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  1. I did my first Raid. It was against a CP 12000 Muk. I am level 32. I was able to beat him by myself. You don't have to "team" persay, but it shows the raid available for anyone nearby to see. When you click battle, it puts up a timer before the start where you can set-up your line up and other people can join in. It was a pretty easy fight, but he had a ton more health and did a ton more damage. I lost only one pokemon, a golem, who managed to take him 2/3rds of the way down. Upon beating it, I was able to then catch the Muk (It was Amazing and in the same upgrade position as if it came from an egg), I got some Rainbow Candy (It is multi purpose candy for any pokemon) and Golden Razzberries.
  2. My guess is that with the new features and gyms there is probably some server stress as former players check out the game.
  3. And Gyms are back open.
  4. I know...I....I just choose not to remember.
  5. The U of M can be a very tough place, especially when it comes to finding a parking spot.
  6. They finally released the dash cam footage for the Philando Castile Shooting. I do not have the words.
  7. I am curious to see how these changes go. From my reading it looks TM might be raid only reward items, but who knows what the end result will be.
  8. Amen. I see this frequently with my client base too.
  9. &undefined;&undefined;&undefined;&undefined;¦¯&undefined;¸&undefined;-&undefined;®¯»-²³&undefined;µ¶¼¸¹º»¼&undefined;&undefined;
  10. How did you leave Minnesota out of all of that?
  11. Donated. My board name is pretty close to my email name, ending in 1978. But I was able to drop a note with the donation. Thanks for spearheading this.
  12. I am finding this conversation confusing. If I say that it is natural for a percentage of a population to have abnormal behavior. I am then saying that abnormal behavior is normal?
  13. This is indeed sad news, the world is less with him it. His towel story still brings a smile to my face.
  14. Well he has them. I would be willing to send/chip in for flowers or a gift if possible.
  15. Best wishes Bonsey, you are in my thoughts.