward or protection against the use of blood in magic. Think of the bronze blade that MMD uses to sacrifice the horse in order to "heal" Drogo. Or even the fact that the bronze sickle is used for the execution of the man that Bran sees in front of the Winterfell heart tree. Bronze and iron are the metals that protect against Winter. They are part of the Reeds oath right along with Ice and Fire and Earth and Water. There's a reason that we see them referred to together and in the capacity that they are, or at least I believe that there is.
  10. Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    Well, really the only options that ever made any sense for that dragonglass were either Benjen or Coldhands. I could see Ghost getting more drawn in and leading Jon to that cache if it was Benjen. Someone that he was familiar with and knew had Jon's best interests at heart. That also might help to make some sense as to why Benjen was accepting of taking Jon back to the wall with him. If after talking to Ned it made a piece of the puzzle click for him, and he realized that he would be going off on a mission he might not return from he might have wanted to have someone else at the Wall that the rest of the Starks might be more likely to believe a strange tale from. He was also quite adamant that Jon not come with him beyond the wall. (Or it might just be late at night when I should really be sleeping.)
  11. Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    That is an interesting question. What is it that the CotF have that could be of value to the men of the NW? You don't bother to trade with someone unless they have something that you consider to be of value.
  12. Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    But, is Sam actually saying that they were occasionally sighted? I took it more as Sam saying that they were mentioned. It could be that they were only mentioned in relation to the dragonglass that the CotF were providing. It could have been they were mentioned in relation to continued "what if" defenses. i.e.We need to continue the tradition of burning bodies in case they ever return or keep dragonglass on hand just in case, etc. I guess what I'm saying is that we really don't know for sure what the context was of them being mentioned. Sam never gets that far. I'm not saying that there might not have been some that existed, just that they were limited enough in threat and or sighting for them to become something of a legend and become disregarded as a made up tale, just like Tyrion's merlings.
  13. Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    But where exactly do we hear that they are white shadows being glimpsed in the woods on occasion? There's only that one instance when Mormont is talking to Tyrion that he actually mentions it. And as was already noted, we can't be sure if Mormont is actually making light of the comment or if he's just not sure that it comes from a reliable source. Obviously the man has some concerns or he wouldn't have brought it up at all. Maybe under normal circumstances this is a comment that he would have just taken as superstitious nonsense coming from a lesser person. (Just like Tyrion's merpeople sightings) However, if he combines that strange knowledge with the other things he mentions, it only then starts to add up to a potential problem. We also don't know for sure what Benjen does and does not mention to Ned at his visit to Winterfell. It's not like they show any detailed conversation between the two of them. Benjen might very well have passed on those concerns and Ned just didn't take them very seriously. Or maybe he didn't. The thing is, again, we don't know for sure. I agree with @Matthew. that it really doesn't make a whole lot of sense for all of this to be treated with such skepticism if there was evidence of the ww being routinely sighted. Something was stopping more ww from being created. I don't know for sure what that was, but I do believe that whatever it might have been, it isn't happening anymore.
  14. Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    Although I do agree with what your saying that it's entirely possible that he's just trying to say that the lists and what we think we know are unreliable, I'm looking more at the end words that he's using. Based on that list he's saying that it would suggest that the list was written during... During what? John says long ago, but what specific time long ago? And why would he bother to bring it up if there wasn't evidence that it was NOT written during the time frame that he anticipated? All I'm trying to say is that we don't know for sure if it was written before or after the time period that it would make sense to be written in. For that matter, maybe it really didn't have anything to do with the timing of the list and more to do with what exactly was occurring at the time it was written. Since he never reveals the exact timing we have no clue as to the concurrent events of that time frame either.
  15. Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    Is he trying to calculate that? Or is it possible that it's actually recorded when it was written? (Even though Sam doesn't specifically mention this) That when it was written might not match up to the time when it should have been written in order to contain that many names? What if the list was actually written earlier than anticipated and already had that many LC listed. Could there actually be more than 998?