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  1. Viserys Procuring Alliances

    Certainly Viserys would have wanted to wed and bed Dany. Plus, from his point of view it would have kept the Blood of the Dragon pure. Viserys wouldn't marry anyone from Essos, he feels that they are all beneath him, he wouldn't marry anyone from Dorne, after all look how that worked out for Rhaegar. The other great Houses don't really have any candidates, even if Viserys was going to go with that idea, that leaves Dany as being a Princess from a great family but of course Viserys wouldn't gain anything out of wedding her.
  2. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    I think that this is, dramatically speaking, a mistake of the showrunners part. While I like the character of Sansa they could do so much more with a live LittleFinger than with a dead one. LF is a wonderfully devilish villain, you could have him do so much. After all, in many ways he's the reason for much of what has happened. He engineered the downfall of the Starks, he killed a King he took over the Vale, he bankrupted the Realm, he killed Lysa, he exacerbated the Lannister family infighting, he framed Tyrion twice and he is currently busily sowing discord in the North. Imagine what he can do to Dany? Seeing Sansa plunge a knife into his back, or seeing Arya do it, or watching someone push him out a window, or watching Petyr choke on "The Strangler" at his wedding will only give us a moment's payback.
  3. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    I think that there might be a problem between Dany and the Starks since Dany spent a considerable amount of time around Jorah Mormont. Of course Jorah had to run from Westeros because Ned was going to prosecute (?) Jorah for being a slaver. Several times Jorah speaks negatively about Ned, even once (IIRC) Dany mentions that he (Jorah) "doesn't like the Starks very much". Also I think that if Sansa has taken up with LittleFinger that won't sit well with either Varys or Tyrion, Varys because LF is pretty much his enemy and Tyrion because LF has framed him for the attempted murder of Bran and for the murder of Joffrey. It's one more reason why (and I know that I am probably a minority of one on this) I think that Petyr will kill Sansa. After all, Sansa is one of two people (the other being Olenna) who knows the truth about Joffrey's death and who killed him. I don't think that LF would be too happy if Tyrion found out the truth, not so much that he cared about Joffrey, more so that he (Tyrion) was almost executed for it. I also don't think that the Dornish (if any are still around) will be too happy to find that Oberyn died because of Petyr's machinations. All in all I think that LF would rather keep everyone guessing and as Petyr points out to Sansa, gold buys a man's silence for a while, death buys it forever.
  4. Assuming the rebellion never happened and assuming that nothing ever happened between Rhaegar and Lyanna (since that kicked off the rebellion) and Rhaegar is King....The Targaryens already have a strong link to Dorne through Rhaegar's marriage to Ellia so; Dany marries Robb Stark, cements relations with the North, it also cement relations with the Baratheons since Lyanna (who hasn't died at the tower of Joy) is Robb's aunt. Viserys marries Maergery Tyrell, cements relations with Highgarden, also brings in the Tarlys since they are Tyrell bannermen. Since the Lannisters have no one in the direct line from Tywin eligible,Jaime is a Kingsguard and Cersei is too and was probably married off years ago, Tywin is named Hand of the King Aegon and Rhaenys marry each other to keep the Targ tradition going.
  5. A House Reed reunion?

    Jon's life with the Starks was not the happiest. There had to be a reason that Ned allowed that to happen. I've always felt that Jon's story is very much like King Arthur's. In many of the legends Sir Hector says that when Merlin appeared with this baby and asked him to looks after it that Arthur was some noblemen's bastard. Ned trusts Catelyn with so much but he can't trust her with all of Jon's secrets and Jon and I guess Ned wind up suffering for it. I feel that there has to be more there than just the secret that he was Rhaegar and Lyanna's son. I think that this may also be part of the reason that Ned has been away from Court for so long, after all he did so much to put Robert on the Throne and he and Robert were practically raised as brothers.
  6. Is Meera......

    Uh no it isn't. Plenty of points have been made that you have simply chosen to ignore. BTW, in case you have forgotten, you brought up the whole physical resemblance thing in your very first post in this thread, and I quote; " I caught that Howland Reed was with Ned at Tower of Joy... and he resembles Jojen... Meera does not. She looks like Jon... " So much for the "true nature" of your post being ignored.
  7. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Sansa is definitely due to get some payback. It's one of the reasons that I dislike the whole "Sansa is ticked off at Jon and realizes that LF was right" story line that seemed to gain credence during the "King in the North" scene in S6E10. She has that scene with Jon when she says that only a fool would trust LF but now it looks as though she might. I realize that GoT isn't into fairytale endings and I'm not asking for one, I just hope that they don't saddle her with either LF or SweetRobyn. Still though I prefer her story arc in the series as opposed to what seems to be her arc in Book 6.
  8. dragons have the size of 747s

    I'm good with bigger more impressive dragons but the size of a 747? Let's look at the dimensions of a 747: Wingspan, 195 ft 8 in (59.6 m) Fuselage, 184 ft 9 in (56.3 m) Height, 65 ft 5 in (19.9 m) These figures are for the original 747. A rider on the back of that is going to be a speck.
  9. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    This is a new one on me. Wow....
  10. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    I like this, I also though think that the big change for Jon is that he finally steps onto the Westerosi Power Stage. Even when he was Lord Commander there were plenty of people who didn't listen to him. And Jon himself seemed to question his own judgment too much. If you look at S6 Jon, he leaves the Night's Watch. It's Sansa who points out that they have to take back Winterfell. It's Davos who convinces Lyanna Mormont to join the Northern fight. It's Sansa and Littlefinger who win the Battle of the Bastards. Until Jon beats the snot out of Ramsay, and then turns him over to Sansa for her to exact her revenge Jon really hasn't shown a whole lot. Heck, it's Lyanna Mormont again who makes Jon King in the North. Just like Sansa doen't come into her own until she gets to Castle Black I think something will happen early next season to kick in Jon 2.0.
  11. Is Meera......

    In the books and the wiki description Meera has some typical crannogman/Howland traits. She has a slim slight build and green eyes. Jon is said to look very much like a Stark. While it is true that in the show she looks something like Jon she also looks like she could be Yara's little sister.
  12. Viserys Procuring Alliances

    True and even then the best that Ilyrio can manage is to marry her to a Dothraki. Since the Dothraki hate ships and refuse to cross salt water the odds of Viserys getting his 40,000 screamers are slim at best. BTW, I have always thought that the inspiration for Dany's marriage is the real life story of St Mary of the Mongols, a Byzantine Princess married off to a Mongol Khan.
  13. Ned stark

    I think that if Jaqen had been hired to kill Ned or indeed anyone in King's Landing that locking him in the Black Cells makes no sense. Why handicap him like that? Just have him come in and do the deed. The same goes if he is supposed to kill someone on his way North, if you can afford a Faceless Man you can easily afford a Horse for him and a few coppers for food and lodging. The only reason that I could see for locking Jaqen in the Black Cells is if the person you want to kill is also there, perhaps Ned (as far as we know he is the only high value target there at the time. Then you have to look for motive, true, LF is the only one who still stands to lose out if Ned lives. Cersei has made a deal with him, endorsed seemingly by Varys. And Cersei has Sansa and as far as Ned knows, Arya as hostages. And they had no need of having Ned murdered since they could just have him executed. As for Joffrey well he may have originally gone along with Cersei's plan but maybe LF whispered in his ear that he would look weak if he sent Ned to the Wall. But of course we don't know. To get back to the OP's question not, I don't think that Ned saw here. Undoubtedly he saw Sansa but Ned seems to be truly out of it. Either way of course it's just speculation on my part, since we don't have Ned's POV on the subject.
  14. Viserys Procuring Alliances

    He probably should but I think he is waiting on regaining his throne so he can get a better deal. Right now he is known as "the Beggar King", not too many powerful houses want that reputation.
  15. Still worth it?

    I started with the books a few years ago, read all of them before I ever watched the series. I like both although for me the later books had gotten a little tedious, characters and plot lines were added in books 4&5 that largely went nowhere (for example Quentyn and Co., a lot of the stuff about Meereen). Sometimes the show just seems to be a tighter narrative. But there are things that the books do that are definitely better, for example Mance and the Wildings are a much better story in the books than in the show. And of course now Book Canon and Show Canon are completely different, we know that the ultimate end, i.e. who or what sits on the Iron Throne or even if it still exists will be the same, but how we get there will be different. Are the books worth reading? Certainly but I wonder, since we will have the ending from the series long before the ending from the books how the delay in the books will affect sales and interest. I must admit that I am not certain that I want to invest a whole lot of time reading about Sansa and Harry the Heir (a character that admittedly I hate already) if their "love story" really doesn't matter.