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  1. Too bad they don't make something like that for your back, right? That would probably depend on what exactly a white walker is, wouldn't it? Is it really the old gods making the white walkers or is it something else? I've been bouncing the idea that the ww are just an immortal body for a greenseer in my mind now. What if this is something that really can just be accomplished through the use of magic? Is it possible that the method was somewhat lost in time, just like the making of Valyrian steel, but somehow came to the surface again recently? Nice call. This also makes me think of Tyrion almost drowning before JonCon rescues him when he's attacked by the stone men going under the bridge of dreams. Another funny coincidence with that one. What happens to both Davos and Tyrion soon after they are rescued from drowning. Both are imprisoned in some manner. Davos is sent to the cells in Dragonstone for his plan to murder Melisandre. Tyrion is captured by Jorah Mormont. I loved that show! I remember that episode. For years that was how I remembered the difference between the abbreviations for silver and gold! This is great! Have you considered the idea that instead of this being different metaphors for the exact same thing that it might instead be the markings of three different potential groups related to the different magics? You have what happened with Patchface (fool), which is very similar to what happens on the Iron Islands and also what happens on the Rhoyne with the stone men resulting from the water magic. But you also have the people that are working a type of earth magic. I think that this might have some sort of connection to all of these things in the water/ the mermaids old ones, etc. If you think about it, we also have the Crannogmen (men) from the neck poisoning everyone and winding up with everyone losing water, ie diarrhea, just like what happens in Essos with the Pale Mare. Then we have some sort of combination air/blood/spirit thing. (bird) Think about the ww seeming to almost form from the air, or the butterfly illness in Nath that is airborne, but people end up sweating blood. I know this all probably sounds like crazy rambling. It's really difficult to put into words. I just really think that everything that we're looking at might not necessarily be exactly the same, but all just a little different version of it. There is definitely a ton of foreshadowing for that avalanche. It would make a ton of sense for Sweet Robin to be either one of the victims or it be a close call. I can see what you're saying about the snow, but in the same token, he isn't really tied to the water, but rather the air and birds. Maybe this might be a different type of resurrection?
  2. Just finished looking through the chapter. I'm not sure that I have a lot of great ideas and probably need to look at it again, but I might just ramble here for a minute or two. The only thing that keeps popping into mind when I see that nine are the nine weirwood trees that stand in a circle in the grove where Jon says his Night's Watch Vows. The Greyjoy nine are all dedicated to the Drowned God. Were there at one time nine Starks/others that were dedicated to the Old Gods? Another bizarre notion. Those nine children came from three different wives. Could this also be referring to three different families? Most notably a combination of the Starks, Baratheons and Arryns? In the older generation there just so happen to be 3 Baratheon Brothers, 4 Stark siblings with the inclusion of Lyanna and one Arryn. They all end up as family by marriage or fostering bonds. As to the last bolded, originally I was thinking the same thing. I wonder though. Is it that Damphair is excluding Euron, or more that he is only considering the brothers that have already died? The two older brothers that he didn't know and Harlon would make up the four that he is referring to along with himself before he adds Urri. Another kind of strange notion... Could this actually be comparing him to Lyanna? The only girl of that Stark, Baratheon, Arryn generation? Where are her bones? She's dead, but have they made her strong. Is she dedicated to the Old Gods? Maybe a Greenseer? The followers of the drowned god carry driftwood cudgels. Do the followers of the old gods carry weirwood swords? Now this brings to mind the Dothraki. But I have no idea where if anywhere to go with that idea. Could look at this one two rather crazy ways... In inverse, Brandon Stark became a god and was murdered by a jealous king in order to bring the storm. Or in a more traditional echo was it Robert that became a King and and was just murdered by a jealous wife? Just as Joffrey sits the Iron throne instead of the actual heir Stannis? (Interesting in noting this, that Stannis also kills Renley who wrongly challenges his claim to the throne.) Or maybe its just as Aegon II sits the iron throne as opposed to Rhaenyra the true heir? This is also strangely reminiscent of what happens to Victarion before he is healed by Moquorro. Or if you wnat to push it an inversion to Jaime losing his hand as well Again, to further the idea that there is some sort of inversion between Lyanna and Aeron, here it was the Baratheons that cut him in half and imprisoned him in the bowels of Casterly Rock. Did someone, maybe Rhaegar Tararyen release Lyanna from the Bowels of Casterly Rock? She spent the rest of the war running around free?
  3. The Heretic's Guide to Heresy

    @Ser Kinslayer Usually it will pop right up if you just google heresy and the #. A lot of the links were messed up when Westeros updated software versions last fall.
  4. The Puppets of Ice and Fire

    I definitely agree with that. But I also think there's more. . Let me give you a quick example between RR and the DoD. Cersei, associated with green plots and schemes to keep her three illegitimate children on the throne at the expense of true heir, while Alicent, also associated with green also plots and schemes to keep her own true born children on the throne at expense of the rumored to be illegitimate sons of Rhaenyra. And that's just the broad strokes. When you get into the individual details even more reflects against the other. Look specifically at the dragon fight at Harrenhall between Prince Daemon and Prince Aemond. Aemond shows up to the tower with his PREGNANT rumored to be sorcerous girlfriend,.Alys Rivers who watches the battles from inside Kingspyre Tower. The Battle itself, I think can actually be pulled apart into another echo. Then you have Queen Helaena who either jumps or is pushed to her death from Maegor's Holdfast. I think I've now found a total of SEVEN women throughout all of these books including D&E that have either jumped or been pushed from a tower and that doesn't even start taking into account the women that were either giving birth, pregnant or protecting children in a tower or tent.
  5. The Puppets of Ice and Fire

    I listened to it on YouTube while not being able to fall asleep one night. I actually need to look at it in more detail at some point but there are some really strange things occurring. There's a scene with Cersei in aCoK when she is all in green and Tyrion is commenting about her keeping the bed Robert died in that made me think of Queen Alicent Hightower. and made me look at it. I swear all of the happenings surrounding these different historical conflict are all just one offs of one another, from the Dance of the Dragons, to Robert's Rebellion, to the war of five kings. I would suspect that the Blackfyre rebellion would fall in there too. Circles within circles. Either that or GRRM is out of inspiration and just keeps varying the tale a bit. LOL.
  6. The Puppets of Ice and Fire

    @Kingmonkey Just out of curiosity, have you read through the Princess and the Queen looking for the same patterns? Pretty sure I've waded into the deep end at some point and just trying to check if I'm treading water or sinking....
  7. Heresy 191 The Crows

    Maybe it was an idea more along theses lines...
  8. Heresy Project X+Y=J: Wrap up thread 3

    Oh, those weren't the same roses. Instructions were given to have a new crown made for her daily. You couldn't tell that from the scattered trail of ROYAL BLUE rose petals scattered about the birthing bed like it was the honeymoon suite?
  9. Heresy Project X+Y=J: Wrap up thread 3

    Yep. Braavos just keeps popping up in there, doesn't it. At this point I would lean more to the side of his having been there at some point for some reason than not. It's just too ingrained in the looping tales. Again, another question without an answer, or possibly too many answers. Was he trying to hide his actions? Could he only risk one at a time? Did he feel that there was more safety in keeping them apart? Did he think that the others would be less at risk due to pretty much being out of the line of succession being female? Did Aerys only agree to let one go and one stay so that he still felt that he had some leverage over Dorne should they fail to follow through? There's also the precedent of Rhaenyra trying to send Aegon III and Viserys to Essos from Dragonstone during the Dance of the Dragons. The ship was captured that time with Aegon fleeing on his dragon and Viserys being captured. It's probably no less likely than anything else that I'm suggesting, but it does seem that he might have had to sail entirely too close to King's Landing to be able to do that. If I had to guess, I would say he was further south than that, but that's all I can do at this point. Speculate and guess...
  10. Heresy Project X+Y=J: Wrap up thread 3

    There is one additional scenario that pops into mind. It's pretty crazy, but possibly worth considering. It could be possible that Tywin pulled his stunt alone while Rhaegar was NOT in Westeros. You ask what would be important enough to Rhaegar to risk the potential of a war? Would he think that the safety of his son, who he believes to be the promised prince was important enough to leave the country to the whims of his father? Between his father and the tinder box that Westeros was becoming, I would imagine that there was already enough imminent danger to percipitate action. When Myrcella leaves King's Landing for Dorne she travels via Bravos because it is safer. Did Rhaegar take the same route in order to shepherd his infant son to safety? Did Dorne only start amassing their spears to battle because they had the assurances of one of Rhaegar's children in their custody? If Rhaegar sailed to Braavos and then on to Dorne, he would still be returning from the south.
  11. Heresy 191 The Crows

    Maybe that's why they got the gender wrong!
  12. Heresy 191 The Crows

    That she does. We also have Sweet Robin hearing a dead Marrillon sing. Cat, I believe, also mentions that the Silent Sisters can talk with the dead when Ned's bones are delivered to her.
  13. Heresy 191 The Crows

    Hmm. Don't really have a whole lot to add to that other than the fact that your statement made Sansa and her fondness of songs pop into my head. Not to mention her being called "Little Bird..."
  14. Heresy Project X+Y=J: Wrap up thread

    The timing seems to have worked out perfectly!