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  1. I agree. I don't think it's anything significant. Phrase "Almost lazy" means the action is effortless and easy for the one who done it. If you have any other examples of the phrase's been used that would mean more than that than we could expand on it but in these two instances it doesn't look anything more than that.
  2. Faith of The Seven is based on Christianity obviously. One God with multiple aspects (The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit). And Faith of the Seven is very organized religion, has a very prominent clergy and it's own bureucracy. Other religions in The World of ASoIaF also has priests/priestesses but theirs is more like followers/disciples rather than clergy. Old Gods doesn't even have priests only trees. When it comes to Faith of the Seven being a false religion, well yes. I think GRRM pound us in the head with that. It's not a secret. Every other religion except the Drowned God has some sort of supernatural aspect we witnessed but Faith of the Seven.
  3. Great Bastards as general is awesome and could be an awesome band name but also individually Bloodraven, Bittersteel, The Black Dragon are also very good.
  4. I don't think that song is referencing anyone within the story frame. It may contain forshadowing but not a direct link. It's implied that the song is well known, old song. How it's implied? Because Jon knows and recognizes the song when he entered the Mace's tent. As for Mance = Rhaegar part, after this point i think anyone who claims Mance = Rhaegar, Qhorin = Arthur Dayne, Mance = Arthur Dayne is a troll or... well i don't want to be rude.
  5. Because they do not sow.
  6. Not so much when compared to Starks. Yes they produced some of the greatest of warriors, yes they are respected and prestigious but as realpolitik goes, House Stark is a Great House whom can yield 30k/40k strong army.
  7. Ned and Ashara's children will be cousins of Lord of Winterfell. Being related to a minor lord from your own region vs being related to a Great House. I don't know why you consider Starfall bigger power than Winterfell but you do you.
  8. If they are that means GRRM made a shit job at comic relief because non of the Ironborn chapters made me laugh. Especially The Forsaken. So i assume they are just very isolated and consevative people that doesn't want to face with harsh truth and prefer to believe a lie of The Old Way will return.
  9. Problem is if he declares those men as oathbreakers then there is only one punishment he can give. So he does the only thing he can and turns a blind eye
  10. He does that because he is a realist too. He knows that if he kills every men who breaks his wows there will be no man at the Wall.
  11. I am looking at some serious heresy.
  12. This is a riddle. You aren't suppose to take it litterally. In a real world, in what case those three men would find themselves in that situation. Point of the riddle is power resides where men believe it resides. Let's say mercenary is a zelot and afraid of gods on superstition level. Then what do you think is going to happen.
  13. I get it Jaime is going through a path that may lead to his absolution, but just beacuse of his late actions is a bit on the benevolent side doesn't mean he is The Hero of the story. He is yet to redeem himself in my opinion. And @falcotron is right and... no it it doesn't. Backbone of your theory is this mistranslation and without this it doesn't stand. Also any reference or mention of TV show is strictly forbidden. This is book forum your topic may got deleted or transferred.
  14. I don't know what's the reasoning behind this. This why would Varys lie to an already dead man thing. It's self explanatory isn't it. Varys is an expert spymaster and he knows better than anyone is to tell a perfect lie one has to believe himself first.
  15. He says he cares he doesn't actually care. If you can't tell the difference than i don't know what to say. Even his killing of Kevan is a subtefuge to further destabilize the realm.