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  1. Late to the party, but this is very good advice.
  2. I am curious to see how the FCC stuff affects all of this. I too cut the cord several years ago and it works great. I think, ultimately, TV is going to end up going the wsy of Music once Napster and such was around.
  3. Well said, thank you. I wanted to say something like this for a while after reading some of the discussion. I couldn't quite figure out how to phrase it. This hits the nail right on the head.
  4. I am so sorry. That is inexcusable.
  5. Good idea Kal, I like it and I had the same thought Gertrude. It makes me wonder if the Duffers are fans, I know some other film and theater types are.
  6. Not strong correlation means there is no causality, the two things are unrelated. Hence my confusion in you stating that proved your point.
  7. Watershed moment indeed.
  8. Just posting "links" isn't support. I have never heard your statement and when I read one, later another, neither supported what you were saying. I engaged you to ask for clarity and direction to the evidence you read. You decided to keep pointing to the title of the article that contradicts what you are saying. Being asked for citations is not Cherry Picking.
  9. Which makes the current Supreme Court case all the more important. I don't see anything changing unless there is external pressure.
  10. You were asked to clarify how your sources supported your claim, so you could be engaged. You chose not to do that. That is on you and that is the opposite of an echo chamber.
  11. Exactly and one of the links doesn't even support your point, just a random one I read. So, context would help, or it us just scattershot of information that you are asking someone else to clean-up. Leaving a mess for someone else to clean-up is rude...
  12. Did you actually read these? What quotes support your stance? I ask because the Washington Post article states that there is no relationship. It is kinda rude to ask other people to do your research and divine your point for you.
  13. It's already gassed up.
  14. It's how I plow my driveway out in Winter.