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  1. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    Well, the argument is that Kellhus is raping Proyas into disbelief to save his soul, so Kellhus' doesn't need to rape everyone - just the Zaudunyani.
  2. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    Isn't the crime the breaking of God?
  3. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    She doesn't, iirc. Harapior stuffs her mouth while saying he's never seen anyone survive casting while wearing an agonic collar, he's not going to take chances. It's possible that Sorweel holds the chorae against it to negate its effects, though. That part is unclear. A question I have: Why doesn't Kellhus manufacture flying chariots? They seem like a simple Anagogic construction - a chariot and horseshoes with something as simple, "Walk on air as if on land." A fleet of sky chariots for the Few would offer them substantial protection against chorae strikes (assuming they function similar to other sorcerous items and only temporarily cease to function for the duration of the physical contact between chorae and object) and increase their mobility (because the horses move in the sky faster than the sorcerers).
  4. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    My impression is that Oiranal meant that without the amiolas, Sorweel can't understand and speak, can't tell Oirunas to wreck shit and save them.
  5. Bakker XLV: Optimal Tip-to-Tip Damnation (no TGO Spoilers)

    It is you who are damned, though. This is the Outside to our Spoiler Thread's Inward.
  6. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    So what's the deal with the trees in Kuniuri Just some color? Or are there horticulturists lurking in the forests?
  7. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    I think Kellhus' word choice is critical in understanding his decision to return to the NE. He's decided the Ordeal is a failure. Remember, the NE is only useful to him insofar as it is an end, and not for its own sake. Saving Esmenet and his children could be accomplished by teleporting in and out and ignoring the Empire, if he has no need for it. But the Ordeal's failure requires the continued existence of the Empire's bureaucratic structure for the further battles against the Consult.
  8. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    There's no indication, afaik, that Harapior rapes her. The only possible rape is when the other Nonmen enter her cell to take her to the king, and it just says It's unclear if that means she's being raped or whether it refers to the next portion of described action: So it's a maybe, but I'd lean towards no, because immediately after that line, Moe2 begins to cry that they leave her alone, whereas I doubt he would have been silent during a gang-rape. I doubt it. The Akkunihor are the closest tribe to the Nansurium, and I think he's there in that context rather than for the entire Scylvendi people. Cnaiur would know it would be impossible to hide his leadership from Kellhus.
  9. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    Don't forget that Momemn is named for Momas, their god of the sea as well. I noticed the earthquake -> poseidon -> momas -> momemn thing, but I wasn't certain if it was intentional. @Hello World re:Mimara-Mariam, Bakker says he's not sure if it's intentional >_<.
  10. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    Anyone have any speculation on what the li'l Dunyain boy is gonna do in the next book? Does he try to rejoin Mimara and Achamian? Or will he, by happenstance, meet Sorweel and friends? Or does he do the smart thing, and try to head south to, to safety?
  11. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    Skimming through WLW, I noticed that he saw Esmi die in the Earthquake. So in regards to the discussion in the previous thread of whether Esmi is dead, she is definitely dead. RIP.
  12. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    Yeah, TJE shocked me (as I mentioned in like ... the first or second TJE thread years ago) because I had assumed the Gods weren't real. My impression from the first trilogy was there was an Outside, and there was spooky stuff out there, but not necessarily anything comporting to anything of the major religions.
  13. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    The only thing I can think of when I see Ciphrang is cipher, which has its ultimate origins in the Arabic word for zero. But Bakker prefers Greeky stuff for his technical terms, so dunno. Re: someone asking somewhere if we've ever seen someone not damned, here's a Mimara line from TJE thinking about how the world looks with through the Eye. So yeah, Mimara has seen people who aren't damned, and they shine rather than burn.
  14. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    We knew that some Nonmen were monstrously huge, but the Tall being an apparent sub-species or race of Nonmen was new information.
  15. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    In regards to cannibalism, Kellhus feeds Proyas human flesh earlier as noted by someone in the previous thread. Loki pointed out that in the first series, Kellhus was the only one to survive the desert without losing weight, and thus he likely ate the Hundred Pillars - remember that his ceremonial guard, the aforementioned pillars, were named for those who publicly sacrificed their water for him in the desert. Presumably, he ate them as well, though this wasn't made public fact. And Oirunas was mentioned in the TTT appendix, but not the narrative-proper, I believe.