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  1. Bakker has mentioned some sort of mind-soul duality in the past in reference to why Shae's soul-trapping methods aren't widely used, I believe. Your soul can be trapped held in the Inward, while your thoughts are in the Outside. No idea how it works or what Bakker even meant when he said it - but I think that's Malowebi's situation. It's the same as when Sorweel feels as though somewhere he burned - his soul is temporarily fused with that Nonman's, but a portion of that Nonman's soul is in the Outside even as it's bound to the thingamajig.
  2. So what's the deal with Kellhus' little speech about ignorance preventing sin? Is he lying? Because Mimara's Eye showed the Dunyain as damned despite any intent or will to cause suffering (or something along those lines), which she contrasted with the Inchoroi. Or is there a distinction between the ignorance Kellhus is talking about and the Dunyain's lack of malicious intent?
  3. Completely missed that, I was looking through the flashback scene where he's dragged in front of Serwa >_>.
  4. Is there a line with explicit rape? I tried to keep an eye for rape, because of the discussion of the "they came for her and she did not resist" line and its context in the last book being ambiguous about whether Serwa was gang-raped or not. The brief mention of "physical indignities" could be rape (and probably is).
  5. I didn't think so. We have a character, in a situation totally inappropriate to it, go into a wall of text speech to her daughter. And it's narration is about as clear as the Revelations of Cinial'jin. As to what it's about, its main character is one of Saubon's personal guardsmen that gets squashed by a Bashrag in TGO. So it's set before that.
  6. So, I read the Carathayan
  7. Eh, I imagine even without the worms the Silver would have killed Fitz eventually by itself. I doubt he had somehow managed to discover immunity when someone like Verity had not.
  8. Balrog is to Ciphrang as Smaug is to Wutteat, yes? Ciphrang despawn after taking a considerable beating. Perhaps Balrog do as well? Turning into Maia-vapor? Wutteat could undoubtedly take any Ciphrang a sorcerer is capable of summoning. This line of thinking has made me reverse my initial thought that the Balrog would defeat Smaug.
  9. Finished the book
  10. Here's a question: During the period of peace when the Inchoroi moved freely in the Mansions (administering the Womb Plague), why didn't they doll up some nukes, set a 5 year timer on them and give them as gifts to the Nonmen kings, claiming they were some manner of Inchoroi art?
  11. So what's going on in that spoiler thread. I'm scared to even look. I wish got ARCs still. I used to have a family friend who got me them.
  12. Went and read it. Seems like Nonman mythology is nonsense and doesn't hold any deeper answers or relevance. Unless... (spoilered for the sake people who don't want even infos from that glossary that Wert or whoever has updated the Wiki with)
  13. Seems to be lasers.
  14. That quote actually seems to have a decent spoiler. confirms something we've (strongly) suspected but not explicitly known.
  15. Maybe something like the heron-spear and other beam-weaponry were attached to mining equipment? Or maybe the Inchoroi had originally used Death-bots instead of carrying their weapons by hand and all the Death-bots somehow ceased to work in the Fall.