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  1. Jorah Mormont going to Asshai and the return of Quaithe in season7

    Well for whatever it's worth it seems more and more sure that the show is moving to Westeros . The new locations seem to be Oldtown and Highgarden.
  2. SPOILERS Why didn't Roose/Ramsay crown himself king?

    I don't remember if it's on the series or in the books but at one point LF tells Sansa that sometimes you have to act against what appears to be your own self interest in order to keep your opponents guessing.
  3. Who should play Lyanna Stark in Robert's Rebellion miniseries or film?

    I do wonder about the accents though, I mean Westeros is not England. True in the casting they have made it that way but... IT's like why do Romans all have English accents?
  4. Ellaria and the Sand Snakes

    Yes, IMHO they're bad characters in the books and while the series did them no favors I don't really think it could be helped. For me nothing Dornish ,except Oberyn, is worth a hoot, in the series or the books.
  5. Casting for Robert's Rebellion

    My guess on casting Robert would be that they have to go with someone quite young. After all they have already tipped their hand with young Ned Stark in GoT and Robert is supposed to be his contemporary. I am not really a fan of who they chose for Ser Arthur Dayne, Luke Roberts. He could spin a sword but other than that, well, to me he looked like the "00" agent who gets killed and that's the impetus to bring James Bond onto the case. I'd really be okay with re-casting that role.
  6. Daniel Redcliffe wants to be part of GOT. Whom would he play?

    Except that the show has moved beyond him I think he would have made a great Quentyn, he appears, says his piece and dies a grisly death.
  7. How Will The Dragons Know?

    In the books and the series Dany a number of times states that the Dragons have to be trained, which she has started by teaching them the term Dracarys. However this is partly where Tyrio comes in. Tyrion has had a lifelong fascination with Dragons and has read just about anything that he can get his hands on. We also know, primarily from the books, that the Dragons do have a special bond with certain people, especially those who have some Targaryen Blood. In the books one of Dany's sell sword commanders is Brown Ben Plumm, the dragons like him and when Dany mentions it he points out that his family has a story that somewhere in his past he has Targaryen Blood. The Dragons, again both in the series and in the show, bond with their riders and also are intelligent creatures ( Tyrion I ), and I forget if it's in the books or the show, points out that some "experts" believe that dragons are more intelligent than men. And some of that bonding does involve magic. Now in the show it is obvious that Dany has a special bond with all her dragons but she is closest to Drogon. Drogon, by the time of the Battle with the Slavers outside Meereen, as well as the other two, are obviously in tune with Dany enough to concentrate on the "flagship" of the slavers fleet. But the precise method isn't described. Now I can hear all the haters of the show losing their minds over this. But here's the thing, the show isn't a day by day account of everything that happens in the lives of these characters, for that matter neither are the books. Just because we don't see Dany eat for a while doesn't mean that she is starving to death. I love how some folks look on the fact tat we haven't seen Sansa urinate as a "hole in the show". D&D have always said that they wanted to produce about 70 hours to tell the story of ASOIAF. They are going to go over that, certainly 73 hours and with a few episodes that ran long maybe they'll be closer to 75. But even if it was 7500 hours some things would be lost. And some things in fiction require the willful suspension of disbelief. And we have to accept, again if it's in the books or the series that some things happen off stage. So it is I assume with the training of the Dragons and their precise interaction with humans, especially with Dany and Tyrion.
  8. So did Shireen's sacrifice postpone winter or not?

    So don't watch since it is all beneath all of you.
  9. Just Rhaegar and Lyanna things

    If Rhaegar was actually so chivalrous he should then have sided with the Rebels. He and Lyanna are both sleeping with the enemy, assuming that Lyanna is there of her own free will.
  10. So did Shireen's sacrifice postpone winter or not?

    Wow, so you mean that a fictional show puts things in that show as plot devices that change an audience's emotions? No kidding, have you told anyone else about this brave new discovery?
  11. So did Shireen's sacrifice postpone winter or not?

    To be fair did Ramsay slaughter the horses or did he just run them off. In a raid situation you generally didn't take the time to kill large numbers of animals, you cut the horse lines and run them off.
  12. Question for show watchers and book readers.

    I prefer Sansa in the show, she just seems to be a better developed character to me. Others I prefer in the show include ; Bronn, a little more charming in the show and yet still world weary and wise Varys, more earnest and dedicated to the Realm as an entity Brienne, I don't know, just the beau ideal of a Knight Pod, a more developed character.
  13. Prequel Discussion

    Then probably we are looking the wrong way, perhaps what HBO wants/needs is a sequel, not a prequel. The characters are already established (assuming the Night King doesn't win). A sequel allows whatever happens to be open ended. You still presumably have magic/dragons. If it's too expensive to attach whoever survives, Emilia Clarke or Kit Harrington or Sophie Turner or whoever you just start it ten or twenty years after GoT ends with new actors playing Dany and Jon and Sansa and the rest. Alexandre Dumas did that with the 3 Musketeers, their sequel is entitled "Twenty Years After" and heck, he didn't even have to pay his characters. You can add in new characters as necessary, the sons and daughters of whoever survives. It allows the audience to have an ongoing relationship with the story at the same time that you are building a new canon. It also allows you to go post-post-apocalyptic. Undoubtedly Westeros will be pretty beaten up by the various wars, ten or fifteen years allow it to heal.
  14. Just Rhaegar and Lyanna things

    The one thing that I have never gotten about the whole Rhaegar Lyanna affair is this, if Lyanna was free to communicate why didn't she get word to Ned saying something like "I'm okay, I'm with the man I love, please don't fight this war? From all that has been described about Rhaegar, his chivalry and love of the common people and desire for a general healing in Westeros why doesn't he appear with Lyanna and say something like, "look, we are in Love, I realize that she was betrothed to another but to have thousands die because you think I kidnapped and raped her is horrible and unnecessary"? True there are deep political ramifications but could it have ended any worse for the Targaryens than it did? Surely Rhaegar could have gotten a divorce from the High Septon. Aegon would still have been the heir apparent, Lyanna's baby would only have come after him. Based on what we have been told about Rhaegar none of what he does, whether it's for Love or Lust or to fulfill a prophecy makes sense to me.
  15. GRRM stated back in 2014 that he was talking with "someone" about an adaptation of the Dunk and Egg Novellas. But we haven't heard anything since. The problem with D&E is that you would quickly run into the current problem that we have with GoT, running out of material and having to improvise the rest of the story. GRRM has said that he wants to write more about these two but as we have seen with the divergence of the GoT series from the books that quickly becomes a real problem. But all of the scenarios have problems. Robert's Rebellion, I don't know, maybe two or three seasons? Anything else, instead of that including D&E and you have to introduce a whole new cast of characters and that can be problematic. Not everyone, in fact probably not even the greater part of GoT fans are desiccated enough that they know anything about the Greyjoy's Rebellion or the Blackfyre stuff or the coming of the Andals or Bran the Builder. The one thing that we do know is that GRRM isn't all that interested in writing it. And HBO has said that to do another thing in the GoT universe (and GRRM has made it plain that HBO is his preferred partner) they have to have the right property and the right writers.
  16. So did Shireen's sacrifice postpone winter or not?

    The Battle of the Bastards was an intricate enough scene to shoot without a snowstorm. The mounted men had very precise lanes that they had to charge through, adding snow would have made that really dangerous. So from a filming perspective I can see why they did it. It is awfully muddy around Winterfell maybe we're supposed to assume that it all melted. And maybe D&D figured that we would supply the reasoning behind the lack of snow.
  17. Who tyrion will choose?

    I do think that Tyrion can betray anyone at any time and not always with good reason. I do think that he will side with Dany because knows why Varys broke him out of prison. Varys thinks that Tyrion will help Ageon and further Varys' and Illyrios plan, which is to put Aegon, who they think they can control, on the throne. Instead Tyrion sees Aegon as his own method of revenge against Cersei and convinces Aegon to abandon the plan and move immediately to Westeros. Of course Tyrion gets caught by Jorah and then enslaved and now he's with the Second Sons. He's nearer to her than he is to Aegon and Griff/Connington isn't about to let Tyrion become a confidante to Aegon. While Dany moves West Tyrion is going to have time to consider. He will be close to Dany, probably a trusted advisor, meanwhile he will always just be a bit player in Aegon's entourage. Tyrion will start to work on Dany, gee, do you really just want to marry your nephew and play second fiddle to him and stay at home and pop out his babies? Tyrion will get Dany to start to question whether or not Aegon is even who he says he is or whether he's just an invention of Varys and Illyrio. Depending on the situation in Westeros I can easily see Dany fighting Aegon (with Tyrion having convinced her). If of course it is to Tyrion's advantage.
  18. So did Shireen's sacrifice postpone winter or not?

    Supposedly the snow at Winterfell was deep enough to cushion Sansa and Theon's landing when they jumped off the wall.
  19. the Stigmata of Melisandre's murder

    I think that Jon's 'resurrection" in the show is a different case from Beric's or from Lady Stoneheart's in the books. Thoros just seems to "breath" life back into them, Melisandre performed this elaborate ritual and everyone thought that it had failed, except Ghost. And the reality is that maybe Melisandre didn't have any real effect, maybe it was like the resurrection of Spock in the Star Trek movies, that Jon's essence was somehow in Ghost. I agree, I get the feeling that this whole "Lord of Light" business as portrayed by the show and GRRM in the books is decidedly evil. After all Kinvara talks about and Melisandre does human sacrifice and burning non-believers. I can't see that being the saving theory against the forces of darkness. this leads me to think that either; There has been a massive misinterpretation of the philosophy behind the religion. The "Lord of Light" is himself Evil and as much a threat to humans as the Forces of Darkness The religion is wholly made up I do like the idea that things attributed to the Lord of Light are simply misattributions. Thoros is about the least religious person you will meet this side of Friar Tuck and yet he is much better at bringing Beric back than Mel is with Jon.
  20. So did Shireen's sacrifice postpone winter or not?

    One of the things that bothers me about the HBO series (and I get that not everything that we see is necessarily simultaneous or contemporaneous) but that he doesn't even seem to be Fall yet in King's Landing or the Riverlands. If it's supposed to be this big climactic event shouldn't they at least be in sweater weather?
  21. Who tyrion will choose?

    I see Tyrion as Petyr Baelish lite, he will do whatever is best for Tyrion. He went the "doing it for King and Country" route with saving King's Landing, although it was the timely arrival of Tywin coupled with the trick of having "Renly's Ghost" lead the charge that saved the day. Tyrion didn't get the "credit" he felt he deserved and fell into a funk. After Jaime confesses to Tyrion (after saving Tyrion's life) Tyrion gets high and mighty, kills Shae because she has moved on to another customer, kills his father (who after all had out a plan in place to save Tyrion's life, not to mention that he set Tyrion up to become Lord of the north but Tyrion didn't want that, he wanted Casterly Rock). Then Tyrion moves on to throw a wrench into Illyrio and Varys' plans to have Ageon (fake or not) meet up with Dany, instead convincing him, for no good reason, to invade Westeros. And now he's swaying the Second Sons by making promises to them that he has no intention of keeping. Tyrion only cares about Tyrion and will do whatever he thinks is best for himself.
  22. So did Shireen's sacrifice postpone winter or not?

    I didn't know this, I thought that it would just be a very long winter (long winters supposedly following long summers). I guess I have to get some of the books other than the 5 novels.
  23. So did Shireen's sacrifice postpone winter or not?

    Doesn't Melisandre ride off into the Snow? And IIRC, it's snowing when Jon and Sansa talk on the battlements of Winterfell, in fact I think that's when Sansa tells Jon that they have received a white raven. Having said that though I'm pretty sure that you don't have to have snow on the ground or a blizzard blowing for it to be winter. I'd say if it postponed winter it was only for a few days.
  24. Who Will Be The New Sadistic Tormentor?

    With as few episodes as are left I think that it's really too late to develop an new Super-villain so my money is on Cersei. She'll try to play whatever alliance the living put together to face the dead and my guess is that Jaime will have to kill her as he did Aerys to save King's Landing.
  25. Shireens murder.

    Yes it is, or perhaps a better way is to say that Melisandre thinks it's necessary, and that it be someone of Royal Blood. However no one is directly sacrificed for Jon Snow to come back, just like Thoros doesn't have to sacrifice anyone to bring Beric back. One of the problems is that Melisandre doesn't seem all that good at what she does. After all she burns Shireen yet Stannis loses (and loses everything). I guess that the best way to put it is that there is a price to be paid for everything and human sacrifice is the price that Melisandre charges. Personally I would go along with what Davos says, that if your god demands the burning of a child then your god is evil. We do know that the "Lord of Light" or at least his acolytes (except Thoros) are really into burning people, after all Kinvara is looking forward to Dany's dragons toasting non-believers.