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  1. Anime IV - new SPRING animu and guff

    Kabaneri Ep. 2 not until next week. laaaame
  2. Anime IV - new SPRING animu and guff

    It's WIT's first original series, I suppose they think they ought to stick with what works.
  3. Anime IV - new SPRING animu and guff

    This Kabaneri show has some REALLY impressive animation, and it's one Amazon Prime! Since when does Amazon do anime? Pretty cool regardless.
  4. Hi -- just saw this.  Writing privately because the book I'm going to recommend -- historical analysis, easy to read, for the literate general reader not academics, is one of which I'm co-author.  It was published Oct. 1, 2015.  It went back to print by the middle of November.  There are 41 reviews of it on amazon, most of them 5 stars -- and, no, we have no idea who wrote those reviews, i.e., not friends.

    It's a different history of the United States that places slavery, the domestic slave trading and breeding (no, we don't mean by that what you may think -- definitely not what Tarrantino did in Django etc. -- historically did not happen because economically not feasible) right in the center of the development of the U.S. expansion, territorial and economic.

    We've been up and down the country since October, supporting the book at book stores, universities and a variety of African American communities, including black churches, and so on.  The WSJ reviewed it -- so there is validation for the 5 + years we spent making The American Slave Coast: A History of the Slave-breeding Industry.

    Hope this isn't offensive or intrusive.  I didn't want to put it in the subject thread you started because it would have been me, doing it, and that seems a little tacky!



    1. Claustrophobic Jurble

      Claustrophobic Jurble

      neat I might give it a look at some point

  5. Any have recommendations for good, recent (past 5 years) non-fiction books?

    Does anyone know any book that covers the decline of organized labor in the US, whether overarching narrative or case study?
  6. Dagger and Coin II: Spoilers through The Spider's War

    Book was really short. Felt predictable. Dunno, didn't enjoy it as much as the previous books.
  7. The Traitor Son Cycle by Miles Cameron

    If anyone read Dread Wyrm, how was it?
  8. Bakker XLII: If you do not post with the people, then you are not of the people!

    I was gonna say that Bakker's young, we got some slack time for him to increase in popularity. But he's 49, what. Clock's ticking.
  9. Bakker XLII: If you do not post with the people, then you are not of the people!

    is Bakker an onion?
  10. The non-scifi catch-all recommendation thread linked in the sticky is like 20 years old and full mostly of literature recommendations, blagh. I'm in a mood for political analysis and history, but digest-able for someone without an academic background in either.
  11. Anyone have any idea about the size of the sea in the new map? In the older, zoomed-out maps, it seemed so small to me, that I thought walking around it would be trivial. But now it seems gigantic.
  12. Anime IV - new SPRING animu and guff

    It's only a single episode, so I don't believe it's possible to comment yet, lol. But it sure is one of the prettiest. Otherwise my favorite Gundam series is the one many think is best - 08th MS Team. But half the reason I like it is the adult characters, and a male lead who isn't whiny.
  13. Star Wars Episode 8 - What comes next? (Episode 7 Spoilers)

    8 could go basically anywhere. For all we know, Reality Gem shenanigans merge Star Wars with the MCU and we get Thor vs. Kylo Ren.
  14. Anime IV - new SPRING animu and guff

    Hmm, I know for a fact we had discussions about the Fall anime season. Was that another thread or did the forum changerino lose all those posts? Anyway, Winter is coming and Gundam Thunderbolt is AMAZING. Beautiful animation. Google it, its episodes are being published online for free with translation. It makes IBO seriously look like a piece of shit in terms of animation quality. Edit: Apparently its episodes are coming out once every few months T_T. No wonder it looks so good.
  15. Elizabeth Bear

    Tried to use search to find an old thread, but I can't figure out how to search just thread titles as opposed to posts, so there was way too much stuff to wade through. Anyway, has anyone ever finished her Eternal Sky books? I read Range of Ghosts years ago and want to know if the rest are worth reading.