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  1. That is true in the US. If Violence occurs, you are more likely to die as a result of firearm than of a knife or fists.
  2. I always scratch my head when I see the whole violent crime isn't reduced argument brought up. That would be like saying we are having a ton of fights in the school yard, so let's give everyone knives.
  3. If I wasn't planning on kneeling, I would be now.
  4. Did someone brag about getting laid on the internet, like that means something? This must be serious.
  5. Not my personal experience, but I know my wife uses baby powder too and it doesn't seem to bother her as much...
  6. Oh, I am 100% on board. When I have a really really rough time going on, I buy a package of fresh socks, wear a new pair for the day; then they are gone forever and just go through the package. The act of having the fresh sock and then making it gone is like shedding off all that stress. (And yes, I deplore the waste, but, well, it still feels good.) ETA: I have also been tempted to try this, I am getting tired of the same old socks and underwear.
  7. You are correct. At the same time I have to square this with the fact that looking at recent voting patterns and I have to take issue with how certain age brackets are distributing their vote. I have that same struggle with caucasian males as well and I am one of them. So while I do agree it is unfair to paint with this broad brush, it is also a hard fact to ignore and something that is keenly felt. I will also say, that some of it is a reaction to the constant bombardment of headlines and articles that seem to blame Millennials for the downfall of everything and my own interactions with people of that generation. So we look at youth and heck, people nearing middle age today and we find ourselves looking down at the rise of fascism (or some kind of isms, be it race or a sexual variety), economic uncertainty, and the lasting monument of Gordon Gecko's message, "Greed is good." The people of the Baby Boomer generation were the stewards of our nation and they haven't been good ones and will probably take some flak for it, but they have been and are in positions of cultural and economic power. I do acknowledge that they will hit a point, some are there already, where they will become vulnerable due to their age. I hope I am able to advocate for their wellbeing much better than they have for the previous (and their own) generations.
  8. It is too bad that this temper tantrum is bring some truly evil shit to the surface.
  9. Each day, I believe this more and more. I feel like I am being held hostage by old people.
  10. I have been scared about this as well and I think it is one of the things that will bog us down for at least another generation, if not two
  11. My wife and I caught it at the cheap seats and we really enjoyed it. We both have read and enjoyed the books multiple times too. Go figure, we must be that weird target Audience I understand that the tv show is going to be based on Wizard's and Glass, which could work.
  12. I own and enjoy Betrayal at House on the Hill. I would encourage you to play it if you have a shot, the randomness of the betrayer and the sudden shift of alliances is where the real game is at. It becomes interesting watching the social dynamic shift as suddenly everyone is trying to figure out what the betrayer is doing and the betrayer has this hidden agenda and knows that the others can beat him, but not sure how. The game scenarios really milk that aspect and the friends I played with found it to be a ton of fun.
  13. Man those Charisma checks just got real important; I knew I should have rolled a Halfling.
  14. I am really at the same point. 95% of the police are great and normal people, but, now, there is a reality that I could be killed in an interaction with a police officer; that or someone I care about.