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  1. Yeah, I think Masturbating in secret is just called Masturbating.
  2. Honestly, I think that is the only way you could hurt Russian leadership at this point, hit them in their pocket books.
  3. Ok a bunch of things going on here, I will echo what other people said. You ask him, "Hey, [insert name of cute crush person], I like you and want to get to know you better, can we go get somewhere for coffee and chat?" The worst is he says no and you are in a spot where you have to mourn your fantasy and move on. You get used to hearing it and it gets less of a big deal. The other reason to ask is this, when you are in an ambiguous situation, it becomes a canvas in which we can project all our insecurities onto it, which builds it up, then reflects it back at us, which in turn just amps up the anxiety. You want to feel less anxious, one of the steps is to clear up ambiguity in your life. As Ace said, be present, be active. Lastly, just, at this age and guys, you are way overthinking about what he is thinking. (See Anxiety Canvas in the above paragraph.) Most guys are not thinking about relationships the way that you are. For them it is more of a binary choice and the only reason you don't know what he thinks is because that option was not presented to him. And universally, there is a partner for EVERYONE. People are as varied as their attractions. The only way you can know what someone is attracted to is just to, well, put yourself out there. Unrelated, Datepalm, have fun in LA! California has some beautiful hiking. Yes, everything should go.......normally.....
  4. Theda, I would also, suggest, if you haven't told this crush how you feel and of your interest, you really should do so. If you had and he denied you and now you are trying to do the friendship thing; you might need distance to let some of the emotionality become less volatile. Sometimes our emotional mind is just too strong for our logical mind to control and we need to give it time to get through it. There is no shame in that, it is just how we are wired. Either way, none of this is a race, this kind of stuff just comes as you make life happen. People become interested in you when you are doing interesting things; and it sounds like that is the way you are going.
  5. For FTL, Into the Breach and Slay the Spire fans a twitch streamer, Dolphin Chemist plays those fairly regularly and usually at the hardest difficulties. Watching him taught me a bunch about these games. There is also a secret squad to unlock. I think you need all the achievements or beat it with each squad or something like that.
  6. Agreed. I don't have the legal knowledge to discuss this with any intelligence, but I know enough to pay attention to a decision on ths.
  7. Cracked has a bunch of good articles that can give you good working understanding of a variety of topics. I liked the NRA one.
  8. I too am curious to see where this goes. ETA: There seems to be some big SCOTUS cases this year.
  9. This is really interesting. Thank you for the summaries. I have been skimming it a little bit....
  10. Yeah. That isn't true here. The resources to run are too steep to put in an unwinnable race.
  11. Oh Onion, so on point.....
  12. This is where I am at, but it is more than just about Trump, it is letting people know that grifting your way to the presidency is a path of ruin.
  13. And my guess is Democratic leadership gave them permission to vote that way, because as long as that number isn't 9 Democrats, it doesn't matter.
  14. I have both, it really isn't. I can move the switch around with more ease and certainty than the ps4. But neither are difficult. Just, as you said, the PS4 is more delicate. Eta: The docking station is also not delicate and very light.
  15. Not heavy, delicate. But yeah, the ps4 is sold for it's portability.....?