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  1. I work as a mental health field and my clients are frequently in this situation. With that said the charges aren't all that unusual nowadays, but most of the time it is ensuring that "something" is being done. An actual arrest after there is no danger is way over the top. First and foremost you won't scare the kid into being not having autism. I could squint my eyes and see it if the arrest happened at the time of the incident because the child was so dysregulated as he remained unsafe to himself and others. Even then, Jail is an option of last resort. ETA: My off the cuff thought is that this is a pattern of behavior that has been going on for a while and the school/law enforcement is getting tired of addressing the issue. This is just based upon prior experience and not necessarily the case here.
  2. Board games!

    As you up the Pandemic cards the game gets tougher and trying to clean up cured viruses can sometimes be a mismanagement of time because it doesn't actually get you toward the win condition. It sounds like you had a pretty decent game, we either usually just win or just lose. ETA: Lords of Waterdeep is pretty fun
  3. Board games!

    It's the one where you are taking a Pilgrimage in Eido Japan.
  4. Board games!

    Tokaido is also a ton of fun, it has a really weird, like Zen competitive vibe to it.
  5. Board games!

    I would give Small World a Look over. Simpler rules, but lots of strategy involved and the game always kind of changes. It also has a fairly short play time of usually around an hour, so easier to get a game in. Also, Will Wheaton does a youtube show called Table Top where they demo games, your son might appreciate watching that and seeing games he might enjoy.
  6. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    A free browser text game about finding the appropriate place for human colonists to settle after the earth has been wiped out. It is pretty fun.
  7. Board games!

    In the summer they sometimes have deserts so great place to stop after dinner too!
  8. Board games!

    Eldritch Horror is an upgrade over Arkham. It made things a little more fun, so even if you die, it is still interesting. The little stuff gets used more and there is more team work with abilities and strategies. I highly recommend it over Arkham. If any of you end up in the Twin Cities, Fantasy Flight's Headquarters is located here (Specifically in Roseville), and they have a great Game Center attached to their building that you can go, grab food, beverage, get a good size table and play boardgames. They have a huge wall with just free ones to grab of all stripes. (Not just Fantasy Flight ones). It is really clean and comfortable, my wife and I will frequently meet friends there to play something If you like team games and can fork over the cash, Fortune and Glory can be a ton of fun. It has three methods of play, competitive, cooperative and competitive/cooperative. Basically it takes place in the 40s and you are treasure hunters trying to make your Fortune. In competitive, it is just who is the person who can get the most treasure. In the cooperative, you, as a group, are trying to acquire treasure before the Nazis, Mob, or the Secret Cult can. In the Cooperative/Competitive, you are trying to get the most treasures, but you are also racing against the Nazis, Mob, or the Secret Cult. (Basically if Bad Guys get the most treasure, everyone loses, so you are sometimes forced to work together sometimest.) It has an Indiana Jones feel, especially if you play against the Nazis.
  9. U.S. Politics: High Nunes or Russian to Judgement

    I think, ultimately, it is a good thing, even though in this moment it kind of burns.
  10. Rights as an abstract concept... should we find something else:

    Is this performance art?
  11. There is no "Right to Drive" in the United States

    Just curious Scott, wouldn't property ownership also be something granted by the State, we aren't entitled to own property. We either do it through Leases, Deeds and Titles; so while practically we "own" it; in reality we only own it because the State allows it? Or is this me misunderstanding some of the rules around Titling and what not....
  12. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I checked and nothing on mine. I am in Minnesota, they sometimes roll updates out. It might be a glitch, a reddit thread suggested it was a Unity error.
  13. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    They keep changing the move sets around, so what might be good one day, might not be good the next couple of updates. I think the nice thing is to have the move sets that match with the Mon type because they do more damage. (But again, who knows in a couple of updates. The IVs seem to be the best thing to worry about.) Vaporeons and Jolteons can wreck things. Flareons can dump out a ton of damage. I think Alakazams have the highest "attack" stat of all the Pokemon. I know my Ivysaurs wreck Vaporeons. I have two and they can just eat them when they are on defense. Vileplume can also do it, but it is a little weaker. (They are plant base, so they can take the water hits and have a little more hit points than Electric Pokemon. Then plant attacks really hurt water pokemon). My oddball Vaporean killer is a Latern with Thunder
  14. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I also noticed that once I started to use Raters my Pokemons do much better in fights. Especially once you start getting up into the Higher CPs where those percentage points add up. I recommend going here The Silph Road has a ton of nice tools, also some species are better at attacking, or have a higher defense, or just more hit points. They have most of them rated out. Lastly, I find that their maps for hunting, at least in my area, seem to be pretty accurate. Also, I have noticed that people are just sticking the highest CP creature they can in a tower because if they are higher in the 10 stack it increases the likelihood of staying in said tower. So a Tyranitar can be useful in a tower because of its inherent high CP value. It is why I am seeing Gyrados in towers more too, despite the fact he has low defense and ok hit points. (I love fighting Gyrados with a Chancy, easy point gain on the tower.)
  15. So have we as a couple become too couple-y?

    Yeah, you're fine My wife and I have separate Email and Facebook accounts, but really, my Facebook account is ours, people know if they want to get a hold of her to usually contact me. Her email handles all the financial affairs. Same with our cell phones, we share a data plan each with our own phone, but if people want to get a hold of either one of us they tend to call her because she never answers the thing. My wife borrows my clothes all the time, especially when cleaning stuff, doing yard work, or it is a particularly cold day.