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  1. Ha, my SO has lived here for 4 months now (!) and he wants this game that just came out for Christmas, and he doesn't think he'll get it. Guess what I ordered yesterday. From our stationary computer, while he was in the room. He didn't see a thing. All he knows is that I was looking at cheap gifts for the family (I was laid off in March and didn't find a new job until last month and my first paycheck comes next week, so money's been tight) so now he thinks he's getting a cheap gift. He actually got up earlier to clear some space on his PS4 for the game since he thinks he's going to have to download it from the PlayStation Store after he gets Christmas money from his grandparents (they always give him and his siblings money). We'll see if he figures it out when I receive a game-sized package from a store he knows sells games...
  2. Game of Thrones Coming to Sweden?

  3. Game of Thrones Coming to Sweden?

    Aw, I've been thinking Swedish forests would be perfect for the north for years now. Totally wasn't hoping on being an extra at some point... Norway has it's own language, but it can differ greatly depending on where you're from, from what I've heard. For example, they've got two different written standards for Norwegian, called bokmål and nynorsk. And yeah, there's quite a history between all the countries up here...
  4. Arya in the red keep stables, whose voice calms her?

    I think it sounds like she's remembering the words but in the moment cannot place the voice, so she assumes she heard it whispered to, rather than it coming from her memories. A moment ago I thought I heard my SO say "Meanie", so I loudly declared that I am not a meanie, to which he replied "I didn't say anything." Granted, I was watching a TV-show with headphones on, but then again Arya had just killed a boy, so I'd wager she was a bit distracted too. I can almost swear that I have read this exact thread several months ago, but looking at the date of the first post that's impossible. Sometimes the mind plays tricks like that on us, and I think that that is the angle GRRM was going for, rather than it being the disembodied voice of a time-traveller/ghost. And I agree with the whole "using cinematic effects in writing" thing. A voice telling a person in danger what they have/need to do? It's happened before.
  5. What's For Dinner, Take 7

    Kålpudding. Literally "cabbage pudding". The first time my mom made it I was skeptical, to say the least, but with a little extra salt I found it super tasty. To the point where I've officially designated it as the favourite food of a fictional character I'm writing. Somehow though, the English wikipedia doesn't have an article on it, or even a mention in the list articles for cabbage or pudding dishes! It's not even in the Swedish cuisine article! There's an article about a similar finnish dish, but it's a casserole... I hope it turns out well, because I had to make rice pudding too which is also something I've never done before. It tasted fine aside from the fact that it's unsweetened as you mix the rice pudding with some ground meat, eggs, and spices as a sort of filling for the cabbage pudding. It sounds like such a weird dish when you talk about it... And then you serve it with boring potatoes. Which I very nearly forgot to put on the stove...
  6. It was for a company which apparently insisted on getting exactly 200 bananas.
  7. Got a new job at a grocery store a week ago. Today a person bought 200 bananas. Only 4 bunches fit on the scale at a time. We had to open another register.
  8. Not an american, but I have taken a CV-writing class where it was said we can include hobbies in at least our cover letters. I assume there's a bit of teamwork going on in competitive water polo? If so it might be relevant in that regard. People with the same or similar interests can of course bond over them as well, so you might get a better fit for the team if they too enjoy playing competitive water polo.
  9. Remove "spent a day together and slept together" from that, add about 4270 miles to the distance and you've got the situation my SO and I were in pretty much the day we decided to start calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend. What prompted the talk where we established that fact was his mom asking if I was his girlfriend and he said yes. So I would hardly call it too soon to at least have a conversation about it, but then my family has a history of quickly establishing relationships... I also wouldn't worry about the distance, while I'm sure shorter long distance relationships come with cons relationships like mine don't have and vice versa, I also don't think the distance complicates things a whole lot other than the issue of missing each other and having to explain to friends and relatives why the other person can't be at this and that family gathering. The success of such a relationship probably depends on the people involved (don't all relationships?), the distance has probably taken more a of a "toll" on my very social and worrying SO than on myself as I'm quite comfortable with solitude and don't really worry about things I can't affect. But to directly answer the bolded, yes, I think it is.
  10. We finally got our decision from the migration agency When we first started looking into wait times for this it said 4-6 months. When we applied it was around 9 months. Right now it's at 14-15 months. Somehow we only had to wait 13, which is shocking. Storytime! My dog Katie had been sick for a couple of days so we had to take her to vet three days ago and she had to stay there to get fluids and further examinations. Anyway, today we went to pick her up. In the car my phone was in my bag and I actually thought "What if I get a call and miss it?" and lo and behold, I had a missed call when we got out. I looked up the number but could only find that it had something to do with operators of companies and such. Katie was brought out to us, we went over medication and stuff and then we went back to the reception area to buy some special food since her issues were gastrointestinal. Just as we're going inside my phone starts ringing. I pick it up, holding Katies leash in one hand and I am greeted like this: "Hello, I am [Case Manager] with Migrationsverket in Uppsala. Is your relationship with [SO] still active?" "Um, what? Yes." Dad has located the food section and is now talking to an associate so I move away, literally just following wherever Katie leads me on her quest to examine all the treats and toys in the shop. "Okay, I am just about to make the decision for your case. Would you like to have the residence permit card sent to the Swedish embassy in Washington D.C. or would you like to pick it up in Sweden?" This is the part where the tears of joy start falling. More conversation like which one of their offices I want to pick the card up at, and I actually ask "So he gets to come live here?" and then we hang up and I return to dad who's now at the register and say "[SO] gets to come here!" And then I have to call my SO about it, after one unsuccessful call I manage to get a message out literally just saying "[SO] we're getting the email in a week" which he responds to just a minute later with "A week" and so I call him and explain that I just got a call and I'm all smiling and shit and he's just like "... are you serious? Is this a joke? You are serious, right?" and uh yeah... I convinced him it wasn't. When I got home from the vet I saw I had a ton of messages from him where he's freaking out because he got an email from the place but it didn't say anything on if the decision was a yes or no, so I checked mine and I had gotten one that said that he can come here (he gave me power of attorney because he lost access to the email-address he used on the application). And now we're sitting here planning/trying to plan the move. We found really cheap tickets for September Which would be great because his birthday is in October and we've never gotten to celebrate it together...
  11. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    The Swedish gymnast is Emma Larsson. The Swedish commentators were super disappointed they didn't get to see her until her floor routine came up XD I'm watching the cross-country riding now, the first Swede just started. Three horse have already fallen, two while jumping and the other just now while turning. One horse almost rolled over his rider, and another almost hit his in the head with his hoof. They aren't even showing the Swede, they showed her ride out and then they went back to the German lady before her, and now that the German lady finished they're showing an American guy who rode out after the Sweden. Oh look, NOW they're showing her.
  12. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    Horsey dancing? If you guys are talking about dressage it's still going on today, they only did half of it yesterday. I missed the last two Swedish riders Though jumping and cross-country are more interesting because umm... there's more speed? I feel like as a former horse nerd I should probably appreciate the control and training in dressage more...
  13. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    Jesus christ, I'm watching a livestream of the men's artistic gymnastics, and Samir Aït Saïd for France just broke his leg. And I'm talking his calf completely snapped. The commentators had just finished talking about how he was best in another event, and was doing this one for his team. And now my dad came downstairs and said that apparently a shot went off close to the dressage area.
  14. I just realized how much I love pie charts. I made a pie chart the other day detailing how many sims in my almost 30-generation long family had which hair colour. Now I've created a survey for a school assignment where the answers are given to me in pie chart form by Google, and seeing how the charts get divided into smaller pieces based on people's answers (especially when there are more than two different ones for the same question) is really satisfying.