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  1. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I also noticed that once I started to use Raters my Pokemons do much better in fights. Especially once you start getting up into the Higher CPs where those percentage points add up. I recommend going here The Silph Road has a ton of nice tools, also some species are better at attacking, or have a higher defense, or just more hit points. They have most of them rated out. Lastly, I find that their maps for hunting, at least in my area, seem to be pretty accurate. Also, I have noticed that people are just sticking the highest CP creature they can in a tower because if they are higher in the 10 stack it increases the likelihood of staying in said tower. So a Tyranitar can be useful in a tower because of its inherent high CP value. It is why I am seeing Gyrados in towers more too, despite the fact he has low defense and ok hit points. (I love fighting Gyrados with a Chancy, easy point gain on the tower.)
  2. So have we as a couple become too couple-y?

    Yeah, you're fine My wife and I have separate Email and Facebook accounts, but really, my Facebook account is ours, people know if they want to get a hold of her to usually contact me. Her email handles all the financial affairs. Same with our cell phones, we share a data plan each with our own phone, but if people want to get a hold of either one of us they tend to call her because she never answers the thing. My wife borrows my clothes all the time, especially when cleaning stuff, doing yard work, or it is a particularly cold day.
  3. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I lived next to an Onyx spawn and I saw no effect.
  4. U.S. Politics: Russian Around

    I am curious to see where the gerrymandering case that was in Wisconsin ends up going in the Federal Court System. If it ends up our system of apportioning districts has to be rethought and it becomes less partisan, it really feels like that it would be better for both the Democrats and the Republicans in the long run.
  5. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I wouldn't call it that terrible. Flareon can blow up their way through a lot of Pokemon, but they are more fragile than the Pinsir if I recall correctly. So if the Blissey or whatnot has the right moveset, it can punish the Flareon more than the Pinsir.
  6. So... I'm engaged now.

    Congratulations, I wish you both joy and happiness.
  7. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    It can do a ton of damage, but it has very low health, so you have to be on point with your dodging.
  8. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I have gotten one item, my wife is on 5 or 6. Chancey's, with the right move sets, can be really useful in taking down towers. I have one that is at like 800s in CP and I can sometimes take out 2 tower defenders and net a ton of victory points.
  9. US Politics: Lock Him Up!

    Interesting times. The Great Lake States get might protective of them. I am curious as to what affect this might also have in Wisconsin. I mean, that really messes with the fresh water fishing industry too.
  10. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I am coming up dry on items at stops, but I have added 3 Snorlaxes and finally got my Dragonite. According to the IV rater, it is at 100% on everything to, so that is something. I also have 2 Chanceys and about 9 Candy from a Blissey. Wish me luck, there is apparently a hot Cyndaquil nest in Saint Paul (Como Park).

    Happy Ent, You are probably not going to get what you want to get. The best piece I ever saw on Bannon I think was in a Print Magazine (I want to say Time, but I am not so sure; it focused about who he was and his thoughts on Breitbart) about a year or two ago, I have been trying to dig it up, but more recent stuff has been coming in the forefront of my internet searches. Bannon recognizes the power of information and the media. He gets an advantage of being kind of in the shadows. He does it on purpose, it lets him manipulate and manage information much better. I wish you luck in your search, but your best exposure is probably focus on the actions he takes and the platforms he supports and make your judgement on that
  12. US Politics - Trump - Making America Grate!

    Anyone else wonder if the list was released just to get the press to talk about 70 odd attacks? It doesn't matter if they are legitimate or not, but now it is getting in the headlines and the national conversation.
  13. What does Ctrl + Left even mean?
  14. Yes Clarity: The legality of it doesn't matter.
  15. No. An immigrant is a person who chooses to live in a foreign country.