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  1. Is Meera......

    In the books and the wiki description Meera has some typical crannogman/Howland traits. She has a slim slight build and green eyes. Jon is said to look very much like a Stark. While it is true that in the show she looks something like Jon she also looks like she could be Yara's little sister.
  2. Viserys Procuring Alliances

    True and even then the best that Ilyrio can manage is to marry her to a Dothraki. Since the Dothraki hate ships and refuse to cross salt water the odds of Viserys getting his 40,000 screamers are slim at best. BTW, I have always thought that the inspiration for Dany's marriage is the real life story of St Mary of the Mongols, a Byzantine Princess married off to a Mongol Khan.
  3. Ned stark

    I think that if Jaqen had been hired to kill Ned or indeed anyone in King's Landing that locking him in the Black Cells makes no sense. Why handicap him like that? Just have him come in and do the deed. The same goes if he is supposed to kill someone on his way North, if you can afford a Faceless Man you can easily afford a Horse for him and a few coppers for food and lodging. The only reason that I could see for locking Jaqen in the Black Cells is if the person you want to kill is also there, perhaps Ned (as far as we know he is the only high value target there at the time. Then you have to look for motive, true, LF is the only one who still stands to lose out if Ned lives. Cersei has made a deal with him, endorsed seemingly by Varys. And Cersei has Sansa and as far as Ned knows, Arya as hostages. And they had no need of having Ned murdered since they could just have him executed. As for Joffrey well he may have originally gone along with Cersei's plan but maybe LF whispered in his ear that he would look weak if he sent Ned to the Wall. But of course we don't know. To get back to the OP's question not, I don't think that Ned saw here. Undoubtedly he saw Sansa but Ned seems to be truly out of it. Either way of course it's just speculation on my part, since we don't have Ned's POV on the subject.
  4. Viserys Procuring Alliances

    He probably should but I think he is waiting on regaining his throne so he can get a better deal. Right now he is known as "the Beggar King", not too many powerful houses want that reputation.
  5. Still worth it?

    I started with the books a few years ago, read all of them before I ever watched the series. I like both although for me the later books had gotten a little tedious, characters and plot lines were added in books 4&5 that largely went nowhere (for example Quentyn and Co., a lot of the stuff about Meereen). Sometimes the show just seems to be a tighter narrative. But there are things that the books do that are definitely better, for example Mance and the Wildings are a much better story in the books than in the show. And of course now Book Canon and Show Canon are completely different, we know that the ultimate end, i.e. who or what sits on the Iron Throne or even if it still exists will be the same, but how we get there will be different. Are the books worth reading? Certainly but I wonder, since we will have the ending from the series long before the ending from the books how the delay in the books will affect sales and interest. I must admit that I am not certain that I want to invest a whole lot of time reading about Sansa and Harry the Heir (a character that admittedly I hate already) if their "love story" really doesn't matter.
  6. Let's wildly speculate about Hotah's stupid, pointless plot.

    Yeah see, not for me. Doran's harebrained scheme just didn't interest me at all and quite frankly felt (to me) like it was just added on. I understood Oberyn burning for vengeance, I just never got and emotion from Doran or Areo Hotah or any of the rest and there is no explanation for what DarkStar did. Dorne feels like GRRM discovered he needed to write another 10,000 words.
  7. Let's wildly speculate about Hotah's stupid, pointless plot.

    Since there are only two books left I think that GRRM , if he is going to take us to these places, had better get moving. More likely we haven't seen these places, or they haven't become overly important to the plot because they aren't important to the plot. GRRM originally planned this as what, a three book series? His publishers IIRC got him to expand it to seven books. But to me books 4&5 had so little that actually moved the plot forward, I mean characters like Quentyn were introduced, did their little bit and died all in one book, that it seemed like those books were written because his publishers wanted a 7 book series. I'll admit that if "Game of Thrones" had been more like "Dance of Dragons" I think I would have been done with the whole series after that.
  8. Question about Hound Sandor Clegane

    Actually cutting a man in half, from the head to the crotch, was not that extraordinary a feat using Medieval weaponry. John Keegan in his book "The Face of Battle" describes an archaeological study of bodies in a mass grave from a Medieval Battle in IIRC, Sweden. They unearthed several skeletons that had been cut in two. Given that could the Cleganes do it as well? I don't see why they, or other Westerosi Fighters couldn't.
  9. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Just to add my .02 Tarlys join the Lannisters, 99% true Tarlys and Lannisters sack Highgarden 100% true Tarly and Lannister force ambushed by Dany's forces leaving Highgarden 100% true Theon gets his butt kicked by some Iron Born 80% true Cersei and Euron team up 90% true Cersei kills Euron 60% true Euron kills Cersei 70% true Euron smashes Theon and Yara's fleet 75% true Euron captures Yara 90% true #1,2,3,&9 have photo evidence to back them up. #4 has photo evidence that Theon is being assaulted, their dress makes them appear to be Iron Born but the identity cannot be confirmed. #5,9, there are photos of Euron on horseback, leading Yara in chains through the streets of what appears to be King's Landing. Unless D&D have been conducting a massive misinformation campaign I would have to say that most of the leaks mentioned here are true. With only 13 episodes left it looks like it's going to be a bloodbath.
  10. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    I don't think that we'll have CleganeBowl and it is true that Gregor was never used as Cersei's champion but I wonder if, despite his current role in making that Septa's last days horrific if he might still play a part in the war with the Others since he is undead himself.
  11. A House Reed reunion?

    I think so too. There are things that he can tell Jon that Bran doesn't know, things like why his Father kept the secret. After all Lyanna tells Ned "he'll kill him" and we assume that it's Robert but it might not be. After all R+L=J means that Jon is Ned's nephew. But anyway we sort of have this idea that Bran has all this stuff to tell Jon meanwhile I think that Bran is going to be pretty busy dealing with the coming war.
  12. A House Reed reunion?

    According to the wiki entry on him GRRM has said that he will appear in the books. Now whether that's in a ToJ flashback as happened in the series is anybody's guess.
  13. Let's wildly speculate about Hotah's stupid, pointless plot.

    For me as well, so much about Dorne reads like filler. For me the only truly interesting Dornishman was Oberyn.
  14. House Frey fans... bad news :(

    Well, lets remember that during the American Civil War the Mississippi River flowed past the town of Vicksburg, making it a location of extreme strategic importance. Then on 26 April 1876 it abruptly changed course and no longer flows past Vicksburg. The Rio Grande used to flow through the middle of the Civil War battlefield of Valverde, again the river changed course and it no longer does. In fact the Rio Grande near El Paso (where it begins to form the border between the United States and Mexico) changed course many times (it, like the Nile was especially prone to spring floods). In fact a long standing dispute over a course change in the river that occurred in 1864 led to a high level meeting in El Paso between American President Taft and Mexican President Diaz that led to an attempt to assassinate one or both of them. That dispute wouldn't be settled until JFK accepted and LBJ pushed through the Chamizal Treaty. So yes, sometimes it may take hundreds or thousands of years for a river to change course but sometimes it can happen overnight.
  15. Musicians at the Purple Wedding

    If you mean this then no one seems to know other than it was a modern composition.
  16. Is Meera......

    At least one character in this series has to be who they claim to be. If the scene in the Tower of Joy, where the baby's face morphs into Jon's isn't a sign that the baby is Jon and since there isn't another baby around to be Jon's twin well I give up. Dramatically you can have, in a work like GoT, maybe two or three characters who turn out to not be who we are told that they are but here it's become that no one is who we've been told they are.
  17. Remark by Jaime's aunt Genna about Tyrion

    True Tywin says that Tyrion is not his son, he also says that he is his son and a Lannister. The interesting thing to me is that both Tyrion and Jaime saved King's Landing. And neither of them were recognized for it.
  18. Just how important is Mance?

    I think it's both. As the time between books grows longer the theories seem to get wilder, Dany isn't who she says/thinks she is, Mance is actually Rhaegar, Tyrion is this and these people are actually that.
  19. Les Miserables

    So if Rhaegar is Mance and therefore still alive, who did Robert kill at the Trident. Whoever it was looked like Rhaegar, enough to fool many of his closest companions and even obliged the future by uttering Lyanna's name as he lay dying. No, file this under theories that only work if everything in the books isn't true. And if nothing GRRM writes actually happened then why are we bothering to read it. If this is true then maybe Rhaegar was the gunman on the Grassy Knoll.
  20. Danerys is Ned Stark's bastard daughter

    And at times Viserys had been very kind to Dany, he told her stories and what he knew of the Family History. IIRC Dany even says that a big change took him over when he was forced to sell his mother's (?) crown. I think that if Viserys had even suspected for a second that Dany wasn't who she thinks he is he would have said it if for no other reason than to hurt her.
  21. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Most were taken with DSLRs with powerful telephoto lenses, heck with my cropped sensor my 600mm lens has the angle of view of a 900mm lens which is roughly 18X normal eyesight. Couple that with image stabilization, the fact that they are probably shooting with 1000mm lenses (at least that's what I have seen from the exfil data) and they are at anywhere from 20-30 X magnification, throw in that they then crop in on the image and the photogs could be a couple of miles away in some instances. However the exfil data that I have seen shows that at least some of the images were taken by drones. Now for those who need it, an explanation of the nerdy photog terms; DSLR, Digital Single Lens Reflex, a camera with through the lens viewing via a mirror that swings out of the way to take the exposure. Cropped Sensor, a sensor that is smaller than 35mm, often used on DSLRs to reduce cost and size. They also give around 1.5X the apparent magnification of a particular focal length (e.g. 100mm appears to magnify as a 150mm lens). The cropped sensor doesn't increase the actual magnification, just the apparent. Normal eyesight is often calculated as a 50mm lens on a 35 mm camera. Image stabilization, an electronic device that reduces the effects of "camera shake" caused by handholding or vibration of the lens when shooting. The greater the magnification the more apparent vibrations. Image stabilization allows for the easier use of extreme telephoto lenses EXFIL Data, all digital cameras record at least some information as to exposure, type of camera used, etc. and embeds that data in the image file. Generally speaking the more professional the camera the more information that is recorded, this can even include things such as copyright information and physical location when taken and even camera serial numbers.
  22. The food of the Asoiaf world, and the lack of potato

    Remember Westeros is not Medieval Europe, it has the foods that GRRM chooses to place there so yes, there are turkeys and Maize type corn. Hot peppers in Dorne seem to be a staple, Areo Hotah comments on how spicy Dornish food is.
  23. Your Hero: Top 3

    Here are mine, Danerys Targaryen, breaker of chains. Jaime Lannister, sacrificed his personal honor ta save thousands of lives, never thanked for it, indeed condemned a "The Kingslayer" for the rest of his life. True he is flawed but he is growing, I think that Jaime will die a heroic death. Sandor Clegane, the Hound. The anti-knight, he saves Arya from having to see the worst of The Red Wedding by knocking her unconscious. He saves Sansa from the mob. And three for honorable mention, Jon Snow, realizes that the Wildings are people too, helps them and pays with his life. Ser Barristan Selmy, perhaps the last of the Knights. Eddard Stark, a man of honor in a den of vipers.
  24. Danerys is Ned Stark's bastard daughter

    Admittedly I only made it halfway through the videos before I bailed. I found the theory to be interesting but far from convincing. The problem with it and with many of the more outlandish theories is that they proceed from the idea that virtually everything that GRRM has written has been a lie, almost no one is who he says that they are. GRRM is very careful with this sort of thing. He has characters that openly lie (like Littlefinger) and then he has characters who, as I have seen him say, may not have a reliable memory of certain events (Sansa is an example he gave). Unless and until I see proof of it I'm going to assume that GRRM has told us the truth, Dany is who she says that she is. On the subject broached of what GRRM thinks about all this I don't think for a second that the fans have forced him into R+L=J or anything else. I do think that he is, or should be, thrilled that the Fans of ASOIAF care enough to set up these websites and endlessly discuss and debate the books. BTW, I really like the theory that the Targaryen genetic traits, silver blonde hair and deep purple eyes are recessive. I think that is very important as Jon, unless we are to assume he isn't a product of R+L doesn't look at all like a Targaryen (and IIRC GRRM has all but confirmed that that theory is true). Dany of course looks Targaryen and her birth as "The Stormborn" fits the timeline perfectly, you don't have to juggle anything. Occam's Razor works perfectly here, the simplest solution is probably the correct one, Dany is who GRRM, Viserys, Varys, Illyrio Robert, Eddard Stark and all the rest say and think that she is. Varys in particular seems to have gone to great lengths to keep her alive, always seeming to get word to her before an assassination attempt. Why bother if you know she's a fake and you plan on popping out the real heir when you are ready?
  25. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    I hope that wherever the go they get a no drone fly zone. With modern drones, shooting 4k video and high resolution stills any outdoor scenes are liable to be compromised. You can see it in the photos, they're not bad quality because of the camera, they're bad because the images are being pushed to the limit in magnification. And they're up against real pros now, the vast majority of those shots aren't being taken by I-phones or androids, you're talking about port-level DSLRs and Mirrorless stuff in addition to the drones. This is paparazzi stuff, imagine what some websites will pay for the first picture or video of whoever sits the Iron Throne last?