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  1. True a girl's consent didn't matter, however, it was still Robert's lie about her being abducted and raped. If everyone believed she'd gone willingly, even though she was technically already Robert's "soon-to-be-chattel", Brandon might never have gathered his "boys" to go down and challenge Rhaegar. Or, they (Brandon & his boys) did know, and put Robert's shame (Rhaegar stealing his betrothed), ahead of Lyanna's happiness anyway, and publicly went with the lie to make their claim more acceptable to the general population, especially in the North, (which is entirely believable.)
  2. Siblings, offspring = incest. Immediate family. Ned's parents were cousins. No body had a problem. I wish we could get past this. Even here on Earth, in the 20th Century, it's legal, and not considered incest. I get how Aunt/Nephew sounds pervy. It seems to imply Adult/Child due to the usual age difference. Nephew/Aunt doesn't seem as pervy. Seems more technical. Still. Not illegal. Not incest.
  3. As much as I want a ridiculous amount more of the show, I don't think they've got much choice because of the story itself. Think about it - Bran's story is all but finished. Their biggest problem is distracting the viewers enough, and getting them invested in Jon & Dany enough to be distracted away from the obvious, and that is Bran. Once Bran knows he's the Oracle of Time/Time Lord Bran, etc.... and how to use/control his gift, he's the guy who can fix all of it, which is happening now. I get why they cut the Sansa/Bran scene, regarding Littlefinger. It made for fun surprises, but also didn't show us exactly how close to mastering it he is. Once Bran knows the path to take, it doesn't matter who the enemy is, (Cersei is the End Boss), the story is over. Bran's story has always been ahead of everyone else's. Even in the books.
  4. This. Why would you want the story rushed even more, and have less of it? That's what you'd get with a film trilogy, along with unrecognizable characters due to the kids are still in the process of becoming adults. Besides, TV is way better than Cinema these days...
  5. What does any of that have to do with the Right/Order of Succession when it comes to Monarchies? If Rhaegar had won at the Trident, it would be an entirely different story, but it still doesn't change the rules regarding Succession in a Monarchy.
  6. That's not how the Right/Line of Succession works. I'm honestly surprised there's not more history nerds around here. There's nothing questionable about Jon's legitimacy. Westeros isn't 21st century Earth, where everything is "fake news" if you don't agree. (Which is patently insane no matter where you are.) There's nothing to "prove." No one is going to hire some private detective to carbon-date the Maester's diary - because you have Bran. Either get on this exposition bus, or forever whinge about a plot line you don't like. Succession just IS. It isn't based off merit, or how much someone wants it.or how long they're been working for it. You're either the legit heir, (Jon), or you're not, (Dany), because a legit heir already exists, and it's not you. It doesn't matter if you don't want the job, unless you want to marry Wallis Simpson, and that came close to destroying the English Monarchy. And while that may be something many fans want to happen (no monarchy for Westeros), that plot remains to be revealed, and it still has no bearing on The Line of Succession. Jon is the heir. There is no changing the rules, or killing the filibuster because you don't like the way things are turning out...
  7. I love this entire post x ∞.
  8. Why is anyone assuming Viserion was all the way dead, when the show has gone to great lengths to show us the difference between raising wights and making walkers? Viserion was touched by the NK like Craster's baby, and has the same eyes. The wights at Hardhome were all raised remotely and have different pale blue eyes where the iris matches the whites, not one giant iris like Walker eyes are. If Viserion was dead, they wouldn't have needed the chains, and he wouldn't be breathing blue fire.
  9. It would not be weird in practice either, since that's not how Succession works. Succession works in order of birth, (usually males first.) So it wouldn't matter who the mother was, nor how she was "connected," as long as they are married at the time of birth, and there's no other offspring that are older... even from a previous marriage. The Bride/Mother's connections have zero bearing on the Right/Order of Succession. Where does that even apply anywhere - just because someone's second wife knows more people, her offspring should get preferential treatment when it comes to matters of inheritance? Seriously - I've seen this kind of thing posted more than once, and it makes no sense whatsoever.
  10. Maybe in community or High School theatre, but not professionally, there's too much money at stake. If the actor isn't good, they're not hired. If they become bad, they're replaced. This isn't cable access. This is the most successful, money generating show in TV history. If a director doesn't care in that level of the industry, they're fired. Just because you don't like Isaac in the role, doesn't mean everyone shares your opinion.
  11. But Ned does think about it, per the first book, and his memory dream of the ToJ, he has that dream repeatedly. If he never thought about it, how could he keep the secret? Totally agree. I'm not talking about the Northern Lords during the puppy scene (which they're not in), I'm talking about the actual Northern Lords, (Glover, Lyanna Mormont, Royce, etc.) now, in Winterfell, the ones who some people say will be upset if/when they find out Jon bent the knee to Dany. They're not in the puppy scene. Only Jorey and Roderick, neither of which are Northern Lords, are there besides Ned. Sorry if I wasn't clear. As for why Ned changes his mind about the pups, I feel it's both the argument, and his knowledge of who Jon is. As Hedera of the Helix said: Hedera also answered a similar question: The scene alone viewed at face value, yes. When viewed in light of Ned's POV chapters in the first book, no.
  12. There must always be a Stark in Winterfell.... always reminds me of, "There have always been Starkadders at Cold Comfort Farm." And hopefully there's more to it. He didn't break anything until he was touched by the Night King. Fleeing with Rickon was long before that, and they parted at the Wall itself. But I do hope we get more of the Stark/WinterFELL back story.... and the crypts... in both books and show, even though time is short. I need a bazillion spinoffs of this awesome source material.... I might need a 12-step.