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  1. Yes he will. The Iron Throne itself will likely be destroyed before this is over, and Jon and Dany are both very much interested in bringing democracy to the land, after all, she left The Bay of Dragons to choose their own leaders and Jon saw how well the Night's Watch managed to choose their own leaders for centuries, but it won't happen immediately. They'll usher it in... and Jon will likely also be Last of his Name in the History of Westeros Monarchy.... but I think he will be King.
  2. Seemed pretty clear to me she was flirting. Their chemistry is awesome. I mean, short of stripping naked right there and demanding he mount her... I thought that was pretty clear.
  3. They're brilliant. Every week I can't get over that this is a TV SHOW, when it feels like I'm watching a blockbuster film every Sunday.
  4. In order to retain the Army of the Vale, the truth about Lysa's death needs to come out, so everyone knows what a snake Littlefinger is. I'd love if the truth about Jon Arryn's murder were to come out as well... but I'll settle for everyone learning Petyr pushed his own wife out of the Moon Door. And yes, OP, I totally agree they'll end up playing him, because they're not the idiots he thinks they are. Littlefinger has to die, that's the point. And why wouldn't it work? Sansa no longer needs Littlefinger's "help." His goal has never been for Sansa's wellbeing. I don't even think Sansa ever believed that.
  5. Iain is sexy AF.
  6. It's alluded to in AWOIAF, as has been mentioned several times in this thread, by Aerys, so I wouldn't say zero (as in it's never crossed anyone's mind.) It's just not hard evidence, because it's a crazy man's opinion/suggestion.
  7. I agree that baby - if she's not lying about the pregnancy - will never draw breath. However, it will matter very much who the father is, and I think Euron just hasn't gotten around to taunting Jamie yet. Or Cersei will taunt Jamie with it when she grows tired of Jamie trying to make peace, claiming it's Euron's, and how he's such a better man than Jamie! Real or Cersei's lie, this baby will be the death of Cersei by Jamie's hand.
  8. The film The Martian doesn't all take place within the running time of the film. It covers years. Did that bother anyone here that's bothered by traveling in GoT? Most film & TV scripted stuff works that way. Does it all bother you the same way? Even The Big Bang Theory doesn't take place within the 22min of actual show, it usually covers hours or even days. Is that a problem for you too? If so, why do you watch anything? And if not, why just GoT?
  9. It happens in the books too, it just doesn't bug you, because you're reading, not watching. And just for the record, it doesn't bother everyone. And it doesn't even bother the people who treat this like they're watching 24, consistently. Like those back-to-back Cersei/Jamie scenes in S7E1 that no one had a problem with, even though clearly time had passed.
  10. Because you've seen all of them throughout history? Google: Historical War Hammers, then go to Images. They come in all shapes and sizes.
  11. GRRM has explained ASOIAF is loosely based on the Wars of the Roses in England. Aerys = Henry VI. Both suffered from mental illness, which created havoc while they were ruling, and led to the split of their own houses due to long-term family infighting that began before their reigns, that their mental states exacerbated, that led to broader house v house fighting and civil war. Jon = Henry Tudor (VII) who will reunite everyone. BOOK: It won't matter what declarations an insane monarch who was unfit to rule made regarding his heirs, and they're all dead anyway. Caligula made a horse a senator. Rome didn't carry on that tradition because it was crazy. Dany's claim will never be stronger than Jon's because any sibling of Rhaegar will never be ahead of any legitimate issue of Rhaegar's, and that's Jon. Elizabeth II could declare William her heir, attempting to shut out Charles from the Line of Succession (which would never happen unless she somehow went crazy), in which case Parliament would likely override her, unless Charles was unfit somehow. (Now if Charles abdicates of his own volition, that's an entire different story.) SHOW: Same, except the annulment vehicle is used because the show has never mentioned Targaryen plural marriages. This. it's why Meera went home.
  12. People are knee-jerk reacting to so many posts they're not even reading completely. Thank you. This right here. First, I'm wondering where so many people got their definition of annulment. It's like the Urban Legend version. Unless you've done it in RL, don't assume you know the EARTH version, which so many seem to be basing their opinions on. Sam has already given us the Westerosi version. But yes, let's add on to the above EARTH-US version.... someone posted that even Catholic Law doesn't delegitimize the kids. In the "eyes of the church" the time you spent married to that person is erased so you can get remarried in the Church. That's it. It doesn't mean you didn't exist, nor does it affect any offspring. It's a Sin-thing. That's the Catholic version, and it must be granted by the Pope. I can't remember if they need to see the legal paperwork first. Yeah, I've been through it. We had a Summary Dissolution here in CA. The annulment was like a year after, so I'm pretty sure they needed to see proof, along with your own Treaty of Versailles . I'm not Catholic, so I'm not the one who filed. I am the one who got the giant pile of papers that's their questionnaire. The Legal version of annulment is for people who don't own any property usually and aren't fighting over stuff they own together (basically what I did. I think in some states there's a time limit. And for those drunken Oops moments. Divorce is required here in CA if you've been married legally more than 5 years, even if you agree on everything, and don't own any real estate.
  13. Excellent point. And we also have a Show-Your Point (about her children always will be in danger) in the form of Show-Ramsay Bolton.
  14. We have already been proven otherwise by the episode itself, when Sam literally tells Gilly their definition of "annulment." GILLY: What's an annulment? SAM: It's when a man sets aside his lawful wife. That's it. Sam =
  15. So much this. And your first point complies with what's written in AWOIAF regarding Aerys and Elia's kids... Totally agree regarding Rhaegar.