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  1. I own and enjoy Betrayal at House on the Hill. I would encourage you to play it if you have a shot, the randomness of the betrayer and the sudden shift of alliances is where the real game is at. It becomes interesting watching the social dynamic shift as suddenly everyone is trying to figure out what the betrayer is doing and the betrayer has this hidden agenda and knows that the others can beat him, but not sure how. The game scenarios really milk that aspect and the friends I played with found it to be a ton of fun.
  2. Man those Charisma checks just got real important; I knew I should have rolled a Halfling.
  3. I am really at the same point. 95% of the police are great and normal people, but, now, there is a reality that I could be killed in an interaction with a police officer; that or someone I care about.
  4. I am also a Twin Cities resident and I was dealing with something similar, I had that thought too, which is a shame. I also have clients wanting to redraft certain crisis plans because "calling the police" seems much more daunting.
  5. Agreed
  6. Wearing the professor plums...
  7. Yeah, victim privacy is also an issue and one we forget. I think an interesting factor is the company that supplies the body cams for the officers in the Twin Cities is developing a sensor that turns the camera on whenever a gun is unholstered. I think that is the way to go and probably should be extended to other things like tasers, batons, and/or handcuffs.
  8. Isn't it really down to what Kennedy thinks? I thought he said that he is against Partisan Gerrymandering, but since there isn't a better way to do it, there is nothing he can really do about it until someone creates a measure. I am hoping this satisfies him.
  9. Yeah, let's not go down this road of joking.
  10. I could see him and Graham having that conversation though pretty easily. And yes, it could be the other Senators did the math that you did at the end and took that gamble. (Not sure on voting order the other night, I suppose I could google it, but well, my boss thinks I should be working right now. The Jerk.)
  11. I think it changed to be a 1 year defunding which did pass muster. I could be very wrong on that. I also think McCain was cover for other senators. It took a ton of guts for Murkowski and Collins to vote the way they did.
  12. I have done 2 4 star raids, they are tough and we definitely needed around 6 people or so to do them. I think it was for a Snorlax and a Tryanitar. My wife and I can do a 3 Star Raid together and we are level 32. I know for the 4 star we had to look to see if people were just sitting in their car and then we would walk over and wave a phone at them. It was weird.
  13. If you were part of the attacking group and do get locked out. Just rapidly click the add pokemon button and it will eventually let you through.
  14. Let me know how it goes. The fours I've done we needed like 5 people, even with an army of Vaporeons.
  15. 50 coins a day total. So you have 800 guys come back, the most they can bring you, in total of all 800 is 50 gold in a day. If you hold it for 1 day, 5 days, 2 years, the most that one can bring back is 50 gold. If the aforementioned one is part of the 800 that come back that day, the most you get, 50 gold. You didn't get any coins after your Rhydon got booted because you already got your 50 gold coins that day.