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  1. I made a post two years ago titled Targaryen Immunity and it didn't take long to turn Dany Hate topic .So I am glad this issue brought back because I wanted to discuss this very issue you two mentioned. What counts as sickness. Does every ailment counts as sickness such as traumas, concussions or an upset stomach or just diseases caused by bacterias or viruses.
  2. You are crazy.
  3. Bonifer Hasty - Rhaella Targaryen
  4. It's Order of the Green Hand. And they are the hipsters of ASoIaF.
  5. Agreed. This is not a mere hidden prince trope. I don't think Jon will assume his place at Iron Throne after the reveal of his parentage. I don't think there will be an IT to sit upon at all. Story GRRM brewing from the first page is too big to restore point zero after shit goes down. After a fight against a magical icemen race and their undead thralls I dont think we will just return to a peaceful Westeros where everyone lives happily ever after under the just reign of King Jon I.
  6. Why did you changed your original answer? Dany being Lyanna's daughter is proven to be not working out with the timeline.
  7. How would that affect the Alliance. Ned didn't hide the kid. He didn't deny that he had a bastard. He brought the kid with himself and said this child is mine. Ned still married with Catelyn. Catelyn herself admits even an honourable men can forsake his vows during wartime when he is unsure whether is he going to make it out tomorrow.
  8. Would you anwser the question of why would Ned keep Jon's mother a secret if mother is Ashara?
  9. Yeah I realized my mistake after you pointed out. But the gist of it, even after this late into the story we still don't know who is the mother for sure.
  10. AGoT, ASoS (2 volumes), AFfC (2 volumes), ADwD (2 volumes) total 7 books.
  11. Series' name is A Song of Ice and Fire. Ice, Snow, Winter generally represents North/Starks and Fire represents Targaryens, Dragons, Valyrians so by symbolism it fits if Jon's parents were a Targaryen and a Stark. And secondly why would Ned keep Jon's mother secret if mother was Ashara? He didn't stand back from facing Arthur at ToJ. What is he (Warden of the North) afraid of? Dayne's (A minor Dornish noble house) holding grudge. No one knows who Jon mother is even after seven books. There are only rumours but no confitmation. And a lot of talking about the issue so whoever she is, she is important. Given that tell me which parentage makes more sense. Ned and Ashara or Rhaegar and Lyanna.
  12. I agree. I don't think it's anything significant. Phrase "Almost lazy" means the action is effortless and easy for the one who done it. If you have any other examples of the phrase's been used that would mean more than that than we could expand on it but in these two instances it doesn't look anything more than that.
  13. Faith of The Seven is based on Christianity obviously. One God with multiple aspects (The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit). And Faith of the Seven is very organized religion, has a very prominent clergy and it's own bureucracy. Other religions in The World of ASoIaF also has priests/priestesses but theirs is more like followers/disciples rather than clergy. Old Gods doesn't even have priests only trees. When it comes to Faith of the Seven being a false religion, well yes. I think GRRM pound us in the head with that. It's not a secret. Every other religion except the Drowned God has some sort of supernatural aspect we witnessed but Faith of the Seven.
  14. Great Bastards as general is awesome and could be an awesome band name but also individually Bloodraven, Bittersteel, The Black Dragon are also very good.