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  1. Authors who vanished from the face of the planet

    I hadn't realized it had been so long already since JV Jones' last book.
  2. Bakker XLVI: Make Eärwa Great Again

    What on Earth is this.
  3. Bakker XLVI: Make Eärwa Great Again

    RE: the idea that the First Apocalypse as witnessed by Seswatha didn't actually happen. We know the Mandate argue that the Sagas don't reflect the real history, so there's discrepancies between the dreams and the Sagas, but otherwise unless the Sagas themselves are fabrications (as is Akka's dreams as Nau-Cayuti and Celmomas), something happened. But, we don't really know what Seswatha was up to during the First Apocalypse outside the specific dreams given to Mandate schoolmen. Assuming Akka's dreams are real - we have a few 'real' dreams - Cel informing Seswatha of Ishual, Seswatha's affair, Cel's death from his point of view, and Nau-Cayuti in Golgotterath. The most interesting of the broken Seswatha dreams, and the one most indicative of the falsehood of the standard dreams is burning of the library of Sauglish - Seswatha despawns and Akka is left as a floating viewpoint in mid-air watching Skafra. I think this dream is the one most indicative of what the dreams really are - they're basically scripted video game cut scenes - not actual relived moments of Seswatha's life. Sometimes, the scripting goes wonky and errors occur. But their intent is to present the world in a given fashion. I don't believe we can discern anything meaningful from the errors however, when the dreams go off-script, they aren't revealing any truth because they aren't in anyway related to whatever happened in the reality.
  4. Bakker XLVI: Make Eärwa Great Again

    re:thread title Are we certain Trump isn't an glamoured Inchoroi?
  5. The Alchemy Wars - Ian Tregillis (Spoilers for the Trilogy)

    So, finished book #3 and I have to say it was disappointing. Just lacked the excitement of the previous books.
  6. Bakker's The Greart Ordeal IV (spoilers): Demanding a Disputation

    Bakker's god fractured god might just him being sly - God is a self-moving soul - the unmoved mover - if God were fractured it was not because Nonmen moved in opposition to God's will, but rather that they were the mechanism through which God fractured Itself.
  7. Bakker's The Greart Ordeal IV (spoilers): Demanding a Disputation

    As Calibander posted in the feedback thread, TUC's page on Amazon is up and, imo, there's some major spoilers there (in that I was upset that I read the synopsis, rip), though your mileage may vary.
  8. Great Ordeal Feedback

    Eh, while everything within that synopsis is within the things that have been speculated territory, confirming them actually puts it within major spoilers - especially the line That's a MAJOR spoiler.
  9. Great Ordeal Feedback

    Sweet jesus, Aurax is just going to be Dr. Frank N. Furter, isn't he? Not much of a man by the light of day/by night one hell of a lover (presumably as the rest of his kin). Making a man with blond hair and a tan (he can after all). He can even descend upon our protagonists Janet/Brad (Akka/Mimara) on the elevator on which Shae had his discussion with Nau-Cauyuti.
  10. Great Ordeal Feedback

    Now this is a good quote.
  11. Great Ordeal Feedback

    I was, but I misread or misinterpreted EAMD as a serious reply >_>. You've talked about writing an introductory prequel type thing to ease readers in - have you thought about the First Apocalypse or the period when the Consult openly operated in the Three Seas? The latter especially interests me, since I can't imagine how or what the Consult did in that period.
  12. Great Ordeal Feedback

    Hmm... because we confuse what comes after with what comes before? So, unlike Morlocks, Men came from Nonmen? Yet, the Ihrimsu lines that Akka translates in TJE from Cleric to the statue of Cujara Cinmoi hardly look non-human, in fact, they look like they're derived from an Indo-European language.
  13. Great Ordeal Feedback

    Man, I don't visit for a few days and this happens. I enjoyed the book, the Ishterebinth portions were my favorite as it was most everyone else's. A few questions: Why didn't Kellhus replicate or duplicate the Non-man flying chariot for the Ordeal? Wouldn't they (or I suppose something resembling a miniature version of the Raft he uses to assault Dagliash) offer protection and mobility to his sorcerers? And in regards to Kellhus and the nuke - all souls within the universe end up in the Outside, yes? To what degree is memory preserved? Could Kellhus have interrogated nuclear scientists in the Outside? What exactly did the Eannans think was going on during the first Apocalypse? The Jekkhi invade Earwa after the Apocalypse, so Eanna is/was definitely inhabited. Was there enough communication over the Kayarsus for them to grasp the situation? How is that the Inverse Fire actually interfaces with the Outside without the usage of magic, given the Inchoroi's ignorance of magic prior to arriving on Earwa? How did the Inchoroi stumble onto it? And what sort of screen is it being displayed on - does it have greater color fidelity than modern LED monitors? The mechanics of Wutteat's undeath was that he (it?) was so damned that he had become a living topos, right? If so, why does Shaeonanra require such an elaborate design to keep his soul from the Outside? Why couldn't he become undead like Wutteat? And finally. are the Nonmen Morlocks?
  14. Bakker XLV: Optimal Tip-to-Tip Damnation (no TGO Spoilers)

    Someone who owns all those books in hardcover selling them is a bit weird. I mean, given the sales on the books, it's quite possibly someone here or on the Second Apocalypse forum.
  15. Bakker's The Greart Ordeal IV (spoilers): Demanding a Disputation

    I find it interesting that Nin'ciljiras and presumably his grandfather adopted the Inchoroi/Consult's ideology whereas the initial alliance was one formulated in terms of revenge against Cujara Cinmoi. The Viroi turned against Nin'janjin, but later Nil'Giccas condemned them to death or exile, and Nin'ciljiras was presumably one of these - so was Nin'ciljiras one of those Viroi who switched sides at Pir Pahal, later to be condemned? If so, what was Nil'giccas' motivation in condemning the surviving Viroi? And when did an alliance of convenience between the Inchies/Consult and Nin'janjin's line become one of shared ideology?