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  1. Bakker XLII: If you do not post with the people, then you are not of the people!

    is Bakker an onion?
  2. The non-scifi catch-all recommendation thread linked in the sticky is like 20 years old and full mostly of literature recommendations, blagh. I'm in a mood for political analysis and history, but digest-able for someone without an academic background in either.
  3. Anyone have any idea about the size of the sea in the new map?  In the older, zoomed-out maps, it seemed so small to me, that I thought walking around it would be trivial.  But now it seems gigantic.
  4. Anime IV - new WINTER animu and guff

    It's only a single episode, so I don't believe it's possible to comment yet, lol.  But it sure is one of the prettiest. Otherwise my favorite Gundam series is the one many think is best - 08th MS Team.  But half the reason I like it is the adult characters, and a male lead who isn't whiny.
  5. Star Wars Episode 8 - What comes next? (Episode 7 Spoilers)

    8 could go basically anywhere.  For all we know, Reality Gem shenanigans merge Star Wars with the MCU and we get Thor vs. Kylo Ren.
  6. Anime IV - new WINTER animu and guff

    Hmm, I know for a fact we had discussions about the Fall anime season.   Was that another thread or did the forum changerino lose all those posts?   Anyway, Winter is coming and Gundam Thunderbolt is AMAZING.  Beautiful animation.  Google it, its episodes are being published online for free with translation.   It makes IBO seriously look like a piece of shit in terms of animation quality.   Edit: Apparently its episodes are coming out once every few months T_T.  No wonder it looks so good.
  7. Elizabeth Bear

    Tried to use search to find an old thread, but I can't figure out how to search just thread titles as opposed to posts, so there was way too much stuff to wade through. Anyway, has anyone ever finished her Eternal Sky books? I read Range of Ghosts years ago and want to know if the rest are worth reading.
  8. Star Wars Episode VII THE SPOILERS AWAKEN

    I disagree.  It plays with audience expectations.  Audience expects Snoke to be powerful, but he turns out to be a weakling.   He's straight up a Wizard of Oz expy.  He pretends to be all powerful, but he's in fact weak.  He's knowledgeable in the Dark Side, having been trained by the Emperor or Vader, but he has none of the power.  Kylo Ren believes Snoke is a powerful darkside user, but he's being manipulated.   And when he realizes how weak Snoke is, he will kill him.
  9. Star Wars Episode VII THE SPOILERS AWAKEN

    Saw the movie, enjoyed it, but it didn't enrapture me. I didn't come out of the theater with the whole "HOLY SHIT" feeling I get from movies that blow my mind. Really interested who Snoke is.  The new Disney Rebels series sets up Darkside adepts called Inquisitors whole rank below the Sith in power, it's possible Snoke is an Inquisitor who survived the Empire.   I've also seen speculation that he's Darth Plagius.   Kylo Ren is absurdly weak for a Sith apprentice, despite being able to freeze a plasma bolt in the air, so I'm leaning towards Snoake being a Dark Side adept as opposed to a true Sith. Of course, if Snoke isn't a Sith, he doesn't offer much threat to Luke in any sort of fight.   Moriband/Korriban also appears in secondary media released by Disney.  Perhaps Episode VIII will feature a training montage for Kylo Ren amongst the tombs of the Sith Lords? Secondary media released by Disney confirms Rakata Prime, from KoTOR is still canon.   Perhaps Luke ventured there seeking the truth of the Force or something. I wish the political situation was more explained in the movie, but I guess JJ was looking to avoid the criticism of the endless tariff policy and trade monopoly debate of Episode I.   edit: Oh and speculation on Captain Phasma - She's a Resistance sympathizer or agent.   Fin gets sent to her after his poor performance on the surface, and apparently whatever punishment she metes out is insignificant enough to happen off-screen.  And then she powers down the shields protecting the planet with no hesitation at all.     The problem with her being an agent, obviously, is that the Resistance had apparently no information at all that Starkiller base existed.
  10. The Alchemy Wars - Ian Tregillis (Spoilers Books 1 and 2)

    I hadn't realized book 2 was out until I saw this thread today.   Already finished.  I NEED MORE and he needs to write longer books.
  11. Numerous Classical Maya monuments would argue otherwise!
  12. Horus Heresy anyone?

    I enjoyed the HH books, but I haven't read any black library stuff since ~2013.   At some point I'll pick it back up.  I enjoy the W40k universe, and the Black Library has some entertaining stories.
  13. How do we know Sejanus didn't comment on the womb plague?  Maybe it's in that there Tracate somewhere.
  14. Bakker XXXVIII: Where The Posters Are Damned

    I prefer spinning reels to casters. 
  15. Bakker XXXVIII: Where The Posters Are Damned

      A computer that uses sorcery to perform calculations.  The thought I had was that, say when Achamian attacks a formation with a parabola of light - he's not actively describing a number of discrete points, he's spouting some manner of equation and some part of reality is actively graphing the points where the slicey-light is going, so I was wondering if that means that you could somehow use the principle to actively calculate things.   Say Kellhus wanted to find the solution to a complex problem that he couldn't calculate in his own head or on a piece of paper, even.  But say there was a hypothetical algorithm to brute force the solution.   Could Kellhus then render the problem and algorithm in the form of a sorcerous spell, and then receive a solution instanteously in the same manner that Achamian's parabola is graphed instantly?    And with the dunyain-in-a-jar, how do you ensure the Dunyain's cooperation or even full intelligence?  The only intelligent bound soul we've seen is Shae.  The Wathi doll and the Library door mechanisms didn't retain human intelligence.   And Shae requires human hosts to retain his brain functions, Aurang also notes the smaller bird brain requires a longer time to process his thoughts.