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  1. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    There aren't per Bakker on his blog comments.
  2. [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Given that Aeron's vision has Euron on the Iron Throne with the dwarves below, the dwarves might represent the lords of Westeros under a Euron monarchy. He's not exactly one who seems given to hands-on administration. Westeros under Euron would be France during the Hundred Years' War - failed state with constant internecine warfare.
  3. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    The Inchausti (sp?) were invading the palace, but they'd have no reason to threaten or harm Thelli - their goal was to overthrow and secure Esmenet. Esmenet assumed Maithenet was planning a coup (and kill her children) to seize control of the empire for himself, but he was in fact loyal to Kellhus, as she realizes later in the text - she was thinking of Maithenet as a greedy human rather than a passionless Dunyain.
  4. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    The little boy is actually Korenghus. Kellhus teleported back to Ishual to breed some time during the Unification period. He rode the fake Korenghus as his stallion and directed him through the shortest path and their survival.
  5. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    Neat. He refers to being old enough to remember some of the fighting in the Halls. But I believe he refers to Korengus as a survivor in his capacity as the surviving Dunyain since the boy himself isn't properly Dunyain, not being inducted into the brotherhood by a pragma.
  6. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    My initial interpretation was that Korengus was just running on Dunyain programming to save the Dunyainling - the program can't be abandoned, after all. But given the dude's missing half his face and barely survived, one kid was all he could secure. But maybe the kid is particularly valuable.
  7. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    But during the times of Cenei, with their Pax Cenei[insert proper Latin declension], with the entirety of the schools held under the Imperial Compact that only the Saik kept upholding, they probably could have spared some sorcerers of rank to build roads. Cenei's only major rival was Zeum.
  8. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    The young Dunyainlings don't enter the Thousand Thousand Halls until after they've mastered the proposition, correct? And the whale-mother room sits within the Halls. It seems unlikely then that young Kellhus had even seen a whale-mother at that point, given their immobility and the lack of necessity in bringing a whale-mother to the surface of Ishual. So, barring a continuity error on Bakker's part, Kellhus must have some other reference point for a woman beside a whale mother. But I'd favor continuity error. I wouldn't doubt the whale-mothers were a late addition whim of Bakker's to further provoke his critics/get in another Dune reference. On plot speculation: Will Akka teach the Dunyainling and Korenghus sorcery? Will Mimara's 'prophethood' be revealed as she heals Korenghus? Does Korengus surpass Kellhus in Dunyainic abilities?
  9. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    Maybe Bakkerplanet was the victim of orbital bombardment - the Inchoroi aren't the enemy but the weapons of a higher species which uses macro-level biological warfare in the form of weaponized colony ship missiles.
  10. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    Actually I thought the same thing, chromosome reduplication would be one step in a mutational pathway by which the bizarre divergence of the male and female Dunyain could be explained - and it would explain the inability of Dunyain to mate with normal humans e.g. Dunyain females have something like 3 X chromosomes with a whole smorgasbord of mutations. This way, the Dunyain male being somewhat normal could be possible, so long as he possesses a single 'normal' X chromosome (the mutant females being carriers 2 weird ones and 1 normal). We know the Dunyain have a high failure rate - it's possible a large number of infant Dunyain male are straight up monstrosities. The mutational pathway for having 3 X chromosomes and the proper meiotic sorting of it would be basically hundreds of thousands of years of praying to RNGesus for the proper mutations, however. More likely than getting a functioning polyploid X meiotic system would be fusion of the extra X-chromosome back into one of the X-chromosomes - Giving the Dunyain something like X,Y, X_x as possible sex chromosomes. XX_x is a whale mother. XY is a Dunyain male. X_xX_x is a ?, as is X_x,Y. (Although, it isn't necessarily the X chromosome we're dealing with here, for all we know Chromosome 13 has turned into an extra set of sex-chromosomes amongst the Dunyain through a similar process). But why even have chromosomal fusion you ask, why not just have X_a and X_b? Have superfluous copies of genes just lends itself towards more mutations. Moreover, only a single X-chromosome is active in a given cell - this is random, meaning women have chimeric cells, sorta! So, the fusion aids with any necessary fertility gene-doping mutations. It requires extremely lucky mutations and the segregation of all those mutations onto the 'proper' X_x chromosome - recombination can still occur between X_x and X because of the homologous sequences. The X_x chromosome would have be a monstrosity of inversions and other mutations (this is more likely than in a non-fused X-chromosome scenario) in order to have the sequence so divergent from X that recombination doesn't affect it. BUT, regardless, in this scenario - there's still going to the possibility of XX female Dunyain, which as far as we know, don't exist. IF the book confirms that 'normal' Dunyain females don't exist, or are non-possibility, then we're looking at a much more complicated mutational and regulatory pathway towards the development of whale-mothers, which themselves already rely on a crazy set of mutations. If there is no normal X chromosome amongst the Dunyain, then they have must have a secret Inchoroi genetics lab inside Ishual all along.
  11. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    Chanv comes from Eanna, doesn't it?
  12. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    Alright chaps, I haven't been here in a while. I need a tl;dr on updated theories. Also, humorous the axlotl tank theory of Dunyain women was true. Bit silly, since men and women are essentially the same aside from the y-chromosome, breeding axlotl tank women while keeping the Dunyain fairly human would be so hard as to be nearly impossible through just selection. I could see it being done by a Sci-Fi society with, you know, genetic engineering and hormone baths to activate dormant pathways or something like that during development, but there just wouldn't be a step-wise path between human female/human male and axlotl tank/Dunyain male through just selective breeding.
  13. Anime IV - new SPRING animu and guff

    Kabaneri Ep. 2 not until next week. laaaame
  14. Anime IV - new SPRING animu and guff

    It's WIT's first original series, I suppose they think they ought to stick with what works.
  15. Anime IV - new SPRING animu and guff

    This Kabaneri show has some REALLY impressive animation, and it's one Amazon Prime! Since when does Amazon do anime? Pretty cool regardless.